Be Mickey Mouse’s Spy

Some of you may have felt a little underqualified to become a manhunter for Special Operations Command. Never fear. An anonymous pal has found a job almost as good: “Intelligence Analyst” for the Walt Disney Company. Yeah, you read that right: a spook for the Mouse… “highly developed Internet skills” and “US Government security clearance (at least Secret-level) desirable.”
mickey_binos.jpgEmployer: The Walt Disney Company
Sector: Public
Type: Job
Status: Full-time
Location: Burbank, CA
Title: Intelligence Analyst
THE SITUATION: Basic Purpose and Objective of the Position: The Intelligence Analyst anticipates and assesses threats that could harm, or make vulnerable, The Walt Disney Company (TWDC), its employees, guests, or assets.
THE POSITION: The analyst thoroughly reviews information from open/public sources, official sources, and professional contacts, and conducts regular assessments of world events, regional/national security climates, and suspect individuals and groups. The analyst produces a range of written and verbal analyses for employees and management of the Company and provides tactical intelligence support to the Company’s security and crisis management operators…
% of Total Duties and Responsibilities
45 [%] Monitors open source media, homeland security and law enforcement bulletins, and information from professional contacts, for international, national, and local news and intelligence that may affect the security and safety of TWDC. Maintains comprehensive files of intelligence on key issues and parts of the world; maintains record of threats received, assessments, and their disposition. Plays key information processing role in the Corporate-level Emergency Operations Center, when activated.
35 [%] Anticipates scenarios, analyzes information, and produces written or verbal assessments and warning forecasts for Global Security management and other appropriate TWDC consumers. Assessments will be assigned or self-initiated. Recommends strategies to mitigate security risks as appropriate or required.
10 [%] Develops and maintains regular liaison with local, national, and international law enforcement and intelligence community partners. Maintains and broadens professional skills and contacts through external training and attendance at conferences.
5 [%] Becomes subject matter expert on issues such as counterterrorism, travel security, and international affairs.
5 [%] Finds and coordinates training opportunities and intelligence production of analytic cadre throughout TWDC…
Education Level: BA/BS Required AND 4-6 Years of Experience
Field of Study/Area of Experience: Political science, international relations, national security studies, or related field preferred Other
Training/Technical Skills/Knowledge:

* Highly developed Internet skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office-based applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
* Foreign area knowledge and understanding of contemporary affairs gained through study, travel, or work abroad ” Knowledge and understanding of analysis on security issues, especially though not exclusively related to terrorism
* Familiarity with information resources and data-mining techniques ” Analytic experience and formal training with an intelligence agency, law enforcement organization, the military, or the private sector required
* US Government security clearance (at least Secret-level) desirable.

Abilities & Behaviors

* Strong research and critical thinking skills to identify, collect, and evaluate data; to absorb and synthesize large amounts of information; and to draw logical, interpretable, and potentially actionable conclusions.
* Strong written and verbal English presentation skills.
* Solid interpersonal, teambuilding, and networking skills
* Ability to work under pressure of tight deadlines and high, exacting standards
* High motivation, desire for professional growth and continuous improvement, and a sincere willingness to learn
* Ability to interface with and represent Disney Global Security to all levels of management, executives, and external partners
* Ability to organize, balance, and prioritize multiple projects
* Exhibits creativity and innovativeness ” Willingness and ability to train others ” Strong professional ethics and ability to maintain absolute discretion, confidentiality, and trust.

  • mr ho

    Wonder if those Disney Security Jobs have anything to do with these DHS laws? Given Bush and his datamining ways, its likely a part of the TIA that didnt go away, they just renamed it TOPSAIL.
    Consider all the Foreigners that travel there and the Data gleaned. Welcome to Orwellia.
    Because existing laws provide DHS with only limited authority to address security at chemical facilities, it has relied primarily on the industry’s voluntary security efforts. However, the extent to which companies are addressing security is unclear. Unlike EPA, for example, which requires drinking water facilities to improve their security, DHS does not have the authority to require chemical facilities to assess their vulnerabilities and implement security measures. Therefore, DHS cannot ensure that facilities are taking these actions. DHS has stated that its existing authorities do not permit it to effectively regulate the chemical industry, and that the Congress should enact federal requirements for chemical facilities.

  • Nicholas Weaver

    It actually sounds like both an interesting and necessary job. Any large multinational probably benefits from someone in that roll, and the job requirements really make sense.
    Especially given Disney’s high profile as a very american but international presence, such a DCI-fo-Disney roll seems essential for the company.

  • Jim

    5 [%] Becomes subject matter expert on issues such as counterterrorism, travel security, and international affairs.
    Yeah, that’ll happen, become an SME on counterterrorism and International Affairs as a collateral duty. Makes perfect sense, maybe it’s a Government job after all.

  • Howard Sux

    M-I-C… See you real soon!
    K-E-Y… Why? Because we’re paranoid!

  • CJ

    More importantly…..
    how much does it pay :)

  • FMR

    This isnt scary. This is the new normal.
    Most corporations are trying to build similar functions. The only surprise is that this job is in-house, not contracted out. Disney runs a cruise line. Remember the recent case in which top al Qaeda operators who were trying to blow up cruise ships were rounded up in Turkey only because the super-powered explosives manufacturing equipment they were using caused a fire? The leader even had his face altered by plastic surgery. Think of the symbolism for the jihadists (my spellcheck wants to change the previous word to nihilists) if they can slaughter infidels’ children at a Disney temple to materialism. Would you be giggling if this job were at a chemical plant, medical research lab or sea port? But how often have you taken your kids to any of those places?

  • bharath

    yeah,it does not look as the mickey mouse cartoon seems to be. HuH…..I never expected that a company which entertains children ,can need such a help

  • inarguable

    Sadly, it is precisely because Disney entertains children that they need such security today. Remember Beslan? Disneyworld and Disneyland are most definitely what a heartless, religiously motivated terrorist would deem to be a ‘target rich’ environment.

  • scott

    anyone have any points of contact for this job?

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