Rapid Fire 01/31/07 (Updated)

* AQ big offed in Madagascar
* Gonzales turning over domestic spy docs?
* Vid: Sea Launch explosion
* Tehran behind G.I. kidnapping?
* …Roggio had the story last week
* More Iranian bombs in Iraq (background)
* “Rogue U.S. attack on Brit convoy?”
* Big corruption in Iraqi police training
* Sadr’s rope-a-dope
* Congress slams Los Alamos…
* …Deepwater cutters up next (background)
* Cold-case cops turn to YouTube
* Plea deal in MySpace murder
* 1672 “folding camera” comes to life
* Inside Putin’s jet

(Big ups: BB, DG, RC, EM, Hambling)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003454107057 Mack

    For us it’s M3 and A34.Mentally hovering over the buy tikcets button. Your session combined with Dr Who, Blue Peter Book Award and Michelle Magorian are all very tempting. So its time to hoik up google maps and see if we can get from one to other in time might need a matter transporter.(I won a blue Peter Badge when I was nine, still desperate to use it.)