Rapid Fire 01/23/07

* Al-Qaeda in Iraq targeting U.S.?
* Insurgents behind copter crash
* Google Earth disappears Iraq bases (background)
* Blackwater buying 767s
* Homeland security tech pageant
* Exploding robots vs. asteroids
* UK cops hack gov’t PCs
* “Facial skin signature”
* Spider ship sails thru San Fran Bay
* Inside Darpa’s IT push
* Petraeus testifies
* First JTRS radio deploys

(Big ups: RC, NW, /., Kris, Stephen)

  • J6A2001

    For future reference, no one from the Bay Area ever says San Fran, or Frisco for that matter. It is never shortened. It is always San Francisco.

  • Nicholas Weaver

    Or “SF Bay” or “The SF Bay area”