The REAL Dragon Skin Alternative

First of all, I want to thank all you DT readers for your incredibly insightful discussions regarding the latest spat over Dragon Skin. Its such a pleasure to edit a site that draws such informed conversations that actually help drive the story forward.

So a big pat on the back to our readers, we appreciate it.

In fact, one of our savvy readers helped push the debate even further by tipping DT off on a whole new class of body armor that simply puts Dragon Skin and, frankly, all others to shame.

Foreign.Boy wondered why in the heck DT readers werent discussing the Trojan Armor system, invented by armor expert extraordinaire Troy Hurtubise. With all this hoopla about how Dragon Skin is the new wonder armor, how could such well-informed readers ignore the cutting-edge performance of this as yet unnoticed system?

After viewing the scientifically-precise laboratory field tests for myself, I cannot help but agree whole heartedly with (may I go so far as to call him my colleague?) Foreign.Boy.

Watch a report on the new suit below (and dont mind the weird cover shot on the video screen).

(Be sure to read the continued entry, you won’t be disappointed.)

So Ive dug and zorched around the net based on FBs suggestion. And here DT readers can view for themselves in wonderment at this new armor. Im sure youll all agree that the folks over a PEO Soldier would be smart to drop everything theyre doing and launch a Manhattan Project-style rapid fielding initiative to get the Trojan Armor on our boys in the Box.

And, oh, from all of us at Defense Tech – have a great Memorial Day weekend, folks. Ill leave you with this added video we dug up showing Hurtubise testing early prototypes of the suit. Thank goodness he made such life-saving improvements!

  • BT

    I’ve wondered that myself. The military has looked at Troy’s past inventions, but I guess it never works out.
    He claims it can stop an elephent gun, whatever that is .577,.470..etc. What about the infamous 7.62X54mmAPI?
    It would be way cool if it could stop modern bullets, and weigh under 50 lbs. (current full torso armor is approaching 30 lbs).
    Better helmets should be a top priority for the military, LTA doesn’t cut it. The new B4C curved process should help.

  • Camp

    Actually, if you want some kick’n battle armor… check out the StarCraft 2 Cinematic Trailer.
    Low Quality (YouTube)
    *High Quality (DivX) – Awesome Detail :)
    *Note: You’ll need to get the DivX player.

  • Foreign.Boy

    Troy is a very smart man. I’m sure if he had access to AP rounds in a 7.65.. he would have tested it.
    However, his body armour doesn’t use ‘modern’ materials. Troy is an inventor in every sense of the word.
    The french military has already did work with Hurtubise. (
    DT, Be careful calling me you “colleague” as I have no defense credentials… but I’m beaming with pride that I was mentioned in a ‘regular’ post. I’m a huge military, history, current affairs, and technology buff… and that doesn’t make me near the expert I believe you guys to be.
    Up in Canada, the ‘Trojan’ was on the news for a good few weeks.. I’m surprised it didn’t make more news down south. He did drive it over the border (wearing it). I have full faith in Troy that he could ‘adjust’ (if it needs it) his design if requested and given the resources necessary.

  • Siconik

    I am going to assume that his entry was a joke aimed at cutting the Dragon Skin/Interceptor tension over here

  • Thomas

    Shine on your Crazy Diamonds!! LOL

  • Camp

    “American gets shot while testing bullet proof armor”
    Yes, it too is humor.

  • Ness

    The footage of him being run down by a truck with a mattress on the front is truly impressive.
    All this begs the question though…. Would any protection increase be worth the PR nightmare of having American troops running around looking like Star Wars stormtroopers?

  • Charles

    Probably kill too many people by heatstroke…
    I wonder if it affects your ability to go prone, assault a building, dismount from a Bradley, etc.

  • ELMO

    YAY! Now I can safely visit Chicago!!

  • John0207

    Though the tests are impressive and I realize this armor is till in testing, you move like molasses in winter in that suit. Granted, its survivable but I feel it should allow for much more alacrity.

  • Macaca

    How awesome (and awe inspriring) would it be to equip a whole army with these.. it’s allmost like Halo multiplayer (Master Chief anyone?).
    And compare it with the no-armor rag style of the average Jihadist.

  • dav

    I think this should just replace the entire Land Warrior Program :P

  • SeanM

    I typed “Trojan Armor” into Google. This is what I came up with: “”
    You can’t deny the guy’s got balls, even if he is Canadian.

  • tajin sarin

    It looks like a power ranger lol
    this stuff could realy scare crap out of the enemy

  • Brian


  • Mike

    This “suit” is so cheesy. The idea is valid, but I doubt its effectiveness.

  • txzen

    Seems like it wouldn’t be too much trouble to cover up caps in the system shin extensions for the knee and shoulder extensions for the neck. But at 18 kgs that is 40 pounds about. Doesn’t sound so bad for so much coverage. Also troy’s ballistic cushion
    stops some dynamite from ripping a car door to pieces.

  • Allan D. Bain

    I think old Troy meant that the 26 Oz/Sq. Ft Armor at 2/8″ thick armor is level 3-A, not 3. If he could make hard armor to stop level 3 at 1/4″ thick and only 1.6 Lbs/Sq. Ft he would have everyone beating his door down.

  • Mitch S.

    Gee, I thought the military has been issuing Trojans for protection for at least 60 years!

  • Nadnerbus

    The guy is clearly a crazy Doc Brown type, but some of his stuff isn’t such a bad idea. The tracking system that can be swallowed, if actually workable, would actually be extremely valuable. We just lost a few guys while tearing half of Iraq apart looking for them. Maybe that would have been different if thay had some sort of tracker in their gut. Wierd, yes. Potentially usefull, hell yeah.

  • David Woroner

    Far be it for me to knock another inventor. Without inventors, I doubt the majority of society would survive. It was a caveman inventor who figured out how “to make” fire, rather than “carry it around”……. :)
    With that being said, the idea is a good one and has been for many years. Its simply a nice rendition of a 100yr old 20,000 leagues type suit.
    When he decides to shoot himself in the face with it, can I watch? (not a dig Troy, I know the BS you face…I hope you make some money!)
    Alot less “It coulda shoulda woulda been this way if I did it” and just be glad some guys really do try to make stuff. The lazy assed population likes to sit back, wait for an intelligent creation and then make fun of it.
    To them I say put up or shut up! Nice going Troy, keep the faith brother! (Whats the difference between science and science fiction? A: a couple of years….)
    Best, David Woroner

  • Iceworm72

    It seems to me that the Military Industrial Complex is not interested in outsiders playing on their turf. The indifference with which Troy’s inventions have been treated is in my opinion negligence on their part.
    This suit could be totally refined and made to be more comfortable using advanced gel pads with cooling/heating lines to address the temperature issue raised earlier. The refinement would most likely solve the issue of the exposed joints and neckline.
    I would not be too surprised to find out that if Troy were given 1 Million Dollars and access to DARPA Research Chemists if he could not improve his formulas. Geniuses are hard to find. I am of the opinion that Troy is an armor genius. I have done a lot of research for a book I am writing on Advanced Armor Concepts and frankly Troy’s is the best I have come across and it is a functioning prototype.
    I am frustrated by my government’s refusal to recognize a golden opportunity when it is presented. However, this attitude is nothing new the quest for powered flight was treated with equal skepticism and mockery. The Wrights were Right but sadly, they never really saw the vast wealth their perfected concept has created. I hope I am wrong but sadly I suspect that Troy will fall into this category of genius inventor; brilliant and forgot save as a footnote in history.
    if your interested I have more comments and thought on this issue posted at

  • Steven Carson

    The only thing that I can think of that they didn’t do was have this person step in front of a speeding locomotive. I don’t see how anyone can really move wearing that suit.

  • Joseph

    It looks pretty good. I agree far be it from me to tear apart such a cool invention. At $2000 a hit I can see EOD wanting interest in it.
    In my short experience of military doctrine and the way things are done a problems arise that are likely and sadly not going to be researched adequately to solve.
    First the suit is untested against ballistics Troy mentioned. The ballistic foam is an awesome invention, I am surprised I have never seen it before. If the suit could get NIJ level III certification or greater (the level given to the current form of body armor with plates) it would be given much more credibility.
    Due to the economy of the entire system I question its resilliance in desert conditions, namely the gadgets that were included and the use of solar cells to power the suit. I didn’t see what the solar cells were used to power so I don’t know of the full advantage/disadvantage they may offer.
    The system weighs right around 50lbs. Like I said before EOD might find some use but for the average soldier to be suited in that thing it would quickly put the max combat weight for all the other gear (weapon, ruck, ect.)
    Better than Dragon Skin, I am not convinced, namely I find the two products in different categories. Dragon Skin is body armor. Trojan Suit is an exoskeleton suit. To change/adjust the military doctrine to appropriately use the suit would take so long it wouldn’t come into application for at least 5 years.
    Is the Trojan Suit a great invention? Yes, heck I think for $2000 I’d be willing to get one for the fun of it. Do I honestly think it is versitile to meet the needs of the military in the current/upcoming conflicts? No.

  • afret91

    Is this a late April 1st video

  • JC

    I certainly hope this is a joke. I have been a soldier for 13 years and EOD since 1996. Trust me when I tell you that this guy is a crackpot. No EOD troop would want something that is so untested. Second of all why would he only equip the soldier with sidearms and not a viable weapon system. The interceptor body armor system, while definitely outclassed by Dragonskin, is still better than nothing. The soldier is at least afforded some measure of mobility while wearing IBA. I certainly hope no one takes this trojan armor seriously.

  • owen conway

    Are you serious. This is not even close to being something the military would ever use. Anyone who has a positve comment toward this is a moron, and has no tactical or overseas experiance in a combat arms field. Anyone wishing to argue this with me may email me at Thank you.

  • trickyrickcr

    You’ve got to be joking! No one here can actually consider this seriuosly for our armed forces. this is not body armor. Nothing to protect against small arms, IED shrapnel, ETC. The best defensive trait of this joke is that the enimy would be hindered fighting us, because they would be laughing! Simper Fi!

  • Hahn

    I think this site took a huge step – downwards – in projecting this as a serious alternative…
    I do hope that it was done tongue-in-cheek.

  • John

    Hey, we were watching the “testing” for the armor, and my dad says he would like some for downhill mtn. biking!

  • Matt

    While this may be a load of untested BS or a true option, remember that the U.S. Army is actually trying to develop an armored exoskeleton suit in it’s Future Force Warrior program, the next stage after Land Warrior.
    On its face I think it’s a over-the-top idea and has questionable performance now but as the saying goes “if its stupid but it works, it’s not stupid,” it’s just really got to prove that it will work!

  • Henry

    I can’t see the military being interested, but I could see real police applications.
    If someone barricades themselves in a building, a team could go in, confident that they wouldn’t be injured and subdue the suspect.

  • Fred

    One of the dumbest things I have yet to see. the guy walks around like a robot. How is he supposed to use any type of weapon

  • raven

    boy! you guys fell for a fake video,that the suit some dum-ass made to get close to bears in the wilds.and he states that the suits weights more than 150 lbs. and is hard to move around and if you fall down you WILL NEED HELP to get back on your feet. So save the tax payers’ money and stick to a suit that can help the boys in the combat zones!!

  • Joe Williams

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  • RockTheCasbah

    Raven and Fred, you guys didn’t watch the second video, did you? If you notice, he’s able to kneel, go prone and have full mobility. The bear suits are:
    1. In the 80s, and he’s come a long way since then
    2. BEAR SUITS, not the suits that he’s proposing to the military
    The Trojan suit (which IS the one he’s proposing) only weighs 18kg (39.6 lbs).
    BT, the 7.62X54mmAPI are in MILLIMETERS, which is entirely different. That’s about a 30 calibre round. The reason why armor piercing rounds are armor piercing are because they are reinforced to not mushroom, so it keeps on truckin’. I don’t know for sure, but I think his high-impact plastic lined with ceramic bullet protection over ballistic foam should be enough, but again, I don’t know for sure.