Pain Ray Headed to Iraq?

It’s been talked about for years. But the Pentagon’s microwave-like pain ray may finally be headed to Iraq, Inside the Army reports.
active_denial_system.jpgDeveloped by the Air Force, the so-called “Active Denial System” (ADS) fires out milimeter waves — a sort of cousin of microwaves, in the 95 GHz range. The invisible beams penetrate just a 64th of inch beneath the skin. But that’s deep enough to heat up the water inside a person. Which is enough to cause excruciating pain.
Seconds later, people have to run away. And that causes mobs to break up in a hurry. It’s no wonder, then, why less-lethal weapon guru Charles “Sid” Heal calls the ray the “Holy Grail of crowd control.”
Raytheon has been developing a Humvee-mountable ADS for the Pentagon over the last couple of years, as part of an ACTD, or “advanced concept technology demonstration.”
By now, the system was supposed to be in the field. But there have been concerns that the ADS tests weren’t sufficiently realistic. The Pentagon ordered additional trials. More than 2,370 ADS shots were fired during a pair of “military utility assessments” over the fall.
Now, the head of the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force — the unit in charge of getting gear to the troops in a hurry — is saying: enough.
The system’s “capabilities have, to date, been sufficiently demonstrated in the ACTD [advanced concept technology demonstration] to prove its value to the solider,” Col. Robert Lovett notes in a memo, obtained by Inside the Army.
And the 18th Military Police Brigade has requested ADS “to help ‘suppress’ insurgent attacks and quell prison uprisings.”
ADS’ technical manager, Diana Loree, said the system “now meets all of the ACTD performance parameters,” Inside the Army notes.

“Because the system is a hand-built, one-of-a-kind technology demonstrator, it does not meet conventional humvee curb weight requirements… However, the technology team worked closely with [Humvee manufacturer] AM General to ensure the safety of the system and its occupants.”

There has also been talk, at least, of building an airborne model of ADS — as well as putting together a Hummer with both pain rays and sonic blasters. Needless to say, neither project is as far along as the basic Active Denial System.

  • b

    Seconds later, people have to run away. And that causes mobs to break up in a hurry.
    Run where to? Crowed control is usually with masses of people in confined space like a marketplace.
    When you heart people there with such beams that let your body feel on fire they will panic and stampede. That is not crowd “control”.
    You might as well fire some gun shouts into them and get fewer dead bodies.

  • al

    or as the Gunny will tell you ” fry em and die em!

  • stefan

    I agree, but I assume they’ll use it in bursts, and not just simply mash the trigger.

  • David Hambling

    The issue of exactly how this works is a little complex. The key point is ‘nociceptor activation’, which means making the little heat-sensor nerve endings in you skin send out a signal.
    The 95 GHz frequency heats water, but also works on the protein that the nerves use as a ‘thermometer’: basically it makes it feel as though you are experiencing extreme heat when you are not. This isn’t scary radiation, but it’s a bit more subtle than you might think. The effects on someone who can’t get out of the beam and experiences intolerable pain for an extended period may be difficult to assess: how do you test for that??

  • James

    I think it’s a wonderful device for turning one large surly crowd into hundreds of tiny, vengeful cells. As for the argument that “hopefully, they’ll use it sparingly,” that would make it the only such weapon in history.
    Most likely, someone will get the bright idea that lining up enough of these things will deter demonstrations by making sure that everyone who attends a demonstration will regret it. The Chinese have noted recently that frequent demonstrations, even if occasionally violent, are important for letting off steam in a rapidly changing society. In other words, small provincial riots prevent messy, internationally recognized massacres a la Tienaman Square.
    This will end badly.

  • Murc

    My biggest issue is your eyes…What happens to them…will they burn or itch, or will it dry them out?
    Never the less, I like the concept…its a lot more effective then other options, like tear gas or the water cannon.

  • Eric S.

    This tech sounds like it would work for a lot of applications. Say, you could put one up, every ten feet, around a country. Would that keep out everyone that we deem not fit to come in? Would it work at my house? Would I be able to keep thieves away? Poor Fido.

  • rsulli

    And how humane are car bombs and beheadings by a machete

  • Alex

    Does anyone else think sitting in a vehicle with an eight-foot across pain-ray dish on top in Iraq is not an occupation conducive to a long retirement?



  • JSAllison

    [carnak mode]
    I’m seeing a potential market here, the return of the tin foil hat, only now it’s a tin foil body suit with mesh eye slits…a wearable faraday cage, if you will.
    [/carnak mode]

  • berumte

    I’d like a little one, please – to point at my neighbor’s barking dog!

  • 666

    does microwaving people cause cancer? who gets to decide who gets microwaved?
    terrorism has replaced communism as the neocolonial excuse for invading weaker countries and exploiting their resources. iraq is the new version of classic american banana republic (including death squads torture etc). american troops are corperate mercenaries – they are too overcome with blood lust to learn the facts. its a sin to give these sociapaths new torture devices

  • Peter Wilson

    The US has proven that we have the technological ability to force any nation/state into submission. Hurrah for bullying.
    I will be more impressed when we develop the ability to get along with every nation/state.

  • Brando

    If we all could have a personal one of these…
    Oh and that first bleeding heart comment…
    The US has proven that we have the technological ability to force any nation/state into submission. Hurrah for bullying.
    I will be more impressed when we develop the ability to get along with every nation/state.
    THIS COUNTRY is no bully…if we had half the guts we ought to ..we would have cranked those Pain Rays to glib little
    Go Pain Ray….woohoo!

  • 666

    I wonder what new torture technology is being used that we have yet to hear about.
    Any psychopathic knucklehead walking the streets of America is missing their big chance at a dream job. They can win medals “interrogating” suspects. and get handed new devices to torture and kill anonymous people. hooo-ra
    cheers to moral conservatives and all moral people

  • Marc

    To all of the limp-wristed posters who need to get a life, the alternative to hurling RF at rioters is to hurl lead at 3,000 fps.
    You folks won’t be happy until we are all holding hands singing Kumbaya. Get a life!
    I wonder what the effective range on this item is? In my world, I would place an automated version of this weapon every 3 miles along the Mexican border and cook anyone who tried to press his luck….. Now that beats the heck out of the idea of building a wall.
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it, hippies!

  • ArmyVet

    To all the “just get along” morons:
    How do you propose to get along with people that demand you submit to Allah, or die – and are willling to kill you regardless? Thier vision of the world doenst have room for compromise, onlyt he establishment fo the Caliphate, adn death to the khefirs (thats you and anyone who disagrees with them) who get in their way.
    You better wake up and live in the real world. There are evil people out there, and this is one more tool to stop them without killing innocents that they use as shields.

  • Danger Moose

    Hope it’s ok to post without drinking a few first…
    This is interesting and I’d like to know more.
    The only way I can see it work would be with a focused beam output – you’d only be able to hit a few people any given instant, but by steering the beam around you could quickly motive hundreds to beat feet. 95 GHz, around 3mm wavelenght – somehow I think it’s acting more like a heat lamp than a microwave (usually 1.8 – 3 Ghz, transfers energy to water by magnetic coupling. But I don’t know.
    So, just how big is the generator in the back, how well shielded the crew from reflections and are they even a problem and will it work in the rain?
    At least the freq is low enough to prevent permanent blinding to those hit, but what sort of damage is done if the beam stays on them too long?
    Hey, if this lives up to it’s billing expect it to be coming to a town near you. It will be too good a tool not to use.
    oooo rah ’68

  • john doe

    lovely to see so many meatheaded replies to this topic! yeah lets send out another peice of high tech weaponry to attack the darkies with.
    Yankee doodle dandy freaks!

  • Howard Sux

    I’m reminded of the WWII psywar campaign about US “secret weapons”.
    One of the rumors the US disseminated was of a disintegrating ray. Pictures were circulated of holes in German tanks. Mock-ups of impossible science-fictiony weapons were planted on the field of battle for enemy soldiers to discover. Great feats were attributed to unnamed lone soldiers armed with just one of these weapons.
    You can read the declassified plan at:
    It sure does remind me of these reports of pain rays.

  • eeble

    There are some filthy ignorant right wing bullies about.
    Never mind. Just get settled with the idea that your grandchildren will still be being terrorised because of your attitudes.
    Pain rays and other high tech forms of torture wouldn’t have stopped determined people armed only with boarding cards and box cutters.
    Its attitudes that need updating, not technology.

  • Gary Yantis

    As a long-time electrical engineer specializing in microwave and remotely involved with this program, I can assure you it is real and, in fact, it is old technology. This is the tip of current technology iceberg. For those who believe the United States is evil and that it creates terrorists who would otherwise be peaceful then you have much to worry about soon to come. For those who believe the terrorists believe in world wide Jihad and a world wide Caliphate containing no infidels and that their rules of engagement are that there are no rules then “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” to be rather blunt about it.

  • Dormaphaea

    “You don’t win hearts and minds of people by killing their relatives.”
    – W. Clark
    My concern – who exactly do they want to use this on? ‘Enemies of the Legitimate Government of Iraq’? Or perhaps, in the future, plop one down on the White House lawn – just to keep democracy at bay?

  • Raven

    I cannot believe the naivity of you pathetic liberals out there! You think that the evil and terrorism that is being brought against Americans is because we “somehow wronged” the terrorist with our “attitude”. It is clear to me that none of you have ever been the victims of violence against you personally or you would be able to comprehend that there are twisted evil people who just love people who a willing to let them propagate there evil and then blame themselves because we must have done something to make them mad.
    Thank god (yes and I said god!) for people who are willing to defend this country because you liberals would be like the French and just give it up. So Sad.

  • ian hayden

    We in England fought ‘catholic’ Terrorists’ for hundreds of years, mostly they were funded by people in the USA.Maybe a few chickens have come home to roost? Things only changed when people began to talk. As Ganhdi said ” an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”

  • Banfiadh

    I cant believe the naievety and ignorance of You, Raven. It just shows that the republican propaganda machine has found easy root in your shallow mind.
    Perhaps one should invest some time into studying history, particularly history not promoted by the great Bushitimoto.
    The middle east despises europeans and Americans for long meddling in, and trying to control their affairs.
    Point of fact, plain and simple.
    Being in “control” of the U.N. theyve neither had a fair hearing, or an equal voice in their own affairs.
    Our country ahs flaws as great as aany other, and nasty little criminals in power, just like any ohter.
    What you should bee doing, is rather than respouting rhetoric and propaganad, is digging for facts on your own accord.
    I know this seems like a huge amount of work, and that youd rather be painting your fingernails while talking on your cell phone driving down a freeway,but well be better off in the long run if you continue to do so.
    But for your own sake, you should really study some (real) history, as well as simple things like the constitution and bill of rights.
    Irregardless, concervative estimates place the “collateral” damage to civilians in the 10s of thousands..all because of a few thousand american lives.
    Evidence, evidence, facts, facts, and more facts have shown that IRAQ had nothing to do with it, and Neither did Saddam.
    Is your thirst for revenge quenched yet, or do YOU have the sense to realize that were in the wrong country, killing the wrong people?
    Probably not, you feel secure now, so you can turn you bubble brain off.
    I hope Ive pissed you off now, because maybe youll use some of that juvenile angst to better your intellect, rather than stuff it wish G.W.B.S.
    While I have nothing, absolutely nothing against the soldiers, I think its high time our government was taken to task for sacrificing them for a serious of lies, and quite likley treasonous affairs.
    Any weapon that can help protect them, let em use it.

  • Howard Sux

    Thanks, Gary. By the way, do you still believe you’re being poisoned in ways that doctors can’t discover yet? Or have the doctors started telling you they think your beliefs are a little bizarre?

  • K. Kessell

    This crowd control device is being sent to Iraq for on the job testing before being deployed on the main streets of America.
    When called upon to do so, Our troops are more likely to go along with the use of this device to control American citizens then traditional means.When called upon by the NWO in the next staged “National Emergency”( “Avian Flu epidemic” )our troops will obey orders and round you up like cattle thinking they are saving the country, when in fact they will be helping in it’s overthrow.
    Bush becoming President is like running a race in the Special Olympics, even if you win your still a Retard.
    “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something.What I can do, Will be done

  • CJ

    Non-lethal crowd control? Go for it! Having been trained in crowd control for the military,I think that being uncomfortable beats being beaten, chewed on by dogs, a riot gas shower or shot any time.As for those who don’t like the idea, I wonder how many have been in the military or lost loved ones in war or a terrorist attack?

  • Sailor

    Banfiadh, You might actually sound intellectual, if you would have used spell check in your post. Step down off the stump, write your post in word, spell check it, then copy and paste. It’s great the tools that even idots can use, too bad you chose not to. IDIOT

  • Lincoln

    That’s a great news. Do you remember when Guardsmen had to shoot anti Vietnam protesters?
    Now anti Iraq protesters will be dispersed without any colateral damage. The same appiles to unruly rap concert goers.

  • wondering

    I’m sorry to see a photo of this new device posted on the web – now the terrorist know what their new target looks like. Thanks guys.

  • Tom

    This new weapon looks like it’ll take all the “fun” out of fundamentalism. One of my Marine friends who just returned from his 2nd combat tour in Iraq said…. They want to die and we want to kill em. It’s as simple as that.” Oooooorah!

  • jbulger

    “I find it interesting that ‘liberal’ has become some sort of slur for Americans. From… 2 – Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded. What human being can wish to not subscribe to that? What American can deny that without being a hypocrite?”
    — I guess that would be me, along with those Americans who are not tolerant of the ideas and behaviors of others when those ideas and behaviors are inconsistent with who we are as Americans. It’s easy to be tolerant… just follow a relative notion of what’s right or wrong, stand for nothing and accept anything and you’re tolerant. You keep liberal, and I’ll take eithical: “Being in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of a profession. See Synonyms at moral.”

  • becca

    probably tested on animals

  • Morgan

    Look for this to be installed on street corners in Anytown, USA- Annie, gitcher gun…

  • Alvin York

    yeah, I’m sure now that the terrorists have seen a pic of the ADS its all over for us “over there”! BETTER YET why does the US government tell us anything??? I mean hey, why not fight a completely secret war, not tell the american people, the terrorists will be completely in the dark, BAM instant Democracy and freedom for the entire world. Be sure to accept that word “freedom” right out of the mouths of our allustrious leaders; because if you stop to think about it for two seconds and you have half a brain in your head you’ll soon realize that “freedom” only means that we have it a little better than those that we shoot, microwave, and bomb at random!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA! Did you know John Kerry and George W Bush are cousins? That both of their bloodlines originate from the House of Windsor. Did you know they are both cousins of Queen Elizabeth. Does the main stream media (be it liberal or conservative) tell you that both the candidates were in the same secret society at Yale called the Skull and Bones? What a freakin coincidence! If you buy into either one of these ideologies you are trapped in a prison of the mind. BREAK OUT OF IT NOW! The Earth (which is our birthright), the human race, and our world are all teetering on the edge of ruination and enslavement. Liberal vs. Conservative, Republican vs. Democrat, Coke vs. Pepsi, McDonalds vs. Burger King, Chevy vs. Ford. Guys break out of the either or Spell that has been cast upon the human race. Engage that mass of gray matter that god injected into your skull and USE IT!!! Stop adhering to an either or belief system and START THINKING FOR YOURSELF!!!
    Bless you all and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  • AnimalMother

    Won’t be long before over-zealous operators point that thing a little too long at someone and fry them to a crisp.. Just like when cops get carried away and shoot people in the face with rubber bullets. “non-lethal” is a subjective term, Just turn the knob to 10 on that thing and see what happens…….

  • bcory

    just wear alot of tin foil. or carry a big mirror…

  • Steve

    It’s so wonderful to know my tax dollars go towards developing sick new weapons, and that there’re always enough morons around to rationalize it–and eternal escalation. Too bad we can’t just ship them and the terrorists all to Planet Sicko and let em kill each other off. *That* we could call Intelligent Design.

  • me

    I guess we will get a chance to find out if microwaves cause skin cancer after all. A few years from now someone in a movie about the Gulf Wars will say “I just love the smell of roast pork in the morning.”

  • Texas Jim

    Freedom?? It’s only an illusion in America … so sad but true.
    This quote really says it all…
    “The illusion of freedomwill continue as long as it’s PROFITABLE to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains,they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater” — Frank Zappa

  • Texas Jim

    Freedom?? It’s only an illusion in America … so sad but true.
    This quote really says it all…
    “The illusion of freedomwill continue as long as it’s PROFITABLE to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains,they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater” — Frank Zappa

  • abigbman

    To all the Cons and repugs. History lesson!! The British were in Iraq before WWII, and left with their tails between their legs. They lost nearly 25,00 men over 20 years fighting with the Sultans of Baghdad. Ever hear of Lawrence of Arabia. Thats why they don’t want anything to do with Baghdad. George the First screwed the pooch on and with the Shia to the south around Basra. What makes you think they will ever like or respect us. Iraq was a country created out of the Ottoman Empire. The Sunni, Shia and Kurds, with a few Christians and Jews have been fighting in that area since before the Roman Legions. We are targets, Infidels in the land of Mohammed.
    Now you go and deploy a weapon creates pain by Microwave. The Klingons and Romulans called them disruptors. (Star Trek fan) What makes you think that this will deter them? As one the posters above who mentioned Northern Ireland it was a religious war there for over 100 years. They stopped fighting when the women of both groups said enough. But I digress, this weapon of terror, deployed on the unsuspecting will have a devastating effect. Yes it will cause fear. But after fear comes hatred. See some of your post about killing Moslems. You don’t get a willing populace to coalface around your message by intimidation. It seldom works for long; remember “Shock and Awe”
    And for the record, 15 of the 17 Hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. None and I mean none were Iraqi. All you repugs would react the same way, if someone occupied or attacked the US. Not Iraq, but Osama bin forgotten, a Saudi.

  • John-John

    hey, it don’t shoot bullets, and it don’t kill people, quit your belly aching….hey Rummy, where can this patriotic civilian get one for private use, seeing that the Constitution says i have the right to bare arms to defend myself.

  • Rob

    When I ponder the actual utility of a “heat-ray” crowd control device in a shooting war, against enemy insurgents as we know them in Iraq–snipers, roving kidnappers, hit and run ambushers, and late-night planters of shaped-charge Improvised Explosive Devices, I am forced to conclude that it has none. If it works, of course, it could be useful against large gatherings of angry but disorganized citizens–which suggests it’s not about winning a war and liberating a people at all, but about quelling outbursts of popular enthusiasm for the notion of our packing our bags and leaving their country.
    But mostly, I believe the machine is off to Iraq to be tested on live humans; and that its ultimate utility thereafter may lie much, much closer to home. The polls haven’t been looking good lately–and nothing our current leaders have done suggests that they’re ready to leave office peacefully just because the citizenry is taking to the streets.

  • katsesama

    all the political ranting aside,i must say i’m
    rather tickled at the prospect of turning ol johnny
    jihad into a running,screaming,human hot-pocket!!
    compared to the rather sick and barbarously archaic
    methods they use for intimidating us”infidels”(read
    beheadings,corpes mutilations,public display and
    desicration of said corpes)this wonderful new high
    tech whizbang is positively humane by comparison.i
    would think our esteemed colleagues on the left would applaud such a humane way of negiating conflict,or would they rather we just just stick to
    the more time honored tradition of firing copper
    jacketed lead projectiles into the fetid,deceased
    viscera of our loving “friends”,the jihadists?
    either approach works for me,it will keep these
    developementally retarded,culturally and socially
    stunted barbarians at bay,perhaps long enogth that
    perhaps one day the rather radical thought might dawn on them that they have been going on about
    this all wrong from the beginning.time to throw
    away the dreams of a new ottaman empire,the days
    of caliphate,robber bandit clans,bribing western
    cultures into giving up their riches through
    coercsion now a thing of the past,all thanks to
    pain ray 2000(god,why did that sound like a cheap
    stain removal commercial….oh..because it is a
    stain removal commercial..the stain of islamic
    fundamentalism!!!)ahhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
    …so sorry got a little carried away there,in
    short,pain ray rules,turn up the heat!!!oohrahh!!

  • Howard Sux

    Okay, John-John. You and Popeye go defend yourself with your bare arms.
    Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. Shame there’s a shortage.

  • Gz

    >>I guess that would be me, along with those Americans who are not tolerant of the ideas and behaviors of others when those ideas and behaviors are inconsistent with who we are as Americans. It’s easy to be tolerant… just follow a relative notion of what’s right or wrong, stand for nothing and accept anything and you’re tolerant. You keep liberal, and I’ll take eithical: “Being in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of a profession. See Synonyms at moral.”
    Then you sir are no better than your enemy. Ethics are entirely subjective. One man’s right is another’s wrong, and you’ll never step above it until you realise that. By mindlessly following your own right and wrong and refusing to consider other’s points of view then you show yourself to be no better than they are and I pity you for it.
    You keep “ethical” I’ll keep liveral. At least there’s only one version of liberal.

  • William

    According to an Iraqi officer, this microwave had already been use in Iraq on a busload of people. The operator must have been new because all the people were nuked down to the size of basketballs.

  • Serena

    Just wait till they use it on us here in the US.

  • Dan

    u know screw all the ‘humane’ bull-poop and just nuke every last johnny-jihad down to a cinder.

  • Bonnie

    What sicko invented this thing? Use it on him, then throw it away. What a bunch of godless animals we’ve turned into.

  • Ernie Spoon

    Remember, folks, Raytheon’s international headquarters are in Waltham, Massachusetts.

  • Chris

    Hey Dan, nice thoughts right before Christmas. I am sure baby Jesus would approve. You want to fry the Iraqi people down to a cinder (2000lb JDAMS don’t descriminate between johnny-jihad and children which I am sure you know). You know 300,000+ americans sacrificed their lives fighting a guy with similar beliefs just 60 years ago. That war has been rightly celebrated as the pinnacle of US power and morality. I am sorry you do not agree.

  • knucklesplitter

    Yey! Now we can torture lots of brown people all at once. It’s that good ‘ole ‘Merkin efficiency at work. FSM bless America!

  • Jagger

    I would be curious to know what country has been in more wars and invaded more countries since 1950. Sad to say, I suspect it would be the US. We have turned into a monster.
    And now we add one more black, ugly monster weapon to our arsenal. I just if it will be used more overseas or in the US.
    The greatest danger to most countries is usually its own government.

  • dc

    This is the modern equivalent of pouring boiling oil on people. It is nice to see the human race has progressed so well since the middle ages.

  • chico

    i’ve come to understand our world has pain, along with pleasure and other good stuff, because it causes us to make change / choices when other means don’t. if americans use such a pain ray on ourselves or others, it will cause more of us to change our minds and choose actions that will stop the pain. sort of like hitting rock bottom before choosing to stop drinking, for example. thank you all for caring and sharing your voices, i especially appreciated the following: “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, will be done.”

  • rightwingbasher

    Knowing the insurgents in Iraq–cunning, fearless and very, very dangerous–they’ll probably nab one of these crypto-nazi American weapons and turn it on our troops. Or maybe they’ll wait until twisted Cheney or his midget evil mongrel brother Rummy “sneak” into Baghdad to have a circle jerk with the bozo head of U.S. forces. Now wouldn’t that heat things up.

  • RonC

    Another thought to all the proud mercenaries out there – You may want to rethink your career choice, since Halliburton and Blackwater started hiring former death squadders from Columbia and Nicaragua to send to Iraq, your future doesn’t look quite as bright. These guys will work for food just so they can kill. You may have to get a real job when you get out.

  • Incredulous

    I had no idea I had stumbled onto an overflow blog of I posted once — one time too often. No need to respond. I’m gone. Enjoy mindless ranting to each other. It sure is popular on I will say I was impressed by the massive aid provided by Al Qaeda to the suffering caused by the recent earthquake in Pakistan and the tsunami of last December. How they managed to come up with all those U.S. military uniforms to wear on such short notice had to be a logistical nightmare.

  • Martin

    Crowd control? What crowd? There are no crowds in Iraq. There are insurgents, suizide bombers and maybe even “real” terrorists. But i can’t remember any reports of large demonstrations or crowds gone wild.
    Media reports indicate that Iraq has become a training ground for terrorists. Obviosly it has also become a testing ground for new weapons and tactics, like torture.
    “If i can make it there i make it everywhere, it’t up to you New York, New York” (Frank Sinatra)…

  • katsesama

    oh come now everybody,all this talk of evil,all
    encompassing empirial america is not just childish,
    and i must say,boring as all get out.just because
    the magnificiant engineeres of ratheon have concoct-
    ed a better mouse-trap,doe’s not a right-wing
    conspiracy of totalitarian conquest make!lets be a
    little more adult here and not let bleeding heart
    leftist overemotionality blot out calm,cool rational
    thoght.lets leave the wailing,quick to anger,angst-
    ridden tantrums remain where they squarely
    the morally redarded,culterally unadvanced,theologicly overzealous mindset of the
    islamofascists.bickering amongst ourselves only
    plays into there hands,gentleman,i assure
    there web posts,they don’t bandy about the methods
    they use to bring us harm,trust me,their not the
    least bit worried wether their methods of
    intimidation are humane or morally objectionable,
    all they care about are how many they can kill,in
    the least amount of time in order to achieve their
    goals,which are far from lofty i’ll safely wager.
    so in my estimation,these seemingly innocent,simple,peace loving people as you on the
    left would call them,deserve every microwave
    emitted ounce of angony we can muster for daring to think their damndable barbaric little-minded,
    mysoginistic vision of the world will ever,read
    EVER,come to fruition.thank god we have military
    scientists out there coming up with this stuff to
    keep the real monsters of the world at bay.and i
    for one will sleep soundly and well,knowing i will
    never have to worry about wether islamafascists
    will get their way,so go ahead you snivling,weak,
    feckless,quibbling,coward liberal equivicators and
    appeasers,wring you’re rotten hands and bleat like
    the sheep you so brazenly are.pain-ray is the way,
    so deal with it.thus endeth the lesson.

  • Bush Bites

    Well, this is interesting. Who are they going to give this technology to? The pro-Iranian government in Bagdad?

  • bigmike601

    How pleasant!
    Bombarding people with high energy microwave to “cook ” them. If they tell us this is “harmless” they are just full of SHIT.
    Did the people who came up with this idea get it from tossing their poodles in the microwave? How do you sleep at night knowing that you have created a new weapon to put people into excruating pain.
    At what point in our existance as a country did we decide that it was just fine torture peole en mass?
    Maybe the question we should be asking ourselves is that how did our country get get to this point?

  • NB

    Two questions:
    1. Does this thing make peoples’ eyeballs explode?
    2. How much animal testing has been involved in developing this thing?

  • Duck

    Would wearing foil armor be an effective defense against the pain ray? Additionally, does anyone know if a hemmorhoid ray is being researched?

  • CaMBoB

    Iraq is the training ground for the upcoming civil unrest in the United States. You may scoff, but the check is in the mail. Just take a look around. So many want to believe in the manevolence of the Bush Administration… but it doesn’t exist. They are out for profit and power.
    Loss of energy entails acts of aggression.

  • Ed Superpower

    Can you point this thing at the whole republican US House of Rep and tell them to hit the road.

  • not important

    I think that the usa needs to start putting forth as much effort into saving and organizing their own society. I mean lets be honest here…who is free to do what they want here? I will say who people who are rich and those who are immoral. No one can go by unscathed in this country if they are living their own lives or being conservative , or minding their own problems.The majority of people in this country are just scratching to pay bills and care for their loved ones. so many people are not being helped….I know what people say about welfare abusers nevermind that for a many people need more a whole lot more to get on their feet, stay healthy etc. why waste good money on people that dont want any help when we have people here who kill themselves, or cry every day for some help in their lives? Why are murderers , molesters,rapists,abusers allowed to roam free? They are terrorists too they prey on the women and children in this country! No one is hunting them down hell no they can just walk free. How about ending the KKK and other racist organizations that dont fit in with Constitutional rights or human rights or civil rights they are terrorists too! Why sjould anyone feel threatened by someone different in this country? We are all different, this country is not just 1 religion or 1 race. Everybody came form immigrants at 1 point in time that are in this country and shouldnt forget that fact. Where is the relief , where is the helping hand, where is the humanity in this country what has happened to decency and morality? are having honesty and family values old fashioned? did helping your fellow american go out of style? Please people I am heartfully requesting that you examine these truths regardless of your status , religion or race those topics are really so cliche ….How about people just focus on matters close to home?

  • tim

    It needs to be much smaller. It is way to big and intimidating to shoot at our kids when the home team wins.


    It was during one of my divorces that i met a truly wise judge. After listening to a disgruntled wife talk about the failings of her future ex a disgusted look appeared on the face of the judge. Then he looked up to say. I believe you when you say he’s a liar. I believe it when you say he stole from you and cheated on you.
    I believe everything you say about him is true.
    But he didn’t just start to lie.He was a liar when you met him. He was a thief when you met him.
    He was a cheater when you cheated with him. You have a problem when he does those things to you! Let me tell you something , the judge went on, A thief will steal, A liar will lie, and a cheater will cheat. He doesn’t care who he does it to.
    There will come a time when everything we cheer about doing to the Iraquis, this government will do to us. Because they have the capacity and the will and because insensitivity is just that.
    They will tap our phones and spy on us. They will stop protest and civil unrest with these new weapons. And they will say it’s for our own good.
    You see freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. There is not one without the other. Once we give up the responsibility for our government we give up our freedom.

  • FW

    katsesama, you are a complete, arrogant jackass. grow up. get your tongue out of bush’s arse and wake the fuk up.

  • Warisover

    Who flew two planes into the World Trade Center?
    Well, that would be the Saudis?
    Who did Bush attack?
    Oh, well that would be the Iraqis.
    It’s as if after Pearl Harbor the US decided to attack Mexico.
    Furthermore, these weapons built by Raytheon and Humvee will be used against Americans who dissent.
    Today the dissenters may be liberals.
    Tomorrow it may be Christian fundamentalists.
    What goes around comes around.
    You pay for war, you get war.
    You pay for education and the welfare of the people, and you get an educated and healthy people.
    You pay to kill people in the way of oil fields so that you can drive your Humvee, then you get generations of angry people looking for revenge.

  • Russ

    Jeez. Katsesama, you are such a dork. Are you going to cheer “Go Pain Ray, GO!” when you are the target of the microwave remote cooker? I can just hear your “Whoo -Hoo” – ing…. Do you really, actually think (if possible) that this is a good thing? That this won’t be brought home at some point? And to Brandon , who seems to think this only something for the “liberals” to complain about?
    C’mon, start thinking!

  • k0rs0

    What better demonstration of American foreign policy than to inflict mass pain and panic in a country they are presently occupying. Feel proud America, there’s nothing like inflicting pain and suffering on a scale only the United States is capable off, to make you feel patriotic. I hasten to point out that the US is still the only country in the world to have used a nuclear weapon in combat.
    However on a more delectable note katsesama should study the English language a little more thoroughly. He has problems with punctuation, spelling and proper application of grammatical rules, thusly making his argument appear as idiotic as the ideas he is attempting to convey.


    Correction,in my last post i said Korea and Vietnam
    fit the context of the discussion.that is incorrect,
    i meant to say that they did not.Just in case any
    one had plans on giving any further remedial aid.
    Not that i require any, mind you,as im sure you may
    have noted,im not easily swayed by free thinking
    liberal(whoa..what an oximoron that is)revisionism.
    Pays to know one has no worries about microwave radiation torture,one can sleep better at night.
    Pain ray rules.

  • Ajax

    People need to get informed. Read “Microwave Mind Control” by Dr. Rauni Kilde on Google search engine. Also,
    Microwave and other active denial direct energy weapons are being used on innocent civilians. Voice-to-skull technology exists. These type sinister weapons are being used covertly to tear apart the brain, body, relationships, and lives.
    Everything is denied, “active denial weapons”, and some corrupt police, fire, rescue, doctors, and people from all backgrounds often participate using a technique called “gang stalking” or “mob stalking” or “multi-stalking”.Domestic terrorists, or patriots, depending on your beliefs, have formed a domestic terrorist group nationwide, coast to coast, even in your town likely. Besides these “soft-kill” weapons, they use moving foot and vehicular surveillance techniques. Invariably, the weapons and mob stalking cause illness and eventual death over time, all which is explained away by authorities as being plausible physical and mental illness for the set of symptoms. The hi-tech weapons, Microwave and Electro-magnetic do cause cancer, stroke, organ failure, etc.

  • red+white+blue= US

    they will use it on us some day. the world is going to hell in a hand-basket.

  • Brian

    This weapon offers many benefits. Until now, the only ways to break up riots involved tear gas and bullets. For those worried about mind control rays, I can only say that the government doesn’t need them–they’ve already put flouride in your water!!!

  • Human

    You fools should stop trying to control everything. This is too dangerous, please stop playing with our future.

  • K’De

    Here Here,
    You will only be afraid if you allow religious zealots to scare you. Never allow anyone to tell you how you should feel…..

  • Dylan of Darkness

    I’d use it to make a torture device..knwoing the military secretley does this its no problem for so called humanitarians or what ever, use it as a torture device, squeeze information out of those damn terrorists, oh, im a go for conquering em, go ahead bush and mr prime minister, i’m with you on your conquests!

  • Jaye

    Playing old Reagan and Bush speeches will be more effective at keeping an area empty. No seriously I would like to see it tried out on pregnant female CIA agents first to see if it really works! Thank you and Peace! Jaye

  • Gary

    If this had been around during the 60’s. We’d still be in Vietnam and the struggle for civil rights would have turned out completely different.

  • jaye

    Gary; you are correct sir and I had better not see any of these weapons near a Peace protest with women and children that’s why I suggest they try these weapons out on Pregnant Female FBI, CIA, NSA, OSI, ONI, NIS, DEA and DIA Agents! Thank you.


    Sigh, I really shouldnt because you are not worth it, Sailor.
    However, I really have a weak spot when ignorance opens it big mouth and whines about a few typographical errors. Particularly when the method of attack is to hypocritically make statements about someones intelligence from a blind spot view of tottally uninformed ignorance.
    You see, I have Tendonitis. I also have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Im short a finger due a screwed up saw. I have screws and staples holding the labrum and rotator cuff of one shoulder together as well, and have massive tearing of the shoulder muscles all the way across my back.
    So, maybe I just dont feel that some ignorant mouth whos only focus is on the ability to organize letters in a manner which suits your distorted, inept and thoroughly distorted perception of what constitutes intelligence really has much ground to stand on when his solitary complaint and rebuttal is based on those aforementioned typographical errors.
    I simply get to tired and hurt to bad sometimes to hunt out every little single mistake to the satisfaction of a holier than thou putz like yourself.
    I figure that most people will have the intelligence to be able to read through my typographical errors without to much difficulty -or hypocritical name calling and vigilante white hat behavior.
    I think you should step off, before the soapbox beats you senseless … oh wait, its to late, isnt it . . .
    That aside, anyone who thinks that the way to be secure is to allow the government to secure us, either needs to drop ship a brain, or go live in a nice safe box away from self empoweed humanity. We really dont need the aggravation of any more politically correct stupidity, because that is what has gotten us to where we are now.
    This country was founded on individuals co-operating to attain a goal, not small masses of people dictating what proper behavior for anyone else might entail either locally, or worldwide.
    The day dissent became politically incorrect and conformity became the status quo of patriotic behavior is the the day America should have cried in unison.

  • Samantha

    What about crowds that are peacefully gathered? Can we trust big brother with our freedoms when they have this at their fingertips? NO ONE can know that it won’t be used against good people gathering for good purposes. : (

  • Lawdog

    Obliviously many of you have never been a riot. I have worked security details for Rosa Parks and crowd/riot control for the KKK.
    I have defended with my life the right for people to express there opinions but there are people out there that want to prevent that or have a distorted view of how to do that.
    Can you say Custer

  • Doug Beasley

    You need to use the Pain Ray or Maser Ray in the war. But when are you going to use the Mother Of All Bombs also. Acoustic Canons are great too.

  • Mark W. Stein

    As a long time electrical engineer with also some background in medical research, I’m certain there is no way this deplorable technology cannot cause blindness and debilitating injury to at least some fraction of the innocent people on which it will be turned. Just consider that the Republican administration has used your tax dollars to promote this diabolical weapon. Call your congress members and senators and protest further implimentation of this barbaric modality. The decent ones will listen.

  • c

    When you pull out the humanity stops, you force your enemies to use tactics that are non-conventional as well. There would have to be a high degree of control with the parties in charge of using this technology. In a urban enviroment , there would be innocent bystanders in their homes.
    Are these smart wavelenghts that can discriminate. Is this a concealment equals cover device. If not , then the former statement is proven. Fights breaking out at a rock concert or outdoor venue is not the same as mob mentality.
    Read up on some of the old world war 2 stories about the hospitals being bombed and the mentality of trained soldiers that are battle hardened. Panic is a killer….
    Beam and other high powered weapons are a logical progression, But just because you can, does that mean you should. Battlefield weapons belong on the battlefield.
    Flame away , it is ok. I believe in your right to free speech. Do not call yourself a patriot of this fine country though, Call your self a patriot of the government in office, but not the constition.
    This country was formed to stop senseless violenece and oppression, not harbor it. You say to me times have changed, those are old out dated views and creeds. I say back , you have allowed yourself to be changed because it was the easier road to hoe.

  • Robert

    FINALLY! ‘Democrats’ (I call myself one) have been crying foul about this weapon since it was in it’s early infancy. I agree, a broad application of this weapon is NOT the ‘ideal’ world, but unless any of you have served in Iraq, you have no right to try to keep this weapon away from our troops.
    At present, a squad’s only resort to an angry mob is to hold fire when fired upon. Insurgents hide one or two shooters inside an unarmed or poorly armed (read: rocks, sticks) group of people and use that cover to start a firefight.
    For the tiny percent of people that suffer permanent damage using this weapon, would it not still be in the best interest of both the US and it’s enemies to disperse a crowd with pain rather than with death? Yes, this is an imperfect weapon, but it’s an imperfect world, and I’ll take DISABLING my enemy over KILLING my enemy ANY DAY!

  • m sutton

    And if some kid’s walking by with a mobile phone pressed to their ear?
    Here’s hoping the door units develop short-circuits and the mercenaries for the Carlyle group in Iraq get fried in their humvees by their own weapon. Live by the millimetre radiation, die by millimetre radiation. Whichever disgusting pig at Raytheon dreamed this abomination up should put their head in a microwave and cook it in shame.

  • Idiot Technology

    This weapon is incredible, I am glad to see a non-lethal defense weapon being introduced to the battlefield… A few notes to the commenters here who think this project is a bad idea…
    1) When your life is on the line, you’ll have no problem with inducing pain on another person- if it means you will get to live…
    2) This weapon would only ever be used in a situation that warrants it… These wont be distributed to troops as toys to just play with.
    3) If you have a problem with the battlefield technologies being developed for use with the US military, try moving to a small, uninhabited country where defensive weapons are not needed… See how life is then, when you have no assets to protect, and nothing to protect you.
    Mad props on this project moving out to the troops… I’m glad to see technology being taken advantage of, and can’t wait to have sentry guns out in foreign countries, rather than soldiers!

  • cam

    it won’t be long before this abomination is used as crowd control in riots at home. hooray! another rung ascended towards the police state.

  • cam

    it won’t be long before this abomination is used as crowd control in riots at home. hooray! another rung ascended towards the police state.

  • anonymouse

    Shoot, why use painful products when you can prevent communications altogether! What we need is a souped-up version of something like this:

  • Carmax

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  • anon

    do you think things will change with bush gone. no. these things have been going on for 50+ years, just previous leaders were a little better at hiding it. who controls the media? the majority of our population stays in the dark because they are happy there. the question is will we be better off when the light suddenly comes on? i would like to think so but by that time it will be too late. when we finally wake up, the bill of rights will be long gone and so will our illusion of freedom. read the book 1984 and you will understand where we will be in 20 years(hopefully not sooner, but who knows)

  • BK

    I just saw this technology demonstrated on 60 minutes. They have been field testing this for the last 3 years. At the most there has been a few cases of rashes breaking out and a couple of 2nd degree burns. I have had friends that have told me if they would have had this tech in the AOR that many lives could have been saved on both sides. For you that call this tech deplorable why don’t you do some research before your knee jerk reactionary comments come spilling out of your uninformed mouth. What part of non-lethal do you not understand? When the alternative is a bullet to this I am sure a field commander would welcome this alternative.

  • ElectronicElephants

    Great substitute for water boarding without all the wet mess! Who is going to stop them from using it?
    Raytheon makes a smaller table top version, that’s perfect for prison abuse. Google Raytheon Silent Guardian for the specs.
    Organized crime is aleady using this technology, Google Electronic Harassment for details. is just one example…
    How do we protect ourselves if we disagree and the other side wants to suppress dissent?

  • ElectronicElephants

    Great substitute for water boarding without all the wet mess! Who is going to stop them from using it?
    Raytheon makes a smaller table top version, that’s perfect for prison abuse. Google Raytheon Silent Guardian for the specs.
    Organized crime is aleady using this technology, Google Electronic Harassment for details. is just one example…
    How do we protect ourselves if we disagree and the other side wants to suppress dissent?

  • rimu

    hummmm Whats going to happen when petrol prices get too high for americans to go to work everyday?? when the oil based elements of fertilizer cost too much for farmers???
    I think the pain ray will be great in helping to keep a good working population motivated.

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  • GHD Straighteners

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  • Jango Davis

    All you anarchists are just pissed that you’re now going to literaly have your asses fried at the next WTO meeting!

    If it were crowds of nazis that we needed to system to control I don’t think we’d be hearing so many comments. I’m as liberal as they come, but am frankly embarassed at the anarchist protests. Do people remeber the LA riots after the Rodney King Verdict? I can recall a few people who had the brains smashed in mobs of out-of-control people. WOuld have been nice to have a non-lethal option back then.

    There needs to be non-lethal crown-control. Deal with it. It’s better than billy clubs and bullets.

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