Axe Visits Langley

Today I’m off to Langley Air Force Base, home of the $300-million F-22 Raptors of the 1st Fighter Wing. Is the Raptor the greatest fighter plane ever built … or a massive turkey, as some critics contend? Finally I’m going to lay to rest all the controversy. Everybody get psyched … and look for posts and photos tonight as soon as I can get to it (stupid foiled bomb plot!).
David Axe

  • Richard W. Crews

    I thought the target cost was $85 million. I hope it ain’t $300M!

  • Brian

    Yeah, more of your famous “balanced” reporting.

  • Mike

    Id say he is at least as balanced as the New York Times.
    Which I do respect BTW. ;D

  • Dan

    Actually its around $140 Million per jet. Citing in the R&D costs is extremely poor reporting and is never done when factoring cost per airframe. Anyone who would have you think otherwise doesn’t really know too much.

  • sglover

    Only $140 million per plane? Jeez, talk about bargains!

  • Noah

    From the United States Government Accountability Office Testimony before the Subcommittee on AirLand, Senate Armed Services Committee:
    “Significant delays and cost increases have affected affordability, reducing planned deliveries from 750 F/A-22 aircraft to fewer than 180.”
    “The F/A-22 aircraft program is acquiring the Air Force

  • Noah

    original program including R&D:
    $63.8 billion / 180 aircraft = $354.4 million
    cost of 50 additional aircraft at est. $125 million each:
    $125 milllion x 50 aircraft = $6.25 billion
    total program cost:
    $63.8 billion + $6.25 billion = $70.05 billion
    cost per aircraft:
    $70.05 billion / 230 aircraft = $277.9 million
    280 aircraft = $228.3 million
    360 aircraft = $177.6 million
    (assuming there are no further development costs or overruns)
    maybe we should build so more B-2s

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