Re: Raptors for Australia. There’s no more deserving an ally and no better strategic location for a squadron of F-22’s. Congress should reconsider the sale of Raptors to the Aussies.

  • pedestrian

    No problem for F-22A sales to Australia, but I wonder if the Australian government would like to buy such an expensive fighter that is wrapped up with black boxes. Japan has interest in purchasing F-22A too, and their rank in the world’s GDP second from US allows Japan to afford such an expensive fighter. If both Japan and Australia are allowed to purchase F-22A Raptors, it will contribute to cost down of mass production, but it is up to the congress of US for permission of sales, and those who are willing to buy. However, it sounds like an overkill for Australia with only Indonesia as the potential threat. If China is also viewed as a main threat for Australia, then the story is different. I wish we still had SEATO for defense against China.