NASA Naut Claims Alien Coverup


According the the Daily Telegraph of Australia:

FORMER NASA astronaut and moonwalker Dr Edgar Mitchell – a veteran of the Apollo 14 mission – has stunningly claimed aliens do exist.

And he says extra-terrestrials have visited Earth on several occasions – but the alien contact has been repeatedly covered up by governments for six decades.

Dr Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview that sources at the space agency who had had contact with aliens described the beings as ‘little people who look strange to us.’

He said supposedly real-life ET’s were similar to the traditional image of a small frame, large eyes and head.

Chillingly, he claimed our technology is “not nearly as sophisticated” as theirs and “had they been hostile”, he warned “we would be been gone by now”.

Dr Mitchell, along with with Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard, holds the record for the longest ever moon walk, at nine hours and 17 minutes following their 1971 mission.

Was Mitchell a technical advisor to the new X-Files movie? Heck of a promo…

“I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we’ve been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real,” Dr Mitchell said.

“It’s been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it’s leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it.

“I’ve been in military and intelligence circles, who know that beneath the surface of what has been public knowledge, yes – we have been visited. Reading the papers recently, it’s been happening quite a bit.”

So, I guess we are not alone.

Officials from NASA, however, were quick to play the comments down.

In a statement, a spokesman said: “NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe.

Typical coverup from the spooks at NASA.

— Christian

  • Ryan

    it does not follow from the unfathomable size of the universe that aliens are secretly visiting the Earth. this is the oldest and the dumbest argument for UFO visitation. here are just a few possibilities:
    1) there is no life elsewhere in the universe (most scientists think this is unlikely).
    2) there is life, but it’s not intelligent.
    3) there is intelligent life, but it’s unaware of us. an intelligent civilization located a billion light years from us wouldn’t find out we existed until roughly a billion years from now.
    4) there is intelligent life, and it’s aware of us, but it’s not particularly interested. the scientific revolution is only about 400 years old. technologically, we would be ants on an anthill compared to any civilization capable of detecting our presence. a civilization just a million years ahead of us would regard us something like bacteria growing on a petri dish.
    5) there is intelligent life, and it’s aware of us. it’s close enough to travel here, and for some reason it has decided to do so secretly. it began doing so shortly after the birth of science fiction. it takes a keen interest in the human rectum.
    remember kids, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

    • robert mackey

      that is according to your view,and how smart are you,im shure they have been watching,life if a very precious thing , and any civilation, that has made it, and evolved know, this, and relise all life forms are connected, and its there duty, to help others to evolve,and make it,its in all intelligent life forms intrest to do this,we are all in this together, its also important that they dont let savage warlike,civilations wonder into intersteller travel with out maturing first, for fear that ,they might destroy weaker life forms,with out impunity,with out relising,that every life form has some thing to offer,in creation,you people are smart but so ignorant, and pridefull, you wouldnt want to admitt, that, ther are life forms, out there, with wisdom, and insight that maybe,could benifit us here on earth, and else where in the universe Robert Mackey Anchorage Alaska,,, or maybe your paid to spread disinformation,and try to keep others in the dark,your all talking about a smart highly trained man,that our govt spent millions on ,a paid pro, i have to ask the question what the hell is your pedigree,nothing near the caliber of DR .Edger Mitchell,

      • robert mackey

        shame on you thoes, that try to protray him, in a negitive light, some one should kick you in the nads robert mackey anchorage alaska.and telepath experiments,are worthwhile. its not nonsense.our military been using it for some time,its a science, you doorknobs,you have a brain research it,its not hard,telsa albert einstien all the smartest brains in the world have said and i quote the human brain is hard wired as a transmitter and reciever, its been proven our air force pilots can fly by thought,with electrodes implanted on there heads,its in the infantsay stages right now,has nasa denied landing on the moon either get over yourselfs

    • mehmood

      ryan i agree with you reply no. 5. adding to that, that intelligtent life created humans on earth and put in such inevitable trouble that only GOD as we think of all mighty would must come to humans rescue and that will prove to aliens that there is some GOD. in other words humans are just experiment by million years advance alien force to track and find god almighty.

  • Brad B.

    Come on people! Are we supposed to believe someone who lies and said we actually landed on the moon?!?! ;)
    I thought it was funny that NASA just said they don’t track UFOs. Nothing about encountering them!

    • laurel

      i dfont understand if they went to the moon once why the hell havnt they been back i guess we are all dumb dumb dumb

  • Foreign.Boy

    Of course they don’t track UFO’s… cause they can’t!
    I think the argument that as large as the universe is its impossible that we’re the only intelligent life.

  • Foreign.Boy

    But of course.. considering the source… thinks theres aliens in Australia….

    • ross

      are you sure your not talkin about kangaroos

  • Ross

    sure we’re not the only intelligent life in the universe(s?) but is it really that likely that out of millions of stars in our galaxy alone they find out little planet?
    is this guy going a bit crazy or.. is it proper reliable? :S is the MIB real and does Will Smith work for them?!

  • Camp

    . Maybe, Dr Mitchell is actually trying to distract us from a monumental cover-up, of a secret organization who’s hiding an enigmatic program, designed to veil us from a governmental conspiracy, created to conceal a cryptic & surreptitious entity which exists, to prevent people from learning about an inexplicable and incomprehensible truth!! That… or Government is stealing our money again. 8p
    “How to Survive an Alien Attack”
    UFO Prank…

  • Roy Smith

    X-Files:I Want to Believe. Quick somebody call Mulder.

  • John B

    “Chillingly, he claimed our technology is “not nearly as sophisticated” as theirs”
    “described the beings as ‘little people who look strange to us.’
    No shit Sherlock. Did you expect them to look like Shania Twain?

  • George Skinner

    Ed Mitchell is also the astronaut who conducted unauthorized psychic experiments on the Apollo 14 mission in 1971. I’d be more impressed if the revelations about aliens originated with somebody like John Young or Dick Truly.

  • Grandjester

    And all the chimps we sent into space came back super smart too!

  • Chris

    First Gordon Cooper, now Edgar Mitchell? What happened over there at NASA? It must of been a bad batch of TANG.

  • Gervy

    I notice that NASA claimed not to be involved in the cover-up. But they never denied being victim to a cover-up by another agency. :)

  • Mike Burleson

    I think you need to take the “a” out of “Naut” on this story.

  • James

    oooo maybe the aliens will buy some f22s
    this is accualy what the navy wants the rail guns for…
    no seriously i think we have been visited before by some species out there dont know whether they visited us in probs or what all i know is small ppl who want to probe my anus scare me…and seriously dont you think if we found a alien space ship the dhimmicrates would have sold it to the chinese by now i mean seriously

  • WayAnonForThis

    Any ideas on what he means: “Reading the papers recently, it’s been happening quite a bit.” ?

  • Old Crusty Chief

    Now where did we put Dr. Mitchell’s Aricept?

  • Steven

    The only valid arguments against aliens are religious arguments. If you’re working purely on sceience math dictates there will be many other species.

  • Jeff M

    If he were serious he would have backed up this claim with some specific facts that could be investigated, such as the events in the news that he refers to. Could be that he just wants to make headlines again like he did in the Apollo era.

  • stephen russell

    IF, so then commercialize their Hi Tech for:
    SubOrbital Travel
    Deep Space Travel
    Earth Eco Regeneration
    Teleporting- see 1990s TV show EARTH FINAL CONFLICT.
    Radical from Gene Roddenberry.
    Whole Earth uses Star Trek style Transporters from alien race.
    Lets GO.

  • Will

    Dr. Mitchell is not the 1st Apollo moon walker to have emotional problems since his spaceflight days. But this probably makes him the 1 with the most sensational emotional problems.
    I understand the new X-Files movie stays away from the whole alien invasion mythology of the TV series. So this is probably not a publicity stunt.

  • Max

    “The only valid arguments against aliens are religious arguments. If you’re working purely on sceience math dictates there will be many other species.”
    Interesting that you should say that religious arguments against aliens are valid. Well, I and many other Bible-believing Christians (its important to make that distinction here) do not believe in aliens per se, but rather point to Genesis 6:4 (the Nephilim or Fallen Ones) as the origin of these “aliens”, which are really nothing more than half-breed demons (fallen angels) and people.
    Just how did they end up on other planets? Well, we don’t have direct evidence, but if indeed these “aliens” are real, then evidently they were able to somehow survive the Great Flood. Presumably (and this is only speculation), since people were living for almost a thousand years before the Flood (that is not speculation), one can only imagine the possibilities for scientific advancement that could occur if you had a lot of people with the intellectual capacity of Einstein or higher who could spend almost a thousand years advancing the science of their day before they died. Adam was able to name all of the species of animals, indicating a huge intellect. Assuming that this trait was common among the pre-Flood people, it is easy to imagine them being able to quickly advance to the space age and beyond in the 1500 years or so before the Flood. We did it ourselves in way less than 1,000 years, and very few ever lived past 100, so it is very definitely possible.
    So, what I’m saying is that while we don’t have direct evidence to prove this idea, nevertheless we do have indirect evidence in the myth of Atlantis, huge ancient runways found in South America, cave drawings of what appear to be rockets and so on; all of which point to the existence of a very advanced ancient civilization that was destroyed long ago; evidently in the Great Flood of Noah.
    My guess is that these “nephilim”, with the help of their “father” Satan, were able to construct spaceships to escape earth’s destruction and travel to other planets. Who knows, perhaps Mars first, and then later to other star systems? Maybe that would explain some of the strange landscaping on Mars.
    You might protest that it sounds like a lot of guessing. It is guessing, except that we have the Bible to start with, which gives us some important factual information that cannot be ignored: the Great Flood, Satan’s attempt to destroy the human race with demonic intermarriages, and the archeological evidence I mentioned already.
    Secondly, I made clear that IF the “aliens” are real, as the astronaut indicated, then this would be a much more believable explanation than saying that there are aliens from other planets, and therefore the Bible must not be true, which is what many people say.
    I cannot accept that, since I am a Bible translator and publisher, and have been a born-again Christian for over 25 years. I used to be an atheist and wanted nothing to do with God or the Bible, but have since then (1982) found both Jesus and the Bible to be not only true, but completely faithful, reliable, and trustworthy. Therefore anything that contradicts the clear testimony of the Bible cannot be true.
    All I’m saying (along with many others) is that the Bible provides a truthful and factual framework that provides a possible alternative explanation for these “aliens” than what is usually offered.

    • Para

      Logic fail.

  • Steven

    “Interesting that you should say that religious arguments against aliens are valid.”
    Well, I more meant that they have the capasity to be valid. I wasn’t refering to christianity or any other specific religion I’m simply saying “there are no aliens because the higher power did not create them” makes logical sense if you go with the assumption that those higher powers exist as you believe they do.
    On the other hand if you accept our current sciece as correct (which I grant is a big assumption.. but what else can we go off?) it is an almost mathmatic certainty. If you flip a coin a trillion times it is not guranteed to come up heads at least once.. but I’d be willing to bet it will.

  • Kjm

    Inter-dimensional beings are the most plausible explanation given the contradictions to Known physical laws in So many sightings. And if you accept that premise,then you must accept that these could be “spiritual” beings. This then leads to a “religious” explanation.



  • Max

    “Current science is correct…”
    Well, if you want to put your faith in “scientists” who “rewrite the textbooks” every five years or so with completely new theories which discredits much of what they said five years before, then go right ahead and expect your “faith” to be dashed over and over again.
    Darwin’s original theory, for example, has already been discredited by today’s evolutionary theorists several times over, although you probably never read about it in the college or high school textbooks, since they are loath to admit any possible errors in Evolutionary theory. The textbooks still talk about “gill slits” in embryos as if they were fact, when this idea has been completely discredited decades ago. If scientists are doing science still believing such nonsense, how can they be credibly called scientists? Falsehood cannot beget truth.
    The attitude of secular scientists is “The Bible cannot be true; therefore lets find some other explanation for the origins of life.” This is why they continually create new theories that are ultimately discredited by new evidence that leads to new theories that are ultimately discredited by new evidence…and the Bible goes on being the same yesterday, today, and forever: always reliable and true no matter how many arrows are cast at it by the skeptics.
    This is why I prefer the Bible above any contrary opinions of unreliable scientists who constantly change their minds.

    • GodIsReal

      The bible HAS been discredited but it doesn’t need to be rewritten because it is useless dribble with very few, if any FACTS. How can you prove that everything in the bible is fact? Even if an angel came down and told me i was wrong, a rational person can not take the bible as fact. therefore the angel is not supernatural at all just and “revision” of our understanding of nature.

  • Max

    “Inter-dimensional beings are the most plausible explanation….”
    Sort of. According to the Bible, angels, both good and evil, are able to move back and forth between the spirit and the physical world effortlessly.
    However, these “nephelim” or Fallen Ones, are neither angels nor demons, but the horrid offspring of Satan’s attempt to corrupt mankind before the Flood.
    Some speculate that they are not able to reproduce because of genetic deficiencies, and this is why we hear story after story of alien abductions to perform surgery on people, presumably to either impregnate them or get genetic material to enable them to reproduce.
    I myself cannot confirm whether these speculations are true, since I’ve never seen an alien nor a UFO, but as a Christian I do believe that the devil and his angels exist, because they are spoken of often in the Bible, not to mention by the multitudes who worship him in Satanic covens; therefore there is good reason to believe that these “inter-dimensional beings” are nothing more than fallen angels. The “aliens” themselves (if they truly exist) can be nothing other than the descendants of the Biblical Nephilim.

  • G

    LOL @ Max

  • Max

    G, you’re going to get a very big surprise someday, and it won’t be pleasant.

    • How do you know, wheres your evndeice. Black men have been given credit for many things. I suppose your going to talk about whites introducing slavery. Slavery is still going on today as we know it by the blacks. The blacks sold there own people to the whites. Stop playing the innocent card all the time and actual do something with your life’s instead of being surprised when you see a successful black guy.

  • G

    Tourism at Roswell must be down.

  • Garv

    We currently use petri dishes and a medium to colonize bacteria for experiments. That’s an important, and perhaps true metaphor.
    When biological experiments move beyond the Singularity of Kurzweil, et al, however, who knows the reasons behind growing thinking species on a round earth? Perhaps we were brought into being by those transdimensional, transtemporal beings for a study of free will exercised by our species, the complexity of quantum mind filtered through imperfect human minds, or some seeded tendency towards mass suicide based on contrived ideologies. When man becomes a planet’s cancer, maybe self-irradiation is the suicide switch that saves the orbiting body. Or maybe the Nephelim are bored with empty rooms and echoing thoughts.
    At any rate, if we are to actually meant to evolve into more enlightened beings, we need to find a massive degree of peace through the calming mechanism of world government. The human race will then become one family, and the world will be the dwelling of rational men.
    Then the world can know peace. At least, until the petri dish is discarded when the experiment has yielded its inconsequential results in the back room of some minor galaxy.
    Yes, Jesus, we are so small, and you are so big.

  • Max

    G, your infantile lol left me speechless. Why don’t you say what you disagree with in an adult manner instead of acting like a schoolyard kid? I thought DT was an adult blog where a free exchange of views was ok. I guess not.

  • Jaque koff

    2) there is life, but it’s not intelligent.
    Max – thanks for proving #2

  • Max

    Well, I guess your pen name Jaque Koff speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

  • Insaint

    By “filter” i mean people should make difference between fact (the information that is confirmed by the evidence), “educated guess” speculation and free speculation.

  • Max

    I never heard of David Icke until I read your post. What’s his take on this? It looks like I have to buy his videos, and I’m not willing to spend any money on them.

  • Max

    One thing that always bugs me about most of these “ET” sites is that they are always hawking some goofy cancer cure or pyramid healing gizmo. It’s hard to take anything they say seriously when I see stuff like that.

  • nono

    Aliens who can travel undetected are not worth wasting my time, they are far superior and if they choose to, can wipe us out in a millisecond.
    so better not think of them … as if they don’t exist (since we can do nothing).
    otherwise, they really don’t exist.
    so i don’t want to hear about aliens, it’s like talking about lockness and ghosts, none of which are likely to harm you and if they existed and wanted to harm you, you couldn’t do anything about it.
    also, with all the alien technology, how come they walk barefeet? i mean even humans wear shoes.
    i think if aliens were superior, they wouldn’t bother with bloggers like us

  • Space Case

    It’s about gdamn time, if they are here visiting let them stand. Those who use religion to preach fear because Aliens are something that the religion they believe doesn’t account for means they are nothing but morons and have been worshiping a guy from the middle east endlessly for years when he was no different from me or you. Yea, I guess if I was a staunch religious nut, I would probably hate to see Aliens too… Just a little something something, Didnt the Vatican recently tell Catholics that Alien life forms are acceptable to believe in?
    Hmmm curious, maybe the vatican wants to buy property on the alien home world…
    peep this link out…

  • Garv

    Space Case . . . bro,
    Look at the date of the Vatican’s acceptance of foreign life forms. It was only very shortly before we put our crafts on Mars to test the soil for biological life or biological life’s precursors. Preemptive religious disclaimers? Well . . . yep. Look at the dates.
    I suppose it would suck rotten eggs to lose a 1 Billion+ constituency because of a scientific revelation.
    If I was in the Vatican, I’d preempt that stuff with a disclaimer, too.

  • de Molay

    @ Max
    The bible is factual? … Whoohahahah. You f*ing nutter. Following any opinion (religious or otherwise) so slavishly is a waste of your time and energy. Learn to think for yourself, man, and don’t believe anything you hear just because an ‘important’ person told you so.
    On subject: it’s almost a mathematical truth that aliens do exist. We can’t prove it at this time (read: I can’t) but they ought to be out there. Possibly, however, so far away that we could never meet.
    Why would any god make the effort of creating all the planets and suns, and then not populating them? Are you so arrogant you think god is ours alone? Why the giant expanse of space if Earth is a singularity?
    The only logical conclusion therefore is – either “aliens” exist, or the universe doesn’t.

  • Max

    @de Molay
    So I suppose that you are an expert on the Bible, are you? You are so confident that the Bible isn’t factual that you are willing to stake your destiny in Eternity on your belief that it is false?
    I’d be willing to bet that not only do you not know anything about the Bible in depth, but you can’t even tell me what the theme of the Bible is. Not one person in a thousand can do that, including many who call themselves Christian. Given that is the case, no doubt, how can you credibly make that claim? Go to my website at and see if the Bible is from God or not. You just might be surprised.

  • Max

    @de Molay
    No problem! I used to want nothing to do with anyone who claimed to be a Christian about 27 years ago, and I used to think I was an Atheist, so I completely understand.
    You said:>
    The answer is that the Bible says no such thing. It is a popularly held conception about the Bible, but I can assure you that there is nothing in the Bible that gives that idea any support whatsoever.
    The truth is that God is so far out of our realm of ability to understand Him that He had to give us the Bible as His Written Revelation to us so that we would be able to know Him. Otherwise, it would be impossible. Secondly, Jesus came to earth as God in the flesh to show us what God is really like in Person, not just on paper. So if we are going to understand who God is and what He expects of us, we must not only read the Bible, but we must come to know Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. Someone has said it this way: We must believe in order to understand. When we believe in Christ, all of the other questions will be answered in full. No one will have to tell you that the Bible is the Word of God, because you will know it already.
    There is a passage in the Gospel of John which says it better: “Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed on him,

  • Max

    @de Molay
    I was citing your question about does God help those who help themselves. I guess I used the wrong characters and the words got omitted.

  • Michael

    At 66 I have been aware of UFOs/flying saucer tales for decades going back to Adamski, ‘Flying Saucers have Landed” re: Desert Center east of Palm Springs, Cal and the kooks that still gather out there. Any physicist or anyone who has undergone flight school (I tried to be a helicopter pilot at Ft Rucker, Alabama in 1964 but I washed out) know that any humanoid creature could not withstand the g forces that come with 90 degree abrupt turns, right? That is just one of a myriad examples of why the weird creatures could not exist from outside Earth. UFOs? That is it–unidentified flying objects, period. There have been sightings of UFOs throughout recorded history…even planet Venus has been cited as a UFO, for Gods sakes….

  • Drew

    *Comment to Mike Burleson who said: “Come on people! Are we supposed to believe someone who lies and said we actually landed on the moon?!?! ;)”
    Come on man i hope thats a joke seeing that face at the end, if you really believe we didnt land on the moon then how are there mirrors located at specific points on the moon that are used to detect the gradual orbital increase of the moon by measuring the change in time it takes a laser transverse the path.
    Aliens certainly exist, and if anyone thinks we are the only beings in the universe, then they have no concept of reality. Mathmatically there should be numerious species in our own milky way not to mention those in the unknown number of other galaxies out there. And if we did have several encounters, the government couldnt release it because absent minded people would go crazy and would want to kill what they dont understand, not to mention religion would be turned on its head(which would be a good thing)

  • Jody

    “It is guessing, except that we have the Bible to start with, which gives us some important factual information”

    You guys think this astronaut is full of it? The above sentence alone disqualifies you, sir, from ever participating in any logic or sound argument ever again. Ever.

    Which education system were you raised on? I promise my kids will never be raised in your neck of the woods.

  • Jody

    “This is why I prefer the Bible above any contrary opinions of unreliable scientists who constantly change their minds.”

    The bible… written by the Romans, mixing the beliefs of multiple religions and cultures around the world, from times past. Romans… all their ideas are dead except the ones they stole, apparently. The ideas of which they stole, are not Christian. Christianity = created by the Romans to make the Pegan religion seem evil. The Pegan religion glorified women. The Christian religion put men in power, and destroyed the rights of women. A power move.

    That’s some system of belief you work on.

    Scientist constantly changing their minds and theories. I love this. They can admit they are wrong.

    Little Boy: “Father, how old is the world?”
    Priest: “A few thousand years.”
    Little Boy: “Then where did dinosaur bones come from?”
    Priest: “God put them their to test your faith.”
    Little Boy: “But science says dinosaurs existed millions of years ago.”
    Priest: “Science will probably change its mind.”

    Scientists can admit their mistakes and learn from them. THAT is why humanity continues to progress. Science is behind the computer your are working at. If you told someone from the time of Christ that you could talk to someone from across the world through “cyber space,” using only your fingers, they would either say you were blessed by God, or a complete nut. So I guess scientists were blessed by God.

    Speaking of changing minds. The Bible has been around for 2000 years, and if in correlation to science, it would be considered 1 scientist. Every other religion would be considered another scientific opinion (thus, they can’t make up their mind). Not to mention all the factions of the same religion. Each little town now a days has 7 or 8 churches, because everyone has a different vision of what religion and what God is about.

    There was a time when the most mighty “God” was in charge of throwing thunderbolts down at the earth, and he often made heros by ***king around with mortal women. See Zeus. The people that believed in this crap now only see it as myth. Just like man will see the religion of today as myth 1000 years from now. No doubt they’ll worship machines or something by then.

    The same Greeks that created these myths, also used mathematics and science. Their math and science of back then, still holds up today.

    Using the Bible as a factual or relevant piece of information is the most ridiculous thing one can do. Science may end our world as we know it one day, given what us lousy humans use it for, but that is an ending I can believe in. Not like the great flood that happened in the Middle East (the “world” at the time).

  • paul

    There here and i am here so i am a alien too

  • tomjin

    They came from the inner surface of Europa.

    They know anti-gravity technology.

    I know it as well

    Jin Guangnia (Tom)

  • ???

    we shouldn’t deny**

  • Gary Okupant

    God came in the image of man. God may be any image. The Bible does NOT only talk of ‘man’. The Vatican has NOT said that man is alone. You all voted for Obama; and thinking the US is free; so why are aliens so hard to imagine?
    Not! When anyone can prove how the pyramids were built; then the doubt of aliens may be appropriate. As yet; it appears more true than not.

  • roland

    The bible did’nt say anything about aliens. It could be demons trying to twist our faith. If there is heaven there is also the existance of hell.

  • jaswanth

    did any of them come in direct contact with humans
    plzzzz rply

  • 84213

    No… there are no aliens around or UFO’s – we live in a perfect world where information is always told as is and all of us act looking out for each other (specially the Gov). The system we live in is perfect “Democracy” and our leaders look alway for the common good, our economy the best and our knowledge just capital. Good luck…

  • is alive

  • sam

    that is retarded

  • sam


  • sam

    so fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)

  • ur mum

    Why wouldnt aliens come to planet earth if they had the chance soz school report

  • EmadEldin

    It is still remain a big inquiry, that is why the alienes are continously visiting our planet? what they wont to do in future? why they could’nt do somthing global in the past?

  • dargo
  • SFC-C+11

    They, if they look like the one in the above picture, look like THOR from the series “STARGATE” with Richard Dean Anderson.

  • Michael Gene

    I think the Fermi Paradox takes precedent, logical and succinct.

  • nick

    ok they are real