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Update: The Iranian Connection

by Ward Carroll on May 31, 2007


Okay folks, I know you miss this so much (trying a little irony here), but I feel like I have to turn your attention to the latest update of Iranian activity in Iraq.

Just three days after the groundbreaking talks between Iranian officials and U.S. diplomats on Iraqi security, coalition forces (which is code for TF 145) and Iraqi troops nabbed a few more bad guys tied to the Iranian support network for the insurgencyand al Qaeda.

I know there are a lot of readers here who strongly dispute the Iranian connection with Iraq and see it as impossible for a Shiite government to collaborate with the Sunni AQ movement. But at the very least, when more smoking gun evidence does present itself, the U.S. cant be accused of ignoring the threat.

From MNFI:

Iraqi and Coalition Forces detained two individuals in Sadr City during the first raid. They are believed to be members of the secret cell terrorist network known for facilitating the transport of weapons and explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, from Iran to Iraq, as well as bringing militants from Iraq to Iran for terrorist training.

Intelligence reports indicate one of the targeted individuals detained during the operation is suspected of providing facilitation and logistic support for trafficking weapons used in operations against Coalition Forces.

In a separate raid in Khanaqin, Coalition Forces captured a suspected liaison to al-Qaeda in Iraq senior leaders, who assists in the movement of information and documents from al-Qaeda in Iraq leadership in Baghdad to al-Qaeda senior leaders in Iran.

And at todays briefing with coalition commander, Gen. Ray Odierno, there was no flexibility on the claim of Iranian support of the violence:

We still see interference by Iran here in Iraqthey are shipping weapons, money and supplying training for insurgents in Iran.

But he did seem conciliatory toward Syria. While not denying the continuing flow of insurgents through Syria, Odierno is open to dialogue. Does he see an opening that the rest of us (skeptics) might be missing?

I think we need to reach out to them and to talk to them


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