Moscow’s Remote-Controlled Heart Attacks

This is the second of David Hambling’s two-part series on plasma and electromagnetic weapons. Check out part one here.
heart-attack-picture.gifThe American military may want to attack the nervous system, with pain rays and laser plasma pulses. But they’re not the only ones. The Russians have long studied such systems, too — including one weapon that could, in theory, remotely trigger heart attacks.
In 2003, at the 2nd European Symposium on Non-Lethal Weapons, Anatoly Korolev and his colleagues from Moscow State University presented a paper with the snappy title “Bioelectrodynamic Criterion of the NLW Effectiveness Estimation and the Interaction mechanisms of the multilayer Skin Tissues with electromagnetic Radiation.” This is a study of how radio-frequency weapons — like the American Active Denial System — affect the skin. After wading through a mass of technical data showing how complex the interactions are we reach the punch line:

The sensations modality (pricking, touch, pressure, gooseflesh, touch, burning pain etc) depends on the field parameters and individual concrete human being factors. As a matter of fact, we can really choose the non-lethal bioeffect.

The effects include sensations similar to those discussed previously, and more besides. The paper discusses effects on cell membranes and affecting the bodys normal function, including “information transfer to the organs of control.”
At the same conference, V Makukhin of the Trymas Engineering Center in Moscow described “Electronic equipment for complex influence on biological objects.” And when he says “biological objects,” he means you and me.
His laboratory apparatus uses a modulated beam of radio waves to produce what he terms “disorder of autonomic nervous system,” put forward as a possible non-lethal weapon. Makhunin notes that there is no general agreement on how EM waves disrupt nerves – he mentions ion channels similar to those in the plasma paper – but he certainly seems to be seeing the same effects as American researchers.
But it need not be a non-lethal weapon. Makhunin also mentions the effects of “change of electrocardiogram” and what he calls “function break of heart muscle.”
The vulnerability of the heart to electrical stimulation (including that produced by EM waves) is well documented. A lethal device would interfere with the electrical potentials that keep the chambers of the heart synchronized, producing fibrillation and rapid death. A death ray doesnt need to be a truck-sized laser that reduces the target to smoking heap; a small device that stops the heart will do the job.
Little has been openly published in this area in the public domain, but this may be the tip of the iceberg. We are likely to be hearing more in future – especially if the Russians manage to find funding.
I dont think we need tinfoil hats just yet. But a layer of conducting mesh built into body armor might save a lot of heartache in years to come.

(If you want more, theres a whole chapter on different non-lethal directed energy weapons and where the technology might lead in my book Weapons Grade. )

— David Hambling

  • pedestrian

    Well, is everyone ready to arm with tin hats after news of weather control, weapons creating illusions, and Russia trying to control a pace maker? Who is supplying these strange news from the dark? Fox Mulder?

  • pedestrian

    What’s going to be posted next? Aliens from other galaxy providing anti-gravity UFOs to the DARPA? Underground aliens supporting the Iraqi terrorists with networks of tunnels?

  • Wembley

    I suddenly wondered “So why isn’t there a lethal version of the Taser ™ then?”
    And then I thought, maybe a one-shot handgun with a twenty-foot range might not be that awesome.
    Doing it from a mile away with a PEP would be more like it though.

  • The Cenobyte

    No one should be suprised here. All of these ideas and ones that you can’t even imagine are coming down the pipe in the next few years and the rate at which these things are produced and discovered will only increase. Currently we are mostly building with human knowledge and vision but as computers take over these jobs and become faster and faster (by 2030 CPUs with as much processing power as every human on the planet but together should cost about $1 each).
    All of this will see very quaint in the next 20 years or so. So get ready for the cyberpunk dark future… (I mean did you see that guy with face armor on?)

  • C-Low

    This may sound Alien sci-fi but todays ideas are tomorrows realities. There are a lot of crazy ideas like magnetic fields disrupting brain waves, different eltro waves causing reactions in the brain and such.
    I remember when people were talking craziness like WI FI or sending a laser beam down a wire for Broadband at a reasonable price. For that matter GPS bombs. A plane that could cruise at supersonic speeds. People at Langley running hunter killer missions on the other side of the world.
    I dont really understand how plasma could react with the nervous center the EMP part maybe. But it would be one hell of a weapon.
    For the Russians part I guess now we know what happened to Yesltin. Sarcasm
    The only limit to Human potential is our ability to conceive the possibilities and do it.
    Great story by the way awesome work.

  • Arw

    One can’t help but wonder: Who will these be used against? It’d make a WTO conference nice and quiet if everyone outside was paralyzed.
    Let alone a black market. Crips vs. Bloods would take on truly genocidal new level if they were armed with heart-attack guns and nervous-system destroying weapons.
    I would suggest getting down on your knees and praying this sort of thing never sees the light of day.

  • Alex D

    While taking an ECE course at the U of I champaign my prof, told us in confidence that 20 years ago, he was doing american funded research, to determine the size of an antena needed to affect the human heart. He of course imagined medical uses for such a device. The research showed the antena would need to be unreasonable large, and it was then he learned the resaerch was for possible weapons manufacture. I don’t doubt smaller designs are possible…

  • Innocent Target

    There is compelling, chilling evidence this bio affective electronic technology is in the hands of organized crime and hate groups and it is being used to gain control of businesses and harass innocent Americans.
    See for details. We all need to contact our state ACLUs and Congress ton get them to declassify this technology so that we can protect ourselves!
    An Innocent American Target

  • max

    This has, and is, already being used against citizens. I myself have been harrassed using these weapons and found myself in the emergency room 3 weeks ago. I simply am a lifelong american who has been investigating the lies of the press and govt. I suppose that makes me a ‘terrorist’ in these days where people who read the wrong books or wear the wrong t-shirts are detained and interrogated.

  • aj

    this tech is surely already being used and probably has been for years. one estimate is that the military has 40 years to every one of ours when it comes to hi technology.
    how many relatively healthy people that are considered “subversive” have mysteriously died of heart attacks in the past. how about brain aneurisms?

  • Anatolij

    Dear Sir, Madam, :

  • Gerry Duffett

    Sonoma University
    Electromagnetic Weapons
    Radiowaves As Weapons
    This report makes references to the U.S. Intelligence Community or the U.S. Government.
    I don’t think thats the “big” problem.
    Looks like this is some type of “worldwide” problem.
    I am now researching laws in Canada.
    “Project Censored”
    Microwave Weapons
    Electronic Harassment
    A Study of the History of US Intelligence Community Human Rights Violations and Continuing Research in “Electromagnetic Weapons.”
    Located here :
    “Print out” .pdf file
    Completed December 2006
    Sonoma State University
    Project Censored
    Media Freedom Foundation
    Peter Philips
    Lew Brown
    Bridget Thorton
    Gerry Duffett

  • Anatolij

    Dear Sir, Madam, :
    Christians Against Mental Slavery:
    Psychotronic Mind ControlANNIHILATION Weapons:
    Resources / Other Sites :
    Yours sincerely.

  • Tyann Pleshette Moore

    My EIN number is located at UNGM Registration #148935. I wish people people why they need their drug addictive substances in their mind and physical bodies permanently.because it could be negative mind control. I wish the abusers would not abuse drugs or try to hender our goals within a 5 mile radius of me physically and of my offspring/progeny’s physical location. Best regards, Tyann Pleshette Moore

  • -=HW=-

    Why are lots of you Americans so afraid of RC Heart Attacks and other techy stuff? If somebody just gets between the USA and some interest, he is liquidated. It doesn’t matter to you in what way – shot down when everything looks like a “common crime” or rather killed via dethray. Even dozens of years ago the very CIA possessed poisons, making everything look like a sudden heart attack or smth equal without any piece of technology. So nothing to worry about, those marked for deth will meet their fate ^_^

  • Gerry Duffett

    Dec 15 2006
    Microwave Sickness / Deadly Electronic Weapons / Canada
    When I worked in the diesel generator business,
    I worked with a lot of communications companies all across Canada.
    Bell Canada was a big one I did a lot of work with.
    They have “standby diesel generators” at their central offices and all their repeater stations.
    A lot of “national security” concerns within these systems.
    People within these systems have more than enough resources to make you “sick” if you ……”step on the wrong toes.”
    Lots of surlpus “microwave generators.” and “radio equipment.”
    All with “no forensic evidence.”
    It just takes one “idiot” to put something together who does not like you.
    There may be a union / non union theme to my problems.
    I worked at a non union company, Harper Detroit Diesel.
    I had no idea about “radio waves as weapons” until 2005,
    ……8 years after I initially got sick
    I started my research project in January 2004 on the internet with the keywords “constructive dismissal”
    in relation to my own problems at Harper Detroit Diesel.
    I am not sure about ……”microwave mind control”,
    seems to be a lot of articles on the internet about this topic.
    It does look like more and more people world wide are looking at
    ……”radio waves as weapons”.
    I think maybe thats because there is now so much “radio equipment”around the world with the advancements in “communications.”
    The problems with all these types of systems is the technology falls into the wrong hands.
    Some real horror stories from people worldwide about this topic on the internet.
    What an eye opener !
    Gerry Duffett
    Toronto / Ontario / Canada,,

  • Mindcon

    BIOEFFECTS: That’s Impossible
    Dear @Sir, @Madam,
    Cheryl Welsh, New cable TV program on the mind control issue, U.S. secrecy methods for mind control weapons have fooled almost everyone,, August 11, 2009, .
    Quote: I was interviewed for the Mind Control program and presented the argument that advanced mind control weapons are already developed. No one has been able to establish enough evidence to prove either that there are secret advanced government mind control weapons, or that there are not. Mind control weapons are an important public concern. The experts say it

  • jewel

    I wish I was ignorant about this technoloy. The government may have controlled it at one time, but now it is in the hands of gang stalkers, ruffee rapists, drug dealers and child molesters. I have been attacked with v2k, DEW, etc for fifteen years. I pray for victims and I pray that those who have not been tortured with this technology never know the pain.

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