Rapid Fire 02/07/07 (Updated)

* Sea Knight down; 5th copter in 18 days (background)
* Double the IEDs in Iraq
* Air war picks up; 10K CAS missions in ’06
* Early, bad “signs” for would-be killer astronaut…
* … her sudden descent
* Yikes! Giant cyberattack
* Israel talking up Iran strike
* All kinds of fraud at spy sat agency
* Missile shield growing
* Shady NSA spook caught
* Shocker! Max Boot making sense
* Next-gen body armor, yours for only $10K
* Hellloooooo, Miss Atom!
* 2nd chance at space
* “Tactical assault hand signals”

(Big ups: PG, AT, JQ, RC, Drudge, Blackfive)

  • Aaron

    definately check the tactical assault hand signals.