Inside the Mind Control Conspiracy, Part II

Just to update you all: last Sundays Washington Post Magazine published a cover story Id been working on for the past number of months about an extremely large group of people who believe the government is targeting them as part of a “mind control” campaign.
I wrote a brief item here last weekend, and Noah suggested that I check back in a few days and post an update with the response to the article. Well, lets just say life is an adventure, and the article has elicited strong reactions.
What response? Well, first there are the 75 or so blog entries related to the story, the online discussion and the nine full pages of comments appended to the Washington Post Magazine article, most from people who say they are victims of mind control. There are also some notable reactions here at Defense Tech; and my e-mail inbox (by the way folks, Gmail was wrong about “never deleting another e-mail” — my account has hit its limit).
Reactions came at two extremes: There were a number of “TIs” (short for Targeted Individuals) who graciously thanked me for writing their story, and then there were skeptics who attacked the article for not concluding the TIs are all schizophrenics in need of medical help. My favorite comment from the Post’s site was simply: Good grief, Sharon, what have you done?!
Ive often asked myself that same question.
There were a few people, however, who seemed to agree that whether the TIs’ claims are true or false, there’s something to be said about trying to understand why so many people believe the things they believe.
But for anyone who thinks that all TIs are mentally ill people in need of forced medication, I suggest you check out some of the extremely sane tactics they employ. For example, their organized response to the article would make some political campaigns jealous. As one mind control blog advises:

We must write the Washington Post in high numbers to show that this story merits a follow up. We must get our side of the story out, before the perps start inundating them with letters that we are crazy. Please take part in this to give the accurate side of what is really happening and remember to forward any supporting evidence.

There’s also a few researchers raising a fascinating question in the medical literature:

One of the defining features of a delusion is that it should not be a belief “ordinarily accepted by other members of the person’s culture or subculture”. Nevertheless, some researchers have noted that there is no clear measure of what is ‘ordinarily accepted’.
It is also possible that cultures or subcultures could be based around beliefs that would otherwise be diagnosed as delusional. Until now, however, there have been no obvious examples of such subcultures identified.
In the Psychopathology paper, ten websites reporting psychosis-like ‘mind control’ experiences were identified. The reports were anonymised and independently blind-rated by three psychiatrists who confirmed that they reflect experiences stemming from psychosis.

One final thought: Some of the documents I dug up through a Freedom of Information Act request indeed confirmed that the Air Force Research Laboratory patented a device to send sounds and voices into someone’s head as a “psychological warfare tool.”
So, I guess that begs the obvious question: even if you dismiss everyone who claims they are a victim of mind-invading technology, what do you think Pentagon plans to do with such a device?
Sharon Weinberger
* 200 Years of “Mind Control”
* Inside the Mind Control Conspiracy, Part I
* U.S. Bioelectromagnetic Weapons Research
* Air Force Plan: Hack Your Nervous System
* Moscow’s Remote-Controlled Heart Attacks

  • campbell

    the device is called a “television”.
    the Pentagon can use it to “sell” a war, deny the difficulties encountered in prosecuting such a war, or exagerate it’s benefits.
    contermeasures are few. one is called an “Internet”.

  • greg in ak

    delusions in mentally ill people often follow cultural trends. the way schizophrenia is experianced has changed over the last decades. catatonia has decreased sharply. there would be nothing odd about people having delusions in common. think about ufo cults and jonestown. those people could easily be seen as delulsional,organized, motavated and crazy.

  • DS

    An interesting application of such a device would be the ability to speak to the person while they are asleep. Maybe a form of stealth hypnosis? Creepy.

  • pedestrian

    >the device is called a “television”.
    >the Pentagon can use it to “sell” a war, deny the difficulties encountered in prosecuting such
    >a war, or exagerate it’s benefits.
    >contermeasures are few. one is called an “Internet”.
    Internet sounds like a great ECM.

  • deb spilko

    IWoody Norris has developed HyperSonic Sound technology which can beam sounds into a person’s head. It is being considered for a more common type of mind control

  • Compton_Effect

    So it comes down to the question. Paranoid or just better informed?

  • Mando

    To me the issue here is about the morality of such weaponry – which the article clearly says is in existence (even if in the infancy), and is being hotly pursued in the defense industry.
    I also wonder about the possible liability issues for periodicals/news organizations that make light of the testimonies of those who relate their sufferings.
    Whether I believe these people or not, if I were a news organization I would clearly state that I fully believe that testing/using weaponry on Citizens is criminal if not insane, and that laws expressly forbidding such experimentation or use should be firmly in place.
    Doing otherwise might expose me to legal action in the unlikely event that this were ever proved true, and people could claim I helped aid and abet it.

  • Roveena Wade

    Regarding the randomized/blinded ratings by psychs you cite, I would be careful not to confuse rote symptomological categorization with meaningful, compassionate, and heartfelt understanding.
    – Great post on the need for moral questioning on new tech.

  • Nomi

    It is alleged that there is a covert and anonymous program that is torturing and abusing innocent Americans with pinpoint accurate, invisible-beam, excruciatingly painful, wall-penetrating, Directed Energy Weapons (or”DEW’s) as part of a widespread, highly-secret, weapon development program.
    The targets of the completely unlawful human experimentation cannot escape the brutal torture and abuse. It is alleged that if they report the brutal torture and abuse to the proper authorities, they are wrongly believed to be mentally ill because they cannot physically identify or describe their attackers, or even plausibly explain the reason for their being victimized without mercy. The targets cannot prevent or stop the brutal and unprovoked anonymous attacks.

  • Target at Electronic Elephants dot com


  • Mlazorg

    And here I thought this “conspiracy” was long dead. My only comment: mind control works on the weak-minded, so victims should take that into consideration =P

  • Diana

    To add to the possibilities of mind control, there are thousands of individuals seeing what they call master numbers 1111, 222, 444, 555, etc. Most of these individuals believe it’s their angels transmitting messages to them. The more I learn the more disturbing the potential of mass mind control becomes.

  • John Allman

    The contributions I’ve read so far from TIs aren’t generally very scientifically literate. Sceptics might find the material published at more informative.

  • Anatolij

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Dear Sir, Madam, :

  • Sam

    Electronic mind control slavery has taken its part in those of us who have the ability to reach others at an emotional level. U.S. secret services have targeted these individuals through psycological weaponary in hopes of breaking down their “high level of thought.”
    Sam- Targeted Individual

  • Sam

    clarification- eye contact…vibes…power= electronic mind control
    Sam- targeted individual

  • anonymous

    I don’t think it really matters how many people complain of this kind of harrassment: by definition, anyone experiencing this sort of thing is crazy. Even if they are absolutely correct, they’re still crazy.
    On the other hand, if sane individuals can reasonably conclude that the military is developing this kind of tool set, it seems quite sane and reasonable to find out what they intend to do with the stuff. Their history with infectious agents is not encouraging.

  • Peter Rosenholm

    I am a victim of this psychological attack. When the threats and intimidation implemented by voice to mind dragged on. I was finally hit with the extreme volume that is exactly like the attack moad of LRAD as seen on “future weapons”, on TV. In the morning I was peeing brown and exorsted from the all night attack. I called an ambulance, telling the doctor of the attack and voices I was ocked up for twelve days and falsly diagnost as paranoid schizophrenia. While in the hospitol the attack was extreme and I was trapped and unable to get away. I think I am just starting to recover from the torchering. Our government sucks. Can you imagine what they could do to nullify anyone speaking against them. It was a horror like no other.

  • Peter Rosenholm
  • Sam

    Thanks to the Washington Post newspaper who has began to expose the governments secret method of behavioral modification known as Mind Control this year of 2007. Obviously, there are a number of individuals who want restitution for the years of harrasment. You see, America is run by law and not by a bunch of cowards who have found a way to tap into a number of our minds to change the way we think and live. It’d be even better to have the topic discussed in the media. The people held responsible for basically “reading minds” should have the back bone to come foward with the illegal harrasment and psychological torture. Why doesn’t George Bush know about this? Hopefully, the Washington Post brought it to his attention.

  • none

    Please do a follow up on the psychiatrist and his successos on the MKULTRA and the contractors that do black op.
    Why so many conventions? What is Black Op?
    World Psychiatric Association is an international organisation for psychiatrists for ethical, scientific and treatment standards in the practice of psychiatry. Ewan Cameron (MKULTRA) was the first chairman and Juan Mezzich is the current president.
    XIV World Congress of Psychiatry that will take place in Prague in Autumn 2008. Sept. 19-25, 2008
    Nov 28-Dec 2, 2007 Melbourne, Austrailia
    March 21-23, 2007 in Kenya in Nairobi.
    Souel Korea April 18-21, 2007
    Sept 20-23, 2007 Shanghai, China
    Feb 5-8, 2008 Paris France
    Former CIA official, contractor indicted
    By ALLISON HOFFMAN, Associated Press Writer
    11 minutes ago
    SAN DIEGO – The
    CIA’s former No. 3 official and a defense contractor were charged Tuesday with fraud and other offenses in the corruption investigation that sent former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham to prison, The Associated Press has learned.
    Federal indictments named Kyle “Dusty” Foggo, executive director of the CIA until he resigned in May, and his close friend, San Diego defense contractor Brent Wilkes, both 52, according to two government officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because grand jury proceedings are secret.
    In a separate indictment, Wilkes was charged with conspiring to bribe Cunningham in return for government contracts. A man who was described as a co-conspirator in Cunningham’s 2005 plea agreement, John T. Michael, was also charged.
    Cunningham, an eight-term Republican, served on the House Intelligence Committee and on the defense subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee

  • Sam

    Here’s another thought. People who are mind controlled should take a lie detector test. What do they call an illness that involves electronical viberations that are unseen affecting a persons body? What about non-stop harrassment of voices being beamed into ones head? Or munipulation of taste and smells? If a large number of people who have been experiancing these symptoms of mind control are found to be telling the truth over a polygraph test then there’s only one explanation, they are a targeted individual. The NSA will be scared out of their skin WHEN THEIR TECHNOLOGY IS FOUND OUT FOR A FACT. Others won’t want any part of the controversy that will lead to a revolt against our own secret government agencys. These are people known as cowards. Throughout many years the truth has eventually been found out. Illegal methods of punishment were never allowed in the american government. One must have a REAL trial and jury. It was the TUFF, REALISTIC, american way of having true justice. Now, the leader of mind control technology who happens to be a shell of a man has projected his image on secret agents that get paid tax dollars to run experiaments on citizens who they feel don’t pose a threat to FINDING THEM OUT…

  • todd

    check it out yall.if we dont give em what they need we get our turn.they need our voices our thoughts our minds.think about it.we have each other i’ll know you you’ll know me.shhh

  • Paul

    I’m under mind control by DARPA and they were going to hire me. Here is a website to this mind control organization, They can follow you around in the fourth invisible dimension. But know for some reason they don’t want to hire me and want to kill me or put me in jail.

  • Rolly

    There are so many conspiracy theories that surround government implants, mind control, microwaves, controlling and listening to people

  • MN

    “Microwave-hearing” and “Microwave-viewing”
    “Media-conspiracy” in: SOUTH TYROL
    It seems that the whole “holy” land of South Tyrol (northern region of Italy) – especially the city of Brunico ( – is afflicted by the phenomena of “MW-hearing” and “MW-viewing” due to the local television- and radio-stations which exercise a little too much “Mind Kontrol” over the population.
    A problem which should be resolved as soon as possible!
    N.B.: Other but faked messages by third persons in lieu of me should be ignored!

  • Sam

    Enhanced interrogation techniques by the CIA an NSA- Sending voices into an individuals head is enhanced as well as interrogating. This is indeed torture when sleep deprivation follows and anger toward the secret service grows, but there is a connection in humanity that is unseen, but exists just as love and hate exist. Perhaps it can be called a DOMINO THEORY, which is the reason 4 this electronic harrasment. When a behavioral modification procedure also known as mind control is exposed the secret service will pay RESTITUTION for the illegal punishments. RAISE UP PEOPLE! LIVE FREE OR DIE! T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E.

  • Anatolij

    Dear Sir, Madam, :
    Christians Against Mental Slavery:
    Psychotronic Mind ControlANNIHILATION Weapons:
    Resources / Other Sites :
    Yours sincerely.

  • anonymus

    More people need to be investigateing mind control. This topic isn’t made up. ignore these people long enough and the same people that ignore are the same people who cry. the same who laugh are the same who say HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? ha ha ha ha oh my god. A MESSAGE FOR THE CRYPTOLOGISTS OF THE NSA- these people hear the beams they feel animalistic after a while.

  • dena
  • laura

    I want more information from anyone who has information about optic cameras. Thruogh a series of events in my life I believe it was possible for our government to implanta device of this nature into my eye. I believe that they had the coperation of a medical hospital. I am a recovering addict and for what ever reason I believe I was targeted. Thank you I would very much appreciate the information.

  • laura

    Im looking for information regarding optic cameras. I believe that I have been targeted by our government and with the coperation of a medical hospital one may have been implanted inside my eye. I am a recovering drug addict and I feel that this has a lot to do with it. Any time there is drugs involved our credibility is gone. I can tell you Ive been through hell but Ive been sober a year.. My thoughts are clear and I can tell you I need more information.. Please help if anyone can. Thank you.

  • harold
    DARPA FY07.2 SBIR Solicitation Topics
    “…remote interrogation and control of biological systems at the system/organ/tissue/cellular/molecular scales”
    “Novel interface and sensor designs for interfacing with the central (cortical and subcortical structures) and peripheral nervous systems, with a particular emphasis on non-invasive and/or non-contact approaches;”

  • anonimus

    Targeted individuals are usually people of power. They bewitch others createing illusions that slow workers progress because they get inside their head stealing their happyness i did this on accident when i was a kid and the harrassing voices follow whereever. i noticed i was the happyiest person in town it was fun and i did it again cause im who the ladies love lol i stole their hearts they were depressed and i never felt better this game i always win thats why im a targeted individual and am harrassed im talkin i could pimp hillary clinton if i wanted one look i could break her heart and have her thinking of me lol but when will the voices stop and if they dont and i tell how i make illusions theyll induce a stroke. this country loves me the gov hates my spell cause ima cowboy

  • Gary Algar

    The government is not the only people that have this technology.Criminals or (convicts) is what they like to be referred as have this technology and are using it on me.Everyone emmits there own electronic energy (signature) and once they get that signature theres no where on earth you can hide to escape there input.They are capable of seeing whatever that person see’s or anything that computes into his/her brain and to send an inner voice into your head that your ear drums have nothing to do with what you are hearing(v2k).This is mental torture at its highest level and the whole world needs to get together to put an end to what is happening to men,women and children across the world.

    • shunda james

      please inform me more of this i know someone who is a victim of this email reshun26@yahoo

  • youallsuck

    i cant believe you all actually think that the government has that kind of technology. what a bunch of retards.

  • anonimus

    HAHAHA OH HOW THEY LONG FOR LOVE. No wonder the econimy is falling everyones to tired to work you take my mind i take the heart outa the people now their more suppseptible to fear and cannot shoot straight at war so in a way im kickin some cia ass their wives only think of me i know it the eyes never lie.

  • peter

    Yes thats right you quacks stick together and keep getting your government grants. Any sane TI`s please contact me you are not alone. Could someone tell me how to block images being transmitted into my head.

  • anonimous

    I found a way to slow down the electronic harrassment. T I’s have to decide they will not die alone. There is a way to open up this behavioral modification punishment on FOX news but its a risk one has to take… PONDER ON WAYS OF OPENING UP THE TRUTH put some fear back into the secret governments and lets bring on world war 3.

  • TI

    I am under Trauma based mind control. But the programmer, who are programming my mind, must be the most stupid one. My mind are not in their control, and I deprogrammed suicide program in my mind, which places me into murder process. Two day ago, someone, left me a message from the phone#1123456789(how wired it is), asked me contact with my operator, but I don’t know who my operator is. I heart that if a mind controlled slave had deprogrammed suicide program, or a person were nonprogrammable, would be killed. Can anybody help me survive? I really don’t want to do anything with campus shooting. Please help me, at least, give a friendly word, that I am able to see the kindness of humankind and humanity. from Canada

  • steve

    what is it that you really want to know? What is the game of life? So far i think it is an everyday struggle. I once read a forum off this website ( about something called ho ‘popopono. A psychiatrist in Hawaii cured an entire ward with not even meeting with any of the patients. He supposedly read each one of their files and repeated I am sorry and I love you. By helping yourself you help the world. I do not know how accurate or true this is. But only way to understand life is to live it and try to do your best at finding out how true it really is….

  • Azmat

    the gangs are out…
    Hello people,
    I have made it back from the abyss,
    and ethereal nothingness.
    From whence we go on a psychotic
    advertising campaign:
    Undoing withered simpleton!

  • anonimus

    uhhhhh…. iv’e created a damn good illusion time and time again everyone lookes wasted when i feel so good inside. self-centeredness impacts the city/state/contry/world. staying cold inside and feeling sooo alive and good. and…a…illusion begins to happen to everyone. Excessive amounts of pride in oneself kills off love in a community. Intellagence,CIA knows onces mind control/electronic harrassment is found out, Iran/Iraq and other countries will be mad enough to nuke countries who have selfcentered pride. Theyll feel cheated 4 the past 45 to 50 years and rightfully so once they relize the connection in humanity.look at obama his eyes have the down lines 2 under them. power love wealth will sound the guns. people go mad with no love if they cant feel happy cause theyve been bewitched through eye contact. if only people knew how to fight a true holy war

  • anonimus


  • anonimus

    Id be willing to take polygraph tests voice lie detector tests truth serum whatever it takes to prove that the american government is using psycoelectronics that include the voice to skull technologies. Lasers and weird things they use as punishment for cold behavior that drains people i look at. and to think they would put a minor through this. Theres a real sick part of the american government that needs to be brought to justice. I beleive i can accomplish this task as young as i am. I want restitution. Russia has this technology as well as the U.S. they both were the first to develop it to prevent evil rulers from taking power as hitler once did. Then they decided to use it as a way of keeping anyone from taking to much positive energy out of the community. they even began using it on minors like myself. its like a kid steals a candy bar and is sentenced to 10 years in jail.

  • Azmat

    US Pat# 3951134
    For all those mind control buff’s.
    Don’t think electromagnetic radiation can
    cause voices in your head?
    Look up “Frey Effect” at

  • Azmat

    Under unsuing research via search engines
    on certain victim ran mind control websites,
    I have uncovered similarities inconsistent
    with those which may have a biological root.
    Being that there have been several people
    reporting on the web at different times,
    and living thousands of miles apart,
    these same sentences from their audio
    “We’ve got you!”
    and “We’ve won!”
    I peer into wondering whose power trip is
    tormenting the earth.

  • anonimus

    you all look kinda tired mua ha ha ha try not to break up in your speeches or in your small talk. illusions,illusions. thats what secret services get 4 beaming voices in my head all day long. You keep it up ill dedicate my entire life towards exposeing the top secret brainwashing. um uh peace out… ha ha ha im watching your eyes CIA they melt it seems. and i know if i have one stupid agent the convention size effect it begins to have in the surrounding area. im frickin bad…i did that tired look on you cowards faces although weve never met. ill drain u basterds

  • Azmat

    With all the reports of torture and inhumane
    treatment under such means,
    no one seems to turn their eye.
    Has anyone even attempted to see who is right or
    It seems even with a patented technology and
    todays means of reproducing it,
    there is no reason to pass off the claims of
    Ignorance of the possibility of remote attacks
    upon civilian populations by mind control
    is inane.
    There is hope, and that wordly power lies in the
    hands up the principalities of the earth,
    at least when it comes to worldly justice.
    There is a call for justice and redress
    from torture, the most sensless of acts.

  • Azmat

    What is with all these people blaming
    their own government?
    Nearly everyone who believes their under
    mind control blames their own government!
    I am proud to have been born and to live
    in my country, the government is doing
    the best they can for it.
    Who would believe that the government
    would microwave a baby,
    watch 9/11 and do nothing about it,
    and torture christians?
    Whoever is responsible is nothing
    unto our country and does not reflect
    our people, our beliefs, or our values.
    Flying the stars and stripes with

  • David Cavallo

    And I’m definitly writing a letter to the Washington Post.. Thank you guys for standing up for what u beleive in. Please contact me about the letter writng campaign it would be appreciated..I’ll see if I can get some people together to write with me (310)402-1147 Torrance,CA 90504 Los Angeles County

  • Jason

    You cannot think this stuff doesnt exist.You need help if you think it is some type of sci fi or whatever.The patenets for this stuff have been around for longer than you know.You could look at some of the patents from the sites of the patent office.I mean how could anyone not think mind control,synthetic telepathy,remote behaviour manipulation do not exist?

  • Lee Sanders

    “Human radio implanted devices.”
    Radio devices exist and there is no qualms of who is implanted adult, child or infant at birth. The military commissioned Bell Laboratories to produce a miniature amplifying device beginning in 1947.
    The first device was a bone phone disk implanted at the base of the brain stem of a infant in the early 1950’s. the later devices came into being less than 2 years later. Since then they have evolved and placed all over the human body giving detailed information about organ interaction, heart beat, brain wave patterns etc. are not only monitored but the organs them selves nerve information is introduced and many times that information is enhanced. The whole brain is made to fuction and walking on water is the crawl of a infant.
    A microfilm size receiver powered by a plutonium battery. A flat oval slender device with a very sharp strong platinum thin wire that once the device touches the skulls bone then from the handle used to insert the device a lever is released that causes the thin wire like needle to enter into the cochlear nerves vibrating as a speaker does. The needle actually goes through the cochlear and into the flesh that surrounds the cochlear. In this fashion the device will not float around and is secure. This is describing a temporary device 8 to 10 years 24/7.
    The transmitter is a separate device that is attached to the tendons of the larynx. Vocal thought not only speech produces movement of the larynx.

  • MD

    I have also experienced what you guys have been discussing, nothing new to add, except that I am living in Malaysia, South East Asia.
    I am writing to warn that the problem has reached here as well, but with fundamental human rights and self determinism already shaky, severe nepotism at top levels of government increasing, people’s privacy and rights will stand for little in societies that dismiss this as science fiction.
    Given the difficult to prove nature of the technology, and authoritarian governments here also the large percentage of population being already inducted cronies into positions of varying influence throughout society, there will be little protection for anyone here from their whim and fancy in this region.
    I cannot afford to install a Faraday cage, please contact me to advise . . .

  • Azmat

    With the ongoing internal inversion of
    words, there is nothing more to do,
    but prove lies but lies.
    We are men, and we understand what it means
    to us, if we were to be in so much darkness
    and hopelessnes.
    We have the heart to want to help those
    who are in such chains,
    we did not choose to be born into this world,
    this life is short, we should all be able
    to live, a most fundamental want and right
    of well being and life.

  • John

    Technology. If there was even an inkling of a possibility that you could read someones mind and throw sound into it, every government on the planet would be racing towards that goal. Proof of voice to skull in what they say. Hello, my name is John. I am 52 years old. I have a high school education. I posted some of this on Wired , danger room, Army yanks voice to skull web page. I noticed my neighbors were acting weird, yelling stuff out, so I started listening., After 2 years of reading about gang stalking and voice to skull harassment, they were entraining me to listen.. No one else can hear it except for me. They have a thing for words and everything that they say will cause you to think and you

  • ian

    hello my name is ian. I live in denver co.and am also a victim of dew’s and voice to skull. they have been tracking me for the last five years and used to only come in and out with the talking or they would whistle from different directions but about three years ago the real torture began and the grotesque and perverted visuals audio and forced dreams have been 24/7 ever since. the gentleman who listed what they were saying to him inspired me to post this because the verbal abuse he is experiencing is so close to what im experiencing, even the asshole’s who are camped out in my head got a kick out of it.they actually commented while I was reading the list saying they were terror tactics. This is obvious actually and they will use any type of leverage they can and if there isnt any in your life they will create something. The people who are doing this to me run pretty elaborate games in my head to keep me suffering they run my mind in circles and tell me im being boxed or that they built me a furnace. the dreams that I have are always creepy and very vivid they usually involve guns and violence and of course sex.I know they have an audio/visual signal link that is running through a computer because these people have actually created computer generated renderings and played them to me. they also record my dreams and replay them to me during the day. Its a haunting feeling and oddly enough there are emotions attached to the dreams which is why they play them to me.It seems to me that there are all kinds of things they may be doing with this, I know they have a whole library of my dreams which they can actually remix with computer generated imagery and vice versa they can create a rendering send it to my mind,let my mind interact and augment the rendering. this is automatic because the mind trys to make sense of the input in a way that it is familiar with which would be a facsimile of the real world,just like the way the mind generates natural dreams. so they are simultaneously transmitting an image letting your mind augment it and recording the entire thing in a closed loop of sorts. For all we know there is a blackmarket for other peoples dreams. maybe they plug themselves into these machines and run around in other peoples dreams. But this doesnt explain the 24/7 torture. the same results could be brought about without the could actually do good with this setup so why dont you ever hear about that? is this indicative of the human psyche that is given unlimited power over another without social constraints.I bet if these people ten years ago could see themeslves now, even they would probably be shocked at how warped they had become. I believe the original link is probably generated by pointing a device directly at your person at which time the frequency of your biofield is modulated in a way that creates a tag. This differentiates you from others around you and allows you to be track no matter where you go using radio metrics. but who knows honestly I dont even care how it works I just want it to stop which is only going to happen when a greater awareness of this is achieved by people outside of those targetted and pressure is applied to the powers that be to acknowledge the problem and do something about it.

  • Jack Frost

    “FOR A BETTER WORLD WE MUST NOTICE THE POWERFUL CONNECTION THAT EXISTS IN HUMANITY WHICH IS YET TO BE EXPLAINED YET IT IS SEEN AND FELT IN OUR EYES.” Listen up you NSA/CIA roaches if you ever want your shitfaced economy back, youll have to pay restitution to all TI’s. Water boarding is considered torture yet TI’S are tortured far worse with pshycoelectronics as they are used on parts of a tis body that would drive the ti to maddness. 70 percent of your economy is consumer driven. I cause that lack of confidence in the people. they don’t feel like spending the arrogant impulsive spending spirit i take out of them and they in turn do the same to others without noticing and the effect follows. were gonna need a 500 billion doller restitution plan after I expose this V2K or mind control. The governments sick to do this to high school kids. I demand vengence on the millitary or secret goverment underground responsible for beaming voices in my head on a 24/7/365/ daily basis and using psyco electronic torture (vibrations,and invisible shock beams on my body.) This is the sick part of government in america no one will believe exists. the veterans are suing the cia for earlier methods of mind control this year of 2009 but im talking about advanced electronic torture. Glad to see the economy fall its what holds me back from doing things that are not to be told…

  • The man

    Both the thoughts and heart of man are deep… This countries sick methods of punishment began in the early 1970’s late 1960’s. It seems the voice to skull harassment origionated from the cia who worked with germanys scientists after world war 2 was over. The reason for this torture is simple. they hate anyone with power because it snuffs out that spirit of joy. Part of the cia/ or millitary is using this as a social punishment. I feel embarrased when i see these sick individuals who would torture kids. I think i might have located their bases if their still around. they are under a mountain in Dulce, New Mexico. and Germany has their intellagence base in antarctica. RUN you cowards. they have to be underground equipped with ceiling shielding where satalites cant see the super computers that are connected to satalites and cell phone towers. I will destroy the evil pedifiles from the core and their surrounding area… and give thanks one day to jesus christ the lord for giveing me the power over millions that will eventually put the evil sector of american government under my feet. use excuse after excuse as to why the economy is falling when the truth is every problem origionated from pride and cold stares, people holding on to power, faces falling faint…tired…looking for a spark of joy in eachother… the eyes never lie and the cia must be punished for driving people into cold heartedness with v2k tormenting the heart of man.

  • the man

    Nevermind i dont think dulce or antarctica are the right bases but i know their underground basis and theyre going down.

  • the man

    Nevermind i dont think dulce or antarctica are the right bases but i know their underground basis and theyre going down.





  • Mark Andrew Mccoy SR.

    I dont have time to read all the crap people write because I am made very tired by this RF. I will say that you RF victims are a bunch of hell bound liars. I know my goverment and they would never allow so many witnesses to have any voice. This is a bunch of bullshit. Real victums of RF torture are dead except me. The rest of you fakes accusing the goverment or some company are doing so because local law enforcement told you to lie. I am the real victim trying to save others from becoming victims and you assholes are making that impossible. People know about me and accept what they know, as sad as that is but you fakes demean the absolute seriousness of what happens to me prentending to survive etc… and endanger the entire country wich is headed for RF mind direction being used in every aspect of life.
    Be ashamed of your selves as others will be for none of your lies is worth what is actually going to happen in this country and others because of your deciept.

  • jack frost

    U.S. electronic mind control technology used by NSA/CIA or any form of top secret millitary intellegence can best be described as walt disneys ” The brave little toaster” in a sense that any objects with a consistancy of sound becomes objects that the voices from the NSA/CIA or millitary intellegence can be heard from 24/7/365. This includes household appliances such as a vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, aquarium, microwave etc… this technology is cruel and causes a person to go mad and turn cold inside with angre words can’t describe. when you think of kids who are being tortured by the technology in high school (such as I was) not being able to process their thoughts clearly or learn easlily because of the voices interference. they sabatoge the opportunity to get married and therefor unborn children are sacraficed to the devils,(NSA/CIA, millitary intellegence). they are murderers in a sense who continue the torture (voices, Electronic tingling itching etc…) even when power is given up by the person who has cold stares toward the public holding on to power. I just about choked when Irans president claimed to have talks with the U.S. in a fair atmosphere because the earths atmosphere has not been fair for the past 40 years. American people are connected to Iranian people and it seems as if when a system was set up it favored only a specific group of individuals who do not fear god. they followed a darwin concept of how they could achieve “free love”. I will be set free mentally. I would highly encourage american investigators, intellegence to research and investigate the issue, pay restitution to myself and other countries who suffer and empower contries of proud people. the country i once thought was free and humble i now see as the sarcastic bitch of the world.

  • Azmat

    It has been unending,
    lives are being destroyed,
    there are victims of a grave injustice,
    and there is a cry for justice and redress.
    The most sensless of acts is malice,
    it has and is being afflicted.
    I believe that by God and all who believe
    in justice,
    that this may come to an end.
    No one knows what is going on,
    though there has not been an answer,
    I know that there is still
    the hearts of those who heed
    to what is right,
    and believe in equality,
    and rights for man.
    For we know that without such,
    there cannot be life for all,
    we have not chosen be born into this
    humanity is one,
    and through endurance of life unto death,
    the same end comes to us,
    this unites us.
    We should all have the right to life,
    without the affliction of evil,
    for this world is alreadry full of its
    are lives are but short.
    To defend each other from the same troubles,
    which we all have either partial or full understanding,
    and to rescue those who are in the chains,
    which is of fear to any of us,
    is to relieve such unnbearable pain.
    It is in our hearts
    to rescue our fellow man from such
    this we can all understand.
    We cannot make it through this
    If there were any time that the
    world needed to come together,
    this is the time.
    There is no fighting it unless someone will hear.
    For those who will, I am sure reassurance
    will come for those who now are hopeless.
    One of the people……….

  • Azmat

    Operation DOOM HOUR COM continues…
    Ethereal Noisless Beat Machine.

  • MT
  • jack frost

    The voices continues through anything with a consistancy of sound after nearly half a decade. when does this punishment stop. if they are useing mind control technologies to control the population why not outlaw birthcontrol and obortion. the nsa and cia does not know what i am capable of. investigate and pay restitution one of the subjects studied during the mk ultra experaments was african attitude. 20 years later satalites are up in the sky and super commputers are used to ruin a persons life who is suspected to be proud er spreading fear. however a persons genetic traits play a major role when it comes to power. these freaks known as the cia became afraid and insecure and decided to screw with other races and people they dont like lives showing no mercy. there will be no mercy in my eyes until restitution is paid. i have to suffer like jesus while these sarcastic individuals beam voices in my head. there is much justifyable angre. i was planning on haveing 7 kids. thats unborn children that are sacraficed. take away my sleep and brainwash me see what is going to happen with ur satalites. if i have to take multiple lie detector tests in defense of my case against the cia or nsa i will. idiots im hella smart about all this so dont push me or ill live to see the country thrown into a cold war. everyone will despise the country who invented the technology with no remores. Iran, Iraq, vietnam other countries dont have part in the technology to this day. one thing ben ladin is right about is the cia are like nazis who inside are INSECURE and AFRAID. but hes a coward just like they are. the nation is not innocent sectors of the government inflict this human torture unseen. they argue everyone who is proud snuffs out the spirit of love or joy. that is why they allowed the towers to fall sept 11th 2001. to help unfreeze americas pride level because humans share the emotions jealousy love. its hard to explain but im right and telling the truth of all this info. as crazy as it sounds. they are as evil as ben ladin. no wonder god wont let them catch ben ladin or they know where he is but wont catch him because it keeps america humble. RAISE UP AMERICA. fighting a war cheating useing psycoelectronics is a wilber milk toast mans way of fighting. stop useing satalites to punish me dam half a man mfrs. if ur kids could see what u all are doing the cia would be ashamed. their shameful brainwaves might give the world joy. I can prove all this…when i expose the devils cia through jesus christ and gods deliverence from them tortureing me with voices and not letting me have a life.

  • jack frost

    Honda connected brain thoughts to robotics today developeing a way to read patterns of electrical currents on a persons brain. they discovered if the person wants to move his/her right or left hand, run or wants to eat. a robot they made responded to brain signals and moved its right arm just the persons thoughts makes their robot move. this gos to show that the thought reading, (brainwashing) by the cia/nsa does exist except the psyops they have developed has been classified since the 1970’s. their DEVICEs are made to imprison a persons mentallity for being powerful. they read electrical currents in a persons body with telephone wires and satilites. EVERYONES body. the one world government has been in effect for roughly 30 to 40 years. many think who are the founders of such an evil punishment. they are nothing more than sodimites and outcasts, the CIA. Japans technology is indeed 15 years ahead of us in mostly everything involveing electroniscs except for mind control technology. when one looks into anothers eyes depending on the amount of power(pride,love,jealousy)he/she obtains, faint lines appear slightly below the eyes extending toward the ear lobes these lines show fear. however this device that is up in the sky is unheard of it is what reads everyones electrical current. ^ = this is what the lines look like imagine the letters t and i are the persons eyes. how do you hold on to power. you cant because of the psycoelectronics, unless your me. That is why i am brainwashed. However the brainwashing goes beyond legal punishment its worse than any torture because it effects ones soul as both the thoughts and heart of man are deep connected to each other. I want the demolishtion of the CIA for two reasons 1. they are fudge packers and 2. they ruined over 4 years of my life illegaly and cruely made me suffer you brats…PAY UP give my advice a chance to be found true. Try making the ^ appear under the eyes now i see what people are doing by squinting in hollywood. and now i know why the world doesn’t like americans.

  • jack frost

    Honda connected brain thoughts to robotics today developeing a way to read patterns of electrical currents on a persons brain. they discovered if the person wants to move his/her right or left hand, run or wants to eat. a robot they made responded to brain signals and moved its right arm just the persons thoughts makes their robot move. this gos to show that the thought reading, (brainwashing) by the cia/nsa does exist except the psyops they have developed has been classified since the 1970’s. their DEVICEs are made to imprison a persons mentallity for being powerful. they read electrical currents in a persons body with telephone wires and satilites. EVERYONES body. the one world government has been in effect for roughly 30 to 40 years. many think who are the founders of such an evil punishment. they are nothing more than sodimites and outcasts, the CIA. Japans technology is indeed 15 years ahead of us in mostly everything involveing electroniscs except for mind control technology. when one looks into anothers eyes depending on the amount of power(pride,love,jealousy)he/she obtains, faint lines appear slightly below the eyes extending toward the ear lobes these lines show fear. however this device that is up in the sky is unheard of it is what reads everyones electrical current. ^ = this is what the lines look like imagine the letters t and i are the persons eyes. how do you hold on to power. you cant because of the psycoelectronics, unless your me. That is why i am brainwashed. However the brainwashing goes beyond legal punishment its worse than any torture because it effects ones soul as both the thoughts and heart of man are deep connected to each other. I want the demolishtion of the CIA for two reasons 1. they are fudge packers and 2. they ruined over 4 years of my life illegaly and cruely made me suffer you brats…PAY UP give my advice a chance to be found true. Try making the ^ appear under the eyes now i see what people are doing by squinting in hollywood. and now i know why the world doesn’t like americans.

  • Blue Sky Victim

    Accusation-I am the Blue Sky Victim. The Television and Radio industries, hereinafter MEDIA, have expanded on the work of Dr. Jose Delgado and Dr. Fry.
    1. I have seen firsthand demonstrations of the MEDIA

  • Blue Sky Victim

    Accusation-I am the Blue Sky Victim. The Television and Radio industries, hereinafter MEDIA, have expanded on the work of Dr. Jose Delgado and Dr. Fry.
    1. I have seen firsthand demonstrations of the MEDIA

  • Lonewolf

    Informational Proliferation Department:
    note on long range modulation of brainwaves.
    1.The brain consists of several billion
    neurons which “talk” according to electrical
    impulses they generate.
    2.When electromagnetic radiation penetrates
    the skull and cranial tissues the soft brain
    tissue is stimulated, changing the polarity of
    surrounding neurons causing them to fire
    action potentials.
    3.Pulsed at appropriates frequencies the
    generated wave is modulated by the brainwaves
    whose ongoing patterns embody every sensation
    be processed in the brain.
    The appropriate through-put patterns can
    coincide with visual/audio data which originate
    in specific cortices in the brain.
    4.This technology, as we have done, can be
    reproduced for under 20,000 USD.
    Remember when the nerves (in the body) are
    stimulated by an electromagnetic field at
    a frequency above audiable range,
    the nervous system will become responsive to
    a carrier signal which can contain information
    to be processed by the brain.
    We are against mind control,
    the underground revolutionary force against
    this tyrranous weaponry.
    Currently we are in your head.
    I am their messenger user Azmat.
    As the great ethereal beat machine says:
    techo trip ethereal “invisible” mess.
    It is a mess.

  • azmat

    voice – to – skull or frey effect induced voices
    (audio hallucinations)
    is only one example of the control of the
    sensations of a human being.
    While into our investigation with project CHITTER
    we discovered that
    many victims have also seen vivid images in their
    minds, felt things touch them that aren’t there, alterations in the perception
    of their body, quick hypnotic induction, control
    and manipulation
    of the dreams, vivid dreams, implanted
    thoughts / suggestions /
    ideas /, and visual hallucinations.

  • jack frost

    im not lieing people about voice to skull they can induce heart attack 2 The T Is will be paid restitution its illegal to punish like this and the nsa and cia will pay up I’ll get a brain scan and lie detector tests and people will see im not lieing or crazy laugh now and cry later nonbeleivers…

  • Jack Frost

    :<-I This is why they beam voices in peoples heads.

  • Riona

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  • Bradley

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    I am from Luxembourg and know bad English, give true I wrote the following sentence: “Though he still preferred an part on the daughter, george has designed that he has a colonel deceit problems.”
    With best wishes :D, Bradley.

  • Andre

    Give please. Before we set our hearts too much upon anything, let us examine how happy those are who already possess it.
    I am from Sudan and now study English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: “Tale decisione vehicle equipment choices in pressure di iscrizione della vettura al trofeo.Before you include your technology, told the drive replaces from the side moguls and restore their companies and officers where they could be listed.”
    Thank :-) Andre.

  • batvette

    While I applaud Sharon’s media exposure of all this, I am troubled that she limits the attention to TI’s complaining of voices in their head and technology she can say is still “in development”. I experience “electronic harrassment”, assumedly from adjacent apartments by military age males with no visible means of support, with symptoms that appear to be crude microwave energy. A person with high school electronics education can build a device to accomplish this. These symptoms include abnormal heating of the body, intense and disturbing visual hallucinations when falling asleep (that turn on and off like a switch and are accompanied by seeing red in the dark, green when the lights come on) a distinct dry burning chemical taste in the throat and sinuses, a gaslighting effect of dimming lights in the house, and a loading up sound of fans and air conditioners. I have a reason (I’d rather not discuss in detail) that ideologue types might wish me to drive me from the neighborhood.

  • batvette

    This is not sci-fi movie stuff, after the cold war ended we have thousands of NSA /other alphabet agency operatives running loose in America with no Soviets to pursue. There are no hordes of middle east men roaming our cities looking to blow up our monuments, despite the government recruiting more agents, and creating a network of Stasi like civilian snitches.
    The DOJ’s “Operation Weed and Seed” bragged of sending DOJ agency personnel to rid neighborhoods of “undesirables” as ID’d by steering committees, using “any means necessary”. As the DOJ just happens to train all those individuals at the facility (Marine base, Quantico, VA) which is also HQ for the JNLWP, responsible for directed energy weapons development, it would be easy to theorize the DOJ, who have made no bones about wanting to put active denial system type technology in the hands of law enforcement, isn’t doing just that right in plain view of the media and Ms. Weinberger and her colleagues are ignoring it.
    Is there a reason? Control, conformity, defense contractor expenditures, and agency personnel from top to bottom needing a reason for their position to exist. Not brain surgery, people.

  • elvis

    great after peter got submitted to the hospital were they able to give him medicine that make him live and enjoy day life .other than go to sleep

  • michael

    michael jackson hit and dead by mind control and try

  • mashhour hammoudeh

    Hello to whom it may concern My name is mashhour Hamouda I’m an American of Palestinian origin of the population of Daly City California, Im under gang stalking harassment and electronic harassment By Satellite staff and state, and entered the hospital because of waves of deadly targeting my home and my body I do not know any reason for what is happening to me,It is only Racism large and xenophobia within the government and Police and intelligence of the American citizen of from arab muslim Background, Please take the message seriously because they are trying to kill me for no reason I know.

  • Rod
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