It’s been a week since Defense Tech reader DS dug through Google’s archives of satellite pictures, and found a lonely airstrip out by Nevada’s legendary Area 51. Apparently, you guys can’t get enough of the pics. The tide of, um, interesting Googlesat images keeps pouring into Defense Tech HQ.
google_magen_david.jpgIn honor of Passover, perhaps, reader DC uncovers this Hebraically-themed shape, carved out of the desert near Groom Lake. “It’s a bombing target, set up to simulate a SAM [surface-to-air missile] or antiaircraft berm,” says DS, examing U.S. Geological Survey diagrams. Strangely, the targets are often labelled with people’s names. This one’s called “David.”
JC sends in this link, from near Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. Zoom on the top right of the image, northwest of the base, and you’ll find the “Test Track where they launch ‘things’ at Mach 10,” JC claims. A little further over, he notices this cryptic black bar.
Taking a second look at one of the images from the last Googlesat onslaught, DS notices that the picture looks a whole lot like this overhead view of Nellis Air Force Base — the headuqarters for the Predator robotic squadrons. DS even finds a close-up, showing planes on the runway.
“Are we ready for a Googlesat contest?” pants JA. “How about a search for an aircraft in flight?”
THERE’S MORE: Game over! Reader NW reminds us that Slashdotters found some mid-air plane pictures a couple of weeks back, including this one, where you can pan left, and watch the plane gain altitude.
AND MORE: This Googlesat picture of a plane in flight “is over my previous residence in Richardson, Texas,” says McZ.