Clowns Sabotage Nuke Missile

On Tuesday morning, a retired Catholic priest and two veterans put on clown suits, busted into a nuclear missile launch facility, and began beating the silo cover with hammers, in an attempt to take the Minuteman III missile off-line. Seriously.
silo-E8-gate.jpgThe trio — members of the Luck, Wisconsin group Nukewatch — said the break-in was part of “a call for national repentance” for the Hiroshima and Nagaski A-bombings in 1945.
The activists used bolt-cutters to get into the E-9 Minuteman III facility, located just northwest of the White Shield, North Dakota. “Using a sledgehammer and household hammers, they disabled the lock on the personnel entry hatch that provides access to the warhead and they hammered on the silo lid that covers the 300 kiloton nuclear warhead,” the group said in a statement. “The activists painted ‘It’s a sin to build a nuclear weapon’ on the face of the 110-ton hardened silo cover and the peace activists poured their blood on the missile lid.”
This was all done while wearing face paint, dunce caps, misfitting overalls, and bright yellow wigs.

We dress as clowns to show that humor and laughter are key elements in the struggle to transform the structures of destruction and death. Saint Paul said that we are fools for God’s sake, and we say that we are fools for God and humanity. Clowns as court jesters were sometimes the only ones able to survive after speaking truth to authorities in power.

Guards responded within minutes. And when they arrived, the protesters “ate a lot of gravel,” I’m told.
“The individuals were taken from the area and brought to the McLean County Jail,” the AP notes. “The three are being charged with criminal trespass and criminal mischief, both Class A misdemeanors, and bond was set at $500 each…. The FBI is involved in the case and federal charges are pending.”

  • WTF

    What the HELL?! Why aren’t we guarding our nuclear inventory? Why are we even bothering to maintain it at all, if security isn’t being taken any more seriously than this?

  • funny

    So I guess season 4 of “24” wasn’t that wrong after all… geez… Thank to these clowns we just improved the security we should be improving… not the call logs or bank transaction of all “free” americans… :(

  • dude

    I can’t stand activist
    shouldn’t they be sitting up in a redwood or something

  • clownsscareme

    These guys are great. For you guys saying you hate them, try laughing for once.

  • buttkicker

    Go clowns! Down with nukes – for Iran, N. Korea, and the U.S.

  • paul

    I love it, especially the fact that they got away!
    Rightwingers cite Bush’s “convictions” about going to war; I applaud the convictions of these three, as a wonderful counterbalance.

  • Mitch

    Can’t stand activists? Can’t form plurals, either.
    I’d like to hear the ‘ate a lot of gravel’ comment
    in its full context. It sounds suspiciously like
    bragging about roughing up non-violent protestors.
    Thugs, or maybe just scared kids, shooting M16’s at children are doing more damage than these missiles, though.

  • dude

    Oh, we’re picking on typos now? Can’t spell “protesters”?
    Attempting to sabotage your country’s defense systems is treason.

  • Osama

    “Attempting to sabotage your country’s defense systems is treason.”
    Somebody needs to tell Dubya that, the next time he leaks a CIA org chart to the New York Times for political purposes.
    In this case, the sabotage was committed by the commander of that missile base. He needs to be handed a rifle at dawn and told to do the honorable thing… i.e., start walking the fence line.

  • Jacob Lee

    I think they were lucky to just “eat a lot of gravel.” I came here through Boing Boing, and like Xeni mentions, I think it says a lot about this country that they weren’t shot on sight. Some hopeful things, perhaps.

  • Twm Ap Reiss

    These guys need a pat on the back. What idiots left nukes unguarded? While America doesn’t need any more nukes(if it’s nuclear war, the whole world goes boom anyway – no need to nuke already nuked ground), it really needs to guard those it has, because anyone could set it off, accidentally or not, if they broke in like this.
    Thanks, Clowns!

  • dude

    I’d be willing to bet it was in fact guarded and there were crosshairs on them the entire time should they somehow manage to open the silo doors.
    I’m also fairly certain a an individual with a hammer can’t set off a nuclear bomb. It requires the fuel be compressed with a little more force than a sledge hammer weilding clown can muster.

  • pete

    Next time I see a clown on a plane, I’m running the other way. A clown driving a car, I’m pulling over, cause if these apes can get that close to a silo and inflict damage, whether the intent is to disable or to damage, the intent is the same and should have been countered with extreme prejudice. If they had been in camo or turbines or clown suits, no difference.

  • Janiz98

    No need to fear. Those clowns were part of their very special forces. They know how to use balloon animals as garrotting wire, have silencers on their normally squeaky shoes, and their water squirters shoot acid.
    No wonder they make children cry.

  • smores

    They were pounding on the lid, not the missile. It’s not like they were even close to causing any real damage, and I suspect that they (and whoever was watching them) knew it.

  • Yo

    They never hit the missile with the hammer, they were just banging on the door of the silo where they kept it.
    This is the nucleaer activist equivelant of leaving a flaming bag of dog excrement on someone’s doorstep.

  • AC

    The military should use guard dogs at the launch facilities. Mmmmm, protestors.

  • LazyEdna

    Hooray for these clowns… we need more human beings with this kind of courage. THANK you clowns… you make the rest of us look silly.

  • Bozo Le’ Clown

    The only damn clown in this man’s army is the freakin’ commander in thief.
    These guys are patriots! Up with Nukewatch!

  • mac doodle

    the only clowns at that site are the ones who volunteered to sit in the missle control room half a mile down. “Um, can I push the button now?” “How about now?” “What about now” “C’mon c’mon.. I wanna nuke the towel heads in Iraq for 9/11!”

  • Wearing Thin

    Please stop posting annoying stories like this one.

  • BruceT

    Please post more stories like this one.

  • Mike

    David is right. If people understood the facts of the situation, then wouldnt have much to protest about. Those bombs on Japan did infact save lifes. If you dont agree with me there, you dont know to much about WWII or history.
    So quit bitchen about stuff you dont know!

  • Kalroy

    The scary part is that these yahoos were able to get right up to the site. Meaning that jihadists could get right up there without any more difficulty.
    I find that bugs.

  • Pemo

    I understand the reasoning and the philosophy behind the bombing of Japan, the results and “winning” of the war. I also understand that these “clowns” still have their right to protest because our military and citizens who fought and continue to fight for our freedoms.
    What good is a democracy if people can’t express their opinion? Sure, they were arrested andmay have federal charges brought against them – they knew that. If they did NOT protest – what did all those killed in foreign wars fight for? If we all held the same opinions and veiws, we wouldn’t need the freedoms we so cherish as Americans!!!
    Without arguement, everyone is entitled to their opinion – yours of these “silo batterers” – their’s of what the silos represent and the expression of laws that protect federal properties.
    My biggest problem is that I agree with the idea that bombing Japan was a horrendous episode in human history – but I wouldn’t even have the right to think that perhaps, if it hadn’t happened!
    It’s too convoluted to ARGUE about. To each his own and to each his own way to express – legal or not. I don’t believe that any one of us has the total big picture of how the world changes everytime there is an armed conflict – that’s the point – no one knows – we each have our own little world and in that world these huge events reflect in and change us.
    I get on a rant and ramble – I apologise for taking this much space, but I wrote it = so I’ll post it.
    Agreeing to disagree – within my own beliefs

  • Mike

    The point is.. No matter how right it is to protest, destroying government property, and trying to possibly damage a nuclear facility is just plain WRONG!
    And to all out there with some sort of knowledge of history and an adequate IQ would know that the nukeing of japan saved lifes on both sides. The Firebombings of Japan killed more!! That would have continued if we didnt nuke them, then add an invasion, plus the fact that everyone on the Island of Japan was going to fight results in alot more deaths to all.
    So the clowns screwed up on both accounts.
    BTW, an armed security team did respond.

  • MayflowerDescendant

    Buttkicker wrote: “Go clowns! Down with nukes – for Iran, N. Korea, and the U.S”
    Ummm . . . so, Iran, North Korea, and the United States are all the same??
    So, if everyone would just live in peace and harmony and sing kum-bah-yah we wouldn’t need all these big, bad guns and missiles?
    Yeah, right.
    Ever heard of, oh, I don’t know . . . HITLER? Or, more recently, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Charles Taylor (of Liberia), General Than Shwe (Burma), Fidel Castro (you think Cuba is some sort of People’s Paradise? Try to deface government property there and see what happens . . . or try organizing a Gay rights parade. FYI, Cuba jails their gay folk), General Teodoro Mbasogo (Equatorial Guinea), Ayatollah Ali Hoseini-Khamenei, Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi, Kim Chong-il (N. Korea), King Fahd Al Saud (Saudi Arabia), General Umar al-Bashir (Sudan), Bashar al-Asad (Syria), Saparmurat Niyazov (Turkmenistan), General Yoweri Museveni (Uganda), and Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe)?
    To name a few.
    So, let’s disarm America (the noblest, most idealistic country in the world) and let the bullies take over. Who needs human rights anyway?
    It would be so much easier to disarm ourselves and just let the islamo-fascists take over. Let’s make our women wear burhas, and yank all our girls and women out of schools, jobs, and government. And kill all the gays. Freedom? Who needs it?
    Down with America!

  • DrKenneth

    Haha, that’s funny as hell. There was no way in hell they could actually damage the missle itself, banging on the “110-ton hardened silo cover” is kind of pointless. Nothing short of a direct nuke hit would even damage the silo, and even that would just disable the missle. I think they should get more charges than charged with criminal trespass and criminal mischief, they DID attempt to sabotage a NUCLEAR WEAPON, even if they didn’t have a chance.

  • michael H

    IMHO there are 2 types of people in the world
    1. Those that hate clowns
    2. Clowns
    What stupid twats!

  • B9

    Disabled the personnel entry hatch lock? Lovely. What if there were an emergency problem with the missile and people had to get in there in a hurry to prevent something really bad from happening? There is nothing at all humorous about people messing around with nuclear weapons and related facilities. If they wanted to dance around outside the gate and put on a show, fine. Once they broke in they crossed the line and once they actually tried to damage something they really crossed the line. They should have their legs and arms broken and be locked up for 10-20.

  • anonymous

    How in the world do you gain access to a nuclear missile silo using bolt cutters and wearing clown suits? So much for Homeland Security.
    It’s ridiculous.

  • Juan Perez

    Bombing Japan did not save any lives, just killed many thousand japanese people, mostly civilian (collateral damage in todays public relation poetic language). Japanese government was actively trying to start surrender conversations with USA through the Soviet Union, as they were not at war with them and an embassy in Moscow. Americans knew all these through intelligence information.
    The bombs were launched to impress the Soviets and study effects on people and targets.

  • Rogue 9

    Juan, are you retarded or just that ignorant? Bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved many millions of lives on both sides that would have resulted from an invasion, or alternatively many millions of Japanese lives from a seige and bombardment of the islands. More people died in the firebombing of Tokyo than from either nuclear bomb, but you’re not going on about that.

  • Andrew

    Juan, maybe you didn’t know but the Japanese were having direct peace talks with us a couple of days before they bombed pearl harbor…so do you think possibly we weren’t really in a listening mood when it came to what our govt probably percieved as false talks again?

  • Dave

    So, let’s disarm America (the noblest, most idealistic country in the world) and let the bullies take over. Who needs human rights anyway?
    It would be so much easier to disarm ourselves and just let the islamo-fascists take over. Let’s make our women wear burhas, and yank all our girls and women out of schools, jobs, and government. And kill all the gays. Freedom? Who needs it?
    Down with America!
    Posted by: MayflowerDescendant at June 24, 2006 11:37 AM
    Firstly, America is not a country. Secondly, “Most noble”? Did you miss the war on Iraq or something? America may be better than many countries in terms of freedom, but it’s far from perfect.

  • MayflowerDescendant

    Posted by Dave: “Firstly, America is not a country. Secondly, “Most noble”? Did you miss the war on Iraq or something? America may be better than many countries in terms of freedom, but it’s far from perfect.”
    Well, firstly, “America” most certainly may be properly used to refer to the United States (check any dictionary; if you don’t have one, they’re sold at most reputable bookstores) . . . and, secondly, re: Iraq, did you miss the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people tortured and killed by Saddam Hussein?
    I suppose I can understand why someone would want to be an isolationist and would not want to help so many suffering people, but I find it untenable to maintain that the U.S. is NOT noble for wanting to alleviate human suffering on such a vast scale. And if you’re one of the simpletons who claims we’re there “for oil,” if that were the case, we have abandoned Israel long ago.

  • Dr. Heinrich Atomic

    To the protesters and the government,
    Those bombs and missles will be necessary
    in the future. I only wish there wasn’t a
    need to have them. Whether or not it’s a
    natural threat or sadly a man made one we
    can’t get rid of them just yet. I hope to
    never again see another Nagasaki or Hiroshima.
    But there is always a use for the sheer raw
    power that a nuclear gadget can deliver. Want
    to try create a black hole or warp space itself
    with non nuclear sources? Forget it. Once
    we develop better energy control mechanisms
    for nuclear energy we will wonder why we
    were so afraid. Yeah, the bombs can’t be
    used that way now. But their “pits” and
    even some of the associated hardware will
    I believe be reused in ways we can’t even
    dream of now. Sadly, some of that will
    probably be a new generation of weapons.
    We’re human and that part of will be
    with us always. They who have the biggest
    toys wins. We’re right to want to keep them.
    The protesters are right to want them gone.
    They are simply taking themselves out of the
    game however by deliberately violating the
    laws that protect national security. Soon
    people will forget them as they rot in jail
    and the bombs continue to age in their silos.
    Neither is really an acceptable solution, as
    the song goes “Rust never sleeps”. And they
    do grow more unstable and brittle with age
    as their neutrons slowly degrade the metals
    and chemically alter the initators and shaped
    explosives in their warheads. Unpredictably
    too since no one is allowed to dentonate one
    to see if has become something we failed to
    predict. A very dangerous waiting game is
    now being played with no winners and many,
    many losers if something fails in a way we
    didn’t foresee. Pits become poisoned with
    their own wastes after time and make the
    pits useless for bombs but not perhaps
    for slower release power sources for off
    planet use. We need to work together.
    Protesters: Come up with alternative uses
    for the many billions of hard
    earned dollars that went into
    those weaopns. Maybe reuse the
    launch vehicles for space. And
    reuse the “pits” power for space
    power sources. And approach the
    government that way. Give them
    an acceptable alternative that
    fits in with thier agenda and
    makes financial sense and you
    will find that there are far
    thinking individuals that will
    listen to you if only because
    they want to gain from it. Use
    the system to your advantage and
    manipulate it from a position of
    power. You can better achieve
    your goal by making it appeal
    to thier self interests. All you
    do by these acts you propose is
    place yourselves in a position
    to be removed from the game and
    people in general are very fickle
    and will label you kooks without
    ever listening to your arguments
    now or in the future. You shoot
    yourself in the foot with these
    not so well thought out theatrics.
    And allow for the fact that a small
    nuclear gadget can give a big
    strategic advantage on short notice.
    And no government that has developed
    a gadget is going to dump the billions
    poured into such programs without
    being offered palatable alternative.
    Government: Realise that to use any one of the
    tens of thousands of these bombs
    will forever change the way the
    world views us for the worse and
    with the present state of our
    relationship with the rest of the
    governments on this planet will
    certainly cause the other possessors
    of those kinds of weapons to feel
    free to use thier stockpiles in a
    similar limited way. Until we either
    saturate the atmosphere with radio-
    nuclides or toxic dust or simply
    render areas as uninhabitable as
    Chernobyl. And not too put to fine a
    point on it but the russian government
    can’t prevent their own people from
    returning to those poisoned areas
    despite the fact that they will
    certainly die either from the high
    levels of immediate exposure or from
    the fact that there isn’t any food
    source available that isn’t irradiated
    by the fallout from that disaster.
    We haven’t gotten a handle on all of
    the “depleted” uranium we’ve released
    in the last few decades in the form
    of kinetic (guns, artillary, rockets)
    kill weapons. How are we going to deal
    with hotter nuclides when we use a
    bomb “stragically”. And like potato
    chips (crisps), you generally can’t
    use just one.
    So in conclusion. We must take this situation
    at face value and determine when and if we can
    find a middle or even better ground to stand on.
    Throwing away your freedom may have been a way to
    get attention in the 60’s when there wasn’t a war
    on terror going on. But now it is almost certainly
    a good way to get removed from any possibility
    of actually getting your message accross to anyone
    who might be listening. The media won’t give you
    more than a passing glance. These days your 15
    minutes of fame might be as long as 60 seconds.
    Then it’s on to the next disaster, war, criminal
    conspiracy, celebrity baby, reality show jerk
    item that’ll keep you buying products you don’t
    need program. Because people are full to the gills
    with all the other crap they have to deal with
    in this overcharged battery about to explode life
    we live in this country. Remember the Nuns who
    pulled the same stunt a few years back? If you do
    then you’re one of the few who do. They were NUNS!
    and hey, that didn’t stop them from catching a bus
    to the greybar hotel. And when they were released
    the media basically ignored them. You threw away
    your freedom and ability to forment change for a
    sound bite on TV if that much. And as for dressing
    up as clowns? THAT OFFENDED ME. I WAS a clown with
    Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey circus before
    I went into weapons design (physicst) for the USAF
    at Wright Patterson AFB. We clowns have a hard
    enough time what with kids freaking out and most
    people finding us creepy for one reason or other.
    I knew clowns from around the world and as people
    they (we) were as varied as any other population
    group. Not all clowns support peace just as all
    clowns don’t support war. We don’t need you to
    alter an already misperceived impression. So I
    guess you’ll have some “free time” to rethink the
    direction of your protest. Something more positive
    perhaps. Don’t go banging on hardware you don’t
    understand. Don’t pretend you’re something you’re
    not. If you want positive change then do your, I
    admit very difficult homework, understand what it
    is you want, find an “alternative solution” that
    doesn’t involve totally taking their toy’s away
    and you might find the government listening to
    you in a positive way. For now, all you’ve done
    is take yourselves out of the loop. And USA, the
    fact these people were willing to give up their
    freedom should not be overlooked either. Their
    methods may be flawed, but these are the kind of
    people who will do the same to support you if they
    think you’re right and in the end that is really
    what being an American is all about. Hang together
    or hang seperately. They are the worst people to
    have as enemies. They are fanatics FOR America.
    The same sort of fanatics who made this country in
    the first place.

  • Mike

    QUOTE: Juan:”Bombing Japan did not save any lives, just killed many thousand japanese people, mostly civilian (collateral damage in todays public relation poetic language). Japanese government was actively trying to start surrender conversations with USA through the Soviet Union, as they were not at war with them and an embassy in Moscow. Americans knew all these through intelligence information.
    The bombs were launched to impress the Soviets and study effects on people and targets.”
    First off I would like to start out with that JAPAN AND SAVIET UNION ARE AT WAR!! Freaking idiot. (read about manchuria) Secondly, OZ, your not to smart agreeing with this guy. Do you know how many people died durring the firebombings? Do you realize that tokyo was not the only town firebombed. Do you realize that many MORE people on both sides would have died if we invaded. Many more would have! That is why the bombings took place. This is not rocket science. People such as Juan who openly lie obviously need to touch up on there history.
    Come on people. Really.

  • Oz

    “First off I would like to start out with that JAPAN AND SAVIET UNION ARE AT WAR!! Freaking idiot. (read about manchuria)”
    The Soviet Union declared war on Japan after the nuclear bombings in 1945. I assume you’re referring to the Battle of Khalkhin Gol in 1939. Look it up. Also, don’t want to be picky but Manchuria was called Manchukuo from 1932 to 1945.
    “Secondly, OZ, your not to smart agreeing with this guy. Do you know how many people died durring the firebombings? Do you realize that tokyo was not the only town firebombed.”
    Yes I do. Rogue said “More people died in the firebombing of Tokyo than from either nuclear bomb..” This is not true and I said so.
    “Do you realize that many MORE people on both sides would have died if we invaded. Many more would have! That is why the bombings took place.”
    I do realise this but you used the word ‘many’, I was objecting to the word ‘millions’ being used. Is that the ONLY reason the bombings took place? Well that’s debatable.
    “This is not rocket science. People such as Juan who openly lie obviously need to touch up on there history. Come on people. Really.”
    “Japanese government was actively trying to start surrender conversations with USA through the Soviet Union, as they were not at war with them and an embassy in Moscow. Americans knew all these through intelligence information.”
    This is partly true. The Japanese were trying to surrender but the Allies wanted a full unconditional surrender.
    “The bombs were launched to impress the Soviets and study effects on people and targets.”
    This is also partly true. The effects on people and large targets (cities) was not known. Also, at the time it was thought that a war with the Soviet Union was only a matter of time. The war in the pacific was nearly won, so attention shifted toward the Soviets as the next enemy. It this context nuclear bombs were probably dropped to deter the Soviet Union as opposed to impressing them. THIS IS NOT THE ONLY REASON but may have played a part in the decision making process. So as I said Juan was half right.

  • jill stallard

    What a wonderful action! These clowns – brothers and sisters of all of us who love the planet have shown true humanity and sanity.
    Nuclear weapons are a crime against all life on earth, they threaten us all indiscriminately. They are used, unmentioned but ever present – as bullying tools by the powerful and rich in all areas of international negotiation – from trade to resource ‘ownership’ and serve to disenfranchise others who,like terrorists in their frustration and powerlessness may feel the only way to respond is to act violently.
    Our leaders with nuclear weapons condemn violence and bullying within our societies yet think nothing of threatening to annihilate hundreds of thousands of people now, and generations yet to come.
    Our fragile environment is in crisis – nuclear weapons, development, manufacture and use are absolutely environmentally unsustainable. Let’s use the resources to improve international relations, finding more environmentally freindly ways to live and to learn to solve international conflict. Human beings, like these brave clowns, are wise given half the chance.
    Maybe this direct action has not got rid of nuclear weapons, but it has drawn attention to the danger and their existence. Brilliant! We love you.

  • Caesar Buttocks

    Hey, a great action. Those clowns rock! Thank goodness there are people out there willing to risk their safety in order to destabilise the menacing instruments and weapons of war.

  • Maucca

    Anyone who will argue that nuclear weapons have served or will serve common good is gravely mistaken. That thing should have never been invented in the first place. Dropping the A-bomb has led to sufferings and consequenses far greater than the lives it took at the time of explosion; cancer, effects on children, disease, killing ecosystem and means of life, polluting the soil for years to come and effects that still are taking place. Was it worth for HUMANITY to drop that thing, to completely humiliate and destroy a country, just to make shure it doesn’t hit back…? That bomb was not as much a military necessity as it was politics, in American interest. World peace had nothing to do with it.
    Big up for the clowns. I would like to see governments hammering shut their silos around the whole world. But since U.S. politics are so morally unjustifiable politics will have to be strong-armed, otherwise no credibility of U.S would be acknowledged in the rest of the world.

  • Jane fae Faslane

    Dave said “America (the noblest, most idealistic country in the world”
    I guess that makes you American then…… maybe you should find out how the rest of the world sees you sometime. All those nuke silos don’t fit with any ideal I hold to. (I’m not pround of the nukes we have here in the UK either – even though we just rent them from the US so they aren’t really ours – just an extention of George Bushes armoury)
    Hurray for the Clowns!

  • PXL

    I don’t see why the military doesn’t have a shoot first ask questions later policy when it comes to the security of a facility like this. Activists or Terrorists, it doesn’t matter, they don’t belong there and their willful destruction of property to gain access and then attack the access hatch and silo cover of a nuclear missile should have been sufficient to write off their lives, permanently.

  • jake

    Ok, you people that say dropping the nukes on Japan was terrible and all that…those people killed by British bombers in Dresden are just as dead as those killed by the bombers from America. Before you Brits become too snobbish on the subject, remember that your airforce dropped incendiary bombs on a wood built city with the purpose of killing as many civilians as possible. Your airforce took out the firestations and hospitals first, and then the bridges in a direct attempt to stem all humanitarian aid. Anyway, the weapons DO exist, and countries such as China, India, Russia, and North Korea do have nuclear weapons. If the “good guys” don’t have them those countries will be much better prepared to force their political doctrines on the world. I know, America is doing the same damn thing right now. And you know what? Your British government is in bed with ours. So quit feeling so superior over there.

  • Noah

    The sad fact is that so few really know history and take what they see on TV as fact.
    America is assumed by most of it’s citizens to be the great savior of the world. Little is said about the firebombing of nearly every major city in Japan in 1944 and early 1945. So many were completely destroyed that it was difficult to find an undestroyed target on which to drop the A bomb. The firebombing of Tokyo resulted in the deaths of over 200,000 civilians, more than the number killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.
    After WWII the military industrialists began provoking war, beginning in Korea, in order to justify production of armaments. The U.S. armed the South Koreans to the teeth and initiated incursions into North Korea which were met with surprise! a retalitory strike.
    The Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam incident, in which an American naval vessel was NOT fired upon, was used as an excuse to enter into war there. President Eisenhower slipped when talking about ‘Nam – he actually mentioned the tungsten there as a strategic resource. Sort of takes the wind out of the old domino theory …
    Then there is the infamous bomber gap (used by Eisenhower to get elected) and the missile gap (used by JFK, neither of which were true.
    All of this repeats ad infinitum as corporate America pursues new markets for arms. Iraq was an ally until the end of the cold war, when the threat of a “peace dividend” stoked fear among our facisit US military government and we [first] invaded Iraq in 1992. Non-existent WMDs and terror ties were used to justify a second war, an oil war.
    The U.S. remains the worlds #1 arms supplier (over 50% of international arms sales) and has the largest militray budget, $450 BILLION annually (not including the cost of ongoing wars, NSA, CIA, secret programs, R&D, etc.), more than the next 25 largest spenders combined and more than half of global military spending.
    This is not defense, it is offense, a battle for world domination utilizing every available tool from “free trade” (in which NAFTA allows Archer Daniels Midland to sell corn in Mexico for 20% less than it costs a Mexican farmer to grow it) to covert action (the attempted overthrow of Hugo Chavez, the democratically elected president of Venezuela) to outright war in Afghanistan (the only pipeline route for UNOCAL’s 75% interest in Central Asian gas and oil deposits) and Iraq (the second largest gas station in the world).
    Wake up, smell the roses, and take responsibility.

  • MayflowerDescendant

    Jake wrote:
    “America is doing the same damn thing right now”
    [i.e., dropping incendiary bombs with the purpose of killing as many civilians as possible, and targeting hospitals, fire stations, and bridges].
    Um, Jake, where exactly do you think the US is doing such things right now? Surely, you’re not referring to the war to liberate Iraq? Because if you are, you’re completely wrong. We did everything possible to avoid hitting civilians and civilian targets (the people blowing up innocent civilians right now are the terrorists).
    In fact, we’re building hospitals and schools in Iraq.
    Once again, I say the United States is the noblest, most idealistic country in the world.
    Note to Jane: I wrote that, not Dave (he was merely quoting me). And I am well aware of what some non-Americans think of us (although, if we’re so hated, why does everyone want to come here?) But guess what? I don’t give a damn what the rest of the world thinks of us (and especially not what the UN thinks, that snakepit of corruption), because much-if not most-of the rest of the world is extremely f__ked up.
    Note: to the anti-nuke crowd. Go read some history. Did you know it took Japan EIGHT days to finally surrender after the first bomb was dropped? EIGHT. Tells you something about the willingness of the Japanese leadership to keep fighting.

  • MayflowerDescendant

    Note to Noah, re: bombing Japan.
    Two words: PEARL HARBOR.

  • Brit

    Quote: Before you Brits become too snobbish on the subject, remember that your airforce dropped incendiary bombs on a wood built city with the purpose of killing as many civilians as possible. Your airforce took out the firestations and hospitals first, and then the bridges
    Yes, we did drop incendiary devices on a wooden city – causing a huge amount of death and suffering.
    I’m not even going to get into the argument on whether it was a justified response to 5 years of bombings of civilian targets in Britain.
    However, our airforce could not have taken out the Firestations, hospitals and bridges first. These were WWII era bombs, the targetting systems were, essentially, non-existant. Realistically the best way to not hit something was to aim for it.

  • dave

    For all the uninformed out there, the silos are
    clown proof and also terrorist proof. You can get through a fence anytime you want but a hardened steel silo structure is impossible. The Air Force Security Forces know that something theses stupid clowns obviously don’t.

  • Calvin Hobbes

    Can we ship these clowns to Iran or North Korea?
    I’m sure their views on ALL nuclear weapons and attempts to disable them all will be well received. Does anyone remember the “peace activists” who went to Iraq to prevent the U.S. from Desert Storm (also known as the human shields)? Notice they haven’t gone back to Iraq since. Instead of protesting in the U.S. why don’t they protest in Tikrit, Baghdad, Tehran, or North Korea? Especially if the U.S. were to pull military support against the aggressors, peace activists would be the ideal replacements to “keep the peace”.

  • mad_maxx

    The CLOWNS need to spend so hard time for at least 10 years behind bars. It should be a felony to do what they did. As for their so called “It’s a sin” BS – They needed to check the history books. Japan was willing to have every woman, child and man fight and even kill themselves to defends their war machine. Could have cost over 1 million lives both sides. Look at Japan and USA today – yes we both have battle scares – but we are brothers now and strong allies. If North Korea even thinks of picking a fight with Japan we will defend her! God Bless and Japan. Also – may we never ever be forced to use a NUKE again

  • jeffo

    the world according to Noah.. LMFAO
    The first iraq war was about Oil… Kuwaits that is, after Hussein invaded it.. the second about Oil? Are you kidding me, 2 years and where is it? Huh?
    Time to climb back on your arc, Noah.

  • Gwayne

    The best defense is often a good offense. Much of the manufacturing for the Japanese war effort was taking place in civilians’ homes and neighborhoods.
    I suppose loosing 300,000 Americans in an invasion of Japan makes sense to you people. Too bad we have to defend your freedom to post your morronic logic.

  • G.G. Liddy

    RE: Noah the bufoon..
    Dude, the USA and Israel are the only truly responsible powers on the face of this planet better they have the nukes than anyone else. Hamas w/ nukes anyone??
    Nukes in the hands of any other country should be discouraged at all cost – I agree there.
    Face it, much of the rest of the world remain a bunch of savages who don’t give a crap about their OWN people much less the rest of the world – I know you may find that offensive but the truth hurts sometimes.
    If Kofi Annan and his corrupt and depraved ilk had any power over the industrialized nations of this earth, we would be in REAL trouble.
    My suggestion is for the clowns to go help real people in Rwanda or Maurituania (sp.?).
    Much like the UN, they don’t want to deal with real issues like present day slavery, religious persecution (no not Muslims either, I’m talking Christians and Jews)corruption or genocide in the world, they are simply content to bash the US because they are FREE to do so without repercussion. How very weak Noah – like you..

  • JIm

    If there was no WMD, please explain to me what happened in Hallabjah? And how 1 million Iranians and Iraqi’s died during the Iran/Iraq war? (Mustrad and Sarin Gas.) (5,000 Kurds in Hallabjah were killed when Saddam bombed them with chemical weapons. (Illegal since WW I). Pay attention, because Saddam is going on trail this time around especially for Hallabjah.
    Please explain the Anfal campaign?
    Why Did the US and Great Britian implement no fly zones above Iraq after the first war? The No-Fly zones were established after Hallabjah to prevent Saddam from killing his own people.
    And finally, why was Bill Clinton so eager to go to war with Iraq in 1998?

  • James Dirden

    James O. Dirden
    CSM, U. S. Army
    398th Infantry Regiment, 100th Infantry Division, Europe ’44-’45
    14th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, Korea ’51-’52
    5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, also Korea ’53

  • Walt

    To our British “allies”…. You country also has in it’s possession a number of what is refered to a “Special Weapons” (a.k.a. nukes, for your folks in London). The”clowns” and nothing but fools.

  • fejnoc

    Ah, but what’s empire to do, after all, GROW and DOMINATE????

  • olio

    George Bush is saving your ass whether you like it or not.

  • T. MC


  • Bill

    I am comforted to know that the guards were able to arrive after they broke into the silo. Sure and I’ll rest easier at night.
    As to the post regarding German and Japanese atrocities. Remember Dresden, Cologne, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, etc. The winners write the history books.
    I visited the “Crimes In Aggression War Inn Vietnam” museum at 28 Vo Van Tan Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City in 1996 while there on biz. Winners clearly write the history books. And yes, this was my second trip to Vietnam.
    “Anger Blinds Wisdom.” His Holiness The Dalai Lama

  • Bill

    I am comforted to know that the guards were able to arrive after they broke into the silo. Sure and I’ll rest easier at night.
    As to the post regarding German and Japanese atrocities. Remember Dresden, Cologne, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, etc. The winners write the history books.
    I visited the “Crimes In Aggression War In Vietnam” museum at 28 Vo Van Tan Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City in 1996 while there on biz. Winners clearly write the history books. And yes, this was my second trip to Vietnam.
    “Anger Blinds Wisdom.” His Holiness The Dalai Lama

  • SpiderNet

    They should have used STABILOC !(
    These folks would never be able to get into that silo hatch if it had been secured with the strongest lock on earth! What a joke.

  • G.G. Liddy

    Hey Bill..
    Try not to double post – it’s annoying.
    Hie “holiness” has apparently filled your head with a bunch of nonsense.
    I would prescribe 7 shots of Patron and a kick in the arse for you.
    The atrocities of North Vietnam and Cambodia are apparently lost on you.. Very sad..

  • Warren

    The most amazing thing about this story is the number of clowns posting about it. The level of ignorance about history, politics, sociology, and reality in general is astonishing. What more proof do you need that our public school system is a laughable failure?
    Nukes good, clowns bad.

  • Harry Hollis

    Remember the first mention of the Axis of Evil a couple of years ago? Before these three countries began beating thier chests and accelerating thier nuke programs? Bush was right.
    Whatever you think of Bush, the organized terror attempts that have been uncovered known and unknown to the public our security systems and intellegence tip the scales toward the positive than the negative. I sleep better at night, cautiously and aware, but so far our country has done a decent job in a short period of time.

  • chuck

    These wack job loonatics need to get more than misdemeanors out of this. I am sick and tired of these pacifists that complain about our use of the atomic bomb against japan. Yes civilians die in war, it has always happened and always will. The US however has pioneered precision muntions to help minimize this at a huge cost to the US tax payer. If we did not care about civilian casualties then why didn’t we just carpet bomb all of baghdad and its surrounding cities??? That would have been cheaper and killed many more insurgents. The fact is that war in our time is much less brutal and gruesome than hundreds of years ago. Take a look at the revolutionary war or civil war more recently and imagine if we had 24 news coverage of that. Iraq has been a dificult fight and I have friends who have been there. One was in a humvee that was hit by a roadside bomb. She lived thank God and so did her fellow soldiers. People must realize that evil men like Saddam and Osama and those that brutally behead and mutilate our soldiers & innocent people caught in the crossfire can not be reasoned with, negotiated with or dealt with in any other way that to kill them. That is the brutal truth. Given the chance those same insurgents and would kill our families without even thinking twice. People should be thankful that we have a kick ass military that protects us no matter how many ingorant people at home protest and otherwise malign what they do every day.

  • Zot

    I use to work this facility several years ago! This isnt’t he first time these butt heads have done this, and it won’t be the last. I just wish they would have done this while I was active duty! They would have had their buttholes spray painted too!
    There is no way for people to gain access to the missiles. That door they are talking about doesn’t even lead to the damn underground. The lock they busted up leads to another lock. That other lock leads to another lock that then needs to be authenticated to open the hatch that will open the door leading underground.
    All these people do is spend their day acting like idiots, and give airmen something to talk about for the rest of their lives.
    GO SF! for the guys working Echo, good job on busting these guys mouths open!
    You pal ZOT

  • michael

    [Was it worth for HUMANITY to drop that thing, to completely humiliate and destroy a country, just to make shure it doesn’t hit back…?]
    Posted by: Maucca at June 26, 2006 09:18 AM
    Sadly, yes it was worth it. Japan, if it did have the means at that time, would have hit back. In war, you do not leave the enemy with recourse. The war was due to their actions. They were correctly made to bear the consequences.
    And for the record, I am glad that Japan and the United States are strong allies now. I admire many Japanese people. But that doesn’t change my view of what happened then.

  • rg

    the priest should not be hidding behind a roman collar. he probably has been retired for reason(s) other than age. the clowns are exactly what they were dressed as.
    put em in jail and throw the keys away.

  • Nursedude

    Whatever happened to being able to use deadly force when people breached security at a nuclear weapons site? These idiots are lucky they weren’t killed.

  • Brad

    The truly sad fact is your selective historical amnesia.
    Please enlighten us as to a few facts. The great Tokyo ‘firebombing’ had deaths in the 80,000-90,000 range – where did you get 200,000? Are you exaggerating for effect?
    Please explain why all of the killing by the Japanese doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath? Isn’t it disingenuous to mention America’s ‘horrific’ record without including the context in which it was committed? Did the USA have any reason to believe, after Okinawa, Iwo Jima, the Philippines, Peleliu, Tarawa, Tinian, Saipan, Guam (I could go on, should I?) – that the Japanese would just ‘give up’? The official estimates were 5 million dead in the case of a US invasion of the Japanese mainland – the atomic bombs saved millions from death by war – to say nothing of the millions that might have died of disease, starvation, etc – in the aftermath, since the economy and infrastructure would be completely destroyed. You mention none of this.
    Please point to ONE credible site that shows the US or South Korea provoked the Korean war. Just one. You can’t, because it is not true. If you point to an ANSWER site or North Korean propaganda site, you automatically lose.
    Please point out where Iraq was an ‘ally’ at any point in time. Getting US aid does not qualify a nation as an ‘ally’, since dozens of nations get US aid, and aren’t our allies. In the Iran/Iraq war, we were more concerned about Iran, and didn’t want them conquering Iraq (can you say Islamic Republic of Iraq/Iran – bad for the world?). So we gave them a little aid. That does not mean we condoned everything they have ever done. Get a life and learn about reality in geopolitics.
    Non existent WMDs? Have you ever read anything about Iraq? They didn’t find massive missile fields pointing at Europe, but there were plenty of chemical weapons (old ones) found in Iraq. Furthermore, Saddam has used them in the past. What part of that don’t you get?
    Finally, please explain to me why it is wrong for a company to sell a product in another country? If they produce it cheaper, they SHOULD sell it in other countries at an advantage. THAT IS ECONOMICS.
    And the fact that you even spouted the lie about Afghanistan’s war being for a pipeline for UNOCAL is just the stupidest thing ever. You instantly lose all credibility.

  • Patriot

    USA Rules! Stop crying, you foreign namby-pambies! You’re all just jealous because your nations have had their militaries emasculated.
    Grow a pair !

  • Joe Dan

    I have to question the sanity of anyone who would go beating on a 300Kt warhead. It has a burn-out zone of about 20 square miles. Sounds like a good way to become instantly related to a flash bulb. They need to do some serious time for their insane breach of United States security. God Bless America

  • Patriot

    Those clowns should of been shot dead on sight.

  • Don

    I hope they go to jail. Idiots. See if the laughing boys wear their clown suits in there.

  • JT

    They aren’t clowns, they’re morons.

  • RR

    I’m surprised that people are vociferously arguing about the pro’s and con’s of nuclear/atomic weapons, tactics against terrorists, etc, but nobody has expressed concern that 3 people (whether they were dressed in clown suits or not) can gain access to a missile with a nuclear warhead using only a “sledgehammer and a couple of household hammers.” Sure, the guards may have arrived within minutes and the payload is well inside the rocket, but the problem still exists – they got to within feet of a nuclear device.
    Earth to our government – build a better fence and get a better lock!

  • vince

    umm why were there no armed guards at the silo?
    Back in the 80s when I guarded nukes in Gemany at Wielerbach we had live ammo and had shoot to kill orders when they were inside the fence.
    Jeez with all the terror cells running around wonder how long it would take for one of them to break in and get creative?

  • MadMonk

    I find it completely stunning that so many people have allowed themselves to be brainwashed into thinking that Japan and Germany were just innocent victims of the U.S. and Britain in WWII. I’ve never seen so many people who needed to put down the bong and pick up a history book. Sod off you feckin’ wankers!

  • Gene Van Cleave

    Re: Noah 6/26
    Germany invaded Europe and Japan attached Pearl Harbor, so we went to war. (sounds like a reasonable reaction, but a novel concept by your anti-war, anti-American standards)
    You said we started the Korea and Vietnam wars to sell arms (it would be more profitable to sell them Fords & Chevys). We invaded Iraq in ’92 because of Kuait – remember? We tried to stop Iraq the second time because of WMDs (those Kurds didn’t die of hang nails) and their support of terrorism via schools, medical care and money to suicide bomber families. We would have had more support but the corrupt, inept United Nations and France and Russia were bribed.
    The U.S. spends more money on defense because we are a rich super power – hard concept? We produce expensive aircraft and are therefore a larger supplier of defensive arms than most other countries – another hard concept?
    If we are in a “battle for world domination” as you state, shouldn’t we just invade Mexico and take their oil, since 10% of their population is here and they obviously don’t know what to do with it anyway?
    Lets review the Dems handling of these global situations – Pres Carter allowed Iran to keep our citizens for 444 days while he pursued a diplomatic strategy and showed the world what cowards we are.
    Pres Kennedy & Johnson escalated the Vietnam war but would not allow us to win due to stupid restrictions.
    Pres Clinton did not adequately respond to FIVE terrorists attacks – reduced our military from 10 divisions to 3 AND would not hire “bad” people in CIA intelligence roles (who would he hire, Nuns?)
    You also say that we are in a war for oil, which I really don’t understand. If that was true, why didn’t we just take over Kuwait when we had the chance?
    You never even mentioned 9/11 and the worldwide war on terrism which we must fight because:
    1.We are breathing
    2.We are not Muslims
    They are not going to stop and can not be pacified, so lets win. OK?

  • DP

    Looks like the stress of Jihad has gotten to these clowns. Check them in to Club Gitmo before they hurt themselves and sue the US for injuries received on a government site. $500 seems like a parking ticket.

  • Kenneth

    Well Dan, You talk about our firebombing Japan and Germany during WWII…. Yes we did…. That is what is known as Stratgic Bombing…. It is intended to get the people of those countries to lose the will to fight thereby saving more Allied lives. I guess in your liberal view, what Japan did to China in the 30’s and Hitler did to Europe in the 30’s and 40’s does not matter…..

  • Snake

    Regarding bio warfare. The first recorded instance was with the greeks when they put an organism in their honey, then used it as bait and the other army ate it which rendered them helpless to be killed by the Greeks.
    The great Khan killed everything within 100,000 square mile area just to feed his horses. If a city did not surrender to GKhan, when it fell, he had orders to kill every living thing in that city including the mice, rats and birds. So women and children were killed.
    So did the Romans, Greeks etc through time. This was far before WW1.
    A country has the right to defend it’self. The Japanese government at that time attacked the US on 7 Dec 41.
    They started it!
    We finished it!
    Notice Japan is now on our side.
    Semper Fi
    “Because you are too lazy or scared to defend yourself, this country and other people, that is why the United States Marine Corps does it, without any thanks from maggots such as you.” – strong statement follow……………

  • Bill

    “Try not to double post – it’s annoying.”
    Yes indeed it is, my bad and my apologies. New to site. Will strive to improve.
    “Hie “holiness” has apparently filled your head with a bunch of nonsense.”
    Okay, I’m cool with that. Even I, heathen though I be use God and Jesus as proper nouns. It would seem you prove his point for which I thank you.
    “I would prescribe 7 shots of Patron and a kick in the arse for you.”
    Okay, if that’s how you deal with folks you don’t agree with. However, what is Patron? Generally seven head shots is more effective than a kick in the arse mate. Just a suggestion.
    “The atrocities of North Vietnam and Cambodia are apparently lost on you.. Very sad..”
    Interesting. I went to the museum and merely commented that the winners write the history books. You haven’t even asked my views of the war or what I did in it. Opposed to it, door-gunner (67U if you might be able to translate that). Opposition to the Vietnam War does not mean support for the atrocities committed by the NVA or VC or the traitorous actions of Jane Fonda and her ilk. Be cautious.
    “Our children’s laughter will be our best revenge.” Bobby Sands (is this more suited to you mon ami?)

  • Jim Raffae

    If us droping the 2 bombs saved just 1 american life then it was worth it. THey wouldnt surrender, if we had to invade Japan it would have killed 10 times more people then the bombs did. it is because of those bombs and the allies stopping the Germans fron finishing their bomb that morons like tose “Clowns” can say and do the stupid things they do instead of being shot by the Gestapo.

  • Freeman

    Ummm… let’s get this straight: They tried to disable a Minuteman III silo with household hammers? It’s a 110-ton steel and concrete silo door that is designed to withstand a close range nuclear detonation, and they went after it with hammers?

  • Joe

    Uh, why were these people not shot as soon as a finger went past the gate? It took minutes to respond?

  • Greg

    How is it that people come up with this “Hate America First” attitude? If America sucks so much, why are you still here? And if you’re not, why are we being forced to contemplate putting up a wall on our southern border to stop illegals from coming here if America is such a bad place? You know some people just cannot comprehend facts. Yes, it’s true we didn’t start World War II, or for that matter Korea or VietNam either but don’t let those facts confuse the loony lefty losers of the world. Seems to me that they won’t be satisfied until most Americans are dead and whatever remains resembles Saudi Ariabia or Taliban Afghanistan.

  • jodi

    More hate america democrats. I say let them sit in prison for a long, long time in clown make up.

  • REE

    The Einstein quote about folks who walk in “rank and file” do not need a brain is very easy to find. Search around and see how hard it is to find this Einstein quote:

  • Idee Fixe

    “Sometimes my armpits talk to me.”

  • Cal Chisholm

    The clowns should have been shot on the spot.Their activites threaten all of us and will encourage more of it with possible far worse results (if certain weapons are in the possession of the clowns).

  • Robert Stevenson

    As a former USAF Security Policeman I can tell you that the use of deadly force against these “clowns” would have been authorized. The Security Force should have shot these fools.

  • John

    Is anyone the least bit concerned that someone got that close to a nuke to do damage? Clowns that is.

  • Sue Trevor

    Come on, is this an ACTIVE missile site? Is this all our Keystone Cops War on Terror can do? Let clowns into a missile site?
    All you studly neocons should get off on this. Where are your camo outfits? You could guard the place yourselves.

  • Al Clarke

    Who plays God, that he justifies one war and not another? Justifies one means of destruction and not another? Sits in judgement on the purposes of man, yet is a man?
    We have freely elected leaders who have deliberated and decided. If you don’t like their decisions, elect someone else next time. Do not insult those who follow the process by casting them as “rank and file” idiots, any more than they should cast you as “rank and file” cowards and traitors.

  • french commie bastard

    clowns rule. the fact that these clowns were beating a nuclear warhead with sledgehammers proves the point. There are other ways to achieve security besides violent retaliation, my conservative brothers. But it is not in the interest of “the man” to live in a peaceful society. Fear is useful, it keeps us docile and hateful of the clowns of this world.
    Bring back freedom fries! Jesus will guide us in destroying Islam! Yeeha! Gimme the remote. Get me another beer. God Bless AMERICA!!![Burp]

  • Trev

    I think they were simply beating on the door to the silo. Probably about as effective as beating on a bank vault. We should’ve tested the rocket motors while they were there.

  • D’n

    Robert Stevenson: the use of deadly force against these “clowns” would have been authorized. The Security Force should have shot these fools.
    YES, YES, and YES. Protest, 100% — but shoot me in the foot by damaging our force deterrant? No sir. It’s that missile that protects your ability to protest!
    And. I would have the Officer of the Guard courts-martialed for this incredible and unacceptable breach.

  • scatt

    You can calm down now. They didn’t get anywhere close to the warhead. They say they got to the warhead when all they did is get access to a bunch of power panels in a support hole. As far as use of deadly force goes. I wouldn’t want to be the one on trial for that bad shoot. I done four years of my twenty at a missile base and know what I am talking about. There was intent and opprotunity but no capability.

  • Jill

    LMAO Justy, I was wondering the same thing. I’m wondering why these assholes weren’t charged with domestic terrorism?

  • Steve

    Sue; Spoken like a true liberal who doesn’t know diddly squat about the military in general and the air force in particular. Is it an active missile silo? Only missile wing personnel know for sure and you don’t have a “need to know” Since SAC has reduced the number of Minuteman missiles sitting in silos, there are a number of EMPTY silos which are rotated on a random basis to keep the Russians guessing which silo has a missile in it and which ones don’t, meaning they will have to waste missile attempting to destroy ours first. Those “clowns” could beat on that 110 ton blast door with sledge hammers for years and never put a hole in it. Every missile silo has a security system, so as soon as they busted open the lock and opened the gate you can be sure that an alarm went off somewhere which to announce the intrusion of the silo area. They should be thankful SAC never got around to turning the support helicopters into GUNSHIPS, otherwise those three clowns would have had a very rude introduction to what four 7.62mm machine guns could have done to them in very short order. Try educating yourself in military matters before you make a total and utter fool of yourself in the future.

  • Jaye

    How come the OSI does not have their own TV show? CSI, JAG, NCIS have their own TV shows. Oh my bad, the female cadets, the UFOs and now the Clowns, ouch!

  • gtk

    If any of you IDIOTS had ever done any time in the military, or with the Security Police…you would understand the security of these sites and understand the response capability of the responding forces. These sites are located in the middle of nothing, they can pound or attempt to blow up the silo, but these things were designed to make it through a near miss from a nuc. On the other hand I guess these clowns would rathert had had all the dead Americans that a invasion of Japan would have brought about.

  • Pyro

    For Justy, Sue, French Commie Bastard and everyone else who only apprently read parts of articles and not the whole thing; they couldn’t have gotten close to the weapon if their life depended on it. What part of 110-ton hardened silo cover was so difficult to understand? Even clowns can’t get through that with their blood, no matter how hard they try. And the fact they were challenged and apprehended “within minutes” proves the security is working. In North Dakota to top it off.

  • R.A. Curtis

    And has this group also called for Japanese repentence in regards to Nanking and Unit 731? Sorry if this point has been brought up before…

  • Dubya

    Bolt cutters and a hammer and your up right close to one of our nuke’s. Who cares if they were seperated by a “blast shield”…nothing is foolproof.
    Billions pouring into Iraq because they were an “imminent threat” while we sit and watch N Korea fuel a big bang of it’s own, and Iran plays the nuclear dance with us.
    It ain’t clowns banging on a silo we need to fear, it’s the clowns in the Capitol that have us bent over for their own personal fuseloge. Although they are no worse than the mindless cows we call our fellow Americans that vote for them.
    Down with nukes! Down with politicians! Down with ignorant hicks putting crooks and criminals in office!

  • Mark

    I think the fact that these three clowns can garner so much discussion on the subject of the morality of nuclear weapons is the real point. By any measure, their protests have succeeded.
    The decision to use overwhelming force, be it nukes, firebombs, shooting a trespasser always involves tough moral and ethical tradeoffs. All the hot heads and neocons (e.g., see the poster claiming that the decision to drop bomb was worth it if even one American life was saved) appear to revel in the claim that the decision to use overwhelming force is simple, forget the fact that liberal and conservative leaders (much smarter, accomplished and experienced then they) have anguished over whether their decisions were correct.
    In fact, simple calculus rarely provides one with the answer as to when overwhelming force should be used. And we all know it. The guards did not shoot the clowns on site, because very few of us (with the exception of psycopaths) would shoot them, as it violates our collective thought as to what it right.
    For those posters who always express their bravado, toughness or callousness by proclaiming that they know when overwhelming force is not just acceptable, but required, I cannot help but laugh. Even in clear cut situations, such as the solider on a battle field, there exists tremendous doubts. I doubt if many of you have ever been presented with such decisions. And, if you ever were to face such a situation, I doubt you would be able to take the positons, which you so flippantly post.


    People who spell nuke “nuc” like to felate Tom Clancy – a hack writer who’s Red Rabbit sucked worm shit.

  • Lola

    HA HA HA – Oh I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. And less at the clowns and more at the Big As A Silo Ego self-identified Military Experts who seem to have, as usual, missed the point of the whole thing.
    Ah well… Irony must be one of those things those durn lib-ur-als learn themselves in those there colleges they go to.
    It TRULY frightens me the lack of intelligence and global/human perspective the people in the military and government (and their blind supporters) seem to have on the whole. And that the rest of the free (reference Europe) world is simply either laughing or scratching their heads at the US “We’re thing biggest dumbest kids in the school yard and we make the rules” attitude.

  • Jon

    The headline to this article is extremely misleading. It isn’t even possible for these clowns to “sabotage” anything on that site. They defaced a blast door with grafitti, at worst, but nothing was sabotaged.

  • Mike

    Priests should stick to what they know best, molesting children…

  • Sixseven check

    Well, those who would have fun will pay the piper.

  • No One

    The nukes are very well protected. There is no way that they could access the silo. The control site is far from the actual nuke. And the clowns accomplished their mission – publicity.

  • thegrinch

    I fail to see how this helps the anti-war crowd at all. At best, blatantly stupid acts like this, only further erode already thin credibility. Come on folks, pouring blood on a slightly dented bunker does what exactly? Fact is, most American Citizens want to protect this country, up to and including the use of ‘nukular’ weapons if necassary. Sorry, you silly hippies, it’s just true. I hear Cuba is ‘nice’, feel free to renounce your citizenship and leave before you beat up any more innocent cylos.

  • geraldo totobien

    Mike is right, Mark is a bloviating anus.

  • MUTT

    Obviously, god pimping, pants pooping “Patriots” should be calling for Hammer Control. And the FBI should thoroly- and completely- investigate ANYONE who buys Clown Makeup. (Except whoever does the Clown in Chief before the photo ops.
    Yup, the biggest threat to my liberty & life is a bunch of symbolic, self absorbed peaceniks whacking on 110 ton silo lids, as theyve been doing for- what, 30 years?
    Yeah! shoot em. Beat em up…..ANYTHING but pay attention to the real threat: the hyjacking of the US by a class of professional incompetants, be they dimbulbcrat or republithug……….yes, stop the clowns! By any means nesscessary……..bwaaaaahhhhh.
    WHAT a bunch of sorry assed nitwits. Not THEM- the silo clowns, but YOU- you chickenhawk professional know nothings.
    Mutt, RA, ca 1967, RVN 68-9.

  • Phrg34

    It would have been a lot better had Security just blown them away. Lot to be said about gene pool removal.

  • Justy

    I doesn’t matter that they could not do anything to the missile. That is not the point. The point is if three morons dressed like clowns can get near a silo, then WTF happens when someone who knows what the hell they’re doing gets near one. That base commander should be demoted as well any guard on duty near the silo. Thats a disgrace and embarassment.

  • Jim McDonald

    It’s just amazing to me that this type of idiot really thing they have a clue. Thank God we dropped those bombs. My father along with millions more were waiting to be shipped from europe to participate in the invasion of japan after hanving spent three years in the service most of which was in North Africa, Italy and Germany. Who do these fools thik guard their rights but our people in the service. At what point would these idiots fight? What morons. Too bad they weren’t shot, but our service people are better than that.

  • Steve D.

    The real crime was not the “Clowns” but the fact that they could even get that close to a 300 kiloton warhead. Open Borders, spies and traitors in every institution, unguarded nuclear warheads- Is there any security left in this Country and have we really become this stupid?

  • Jaye

    Ok, maybe it is normal to see a car or truck full of Clowns going toward a super secure Minuteman silo in ND. I really don’t know, I don’t live there! Thank God, they are not the “Killer Klowns from Outer Space”!

  • Russ

    If you would research your history I beleive you would find most of the commentary is regarding the totalitarian states in the 20th century.
    Only a VERY ignorant person compares the current administration’s military policies to the Nazi’s, Soviets, and the very aggressive PRC.
    Get a grip, look paste your blind hatred of GWB and see the world as it is…
    We are the good guys, flawed, biased, fallible, and yet very good at what we do and how we do it.
    Perfect? Hell no as we are people…
    But WE are the best hope on the planet…bar none.
    We put our money and our lives up front like NOBODY else ever has or ever will.

  • Tim

    “National Day of Apology?” Someone should tell these “clowns” (no pun intended) that had it not been for Trumans decision they won’t be tolerated now, just shot. How time makes the memory and lessons of history grow dim!

  • Greg

    American history shows that we cannot be defeated in a fight unless we lose our nerve or we lose our will. We have only lost those conflicts where we have withdrawn from the field of battle before we prevail, and that perseverance and that resoluteness is the one critical key to our winning this war on terror — which, as we all know, is not going to be resolved by coming up with some politically motivated withdrawal schedule who’s only real reason for being brought up by the left is so we will lose in Iraq and the left can say “See, we told you so”. Nukes exist and therefore are necessary for use as, if for nothing else, a credible deterrent. I don’t like war and I despise MAD but it’s the world we live in – accept it.

  • Alice

    anytime an attorney calls, it must be bad….who ‘dis?…hi fred!

  • Chuck

    For those of you wondering why the nuke security was poor enough to allow 3 clowns to get so close? I say why should the government worry about the security of a 300 kT nuke when it’s got domestic wiretaps, your bank records, and a competent and qualified TSA agent patting down every uniformed serviceman and grandmother in every airport across the land? In fact – the very notion that you’re concerned about nuke security probably means YOU are the threat. Better get your new passport and National ID card ready…Mach Schnell!
    Chuck – Former Navy Subs, Current Patriot.
    San Diego

  • Matt

    To those who posted messages that say the military should fire whoever is in charge of “keeping clowns out of there,” these sites are dispersed in rural areas throughout the plains states on private (farms and ranches) and public land. There are no armed guards needed! They have geophones that detect the footsteps of anyone stupid enough to think that encroachment is not monitored.
    The silos have a fence around them which are there not to protect the damn silo, but to warn encroachers with signs, which say that if you enter the fenced area without permission, the “use of deadly force is authorized” by the U.S. govt.
    The silos are are quite literally “inpenetrable” from the outside. If they are built to withstand all but a direct hit from a nuke themselves, it is difficult to think that “clowns,” much less terrorist operatives can get in them. The silo doors are 10 foot thick, steel-reinforced concrete for christssake!

  • Anonymous

    War, and especially nuclear weapons, are atrocious, and are such under all administrations. As a child I never understood why the nuclear bomb existed! And wished that it didn’t! Can’t we appreciate our own innocence as human beings and give up this righteous bully attitude?

  • Ex-SAC

    These morons got no where near the “personnel access hatch”. Once they broke open the outer fence they went to the hatch that’s secured by a padlock,which secures the generator room. The PAH is very securly locked and even if they used explosives to open the 1st hatch,(and would set off the inner zone security alarm)which they would need if they didn’t have the combination,there is still multiple layers of security to get thru to gain access to the missile itself.Like previous posters said,these facilities are designed to take a megaton detonation within a mile,you can’t just show up with bolt cutters.They are lucky they didn’t get shot. The AF doesn’t play games around these sites. The SP’s at missile bases are among the best in the AF and are very serious.

  • Christian

    This clown act is very symbolic of the anti American media driven liberals who have aborted 40 million babies and they are actively trying to abort America with their acts of sedition and treason. Their collective Karma will get them and it wont be pretty.

  • Jim

    There’s another clown out there trying to stop nuclear proliferation by using the same silly ineffective methods as these guys. The only difference is that these guys are fake and Bush is the real clown. Who else but a real-life clown would invade a country with no WMD’s but let dangerously wacky countries who openly admit having WMD’s get a free ride? I openly wonder what were the real reasons for the Iraq war?
    The other evening I saw a TV program about 3 returning US Army Iraq veterans. Everyone of them, bless their hearts, lived in different trailer parks with their wives and kids. Two soldiers were physically unhurt but had adjustment problems and one was severely wounded and no longer had a handsome face. These guys are typical of the American citizen soldiers who are fighting in Iraq.
    If the Iraq war was necessary in order to fight the war on terror, as the supporters claim, then why aren

  • Mr. Neurotic

    I heard that the clowns were only called in after the mimes failed to get through the fence.

  • Zyskandar A. Jaimot

    Sonce 1945; with the ‘mushroomings’of Hiroshima/Nagasaki – nuclear deterrence has worked. Despite the ‘off-key’ assanine shouts and hysterical rantings of the LEFT/COMMUNISTS/DEMOCRATS – more people were killed in the fire-bombings of Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo, and Yokohama! More people were killed by the Nazis at Stalingrad and at Leningrad! An epic and futile act – beating on the doors of a missile silo with hammers! Where will these ‘clowns’ run and who will they hope protects them – when and if NKOREA/CHINA launches missiles at us? They should pray that our silos duscharge our weapons promptly and efficiently!
    Zyskandar A. Jaimot, Orlando, Fl.


    I think the real clowns in this case was base security – my God, what would have happened if those guys were trained terrorists?! Now everyone in the world knows you can just walk up and muck around with our nuclear weapons stockpile.
    Homeland security my &*#

  • Lee Rudnicki

    Clowns banging on our nuclear weapons with hammers.
    This sounds like a bad plot from an Elmer Fudd movie.
    Unfortunately, this really happened.

  • Bobby Hooley

    Now if we could just get the “Clowns” to do this sort of comedy in North Korea and Iran, It may just help disarm the “Axis of Evil” quicker than the Clowns at the U.N, or Hans Blix.

  • :)

    All soldiers are from trailer parks?
    I went to a highschool that costs $18,000 a year to attend. We had several people from my graduating class join the Navy, Airforce, and Coast Guard out of patriotism. They certainly didn’t need the cash, or live in trailer parks (they might have owned a few in their generation-skipping trusts, though).

  • Tom

    If I was on guard duty and there was a “deadly force authorized” on the fence – and I believe that is the case around nuclear weapons sites – they would have left a lot more of their blood on the silo door.

  • AndrewWalden

    Everybody knows that the use of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and nagasaki caused Japan to surrender without an invasion of the Home Islands. Thus nukes saved millions of US and Japanese lives.
    So these clowns are obviously warmongers who are still to this day disappointed at the lost opportunity for carnage.

  • Dirac_Delta

    Nuclear weapons are beautiful things. They are technically elegant in their design, and the closest thing to the destructive power of God we humans possess. I would like one for myself.

  • MR. G

    Protests, no matter how revisionist or misguided are one thing. Attacking a nuke MM3 hatch cover is an act of sabotage. There are signs all around those fences that state quite plainly “NO TRESPASSING” and “USE OF DEADLY FORCE is AUTHORIZED” I’m afraid that if I’d been sent out to see who had tripped perimter alarms and found a couple of fruitloops sledge-hammering the silo covers they would have been shot on sight. Then they could eat as much gravel as they wanted.

  • Jimmy

    There is something more destructive than any device anyone can conceive. Whether you choose to believe or not, it will not prevent you from coming under the wrath of God when Christ returns, which may be sooner than anyone thinks. Don’t fear the ones that can destroy your body, rather fear he who can destroy body, and soul in hell for all eternity.

  • Bet

    Did anyone blame George Bush for not stopping the clowns in the first place. The World used to be called the garden of eden before GWB became President.

  • vel mori

    The comments on this page once again highlight why the rest of the world is packing themselves about a country that lives under the lie of freedom, truth, justice and liberty for all.
    The sooner the US grows up and stops playing in the sandpit, gets enough of a grip on reality to understand that life does not reflect a hollywood movie and accepts the fact that it is singularly the most aggressive nation on this earth – the quicker it can start healing the cancer that permeates it.
    Two things to be clarified here:
    1) It is not your role to be the world police. The rest of the world did not ask you to be.
    2) The hiroshima and the nagasaki bobmbs were totally unneccessary. If you actually knew anything about history other than the sanitised versions you get taught in your schools – you’d know that the Japanese were on the verge of surrender anyway. They knew they had lost and they had the peace treaty ready to sign.
    You didn’t save ‘millions’ of lives – you tested a bomb on innocent civilians.
    I suggest that you read a little more history – maybe have a look at who General Motors was supplying in the 1930’s, who most newspapers on the East coast (particularly New York) were supporting in the latter 30’s and early 40’s – in their editorials.
    And look up 1812. In 1812 the US tried and failed to invade Canada. They were roundly routed by the cannoniers and run back to the Whitehouse (which was subsequently sacked and BURNT to the ground).
    Bet you aren’t taught that in your schools.

  • Curt LeMay

    As I spin in my grave … the ignorance of the masses astounds me! In the next century, when the U.S. has fallen from within, who will shed tears for the great American experiment in Democracy. Islamists? Facists? Neo-Nazis? Drug Lords? Tin-pot Dictators? Communists?
    It was a great 300 year run …
    All empires eventually fall … pity the Iranians launched their nukes at Israel to start World War V. If only I could ride a BUFF over Teheran today … cut out the cancer before it spreads.

  • Infosaur

    Don’t these fools watch Bugs Bunny?
    What if they had set it off?
    Now THAT would be comedy! (and they’d get to meet their maker)

  • Desert Coastie

    The bombs that obliterated Nagasaki and Hiroshima were entirely necessary. The Japanese were NOT on the verge of surrender. Even after the first bomb fell, the Japanese did NOT surrender because they thought we only had one. After the second bomb fell, the Japanese FINALLY surrendered because they knew not how many we had.
    Fortunately for us, it did not require three, or the door to door fighting you see in Baghdad today would’ve been hte door to door fighting in Tokyo back then. No one knows how many US soldiers and US allies would have died in a ground-based war on Tokyo.
    Desert Coastie
    been there done that ask me for the pics

  • Nuclear Warrior

    If you break the security zone of a MMIII you will be laying face down in the mud/snow/dirt by two 18 year olds with automatic weapons. This is not a osition I’d recommend for anyone. If they are been rejected my a girlfriend you may be in for a bad time.

  • am dallas

    I don’t understand why there are so many idoits out there – vel mori being the biggest one. Hindsight 20/20 maybe Japan was about to surrender, how the hell was the US supposed to know that. Yes – the atomic bombs saved thousands of American and Japanese lives, if we had invaded the island. A decision was made in the midst of a long, hard, and tiresome war. It was the right decision for the world.
    I hate the fact that the world is inhabited with idoits.

  • Doug

    While communism couldn’t defeat capitalism through arms, it has damn near defeated us through the subversion of our educational systems and news media. The self-hating, brainwashed Americans who are spouting regurgitated leftist propaganda on this issue are enough to make a grown man weep for his country.

  • bob avert

    There would’ve been no Hiroshima and Nagasaki if there wasn’t a Pearl Harbor.

  • A Patriot Guardian

    In the good old days, when I was guarding America’s stock of nuclear guardians of all our freedoms, I helped to bury more than a few “peace-loving” “protester’s” in the areas near the silos. Most are probably dead by now. They got more than the good old government issue size 13’s up their asses.
    And for those of you quoting those “peace-loving” “thinkers” and “philosophers” I want to let you know that none of that crap is any use in a foxhole. In a foxhole you will be crying for a nuke and some real men in our military’s proud uniform. You will then be quoting the God who made America famous, Jesus Christ, when he said “You wilt take and eye for an eye and killeth the heathen thateth killeth thee”.
    E Pluribus Uno! Sci Fi!

  • Russ

    Idoit is spelled Idiot, Idiot.
    Anyway, these three clowns should have been shot.

  • Gnaw bone

    I did believe at one time that “liberals” who wanted to save the world might have a legitimate reason. Recently it has dawned on me that most people in this country dont have enough sense to locate their right cheek with both hands. It shows in their thoughts and speech. As for the comment on Japan being ready for peace, I say crap. If they had any idea of peace they would have said so after the first bomb. You read your history from another “liberal”, it is not true. The Japanese people were fanatical like the muslems in Iran/Iraq. Whether you know it or not we have been at war for many years with the muslem brotherhood. It started when a muslem group tied to the former PLA front man killed innocent olympic athletes. Since then they have taken over sovern property of the U.S.A. (embassy), blown up our ships and killed innocent americans, tried to gas our people, tried to blow up the twin towers, etc etc etc. The only difference between then and now is that we have someone in office that has a pair. You cannot let an individual, or an individual country cause you the type of grief that has happened to our brothers and sisters at the hands of Muslem thugs. I have read the Koran and I know what it says about the infidels ( christians, buddasts, any religion that is not islam)There is an old Chineese proverb that says “do not speak and you will be thought of as a fool, speak and you will remove all doubt”. This advice should be followed by many of my fellow americans. This country was built by men and women who had grit and understood that sometimes you have to kill the bear that is about to eat you. Our country is full of cry baby, sissies, and wimps who cry at every broken fingernail. That is why we are in the trouble we are in right now. Not from enemies from without but from the enemies within. I will still fight and die for you because you are my brothers and sisters but I really wish you would shut up that ignorant crap. Thank you. Gnaw Bone

  • Kevin Schooler

    Charity begins at home, so perhaps those priests should try to keep their hands off little children and stop protecting predators within the clergy. Regarding WWII, its seems to me that the Pope did not do much to prevent any of the atrocities of the Axis powers. Currently the church barely spends any money in developing places like Africa and South America where War, Famine, AIDS and Marlaria kill FAR more than nuclear weapons.

  • Dan Roll

    I guess these morons thought the only Japanese civilians killed during WWII were killed by atomic bombs. Maybe it isn’t their fault they don’t know about the intensive firebombing campaign waged against the cities of Japan. Maybe they think those killed in a nuclear detonation are somehow deader or more tragic than those killed in a firestorm.
    They didn’t realize how appropriate the clown suits were.

  • Tommyboy-Killroy

    Bet, You said “The World used to be called the garden of eden before George W. Bush became President.”? Bet, pass the pipe. I think you’ve had enough! The Garden of Eden was 10,000 years ago. Have you ever heard of Joseph Stalin, Hitler, Popot & The Ho Chi minh trail, Totalitarianism, Terrorism, Nazisiam, Fascism, Asian Tsunami, Katrina and Darfur. That’s just off the top of my head. Please don’t get me started. If cancer were cured today Morons like you would blame Bush for putting Doctors out of work. Please, I’m begging you, Stop being an Idiot. Unless you really believe the planet (Earth) was The Garden of Eden before G.W. Bush became President. I’m an American first. Politics come a very far 2nd place to me.

  • Mark

    It would have been justified to nuke Japanese military facilities in WWII, but to nuke a strictly civilian population is no more justified than killing innocent civilians in the USA just to teach Bush a lesson for being a blood thirsty, evil, unpatriotic, liar, hypocrite who kills in the name of Jesus.

  • matt

    just a few words here…….ok enough words….they are idiots….

  • Craigicus

    Japan was an innocent foal, and the U.S.A. was an angry and mean spirited Godzilla, huh?
    I bet you read that in a history book right next to Heather Has Two Mommies, in the open-minded part of the library.
    I can appreciate the clowns’ work, at least they payed the statutory price for civil disobedience. You won’t ever see the world other than lacking the perfect peace you think it needs.
    I can point you over to some welcoming islamo-fascists who will happily agree with you and others about how evil Bush is. They will just love your peaceful entreaties.
    When they giggle, that is their custom for expressing their love for you. Please, we do not deserve their love. You go on without us.

  • Gnome^

    While I can smile at this effort at ‘civil disobedience’ I have to marvel just how far off base people have gone with the concept of protesting.
    you alienate more people than you educate with idiotic stunts like this.

  • jd

    Mark’s stunning ignorance re Japanese industry in WW2 is almost stunning–but ignorance is so endemic that it is regarded as “normal”, now, isn’t it?
    The Japanese war effort included home shops where their weapons of war were made. That is why cities were targeted.
    The world is a mystery when you don’t know sweet fanny about history.

  • j. glynn

    How the hell could a bunch of “clowns” get that close to a nuke in the first place. Maybe a review of security is necessary.

  • Colt Wright

    What a Joke. There should have been absolutely no reason those fools were able ot infiltrate an american nuclear missle area. National security should have had them silenced before they were able to execute their mission. This was ment as an example for others to follow, showing weakness and making a mockery out of our entire national defence ability. As an act of treason these jokers must face the complete penality. not only should they be tried, but the defence forces should take this obscene infiltration as a complete failure to defend america
    – A concerned american,
    Colt Wright

  • Bob Stackhouse

    I suggest they visit North Korea and try their routine on the Taepo Dong 2 missile and see how far they get.
    Then they can bend over and kiss the ground here and be grateful they live here and not there.

  • Rev. Dr. Jon Mark Vermilion

    While the scripture may have been misquoted I fully agree that the portrait painted of Jesus Christ as a weak pacifist is a product of liberal imaginations. I have no doubt that Jesus would want the united states to continue to keep the world safe from godless islamists and communists.
    We need to pray for our military and not undermine its efforts. In a time of war liberals need to reign in their natural tendencie to hate America and the things of God.

  • Mike

    Why weren’t they Shot?

  • Jerry H.

    The scary part of this prank is that they were not instantly killed and hung out like hunting trophies. The security really sucks. Minds like their’s will cause us to loose our country.

  • Wake Up America

    These Clintonista -global-Gore- warming commie clowns are America’s fundamentalist liberal facsists acting out their own subversive jihad against America. Just like their radical Islamic terrorist counterparts in the Moslem world. The day will come when they will be dealt with by the true patriots who see them for the ememy they are.

  • Robert

    Mr. Vermillion’s comment confuses me. What in the Bible suggests that Jesus was anything but a pacifist who advocated poverty and non-violence?

  • Carolyn

    Surely heads will roll for allowing such a breach of security….this needs to be, hopefully, a wake-up call across the country for beefing up security at all our missile sites….but,and as I recall out in CA, if you are driving close to a military base there are signs posted to Keep out or be Shot, so are the missile sites less important,…hmmm?

  • PieceNik

    Great protest…
    America is not a nation, it is a war crime, since James Town… no, since Columbus…
    The USA is an ecocidal and genocidal entity, a collective psychopathy. Protesting plans and tactics for nuking people is the lords work.
    Blessed are the peacemakers…

  • scott

    It’s easy to be a radical activist as they react on unstable emotions versus using some intellectual discernment.How soon do we forget the 911 attacks and how that was the turning point to begin a world clean up of terrorist cells.One can only imagine how out of hand it would have been had Sadam and Bin Laden remained the forces they once were. God Bless America Scott Redding, California

  • purelytorobert…

    to Robert, who was confused:
    “you have made My Father’s house into a den of thieves.”
    oh. and then He smote them. that’s right. righteous anger has it’s place.

  • Red

    “Only the trailer park people suffer the sacrifice of this war while the rest of us drink a beer and cheer them on from afar.”
    Posted by: Jim at June 27, 2006 07:36 PM
    Jim you are the kind of people that I can do with out! You talk down about something you will never know about. Duty, Honor, Country, how many flags have you burned today? This nations armed forces are not to defined by where they live or how they live, but how they serve ungratefull morons like you. My father who was in germany was being transfered to the pacific for the invasion of Japan. After fighting all the way across europe, going to the pacific for yet another invasion. He was very happy for the nukes dropped on Japan.
    Not all of us the protect your ass “Jim” live in trailer parks, and some of us have been making sure you can drink your beer and watch ESPN in peace for several years now.
    If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in English, thank a veteran
    SGT Red

  • Norm

    Who took the picture, I wonder?

  • donna joyce

    they left their blood on the missile lid? what perfect evidence for the prosecution! of course guess the defense attorneys can always claim that vampires stole their clients’ blood and planted it at the scene of the crime……….

  • bill

    Clowns scare me remember poltergist?

  • Cal Chisholm

    The clowns should have been shot on the spot.Their activites threaten all of us and will encourage more of it with possible far worse results (if certain weapons are in the possession of the clowns).

  • Capt Scuttle

    As I sit back and read some of the really (have to find the right words) Lame (that covers it) comments in support of this trash? Like below:
    “America is not a nation, it is a war crime, since James Town… no, since Columbus…
    The USA is an ecocidal and genocidal entity, a collective psychopathy. Protesting plans and tactics for nuking people is the lords work.
    Blessed are the peacemakers…\”
    Here’s someone that has such a seathing hate for the U.S. that I’m frankly surprised his/her head does not explode! I’ve seen maps of the countries that are the worst “spew spitting” greenhouse gases…and it’s NOT the U.S. (quite easy to research…provided you use a link not provided by air-head america).
    And the remark about us commiting genocide? Where in the world do you get such highly stupid ideas? If it was not for the U.S. and its allies in WW2 it’s a safe bet we would all be speaking German!
    I’m not sure what history book you’ve been reading.. but it’s clearly distorted reality. Japan’s history in WW2 used to be very well known. Thankfully in todays world we get along quite well and are ‘friends’ as countries go. genocide….sure…… Keep on smoking that peace pipe…. Thankfully nut jobs who think that crap will never get power in the U.S. Very slim…VERY slim minority of people have been totally brainwashed into this “re-writing” of history.. Kinda like Circus Freaks on display. When they speak thier foolish nonsense? The sane ones that have a full understanding of history get a good laugh out of how amazing ignorance can be…Also how great the U.S. is for allowing freedom of speach.
    That way when you make stupid comments? Go For It. Just proves how demented and out of touch from reality ya really are.
    As Foamy would say? I’m done! (if ya don’t know who Foamy is? yahoo search it)

  • Klaus Wosuna

    Proves it: I always thought clowns were bastards. They should die horrible deaths, along with mimes and Amway dealers.


    You stupid sonzabeaches just don’t get it do you? Was developing nukes wrong? It’s no different than developing any other weapon that kills people and breaks things. It’s just more bang for the buck which means less of our boys dead. Is that wrong? Even if you believe it was, would you rather that Germany or Japan developed it first? They were trying like hell, you know. Would you want N. Korea or Iran to get the bomb? Then move there you bast*rds.

  • Ed Petts

    I think they should go hard on the clowns. They damaged access to the missle which requires constant care. Not only to keep it ready but keep it from deterating and maby going critical. They could have put all the people in the area at risk. What a stupid thing to do. Nukes are here to stay. They are not going anywhere. It’s not realistic. Like it or not, this is just the way it is.

  • Jon Thompson

    All protestors are stupid. These guys are just the cream of the crop.
    Voting matters. Killing people matters. Protesting does not matter. It is as simple as that.
    Before anyone jumps on me, btw, I think guys like ProtestWarriors, the pro-life picketers, etc., are idiots too.

  • Ed Petts Couldn’t have said it better.

  • Lock & Load

    These guys were just “clowning” around. Go easy on them. Besides, the nuke blast door weighs around ten tons, so they didn’t do any harm. Besides, it keeps those Air Force SP’s on their toes.

  • Dave

    My dad flew B-29s over Japan. Made 28 bombing runs. The majority of the crews were shot down. Dad was lucky. His crew survived.
    The brass had a very hard time deciding how to invade the Japanese mainland. After Okinawa, the U.S. casualty estimates were set to over a million for the invasion. The Japanese casualty toll would be five to ten times higher. The concept of a blockade, bombing and starvation was also considered. It is quite likely that the use of the atomic bomb greatly reduced Japanese casualties by forcing an early end to the conflict.

  • Ed Petts

    They may have just been clowning around, but they did break the access lock.

  • Ed Petts

    You should be very proud of your dad Dave. I know I am.

  • Jim

    Clowns is the correct name … the punishment is not enough … are we not at “war”? This should be seen as a “war” offense and the punishment should see them in a FEDERAL facility …
    However, with the weakness of the American public towards its emenies – no doubt the local media of that area will blame it all on Bush …

  • Ed Petts

    I totally agree with you Jim. And your right. They will no doubt blame President Bush.

  • Canadiana

    The wordl’s superpower is? USA
    The country with the most nuclear weapons? USA
    With the most chemical weapons? USA
    etc., etc.
    Who poses the greatest threat to humanity?
    Go clowns go!

  • Ed Petts


  • Ed Petts


  • rick in missouri

    I can only laugh these bozo’s break into a nuke silo. They probably got exposed to a lot of nuetrons, alphas and electrons… Hopefully when they get cancer for the exposure they won’t come crying to the taxpayer for therapy. Hopefully they allow them to wear their costumes in jail, I’m sure that will keep up morale.

  • Canadiana

    US media may indicate that Russia has more ‘nukes’ but the truth shall set a few of you free. Russia has no money for weapons or anything else. They’re broke. Their previous stock of weapons are very dated. The US is the only country that has been able to afford weopons development on any grand scale, and believe me, they have put their money to work, intimidating the rest of the world – particularly countries with the almighty OIL.

  • Polarbear

    I thought the anti-nuke crowd disappeared with Bush I’s presidency. Never heard from them in the 90s. I guess making a fool of yourself is the best they can do at this point. Come a long way from “Hell No, We Won’t Go.” Still, realistically, if the 100+ ton silo door can stop a Soviet warhead, then I’m sure it can stand up to a couple dorks trying to get attention. Your best bet is to ignore them completely.
    As for the “We’re at war!” comment-drop that nonsense right now. No one seems to understand this, but the truth is we’re not at war. At best, this is a Police Action. Sound familiar? To be a real war you would need a declaration of war from Congress, but they haven’t done that in nearly 65 years. If a real war were to be declared then the government would be able to pretty much do whatever they wish. Civil rights go by the wayside and the machinery of the nation is geared to the war. But we’re not at war, so that argument collapses.

  • Johnboy

    The Air Force is getting soft. I’ve met Navy officers that personally had to eat pavement just for stepping over the white line painted on the tarmac of an Air Force Base. “On the ground NOW, sir.”
    It takes a total idiot to believe we were wrong to ever use atomic bombs against Japan in WW2. There was an arms race, with the operative word being “race”.
    German Jewish scientists were working on it for Hitler. They had to convince Einstein to convince U.S. leadership that this was a threat. (We have the letter.) It’s arrogant to think the U.S. did the whole science in 2 years. These scientists merely came to the U.S. and continued their work. They came here and Germany’s nuclear materials were sent to Japan by submarine as the Allied forces closed in on Berlin.
    YES. Japan was investigating high-tech weapons, including focused microwave transmissions (primitive death ray) and nuclear fission.
    We chose to win. If Germany or Japan developed the bomb first, history would read differently.
    Study some historical facts before repeating what the idiot standing next to you says. It’s like listening to Al Gore or an ex-wife. If you don’t know what you are talking about, please STFU and go read a book.

  • Boris

    Canadian Beer Sucks!

  • Rev. Dr. Jon Mark Vermilion

    Thus saith the Lord who is not a pacifist liberal: “24 When Israel had finished killing all the men of Ai in the fields and in the desert where they had chased them, and when every one of them had been put to the sword, all the Israelites returned to Ai and killed those who were in it. 25 Twelve thousand men and women fell that day

  • Torrey

    If somebody hurts you,you naturaly expect the police to do something about it(right)!Nuclear weapons are the United States of America’s international police force.Unless the clown’s/nuts don’t mind getting killed!

  • Brit

    Quote: It only makes sense: there was no carpet bombing, urban warfare, biological or chemical warfare until the 20th century.
    In addition to the comments made earlier. You might want to check out the Sack of Magdeburg during the 30 Years War (in the 17th Century). An estimated 20,000 people were killed and only 400 inhabitants survived.
    Just because the Armies had to do it the old fashioned, muscle powered way doesn’t mean that they couldn’t wipe out entire cities.
    Alos as these armies tended to “Live of the Land” they might not have killed the opposing countires farmers(unlikely but, you never know). They did make sure that they had no food…

  • Bill Barker

    Talk about phoning in your protest. Unmanned Minuteman missiles (once totaling 1000, now like 500-550) have protected the US (since ’60’s) during the Cold War, preventing an in your face Hot War with USSR or China. In a way, protecting the rights of these nitwits to comment/protest things in our society they don’t like. But, break the law, pay the piper. Hope they get a $1000 fine and a 30 day timeout. I repaired electro-mech systems on on similar missiles in South Dakota ’76-80.

  • Andrew Th

    Where are the clowns…send in the clowns

  • Andrew Th

    Where are the clowns…send in the clowns

  • Defiant Infidel

    Class A Misdemeanors For breaking into and damaging our NUCLEAR SITE

  • AF SP

    The title of the article is rather stupid. They did nothing to the missile nor the warheads. This groups has played these assinine games over the years performing the same moronic acts.
    Back in the 80’s Danny Boy Rather was there with his 60 Minutes cameras rolling and made every effort to distort and to demean the security teams.

  • Chris Loomis

    I chased these jerks around the Oscar flight at MAFB back in 1985. They claimed they were verifing the location…like we would move them LOL

  • Vel Mori

    And I thought it was just your puppet admninistration that was nuts.
    Listen to yourselves: hate, anger, insecurity, bombs, death war. What a sad, fearful world you must live in. It must be terrible thinking your neighbour is either a ‘commie’ a ‘facist’, a ‘terrorist’ or a ‘homo’.
    Such a blinkered, ignorant view of the world.
    Like a petulant child.
    So predictable and frankly… boring.
    Like I said – make an effort to actually read some history – not the garbage that is shovelled down your necks by your own government and the fundys on the box.
    Revisionist? Umm…. I don’t think so. Read some Euro history… Oh…. and the US government knew that Japan were about to surrender fool.
    Finally… Why is it if the US is sooo good – that you always get caught with your pants down? Easy: You are too predictable. Always have been always will be.
    You wouldn’t know good strategy if it bit you on the butt.
    I feel sorry for the good people in your country.
    You don’t even treat your own vets with respect.

  • Noah

    In response to a number of comments:
    KUWAIT was invaded by Iraq AFTER Hussein was given the green light by US ambassador April Gillespie. Old Saddam didn’t do much of anything without US approval (if you need to know just how quickly the US can turn on its ‘allies’, just ask former CIA stooge Manuel Noreiga). Gulf War I was necessary to provide the congressional military industrial complex with justification for continued military build-ups, which were threatened by the collapse of the Soviet Union – the so-called ‘peace dividend’.
    Hussein was only able to use CHEMICAL WEAPONS on the Kurds because the US supplied him with them. He used them against Iran, too, but you never hear a peep about it because Iran is our mortal enemy. Why? Because we installed Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as Shah of Iran after democratically elected Prime Minister Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh and the Iranian parliment voted to nationalize oil.
    Under the Shah, oil money was siphoned off by the elite and the people suffered horribly under a brutal dicatator and the SAVAK, the CIA backed Iranian secret police. The rein of terror was such that the Iranian people overthrew the government, with the Ayatollah rising to power as a backlash against western intervention. When the Shah, hiding in Egypt, was admitted to the US for medical treatment, Iran demanded his extradition for trial for crimes against humanity. When the US refused, Iranian students following direction from religious leaders seized the US embassy and took hostages. The Iran-Iraq War was our ‘revenge’ for this act, and we supplied Hussein with all kinds of nasties in order to perform these duties (see
    MEXICO has little oil infrastructre and is securely in our sphere of influence. The middle east is up for grabs and the real adversary is China. If we control the oil, we can throttle China, or so the thinking goes …
    As for 9/11, that was simply a response to US actions. Bin Laden was funded, armed and trained by the US to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. We left that country a smoking ruin, completely without aid or assistance after 10 years of a war that we sponsored. When we repeated the action in Iraq with sanctions, weekly bombings and so on for ten years while millions of Iraqis including an estimated 500,000 children died of disease, maluntrition and contamination from depleted uranium munitions, we gave Bin Laden (and many others as well) justification for their actions.
    As for TOTAL WAR, it is against the Geneva Conventin and the ideals that we as Americans are supposed to hold dear. The convention is clear, no targeting of civilians, civilian infrastructure, etc. Yet this hasn’t prevented the US from specifically targeting population centers, water treatment facilities, power plants, etc. at any time since 1941. Doolittle’s Tokyo Raid was a clear violation of international law. The only reason the US hasn’t been held accountable for such actions is that so far, we have been the winner in these conflicts.
    As for NAZI GERMANY, I suggest you consider Dr. Lawrence Britt’s 14 Characteristics of Fascism at and decide for yourself how many of them apply to the US today.

  • Capt Scuttle

    “The wordl’s superpower is? USA
    The country with the most nuclear weapons? USA
    With the most chemical weapons? USA
    etc., etc.
    Who poses the greatest threat to humanity?
    Go clowns go!”
    I read the above and just about fell over from the total lack of education from this person. (or commen sense…)
    Yes the U.S.A. is the worlds last remaining superpower at this stage of time “God Bless America” We are also the first ones that get called upon for any disaster that happens in the world. And we do so (and give millions and millions in relief efforts) Without a second thought.
    Yes currently the U.S.A. has a good sized closet full of WMD’s. GET OVER IT!! The last time we used one? Was back in WW2 for crying in the sink! Granted we could have turned large sections of the middle east into a walmart parking lot…but we choose to have more restrint, and currently do our best to avoid innocent’s getting in the crossfire. Yes it does and will happen! But we’ve got 2,500 dead soldiers..and we could have had ZERO if we just nucked the area.
    As for Chem Warfare? Give me a break.. While we search for the garbage that our enemys could use against us? We prepare shots…medical planning..vacinate soldiers.. All using research we’ve garnered from chem weapons. It’s research! Not Weapons! There is not an ounce of chem weapon’s in the US’s bag of tricks…and there will never be. Research Research Research..and not using AirHead America or some commie that mananged to get in print.
    I did the math..The current world threat? It’s not from the US by a long shot..Unless you are a terrorist…then just stay put..we’ll get to you in good time.
    Currently the biggest threat is the Islamic Terror groups that have a pure lust for death and destruction. Canada just broke up a cell that had tons more material for a ‘home made’ bomb that would have made the Federal building in OK look like a fire cracker.
    These looneys can be anywhere…living in YOUR community! And they can be ordered to set off bombs in a heartbeat.
    So give it a rest with the “Gee look how bad the USA is…” When it’s crunch time? Look at who comes to the rescue!
    Good lord’n butter….what I would’ent give to have a mass meeting with teachers and tell ’em not to re-write history in their own demented fashion.
    As Foamy the great would say?
    I’m DONE

  • Capt Scuttle

    “As for 9/11, that was simply a response to US actions. Bin Laden was funded, armed and trained by the US to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. We left that country a smoking ruin, completely without aid or assistance after 10 years of a war that we sponsored. When we repeated the action in Iraq with sanctions, weekly bombings and so on for ten years while millions of Iraqis including an estimated 500,000 children died of disease, maluntrition and contamination from depleted uranium munitions, we gave Bin Laden (and many others as well) justification for their actions.”
    Just to correct the MASSIVE pant load..(I’d debunk more of it…but it’s been a long day).
    Let’s see.. The sanctions where done by the U.N. Who figured out that Iraq needed food and medical supplies for it’s people. So they allowed Saddam to sell some of his oil for food. Remember that scandle? He was bribing the snot out of quite a few people in order to ‘get in good’ with the they would lift the sanctions fully. Here’s the neat part that was ommited- Saddam was skimming off the top MILLIONS of dollars intended for food/medical/etc… He built up several “residences” with such wonderful things as gold plated “Flush” handles on his toilets…He lived his life like King Dookey…while his people starved.
    Why someone would blame the US for that? I honestly do not know? Saddam had the funding…he had the food and medical supplies… Prehaps someone should ask that walking pantload why he let his own people down? Because as he was stealing millions intended for the care of his people? He seemed to have more interest in having a golden flush knob on his crapper…
    As for the rest? Such really interesting ideas and concepts? However not much truth to it…In fact I loved the part where you said the US government gave him the green light for the first war. It must be interesting living in such a fantasy land….

  • Jaye Debunked

    Hate to bust your bubble Jaye, but it’s going to take a lot more than three people with sledgehammers to prevent that blast door from opening properly. They could have detonated a truck bomb on the thing and it wouldn’t have prevented the door from clearing the silo for a launch.

  • Jaye

    Jaye Debunked; “They could have detonated a truck bomb on the thing and it wouldn’t have prevented the door from clearing the silo for a launch.” And you would know this, because you are; A) a Fat guy sitting at a computer. B) a Fat Government Agent or C) a Fat Bad guy? Please pick one of the above. Thank you and please teach us more, I could spend hours listening to you debunk. Do you debunk UFOs too? Thanks and keep on rocking in the free world!

  • Noah

    Capt Scuttle: Facts are often inconvenient, and may very well serve to sink your ship (which, judging by your screen name, has already foundered).
    As reported in the San Francisco Examiner, 11/18/02:
    US ambassador April Gillespie to Saddam Hussein, in a meeting called by Hussein: “We have no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflicts, like your border disagreement with Kuwait.” She went on to say: “James Baker has directed our official spokesmen to emphasize this instruction.”
    That such a discussion would even come before the US ambassador clearly shows how much Hussein was under our control – he wouldn’t act without tacit US approval.
    Whether the border disagreement was initiated by the US, encouraging Kuwait to slant drill Iraqi oil, remains open to interpretation.
    Those who endorse the concept of ‘total war’ (such as Jeff) have no reason to be outraged at the events of 9/11.

  • Some Guy Who Isn’t Fat

    Next time try using logic to responed to an argument, eh Jaye?

  • A. Quickle

    And Clowns they are… Some folks have nothing better to do with their time. Obviously just a symbolic action, anything critical for the functioning of that nuclear weapon is safely inside the silo under the blast door. The previous comment about the ability of a hardened silo to withstand a “truck bomb” is actually understated. These silos were designed to still function even if the area was subjected to a first-strike nuclear attack. How do I know? Been there, done that, got the T-shirt…

  • Jaye

    Quickie, Gay who is not fat; They used Bio warfare (Blood), Psychological warfare (Clown suits), Unconventional warfare (Vandalism) to accomplish their mission. Their mission was to damage Government property, discredit the security forces guarding Nukes and make a big antiwar statement. Unfortunately for us good Americans.
    “Mission accomplished”!

  • Ex_SAC

    Stop the double posts….. it’s annoying.

  • A Quickle

    I went back and reread the entire comment log…and there appears to be a mis-conception as to just what these clowns “entered” and vandalized. Minuteman Missle silos are not located on any military base. They are widely seperated (miles and miles apart) & located out in the middle of some North Dakota farmer’s wheat field. All alarms and security are remotely situated and monitored 24/7/365. You could drive past any number of silos and never see them. 99.999% of everything on the site is located far underground under and enclosed in enough concrete and steel to build a huge bridge on any multi-lane interstate. The “personnel hatch” that they “disabled” the lock on is a seperate underground building that contains no access to the missle silo…just basically the monitor lights (and absolutely no operational controls or wiring) for stuff like the A/C…makes it easier for the maintenance crews to checkthe staus of the basic housekeeping stuff without having to open up the actual silo. Opening the silo; even when you have all the Top Secret Codes, the cooperation of the operational personnel, and the actual correct multi-million dollar equipment; takes almost a full day. If you step inside the fence an alarm goes out in milliseconds and the armed military response is on-site in minutes. If they run into problems, a full scale military response is there in another handful of minutes. NO ONE is getting unauthorized access to a US Nuclear missle. The security system worked just fine. Clowns walked on site, played stupid protest games for a couple minutes and wound up face down in the dirt… Total cost to the overnment for repair of their protest actions….a little clorox for the blood they poured on the door, a little graffiti remover for the paint, a little concrete patch to smooth out the dings, two new padlocks for the non-access outer areas, and a litle lysol for the 3 puddles of urine in the gravel….
    So for all y’all worried about “how close they got”, or “where was the security” etc… Everything was and is under control….feel free to relax.

  • Jaye

    AQuickie, Geek who is not fat; They used Bio warfare (Blood), Psychological warfare (Clown suits), Unconventional warfare (Vandalism) to accomplish their mission. Their mission was to damage Government property, discredit the security forces guarding Nukes and make a big antiwar statement. Unfortunately for us good Americans.
    “Mission accomplished”!

  • Bill

    “All alarms and security are remotely situated and monitored 24/7/365.”
    God help us all on February 29th.

  • A Quickle

    That’s right Bill…you have exposed the fatal flaw in our national security….every four years, on Feb 29th, no one shows up for work, no one is there walking their post, protecting all the sleeping citizens from the truly bad things out there in the dark….
    “Truth? you can’t handle the truth!”

  • NORM

    What if they’d had just one shaped charge?

  • Anthony Quickle

    Norm, as stated before in this thread (please page back and read…), these missle silos can withstand everything but a DIRECT hit from a nuclear bomb…. A “shaped charge”, of the largest size you could drag in, would not even begin to crack that door or silo. Trust me…you can’t damage the missle, the warhead, or the silo it’s in. Not to blame you for your lack of knowledge, this is not exactly dinner conversation. I do find amusing the folks that have asked about these clowns accidentally setting off the warhead if they did actually get access to the missle. Nuclear bombs are precision electronic mechanisms…practically delicate, and require a precise series of electronic and mechanical actions to take place, exactly as designed, and in exactly the proper sequence and timing in order for the nuclear portion of the bomb to work. At best, someone that managed to trigger the small conventional explosive charge contained in a nuclear device would only effect a small non-nuclear explosion (killing them, but probably not anyone else…). One of my favorite Hollywood nail-biter moments is found in several movies…the intrepid hero is faced with an armed and “counting down” nuclear weapon…oh my gosh…what to do…maybe he and his swiss army knife can successfully disarm the bomb…tick, tick, tick…what to do…. When the actual solution is as simple as shooting as many rifle or pistol rounds as you’ve got , or sledge hammer blows if thats all you’ve got, to the access panels, or the center of mass of the weapon…..Disrupt the electronics, or the nuclear material mass, and you have no nuclear explosion…. As above, you probably would have a small non-nuclear blast, but hey…you don’t get to be a hero without some risk….

  • Blah

    Repent for the atomic bombings, ha! While technologically amazing the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn

  • Anthony Quickle

    Perhaps we need a primer on the concept of War. When at War with a declared or undeclared enemy, your objective is to eliminate that enemy as a threat. We go to War against nations or identifiable cultural / ethnic / racial / religious / economic groups (CERRE) that bear us ill will, or in some capacity have evidenced that they may be a danger to our obviously superior CEERE. We, of course, out of a sense of compassion, decency, and a suspicion that the enemies government may have duped their citizens…they really aren’t as bad as the guys in uniform shooting at us… we try to limit the violence done to only those soldiers and men at arms that walk upon the battlefield. If that is not sufficient to eliminate the threat, then the “civilian” population is also at risk. Eliminate the threat > escalation of violence until it is eliminatd > superior CERRE wins = War. Not a game for crybabys.
    Don’t want to have your CERRE possibly destroyed? Then don’t go to War against a superior culture. Don’t pee in my sandbox and I’ll leave you alone.

  • guinevere

    i know i’m a little behind the times, but i just stumbled upon this clown story. come on now, it’s hilarious. the story behind it isn’t hilarious, but the fact that these clowns dressed up as…well, you know, is so completely fitting and wonderful. i think that the treason comment is a little over the top, but, hey, whatever. no, people shouldn’t be able to use a bolt cutter to get to where the (yes i know it’s necessary, but still…) evil nuclear (please stop putting a second “u” in the word “nuclear” it makes you sound dumb, Mr. President) weapons are. now that these guys have done it, are we going to step up security now?

  • Anthony Quickle

    Please page back and read all he previous comments for a better understanding of the security procedures at nuclear missile sites. What these “clowns” got access to was basically a large flat concrete area, very simiar in appearance to a parking lot. The missile is located under more than 6 feet of reinforced concrete and steel that is fully secure and capable of withstanding anything short of a direct-hit nuclear explosion. The secrity system as designed worked perfectly. The clowns presence on the site triggered an alarm that brought out a security response team armed with the latest in military automatic weapons and with the authority to shoot (to kill – no warning shots authorized) anyone found on the site. (although, the usual outcome is the foolish intruder is arrested and winds up facing Fedral charges and a jail sentence). An authorized missile maintenance team with the knowledge, required equipment, and the complicity of the controlling missile crew would take almost a full working day to gain access to the actual missile. A security team makes it to the site in a matter of minutes, much less than a half hour. Missile secure. System works well – no need to change anything. Thanks for being concerned though.

  • Don Shoebridge

    Having been in the Air Force myself, I fully understand the last line on the warning signs that are plastered on all Air Force bases – “Use of deadly force authorized”

  • Joseph F Catlin


  • The D

    Meatheads- I dont live far from Luck WI Typical small WI town of like 500 ppl. 6 bars. Meth use is apparently abundant….
    was a cool bar there “Denuchis” (sp) got druk there after 9 happy hour. they tore it down..very sad.

  • The D

    Meatheads- I dont live far from Luck WI Typical small WI town of like 500 ppl. 6 bars. Meth use is apparently abundant….
    was a cool bar there “Denuchis” (sp) got druk there after 9 happy hour. they tore it down..very sad.

  • DC Loser

    Ahhh..I missed this one the first time around. Good ‘ol Echo-9 LF. This brings back memories from when I was a maintenance officer at Minot. Anthony Quickle, a few posts back, is entirely correct about the entry procedures for Minutemen LFs. Even when my team had the correct authentication codes to gain entry to the site, it takes us minimum of about an hour to make it down to the inside of the silo. All these “clowns” did was to trigger both the outer zone and inner zone security alarms but first getting to the topside of the facility and then banging on the launcher closure door. I hope they have fun in the federal pen, as they’ll probably spend the next decade there contemplating their actions. There are much better ways to get your point across.

  • matt pyers

    why can I not send you an email without an account – this defeats annonimity.

  • harman

    Oh stop it… for a fractional example – the japs committed such abhorant acts against the Chinese at Nangking and the American POW’s from Wake etc… I have no, zero, sympathy for the jap culture from that time. In fact I truly regret that we only had two bombs ready to go in late summer of ’45. While I think it wonderful that we can be allies today I would have been fine backing Nimitz words in Dec of 41.. that the only place Japanese would be spoken would be hell.

  • ?

    The title of the article is rather stupid. They did nothing to the missile nor the warheads. This groups has played these assinine games over the years performing the same moronic acts.
    Back in the 80’s Danny Boy Rather was there with his 60 Minutes cameras rolling and made every effort to distort and to demean the security teams.

  • ???????

    The title of the article is rather stupid. They did nothing to the missile nor the warheads. This groups has played these assinine games over the years performing the same moronic acts.
    Back in the 80’s Danny Boy Rather was there with his 60 Minutes cameras rolling and made every effort to distort and to demean the security teams.

  • Frank Graham

    “And to all out there with some sort of knowledge of history and an adequate IQ would know that the nukeing of japan saved lifes on both sides. The Firebombings of Japan killed more!! That would have continued if we didnt nuke them, then add an invasion, plus the fact that everyone on the Island of Japan was going to fight results in alot more deaths to all.”
    World War Two was a horrible nightmare, I can remember it firsthand. Many of the comments here are as ignorant and as full of Jingoisim as those they used to make back then. Even our president says things like “bring it on”.
    Folks, you need to smarten up, or you will suffer another actual war. This low level stuff right now is not war. A real war, like WW2 ended up with the allies doing things toward the end of the war that were just as immoral and plain evil as what the axis were doing at the start. When its all over and done, nobody wins. Trotting out glib statements like “war is hell” doesnt even begin to encompass an understanding of just how awful it is.
    Oh and the first guys to start bombing cities were the Brits, not the Krauts. So lets not think the allies were pure as driven snow. The Japs attacked us because we blockaded them, which was an act of war.
    Some Idiot here says “one marine is worth 500K japanese civilians”. Reminds me of the way our enemies use to talk. Its the language of ethnic cleansing. Disgusting and immoral.

  • Afric

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