Rapid Fire 02/02/07

* Pentagon budget $30B short
* Gloomy intel estimate for Iraq
* DHS won’t give locals terror info
* $10K rewards to dis global warning
* Israel picks rocket defense
* DoD finagles casualty count
* Boston, city of wimps
* Conventional Tridents, extra dead (background)
* Spec Ops’ pack mules
* Tax man kills space dream
* Blackfive vs. Arkin
* Pic: comet, Southern Lights
* Flying car just around the corner… for the 384958736479th time

(Big ups: RC, EH)

  • Byron Skinner

    Good Morning Folks,
    Boston is clearly out of the cultural loop and Turner Broadcasting couldn’t have bought better publicly. A $500K fine, cheap at twice the price. Choices for a new Boston nickname: “Booston” or “Boo Town”.
    Byron Skinner

  • Haninah

    Back off of Boston, guys. Without MIT and Raytheon, y’all wouldn’t have either radar or the missiles that kill it. Not to mention the whole independence thing!
    Anyone else enormously amused by the fact that someone dismissed the guide to proper treatment of mules and other animals as “an exercise in ass-covering”?

  • Nicholas Weaver

    And remember: Be the prime suspect for dropping off a REAL fake pipe bomb at a Boston hospital and you don’t get arrested.
    Also, all bombs look like massive Lite Brite assemblies with 4 D batteries and a couple of magnets.

  • John

    I am amazed at how easy it seems to be to kill Americans with bombs these days.
    Apparently, all one needs to do is construct a bomb, camouflage it with a cartoon character, and instantly every smug 12-22 year old and 35 year old computer programmer that lives with his mom will knowingly say “ah, yes, an electronic device attached to a bridge, you’d think it is a bomb but actually, its just a humble magnetic lite-brite (R) that looks like a character from a cartoon I watch ” and let it go.
    Thank Goodness Boston Cops seem to leave watching cartoons to their kids and thank Goodness they have the brains to know that just because a pop culture icon is attached to a device does not mean its harmless.
    All those that like to pretend it does aren’t particularly adept critical thinkers, and I’m glad they are at home watching cartoons rather than out in the world protecting my smart ass.
    That said, the sad part is…Boston PDs intel capabilities obviously totally suck ass :(