• Robot.Economist

    Osprey’s downed? I didn’t know the turkeys had ever gotten off the ground in the first place. I wonder if Spacewar has the right picture associated with that Iran stealth UAV story.
    The UAV in the picture is clearly an Ababil. Are canard’s that stealthy?

  • paulg

    During the 1980’s border wars in South Africa the troops used a camo cream that was nicknamed ‘Black is beautiful'(Wonder if the term is still in use). According to some family members of mine that served in Angola, some troops preffered to use the exhaust soot from a ‘mog truck instead.

  • Haninah

    RE: Caption says it’s a file photo. Not that I believe the new bird is much fancier, but FWIW.

  • Aaron

    stealthy drone? looks like a high school rc project.