Rapid Fire 01/25/07

* Georgia’s uranium sting
* NYPD won’t use $140M radios
* Tijuana police trade guns for slingshots
* Note to self: don’t fly Air China
* Look out below! 35 more Ospreys
* Dems target Iraq contracts
* “Beirut in flames”
* Army IM = “killer app?”
* China hawks strap on space wings
* Store data… on a photon?
* Bonfire of guns
* Defense energy lowdown
* Marines oust medicine man
* Who dares question me?!?!?

(Big ups: BB, JS, RC)

  • Macaca

    - Army IM = “killer app?” deserves some attention.
    If you look on how the web changed people when stuff like wiki, youtube, rss and community sites entered the web, imagine on how it may improve the military. A wiki on Humvee-armoring-in-the-field would have been very usefull…
    A closed/secure warzone intranet lets all kinds of specialized troops share thoughts, advise and tactics, even when they are 300 miles apart. And i guess it also would be great for morale.

  • Edward Liu

    There is a fair amount of skepticism in the comment thread of the Air China story.
    Not that I don’t find it plausible on its face, but I would like to see more proof (like an actual news story or a maintenance report) before I accept the event as stated.