Rapid Fire 01/19/07

* Wired 1, DHS 0
* Pentagon made up spy coin story
* Spy oversight shenanigans
* AG hasn’t read the Constitution
* Sadr aide nabbed
* Vid: cruise missile formation
* Financial database plan falters
* FedEx’s missile-fighter takes off
* Rail gun demo’d
* “The Rebbe and the rocket scientist”
* Predator crashes in Iraq
* Palestinians learn from Hez, make better bombs
* War on Terror scorecard
* Mmmmmmmmmmm… candy

(Big ups: Eric, Hambling)

  • The Cenobyte

    Glad to see the DEA is spending time cracking down on guys distributing a product that is both useful and mostly harmless (much more so than drinking or smoking), is the US biggest cash crop and sends people that are otherwise stand up, law abiding citizens to jail. Just what I was hoping the govt. was spending my hard earned tax dollars on. More than 75% of all drug users are employeed, the vast majority of them are Pot users. They pay taxes, raise families and in general help our sociaty. I hate the war on drugs more than anything our govt. has done in my lifetime, my father and grandfathers lifetimes.
    Lets go back to a country where personal liberty is more important than anything else. Only when what someone does impairs others personal liberties should we even think about regulating it.
    Lets help our national dept and stop the war on drugs.

  • Phila

    What Gonzales said is, “the Constitution doesn’t say that every individual in the United States or every citizen has or is assured the right of habeas corpus.”
    That’s a little bit different from saying it doesn’t apply to enemy aliens held outside the United States.
    This is an important issue. Please do try to keep up.

  • Nathan

    speaking as a lawyer, Gonzalez was correct.
    there is no “express grant of habeas corpus” in the Constitution.
    habeas corpus is a common law right. the Constitution assumes its existence…but it doesn’t expressly grant. I realize the (non-legal) blogs are up in arms…but they’re wrong.