Real-Life Hyperspace Drive?

Are you ready to make the jump to hyperspace? A controversial paper, outling a “motor [that] would propel a craft through another dimension at enormous speeds” is making waves in military and scientific circles, New Scientist reports. “It could leave Earth at lunchtime and get to the moon in time for dinner. There’s just one catch: the idea relies on an obscure and largely unrecognised kind of physics.”
Falcon_01Hspace.jpgThe Scotsman notes that…

The theoretical engine works by creating an intense magnetic field that, according to ideas first developed by the late scientist Burkhard Heim in the 1950s, would produce a gravitational field and result in thrust for a spacecraft.”
Also, if a large enough magnetic field was created, the craft would slip into a different dimension, where the speed of light is faster, allowing incredible speeds to be reached. Switching off the magnetic field would result in the engine reappearing in our current dimension.
Professor Jochem Hauser, one of the scientists who put forward the idea, told The Scotsman that… “NASA have contacted me and next week I’m going to see someone from the [US] air force to talk about it further, but it is at a very early stage. I think the best-case scenario would be within the next five years [to build a test device] if the technology works.”

Sandia National Laboratories, in New Mexico, “runs an X-ray generator known as the Z machine” which might be able to test some of the basic science behind Hauser’s theories, New Scientist observes.

For now, though, [Sandia space scientist Roger] Lenard considers the theory too shaky to justify the use of the Z machine. “I would be very interested in getting Sandia interested if we could get a more perspicacious introduction to the mathematics behind the proposed experiment,” he says. “Even if the results are negative, that, in my mind, is a successful experiment.”

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  • BWJones

    I’ll paraphrase what I said on Slashdot earlier…… I have seen some really bizarre proposals come through the DOD for projects based on pseudo science being championed by junior and sometimes senior officers that are so full of garbage as to not even be funny. I will wait to get excited about this one.

    • John Milor

      This stuff they post about, already exists, and they simply put it out on the web to get a feel for where the public is at. Seeing responses like yours causes them to keep the public in the dark, because you’re giving the impression that you simply can’t handle the truth. Reaity is far more complex and vast than the small little world you believe it to be. But pretty soon, whether the public likes it or not, reality is about to be turned upside down.

      • Thomas L. Nielsen

        Evidence, please.

        Regards & all,

        Thomas L. Nielsen

      • Richard

        Dude, your comment shows that you can’t even *spell* reality.

  • Nicholas Weaver

    You didn’t REALLY need that whole causality thing, did you?

  • Tim Hollebeek

    I have discovered a new, deep law of the Universe, that has recieved extensive experimental verification:
    “Anything published by New Scientist is complete nonsense.”
    I await my Nobel.

  • Fazookus

    I seem to recall that this ‘invention’ was actually awarded a patent… of course my theory is that our (USA, that is) current patent situation is a kind of job action by patent examiners, but I digress.

  • Sarge

    When I was a kid (many moons ago), they told me there’d be jet packs by now.
    First I want my jetpack, then we can get on with the hyperdrive stuff.
    Where’s my jetpack?!?!

  • C-Low

    So I guess this explains all of those UFO’s
    I would take this with a grain of salt although it would make a good add on to the Philidelphia Project. And by the way I hope it is true because if they are up to the point of pattend then this thing may actually come out in my life time.
    Dont forget the Stealth Halve Blue was flying in the early 70’s designed in the 60’s.

  • Murc

    Hey, heres your modern day version of the Jetpack.

  • Sarge

    What’cha call that Murc, the Decapatron 5000?

  • James

    A rapidly spinning object in a high strength magnetic field can pop you into another dimension. Sounds like a hoax to me. A magneto star, is a rapidly spinning neutron star that has a magnetic fields of around 100 million tesla. Far higher then the 50 tesla’s required to work in this theory.

  • pedestrian

    Probably another information warfare to catch attention of other countries to waste some of their defense money that will result in nothing.

  • steven snell

    let’s get things in order – i’m still waiting for a decent electric car. then those micro-meals on back to the future 2 that you zap into the microwave (or the chicken dinner from Fifth element), then female sexbots, and then (sarge) jetpacks.
    p.s -A priest, a rabbi and rachel welsh are all sitting in an interdimensional spacecraft. the priest says to the rabbi – “those aren’t buoys”

    • Anonymous

      “micro-meals on back to the future 2 that you zap into the microwave”

      If we were to invent those, you know how god-awful they would probably taste? Seriously, any ‘snazzy’ way of handling food generally seems to affect the flavor and texture of whatever it is.

  • Graham

    Wouldnt this be more of a warp drive rather than a hyperspace motivator

  • Mike Devlin

    Isn’t this roughly the same idea behind the machine in that crappy Jodie Foster movie “Contact”?
    apparantly the DOD has a blockbuster card

  • matt

    I would be curious to know what the commonality between this technology and that of the Australian National University team working on the HDLT (Helicon Double Layer Thruster). I am not a techie, but would be nice if anyone could give an indication.
    Great site. Been a regular vistor.

  • Rumple Stiltskin


  • Papa McLefkowitz

    Sounds like Science Fiction. Why would an intense magnetic field produce motion of the device, magnetic fields do no work, remember?
    Oh, and by the way …

  • markluitzen

    well finally something of the secret programs is out. :D does remember me of the ASGARD (stargate sg1) type of propulsion system. but recently many things which have come to eye has a strange feeling of alien tech being reproduced by human agency and then leeked in to public. :D

  • Sayed

    How would a gravitational field produce motion?
    If the field is produced slightly forward of the engine, the engine is drawn toward it. If the field maintains a relative distance, acceleration would be constant until you shut it down.

  • Michael Picray

    Nice, only I seem to recall something about gravity being a function of mass, not of magnetism?
    As for the magnetic field being generated forward of the “engine” and pulling it through space… that’s kind of like putting a fan on the stern of a ship blowing on the sails.
    And that the USAF is involved… well… they seem to like far-out wacky stuff like this, which is why they get the big budget bucks, I guess.
    But you can all dream if you want. Oh… one more correction. It’s not Science Fiction. It’s Fantasy.

  • JIM


  • Juan

    Warp Speed Scotty!!!!
    Engage Number 1!!!
    Guess Star Trek isn’t only for Geeks Now!!!

  • Drew

    Yeah right, give me a break. People are starving and dying everyday in combat. Spend the money wisely.
    Disabled Vet.

  • Scotty

    Actually, this whole “hyperspace drive” theory is very plausible. By applying several laws of quantum physics and other theoretical sciences, it should be possible to not only propel a spacecraft at extremely high speeds, one should also be able to “warp” the fabric of space itself, if a powerful enough magnetic field can be generated. The beauty of this theory is that the same magnetic field used to propel the craft at sub-light speeds could be used to warp space! The end result of this would be speeds many times in excess of the speed of light! However, creating a stable “worm hole” would not only require an immense amount of power, but also extremely intricate calibration in order to stabilize the spacial rift. Still, if a power source can be created (perhaps either a fission or fusion generator, or theoretically even a controlled matter/anti-matter reaction) that can produce an immense amount of power, the possibility of faster than light space travel is not far away!

  • Greg

    Message for C-Low or anyone who knows. What is the “Stealth Halve Blue” you mention here in your comment as I just searched for it but find no entry.
    kindly reply to if possible

  • John Cardillo

    As for this hyperspace drive malarky, stick to comic books or ask a pre-teen kid. It is still a free country and if you want to believe the world is flat, I guess you can.

  • Dr Barbara Young

    Yes, feasible and necessary as an evolving planet. We could jump start the research if the scientist were to enter into an altered state and travel into the future along the time continuum and study future science on the subject. The problem would be marrying the current level of technology with that experienced in the future.
    We have already entered the area of training and using the talents of the Spirit in other areas of science, why not for this. We learned how to correct all PTS symptoms, advance Lazar research, etc.
    Who knows, some day in the future an asteroid might be headed for earth and we have to find a new home for our species.

  • Jose J. Clavell

    Having spoken to an honest-to-God NASA rocket scientist and astrophysicist, I can tell you that the concept is doable. I am glad that finally NASA and the military seen to be putting attention.
    However, let’s take this a step further. If we can theorically do it. Then why no others? Maybe we need to start wondering if some of the reported UFO incidents were more than swamp gas.

  • David Broussard

    We have to start changing our way of thinking to go to the next level. Our previous “crafts” are all based on self-propulsion to get to its different speed levels. It is much easier to have a large explosion in space (nuclear?) next to the craft and simply “ride the wave”. This would generate serious speed and not hurt the space “atmosphere”. But as all previous space crafts, how do we control and fly it at such top speeds and can our modern materials handle these speeds without breaking apart. Plus, how do we maneuver around objects at that speed etc. Dont forget that even a standing object will be coming at us really fast! I don’t think that it would be difficult to get us to go fast and even faster (“shift gears”) by using a combination of different propulsion/ricochet technologies at different speeds. It’s the steering and stopping at these speeds and the material of the space craft that is much more difficult.

  • Greg

    Many interesting comments here. You should realize that the magnetic field they speak of would create a bubble, not a hole. Therefore, hypothetically, there would be nothing to dodge. The question is whether everything around the magnetic field… or in the way if moving, would be destroyed or momentarily warped. Also, can the craft be propelled in any direction in another dimension that doesn’t follow our laws of physics? Maybe when the god particle is disected we’ll know the rest.

  • Mark

    I believe the subject for that Stealth Halve Blue was a typo….I did some research and found which was flying in the late 70’s….course could have been as early as the 60’s considering the way the military likes to keep things secret for as long as possible.

  • dvchevalier

    Well all those years of enjoying science fiction seems to finally be paying off with some ones genius. HURRAY! Or maybe we’ve finally, successfully reverse engineered some alien technology?
    Either way, I am ready to make the next big leap into space. We need new frontiers for exploration; we need to get off this planet and into space if our species is to survive.

  • Aaron

    One climbs, one sees. One descends, one no longer sees, but one has seen!
    Ad astra, per aspera…

  • Craig Shifferly

    Ok, now that were finally embracing the aliens technology will they now release Elvis?

  • Harold Jandreau

    Up, Up and AWAY WE GO…It’s the ONLY way to fly!
    I’m guessing they’re working, at reverse engineering, the Roswell UFO at Area 51…

  • Mark

    Isn’t this the Philadelphia experiment all over again?

  • Billy

    Its not “Philly Experiment”(essentially that was supposed to be inviso to radar).
    And jetpacks are not practical in any sense; there’s no back-up system – something fails, you’re falling like a rock.

  • Jimmy

    I have been toying with an idea since the 6th grade along these lines. An electro-magnetic pulse engine of sorts. Where can I donate my dollars to help this cause! I am also a big Star Trek fan and believe, with the right team of people, we could see some of their ideas come to life in our life time.

  • RockyB.

    Yesterday’s fiction, today’s possibilities, tomorrow’s realities…in the world of human nature, it’s always just a matter of time…so long as we don’t blow ourselves out of existense in the meantime.
    Being at the penumbra of inventional possibilities & eventual reality is not for the faint-of-heart. The heroes of genius ride this edge often full well knowing of the risks, calculated or not, and still move forward. Without them, we wouldn’t be technologically where we are now.
    I am not one of these gifted individuals, but I genuinely salute you & say God bless you for your invaluable contributions to the rest of us….

  • John E. -US Navy Res. Retired

    I strongly do think there is great possiblity of hyperspace Drive I myself Am STAR TREK Fan Somewhat of STAR WARS Remember back in 1960’s LOST IN SPACE TV’s Shows They went went into hyperspace fictional-reality showin 1990’s So, I don’t think it’s impossible Yet making Energy saving conscience And Enviromental safe.That will be biggest task. We are in early part of 21 st century It said the Germany NAZI Empire had HYPERSPACE technology. That was back in 1930 ‘s and early to mid 1940’s Look whathappen to the lost scienctist They came to USA and created NASA. If was for that This machine ( The computer )wouldn’t exist. The space industry needed smaller computers to compute all the navigational details in space. So Anything is possible these days.

  • Circuitmaster

    Even if such a thing was possible, the amount of energy required to make if work would take a nuclear reaction. Quite frankly if you would like to strap an atom bomb to your butt and hit the the button I say go for it, as for myself, I’ll be happy to watch re-runs of Capt. Janeway trying to get back to earth.

  • Scotty

    There have been some very interesting comments posted here recently. First off, Robert hit the nail on the head when he stated that the energy required to warp spacetime could not be generated by a fission, or even a theoretical fusion generator. The only probable solution to generating the power required would indeed be a matter/anti-matter reaction, whereby equal amounts of matter and anti-matter are injected into a reaction chamber, at which time the matter and anti-matter would mutually annihilate each other, producing an amount of energy which would dwarf that which could be produced by any other type of power source. Obviously, the technology required to develope such a reactor is at least many decades, if not several centuries away. However, the ability to produce a “hyperspace” drive may be much closer. Using quantum mechanics as the key, we may indeed be able to produce a viable spacecraft capable of faster than light travel within a few decades. It is indeed a possibility that dimensions exist in which the speed of light is not a constant, as stated in Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity. If it were possible to engineer a spacecraft capable of entering into one of these “extra” dimensions, it would be theoretically possible to travel at much faster than the speed of light, although probably not many times the speed of light which would be possible if a successful “warp-drive” engine could be developed.

  • Cormac

    This Z machine totally fits my theory of what is going on on the TV show “Lost”. Guess it’s true what they say about life imitating art…

  • An Optimist

    When you have a “black projects” aeronautical company’s CEO on his death bed speaking of the technologies he has seen that are supposedly many decades away, it makes me wonder if this technology isn’t already incorporated somehow, somewhere.
    However, even if already feasible, the small possible production runs to date would beg for refinements in scale and finess in design and production. Voila, public hyperspace research.
    I’m all for it, although caution is warranted due to the possible nuclear nature of energy productio n needed, it would not be the first time a nuclear powered propulsion device was sent to super-lunar orbits.

  • Optimist

    When you have a “black projects” aeronautical company’s CEO on his death bed speaking of the technologies he has seen that are supposedly many decades away, it makes me wonder if this technology isn’t already incorporated somehow, somewhere.
    However, even if already feasible, the small possible production runs to date would beg for refinements in scale and finess in design and production. Voila, public hyperspace research.
    I’m all for it, although caution is warranted due to the possible nuclear nature of energy productio n needed, it would not be the first time a nuclear powered propulsion device was sent to super-lunar orbits.

  • Highlander

    It seems to me some of you are forgetting the original idea and path of discovery. Gravity. Is anyone else worried about the idea of gravity pollution? Once you are running around producing large gravity fields to move things around dont you think you are going to have an effect on other bodies around the universe? I guess it is kind of like the Butterfly and the Hurricane theory but I think it must be considered

  • STK

    OMFG!!! Is everyone here on crack!! That article gave almost no imformation at all. Secondly to induce sufficiently large magnetic field so as to warp space time, which is NOT a vacuum, you would also need a sufficiently large voltage potential.
    Where on earth are you going to find a power source with a power density great enough to produce a field like that for longer then a fempto second?? Not in this world. You’d be surprised how few anti-protons are made in a year. Enough to power this idea for about 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 x10^-99999999999999999999999999999999999999 seconds.
    Fast enough to go about 0.0000000000000000002 pico meters!.
    But it would get there fast!!!

  • Mike

    “It is much easier to have a large explosion in space (nuclear?) next to the craft and simply “ride the wave”. ”
    Actually, this is all that new an idea either. A spacecraft called “Orion” was discussed in the 60s/70s that would do just tha. Throw nukes out the back and let that push it along. It was considered feasible (though not too environmentally friendly….) with the level of technology available then.

  • jim

    I would be interested in speaking with a representative from NASA as I belive I have the key to disrupting the earths gravitational field as a few in the past have been able to do such as Edward Leadskalnin of coral castle florida…

  • pdallen

    well, well, well, looks like the technology of the Philadelpia Experiment has resurfaced at last. Now this will be an interesting event to keep up with, just in the interest of either debunking, or acknowledging the whole P.E. deal.

  • mccormack

    Ummm… I wouldn’t be too quick to write this off. Energy arguments aside (conservation laws get very murky if you can locally unfold wrapped up dimensions- basically you are locally changing the laws of physics) there are a number of obscure relationships between magnetic and gravity fields in Einstein’s GTR. That is even without getting into the fact that GTR and quantum mechanics still disagree with each other a century after their discovery.
    We just don’t have a unified field theory (well, one that is unique to our universe anyhow) so the jury is out on what we may or may not be able to build. It gets worse if you look into Kurt Godel’s work and Steve Wolfram’s ideas. It may be possible to build technology that works but that we can prove we will never understand. This makes my head hurt but Alan Turing hinted at this before he died in his “Oracle” idea.
    So as we are mired in the cellar of ignorance it ill-behooves us to assert “impossible”

  • Woodrow Wilson Smith

    Might be hokum, might be real. To those who say it has to be the former: What would you say to 1942 reports of aviation cadets strafing a Japanese Battleship in the Mojave Desert while being escorted by an airplane without a propeller being flown by a gorilla wearing a derby and waving a cigar?
    Oh yeah? Look up Muroc Maru and XP59.

  • Grant Wells

    My Question is how long it takes the government to take this technology and use as a weapon, because you know they will.

  • Victor

    For those of you old enough to remember, back during the second world war, Einstein’s Special Theory of relativity was tested on a battle ship where the ships hull was turned into a massive electromagnetic super conductor. The experiment was called the Philadelphia Experiment. Many of the sailors lost their lives due to mysterious reasons.
    That experiment transported that battleship from the Philadelphia harbor to the Virginia harbor in approximately 3 minutes. At that time, the sailors off loaded to the local bar, where there was a real stir. It seems that some of them were half invisible, and some even vanished as the MP’s showed up to see what was going on.
    Later when the ship returned to the Philadelphia harbor, a strange thing happened. Some of the sailors, spontaneously combusted, while others bodies were trapped between layers of the ships hull, only to become permanently embedded in the hull after the generators were turned off.
    And those who survived, were ushered into a mental institution so the rest of the world could not see the result of the experiment.
    The experiment was designed to create an invisible magnet barrier around the ship, creating a cloaking device to normal radar, but it actually made the ship disappear, leaving a creator in the water where it was floating.
    Look it up for yourselves. The book is simply called ” The Philadelphia Experiment” Author was one of the sailors.

  • Stoney

    you folks need to back slowly away from the crack pipe…

  • Concerned Citizen

    Ohmigosh, Ya’ll people better lay of that Crack pipe as stated by the other poster..

  • Scotty

    I wonder how many people were conviced that the Wright brothers were addicted to laudanum (opium)? Throughout history there have always been skeptics, and I’m sure there will always be doubters in the future. However, if scientific minds had actually listened to them, we would still be dragging things around on sleds, because at one time the wheel was FAR to radical of an idea to ever have been taken seriously!Surely the inventor of the wheel, whoever it may have been, had stumbled onto and discovered the hallucinogenic effects of certain types of mushrooms prior to making his history altering discovery (for those of you who may be confused, I’m referring to the discovery of the wheel, not hallucinogens)!

  • Bob Dean

    George Adamski, author of “Inside the Spaceships”, would be proud. Those colonies on the moon really do exist, only in another magnetically managed dimension.

  • Out-There

    If you think about some of the things in the movies over the past 30 years, almost all that we saw then and said, “No-Way!!”! Are all common place today. The tech stuff is scary to some people, and others seem to think that it all needs to be regulated or we will “Grow to Fast!”. Look at it this way. By the time we as common day people hear about something….99% of the time there was something already going on. Just now, it got leaked out some where!

  • oghgul

    Within my lifetime the Buck Rogers rocketeer entertainment has become a partial reality. The year I was born the fastest racing aircraft flew at about 400 mph, and there was no way that flight would ever get faster. It seems there has never been a discovery that was not denigrated by the Masters of Science of the times. People should be very cautious with their skepticism. What ever the mind can perceive may someday come to pass.

  • exgrunt

    its an interesting artical, but i think that we’ll be using scram jets to do those things years before n e one attempts to use that kind of technology.

  • Richard Sanders

    Without a modern day Noahs Ark our specie will not leave this planet before its’ final evolutionary death throes. So it’s off to another dimension for our progeny. Conceive, believe, achieve – up up and away, Hoorah U.S. Air Force

  • Larry Pierson

    If one were to go into another space where the speed of light is different, all the electronics, and probably all forms of life on that craft, would stop working. Our entire line of technology is intrictly intertwined with the laws of physics as we understand them in this universe, from the switching voltages of FET junctions to the interaction of magnetic fields with electrical conductors needed to convert incoming power to the working voltages of our CPU chips.
    Life also appears to be finely tuned to exist within the laws of physics of our universe. Even slight variations in the speed of light will have enormous impact on the bio-chemical reactions we need to survive.
    Einstein’s equations made it quite clear that nothing can exist in our universe that travels faster than light (the theory of relativity does not say it goes backwards in time if it does, it simply exits our universe with infinite mass). However, nothing in the equations or elsewhere would suggest that moving to another universe with a faster value for the speed of light will also multiply the speed and momentum of an object that moves into it from our universe. Classical mechanics (which does not take into account relativity) is more than adequate to explain all motion in our universe when the speeds involved are less tha 0.01% that of light, and would be the same in any universe for such cases. Explain how moving into a universe where light travels, for example, ten times faster, suddenly allows the impartation of ten times the momentum and 100 times the energy of motion into an object, and then as it moves back our universe, that momentum and energy just ‘dissappear’?

  • Tom

    Ok, 1. Einsteins theories are flawed, in them his math shows that a star does not spin, observation has disproven that theory. 2. no physical theories have ruled out naturally occuring interdimensional phenomena, the only way to observe it would be, to be in it. 3.a magnetic field could propel the ship, but it has to interact with other magnetic fields to do it. 4.can a magnetic field both propel the ship and break the space/time barrier, that would be the greatest hurdle in the theory, once that is solved then we worry about energy production, suggestions in sci-fi writings have included harnessing the energy of a quantum singularity, probably not feasable, but definitely powerful enough. and if you have the technology to produce those intense magnetic fields you can contain a matter/anti-matter energy source

  • manuel hernandez

    It happened before in the 1940’s during the philadelphia experiment. The Navy wanted a sthealt craft using magnetic fields. The reports indicated that the vessel actually move from point a to point b in a distance of over 500miles. the crew was sick some of them became part of the vessel. The project was abandoned. THe catch here is how do we make sure that if the travel occurs, we do not end up back on the same spot after the engines are cut off or become part of the ship?

  • Reginald OKa

    If government sources determined that this theoretical fantasy was in fact not a fantasy, there would be no mention of this theory ever made public.

  • michael Picray

    The speed of light is NOT a constant in this universe, either. So speculation of what a different speed of light would do are irrelevant, and time does not slow down or stop at the “speed of light.” That’s just plain BS. Particles have been accelerated to multiples of the “speed of light” and they just keep on trucking. Light has been slowed down and actually stopped, then released to continue on unghanced. (Einstein wasn’t God. The Scientific Community should stop treating him as such and stop treating everything he said as Holy Writ. He was very good, but he got some things wrong.)
    Try looking at S. Hawking’s books on “The Ultimate Theory of Everything” (such as “The Universe in a Nutshell”). IIRC, he postulates at least 11 dimensions for a Unified Theory solution, and they’ve done the math proofs for 5 or 6 of them? (We live in 4) Recent discoveries about black holes (they emit energy) also add to our knowledge base, and will help us to figure out what is possible and what is not.

  • Fred

    well, using a computer while in the other dimension, wouldn’t work, neither would your body work, but while in the other dimension, do you need your body to work? so long as it works when it comes out on the other side. I’m sure that with propper computations, computations not possible in the 1940’s, the problem of “people becoming part of the ship” could be avoided, as could other problems.

  • John Crosthwait

    While Einstein’s & Hawkins’ equations are usually accurate, no equation can always be accurate in describing a process (natural or artificial) in the universe. There are an infinite number of variables that affect the process to varying degrees. Not all could ever be taken into consideration and only a finite number are even known of & fewer understood. Their newer & more refined equations may be more accurate than Newton’s or Kepler’s but we will never achieve perfection.

  • Joe Blow

    To people who aregue that the Speed of light is not constant. Keep in mind that light travels by means of Photos (a massless particle).
    Below is an snippet from Brian Greene (noted physicist-was educated at Harvard and Oxford, graduating in 1987. After spending time at Harvard and Cornell, he is currently a Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Columbia.)
    “The mass of a moving object increases with increasing speed.” This effect is called mass increase and it does not matter whether the object is moving towards you or away. Mass is a measure of the resistance of an object to acceleration. As an object approaches the speed of light, its mass increases to the point that it cannot be accelerated beyond the speed limit set by nature, the speed of light. The increase in mass is not appreciable until one get very close to the speed of light; hence, it was overlooked completely until the 20th century. Mass is still taken as exactly conserved in chemistry.
    People.. Light is constant! Umm.. If something travels faster, then its more of a relativity issue. A loophole, more specifically, you bring in ideas of wormholes/shortcuts.

  • wlcastleberry

    light a massless photon? mass increases as the speed of light is approached? does this massless photon come into existance at its optimal speed?if in exceeding the accepted speed of light relativity comes into play, would this be relative to our time or george orwell’s? 11 dimensions-math done for 5or 6 of them-math is a language-who is writing what? do dimensions exist or is our “awareness”limited by our physical construct?

  • sixth

    Ok so your saying once a mass reaches the “certain” critical point below the speed of light, its mass increases until any increase in speed would result in an equivalent increase in mass. Essentially an equilibrium is reached. So one of the problems in achieving “a jump” is a certain problematic factor of “instantaneously” removing or decreasing the mass.
    This engine sounds interesting.

  • Skorne7

    I just have a simple a question about this whole magnetic engine. If it creates enough gravity and magnetic force punch through into another dimension, what effects will the engine have on local gravitational fields when put into operation? as a matter of comparison, any gravitational force that can transcend dimensions would befar stronger than our planets own magnetic field.
    Other than that, the idea seems sound, and the possibilities are exciting.

  • skeptical

    Also you must conclude that the magnetic field must encapsulate the entire craft or else the engine would simply disappear and for that matter if anything is in close proximity then the magnetic field would also encapsualte and transport them too?! I wonder what the effects wold be on the human body set to motion faster than the speed of light and stopped on a dime…

  • R. Rose

    Finally. Lets get this into R & D asap.
    I want a president committed to colonizing the moon and mars. Where do we get a president like that?

  • John Kessler

    IRT Skorne7’s comment about the effect on our own planets magnetic field. I believe that this device would have to be activated at a sufficiant point in the planitary plane or even solarpolar so as to be least effective on the planets own magnetic fields. Note, that not all the planets have as strong a magnetic field as Earth, thus, a point at either north or south solarpolar would be ideal. Just a minor thought. Now, lets get busy and start researching this thing. It sounds great. John

  • bryon SPRINGER

    Any one remember studying the philidelphia experiment from ww2? the pentagon tried using electro magnetic field to try to make a ship dissapear from radar. while the official results were never released, witnesses said the ship completly dissapeared. rumor has it it reapeared in a different part of the ocean. then it suddenly reapeared back where it begin and the sailors had melded with the ship. since the official results were never released we will never know whats true and what really happened. but the human body is not designed for that much electro magnetic waves. just a thought

  • Rayford L Stroud

    To the person that cited the book on the Philadelphia Experiment, that book has been completely debunked; it has about as much validity as Ollie North’s Bronze Star or George Bush’s service in the Texas ANG.

  • Michael K

    The idea is not new. Its the same as folding the space upon its self like for example: Take a sheet of paper and in the middle of the top half I write the letter a and in the middle of the bottom half I put the letter b then folding the whole paper in half, the distance would be so close there would be no time to travel from the point a to point b no matter how far the distance is in real time. Another means of transport is if I had two plates and I created a magnetic field between the plate’s say anywhere on earth and I had another exact system say on the moon or anywhere else in the universe this would then when powered
    create a magnet field, strong enough, to produce a no time out of phase dimensional worm hole/tunnel, and would link the two points in space to which any matter object can pass though. Natural worm holes exist in space, and are created and powered by a collapsed star at its center, and are a fact not fiction. These natural type of worm holes we can not use, but it does not mean we can not create our own.
    Remember the three most historic naysayer phrases have said in the past would cross the oceans,2. man would not fly, would not reach the moon , would not reach the stars were at number 4 now !, and number 4 is the most important of all as its our future in this universe to survive or perish. We are on a life boat now, and its getting crowed as the population expands, and resources are used which can not be replaced unless we can travel the stars to find new homes.
    Ideas, and support turned into reality is what needed. If we can think of it, and so it will be done, some day by some one.

  • Bobby

    That’s how the UFO’s are powered now. They use the push pull of magnetism, to travel the long distances. They pull toward and repel from the rear and can reach speeds of up to 33 times the speed of light in deep space. You all say that it would take thousands of years to travel between star systems. With the worm holes and ultra warp speeds we can do it in a matter of weeks.

  • John Godwin

    I am a Physicist this article is garbage. Dream on. There is no established link between gravity and magnetism as of yet. Money would be better spent replacing the Hummer and the M16.

  • RC Kepler

    I am neither surprised nor stirred by such news reports. This amazing science story and any one of a hundred other science fiction predictions about the world as we know it are sure to become certainties at some point in time. Any goal people can envision can oneday become a reality, just maybe not by the exact means we can now forsee.
    Not convinced yet? Consider that we now have a near-instantaneous communications via the Internet, information is spread on an unprecedented scale. It is a more fundamental change. We can send news and information to nearly any place and almost anyyone on earth. This has far more significant ramifications than any future changes in propulsion could have. Admittedly, such technological changes are sure to come. The real question is not if they will come, but when.
    What matters to me most about this story is something other than technology. It does not concern Space per se; there are more important questions about matters more personal and lying much closer to home. For instance, what are the economic/ business ramifications and societal consequences for the Planet Earth? Specifically, if intercontinental transportation can overcome its present handicaps and achieve near-instantaneous transport over the next few years, what does this hold for the earth and its population? What will be the consequences for international trade and to international relations in general? How will the world religions respond–with fright and fight? Also, how could it affect food and medical shipments, international agriculture, education, the intercontinental movement of other kinds of goods and services? The big need is in education, for the lack of it is what holds the world in the throes of intellect darkness.
    For sure, such a propulsion system would inevitably and fundamentally change the oil industry. Like in religion, it will probably cause a panick. But what if religions and the oil industry get involved and even benefit from the transportation revolution that would result? Petroleum could be moved cheaply and quickly as much as anything else and would still be in great demand for a few years. I am saying that there would be a respite for a few years, before any international shifts in economics will take place. A better question is this: can religions and the oil industry be made to see the change as good and accept it. That is, real life consequences are not seen through looking at technological innovations. They are controlled by what people view as desirable. They become the more likely future developments, the ones which are played out in terms of where people’s investments are placed to as a result. The education of everybody holds the key to the mind and thus these changes. It limits and steers minds, thus it guides the future more than technological changes.

  • ed

    300 Years ago if you said you could ride in a carrage without a horse you where crazy, if you said man could fly you where crazy, if you said man could walk on the moon you where crazy. star treck had hand held comunicators, now we have cell phones, star treck second generation has bages for come, we have wireless ear peaces. all im saying its only a matter of time and imagation

  • Robert

    Im just going to make one last comment, and then Im going to quit bothering everyone here. A lot of people who posted comments here have basically said in so many words, that given the will to do so, there is not a lot that humans are incapable of, and I sure wont argue with that. Theres a quote from the movie Contact based on a book written by the late, Carl Sagan, and I think about those words whenever I look at where humanity came from, and where we might be going. Its an alien talking to a traveler from earth, and it goes like this: Youre an incredible species; an interesting mix. Youre capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost; so cutoff; so alone, only youre not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other.

  • Jared Duncan

    This sounds like what the Philidelphia Project could have been. Could they have tried this experiment once before?

  • Jerod

    How do we know that light goes faster in this alternate dimension? What if it goes slower, or what if the speed of light is just the speed of light?

  • Bob S

    Reality, what a concept? Nothing is impossible unless you don’t try, no not try, but do. The only thing that hinders mankind from advancing to the stars, other solar systems, galaxies, and dimensions, is fear. What are people afraid of, but fear itself. The planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies, and dimensions were not put there just to guess what is out there. We are explorers, that is what we do, either do it, or let others do it, but stay out of the way, so mankind can advance!

  • J. Maison

    I don’t claim to be an expert in any of this stuff, but I am a science enthusiast, and I for one, believe this may some day come true.
    Overall, I feel humanity’s understanding of the universe is in it’s infancy, as many prominent scientists I’m sure will agree. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly suggest watching the special television show about all of this on the Discovery Science channel. For many years, there were two major opposing theories about reality and the universe; the M-theory, and the string theory. Only recently, scientists from each school of thought have collaborated and discovered that the two theories compliment, instead of conflict with, each other.
    When, looking at the universe from this perspective, amazing things can be hypothesized with high probability of correctness (so the experts say). First, there are 11 dimensions; we’re not talking about alternate realities, but they are nothing like our own 3rd dimesion. Second, in one of these dimensions, exists the “membranes” that another person mentioned in these posts, and these membranes can be described as two rippling liquids that face each other, and the last time the ripples “touched” was when our universe was created (big bang). And third, (my personal favorite) gravity does not originate in our universe/dimension, it is created somewhere else, and bleeds into our dimension, and we get to enjoy the benefits of another dimesion’s byproduct. Far out, right?
    Scientists have never been able to explain what gravity is, where it comes from, or how to recreate it. It has always been thought to be caused by the EM field produced by the friction from molten metal at the core of the Earth turning and churning, but this has not been proven. This new combined theory, may be a key element in this new “hyperdrive” technology.
    Again, all of this can be heard for yourself on the TV show I saw it on. As I write this, I’m trying to find the exact name, but am not having any success. It may have been made by PBS
    For more brain teasing/confusing info, check out this link which tries to help the lamen understand it all:
    Overall, at 26 years old, I can’t wait to see how this technology and field of science develops over time. (and hopefully, tearing a hole into another dimension doesn’t turn out like the movie Event Horizon, opening a doorway to hell) good movie though

  • Dave Cooper

    How do you overcome the inertia in the first case; and in the second case, how do you know where you are going?

  • Bob Maison

    Sounds feasible. I call this UFO technology. Ever notice that break throughs seem to come suddenly and just at a certain time? Like when we are getting very close to a mission to Mars we come up with a new way getting there without chemical engines? Things come available when we are ready for them. Like we are being spoon fed. I am 60 and have followed the space program from day one. I would love to see this happen in my life time. I had hoped it would have happened sooner then this but I guess it just wasn’t the right time. The human race needs this. It is our destiny.

  • Robert

    Einstein-Rosen, and Other Famous Bridges
    What we are really talking about here is finding the means by which to artificially induce an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, commonly referred to in Star Trek circles as a wormhole. Wormholes appear when the immensely powerful gravity wells of two distant black holes briefly join together by forming a thin tube connecting them through the fabric of space-time. Professor Stephen Hawking has done considerable theoretical work in this area, and is arguably the foremost theoretical physicist since Albert Einstein. His study of black holes contributed to the theoretical basis of the existence of wormholes. But ask any physicist and theyll tell you; no physical matter can survive a journey through a black hole and into the Singularity, which is what remains of the star (now called a Neutron Star) that formed the black hole. Matter composing the singularity is so dense and gravity so powerful that all matter, whether it is you or your set of golf clubs, by the time it reaches the singularity, has long since been ripped to shreds, vaporized and converted into pure energy, which we all know is not conducive to good health. A fascinating way to go (die), but alas that is the only place you go. But if we can build a trash compactor big enough and powerful enough to squeeze all the matter contained in a star, say 100 hundred times the size of the Sun into the volume the size of the head of a pin, we will be well on our way towards intergalactic space travel. Of course there will be just a few logistical problems to overcome, but those shouldnt prove too difficult.

  • RL Stroud

    For John King: my comments on the Philadelphia book were not intended to be liberal or conservative; it was just drawing a parallel between three works of fiction filled with B*** S**T. I could have added a fourth (all those email adds for penile enhancements). I am a long- time resident of Texas with 42 years of Military service and Ollie North’s Bronze Star is just slang when we want to refer to something that has no credibility. He bounced a grenade off a tree and all most killed himself and promptly wrote himself up for the Bronze Star. Anyway–it is the book that I was talking about.
    I had a chance to talk to one of the scientists that worked on the Philadelphia Experiment and not one thing in that book is true.

  • Tim

    getting to the moon by dinnertime is not impressive as the most recent spacecraft slated to travel to Pluto (launch postponed today) could get to the moon in about 90 minutes. Who needs a time warp if that’s all it can do?

  • Jay

    This is kind of a scary thing, I hope they consider the possible side effects of creating such a powerful gravitational field, even during testing on a small scale. Once you create a field that strong, you could conceivebly put enough matter into motion to cause it to be self sustaining. End result would be creating a black hole on this planet, once it started, you could not turn it off. A simple test of this theory could end life as we know it.

  • Dr. Anon Yousef Mous

    Yes! this story is quite true. We are working on this at University of South Hampton Institute of Technology / High Energy Applications Department and Science. We actually have the ship’s H.E. generator from the U.S.S. Eldridge in our particle accelerator underground bunker. We give it the nicknamed the “A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.”…
    Dr. Anon Yousef Mous BS,PhD
    University of South Hampton
    Institute of Technology
    University Road Highfield
    South Hampton SO17 1BJ
    Tel. +44 (0)23 8059 2772

  • Michael K

    The only way to travel the universe within anybodies lifetime is by the dimensional shift theory. Very little is known about it as most other traveling systems require power source from a nuclear reactor to propel a mass to 99.9% the speed of light. Even this system is too slow. Dimensional shift travel only effects the immediate space around, but its able to open a dimensional worm hole but weather it effects time for the traveler also is another matter. This type of star travel would be be easier to pursue and more cost effective.

  • Andy

    Try anti-matter their making it now and have been that should give you the power the engine needs to reach lighspeed and beyond “Warp Speed Mr.Scott” get used to the idea the time has come

  • snyder

    If the Philadelphi Project was factual…this sounds much in the same fashion. As I remember the legendary story…. the Navy was experimenting with high EM flux…the ship disappeared…was supposedly sighted a few hundred miles from it’s original location and then returned to its original location with part of it’s crew embedded within the ship’s stucture….I was under the perception that from the time they inacted “high EM flux” capability; it was a very short period of time for the events to unfold.
    If this is all true facts. I theorize that they went to that other demension you talked about. While in that demension, I would guess that the cohesive bonds in their molecular structure, more than likely having an EM association as well as the molecular structure of the ship. In the other demension if this is the case, it would cause a molecular mix. Upon on returning to this demension they are found embedded within the ships structure.

  • Kyle

    Just remember if anything goes wrong to reverse the polarity.

  • amrit sorli

    only a mass less particle can travel with a light speed,
    another dimension ??!!……it is a science fiction
    see some articles i published in EJTP regarding time and gravitation
    yours, amrit

  • BB OBO

    Even if it could warp into another dimension we’re talking about a place with a totally different set of physical laws where matter from our universe most certainly would be destroyed.

  • joe kinnane

    has anyone ever seen a gravity wave?

  • Yury Vladimir Galindo Ramos

    It sounds very interesting, i have my doubts if this could work and if it does this could litterally change our perspective of the universe, but i wonder, where they think will obtain the energy for this drive!!!! anti-matter reactors are just imposible with our current technology, anyone has any idea of this?

  • Larry L Burks

    I just read all the post. Your at the point I was at back in 1968 at U.T. Wheeler’s lab. The only people that know how to do this for sure. Is the ones that are already doing this. How do you thing I found out. Winston E. Kock blew the whistle on NASA back in 1970 In his book “Lasers and Holograms”. There are picture of UFO’s hidden in the dots of the picture in his book. This book is not about UFO’s. It’s about how NASA is able to form a wormhole. I know how this is done because I was told how they do it. Dr. Kock told me in his book. DR. Kock worked for NASA. And NASA also told me that a wormhole is like a hi speed switch. When atoms go into the mouth of a wormhole. The black empty space found on the inside of a wormhole act’s like switch. A gate. It turns off the gravitational field of the atom. But what NASA also told me was that on the open end of the mouth of the wormhole. Due to fram draging. All the stars on that side of the univers move to form a point. Relative to the atoms in the object. That is going into the mouth of the wormhole. The gravatational field between the object and the mass of all stars of half of the universe is not turn off. It is still in tack. Wormholes don’t suck. They blow. This is NASA’s Warp Drive System in a nut shell. A wormhole is the only thing know to man that forms naturaly in nature that can effect gravity in just such a way that man can use them to manipulate the gravatational force. Now how in the hell would they know that? They are already forming wormholes. The wormhole turn off the gravational field behind the object and and in front of the object the strengh of the gravational force goes through the roof due to the bending of the gravational field of the stars that are to the north, south, east, and west of the object. Due to the mass of the walls of the mouth of the wormhole. All the stats form a point relative to the object in the mouth of the wormhole. Come to my web site and see all the thing I’m working on for NASA. Larry L. Burks

  • nukem

    Wake up Egghead Bozos!!
    The speed of light is not constant.
    The speed of light is slowing down.
    If you are using the speed of light as a constant then ALL of your calculations are WRONG!!!

  • Don’t Need to K

    The Zeta Reticulian are working with you to make a hyperspeed aircraft and you know it!
    U.S. Air Force
    U.S. Army
    What you all need to know is the we are in the middle of a intergalactic war between the Annunaki(Reptillian Alien Species) and The Zeta Reticulian (The Greys) and Earth is the battle field. In 1954 Eisenhower signed a Treaty with the greys for advance technology in exchange People of earth for them to abduct for hybrid experiments. The Greys are obsessed with creating and observing life. they are not hostile or harmful, but they have been abducting people under their own free will since Betty and Barney Hill in the mid 50s. I Believe that the U.S. Government has been hidng everything that has to do with extraterrestrials and their crafts but at the same time they are telling us that these things are real. By making movies and books that talk about aliens on earth and people not knowing about them (Men in Black)

  • Lucas

    The intergalactic war is not between the reptilians and the greys, its between God and the Devil. The reptilians control the greys and are using them as a front to confuse and beguile the human race, We are there food, they are the farmers and the moon is the farmers house. When a cow looks across the fence, it can’t possibly comprehend its the house at which it looks at, When you look at the sky you can’t possibly understand the moons construction.
    There are different levels of conciousness and humans are NOT at the top of the food chain. Our city dwelling civilistion has been under complete control since the beginning (not that time is linier).
    So naturally Hyperspace Drives (which arn’t hard to build) would be illegal and anyone trying to build one would be classified as a terrorist and subject to the appropriate punishment (punishment doesn’t really exist, but actions have consqences).
    The NSA have your IP adress.

  • Kelly Edwards

    it is possible but, do we have the energy required to artificially create a stable wormhole?

  • Michael Thomas

    I think it would be best to learn how to first
    use propulsion technology other than chemical
    propulsion but Burkheim and other way out stuff
    are too big a step right now.
    This technology might be more in line as it is
    similar to present day atom smashers at CERN, LLNL, FERMI, ORNL, Standford, UCB, etc.

  • The Kris

    Um…doesn’t anyone remember what happened in a lil’ 1997 movie called “Event Horizon” when they screwed around with “hyperdrive”…? Sam Neill wasn’t the ONLY scary mo-fo on that mission.

  • Grant Hayman

    Shameless plug for my website on an advanced interstellar propulsion system.
    It utilizes an alternating/rotating electromagnetic field which increases in intensity overtime. Due to the high frequency of the fields occilation it appears externally neutral. Like a rapidly spinning color wheel turns white.
    The use of resonance and feedback allow energy to be built up over time to create an extremely powerful > 25 G rotating magnetic field.
    Check out the site for more info and other great links on this subject.

  • Edward Jones

    I have only read a few of what has been posted, where does this crap come from? Agreed we all knew about this kinda technology back in the 60s and knew how to buidl it, unfortunetly we have not been able to build it because we didn’t know how to build the machine without it blowing up or something like that, at the moment, the only device that can prove Dr. Heim’s theory is “The Z Machine” in Sandia.
    And the second to first post made, the new scientist does not write complete nonsense. They wrote about global warming being just natural caused and CO2 not affecting it, that was correct. Every 100,000 years Earth undergoes a huge rise in temperatures, alot more degrees than usual and then rapidly dips back down after a few thousand years, give or take…
    Dr. Heim in my view was a great man, he was blind, hard of hearing and handless and yet he continued his research from the 1950s to his death and made sure that the research continued regardless of his death.
    Number one: The Zeta Reticulian? thats 37 ly away from Earth and is two twin stars, if it does have planets in orbit they will be way to hot to sustain life.
    Number two: The most probable areas for life is a ring around the centre of the galaxy, they seem to be suitable for life… this outlined ring has 20 billion solar-systems within its boundaries.
    Number three: If we came across superior life forms, what would they care? Abducting us to examine??? No, there too clever to bother with that and we wouldn’t be any use to them, not to help them out in a war or for trade.
    Anyway back onto the topic, this is basically a warp bubble. Easy to build and since it’s been two years since this topic and yet no hyperspace drives, i’m guessing they didn’t bother with it in the end?

  • pearl jewelry

    seem to recall that this ‘invention’ was actually awarded a patent… of course my theory is that our (USA, that is) current patent situation is a kind of job action by patent examiners, but I digress.

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  • Clark C. McClelland, ScO STS Fleet, KSC

    Open the actual KSC, X-Files.

  • magingam

    Vietnam lies on the eastern seaboard of the Indochinese peninsula. It borders Chine in the north. Laos and Cambodia in the west, and looks out on the East Sea (??????) in the east and south.

  • magingam

    Vietnam lies on the eastern seaboard of the Indochinese peninsula. It borders Chine in the north. Laos and Cambodia in the west, and looks out on the East Sea (??????) in the east and south.

  • its beacause ov people like u lot why we dont advance are selfs we should b puttin every last penny into space travel after all this plant is for the scrap heap as for u dyin vet u started this stupid war deal with the back lash.

  • Corey

    if this does work my guess is something like what you see in the game “Mass Effect” could be our future hanging out with alien races. racism between color of our skin would evolve by being racist against other alien races. people don’t like what they can’t understand, then ridiculous wars would transform from just killing each other here on earth we’d have stupid wars against alien races maybe we’ll become a more advanced intelligent race hah what would be interesting is if we went to planets with life and they had less gravity and so they were used to the gravity so they were weak and we went there and they saw us as like superheroes cuz our planet would have more gravity and we’d be stronger that’s an interesting theory some “Dragonball Z” shit right there. in any case I think humanity is slowly heading in the right direction hopefully in my lifetime our reliance on fossil fuels will be a thing of the past that’s real evolution. we have cars being made that have nothing to do with gas once they go mainstream and are extremely affordable then we can just recycle all the old gas powered cars and use the materials for other better things.

  • Tareq

    What the fuck are you commenting? Are you dumb?

  • papix

    Eventually we will get there but at the moment we are an unimaginable number of years away from developing technologies that will be able to advance us into real safe space travel. I guess in the process of development we will lose a lot of test pilots also. Who want to go first? Think about it. First we have to develop faster that the current drive systems. Then we have to get to the speed of light which will not help with interstellar travel but luckily with interplanetery travel. Then we will have to exceed the speed of light in order to jump into null time to cover the vast distances. Then we will have to manage shifting in time and we have to develop means to communicate in real time while traveling in interstellar space. That we may achieve by hooking our signals onto tachyons. I project that earthlings need another two thousand years of development to get to the point where we can begin to think of traveling to even the nearest planetary system at Alpha Centauri. After that it should be easier to develop technologies to cover the distance of plus 400light years to the starsystems in the Pleiades, of which the inhabited ones are about a second outside of our observable universe and the ones we see in the nightsky are completely uninhabited. Thats my story for now!