Multicam on the Loose


I just took a closer look at the picture I used for the post on SOF surge in Afghanistan. Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?

Here’s the caption that accompanied the picture on the Army’s own Web site:

Detachment in Afghanistan

Photo by Sgt. David N. Gunn

December 15, 2008

Members of Operational Detachment Alpha 3336 of the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) recon the remote Shok Valley of Afghanistan where they fought an almost seven-hour battle with terrorists in a remote mountainside village.


— Christian

  • booms

    Not a single piece of ACU in sight, either.

  • M-1

    Great that the SOCOM guys get the top shelf gear- but Crye has sold nothing but vapor to the rest of us… hint hint.

  • KragCulloden

    RE: Awesome!
    RE: Nice!!
    What? What am I not seeing? Enlighten me please.

  • gruntdoc91

    no ACU in sight because it sucks! maybe if socom makes multicam an issue item the big army will get jealous and replace the ACU with it. all it took was one general to take the black beret from the rangers and give to a bunch of soldiers to wear like a pizza chef hat.

  • Mike

    SOF Units using Multicam is nothing new they’ve been doing it for years. Some is unit purchased some is purchased with personal funds. Just take a look at and you can see who’s purchasing it.

  • Edward

    Wasn’t it that same general who then gave the Rangers tan berets so that they could still stand apart (so to speak) from “regular Army”? (Term’s subjective, of course.)

  • duncan

    It’s common in southern Afghanistan with some of the non-US SOF Coalition partners.

  • the boogy man

    Honsetly now, what are we looking at? whats multicam? is it the camo pattern? cameras on thier heads? is that so cool or new? help.

  • coolhand77

    Its the Crye Precision Camo pattern on the guy with the comms pack at the far left of the pic. Looks like they are standard “Raid” style BDUs made from Crye fabric, which means they could be a different manufacturer than Crye (more than likely). Tell tail is the button thigh pockets on the pants, and the sleeve pockets on the shirt. Obviously its not the combat pants or shirt that crye makes because they don’t have the built in pads or pockets in the sleeves, or the “Under Armor” type torso. Its also not Crye’s ACU style with the zippers and velcro, but the old style BDU pockets with the big buttons. Probably Tru-spec, Propper, or some other manufacturer that uses “Genuine Crye Fabric”

  • Ed

    Speaking of the General that gave all the soldiers the black beret and gave the rangers the tan beret, didn’t Obama give him a cabinet position in DoD? Something in charge of Soldier Affairs or something like that?

  • Da_Bunny

    Anybody with a pair of eyeballs can tell the Multicam does the best job of covering most of the terrain in most of the world.
    Now all they need to do is to invent some silent way to open & close pockets, like, ohhhh, buttons.

  • FoxThree

  • gruntdoc91

    hey guys just remeber that these guys are probably not at home right now and cant type on th eet and complain. theyre out there doing the dirty and earnin the respect that they probably wont get. right now we have half a million homeless vets for one reason or another. take a look around hug your wife and kids and be thankful youve got internet and a warm house to complain about things from.i know i will.god speed and get home soon you magnificent bastards!

  • Debra Ray-Livelsberger

    I can clear this up for you guys. I am an operator.
    Since a few years ago, conventional commanders were smitten with the fact that SF got beards, so coming down from a 3 star in afghanistan:
    Each ODA is alotted 2 men who are allowed to wear beards (to not embarass our army,) they must wear multicam while on duty.
    There you go.

    • John

      You sound like either cry-ops or snivel affairs, Since no SF guys would come out and say I’m an operator. Further more you don’t know what your talking about since every team guy is on relaxed grooming over there. And as for the uniforms they can wear what they want within reason. They bring several of each type of uniform for just that reason. Soooo there you go.

  • gruntdoc91

    with a name like Debra, aren’t you a female i.e. not s.f. and ive seen entire teams with beards so hows that work.

  • ME

    Sorry, I was on my moms name (home on leave). Entire teams may have that lee-way, but not in ISAF

  • gruntdoc91

    cool just a little ribbing….enjoy your leave

  • Michael O.

    Just wondering…could he be an Air Force FAC attached to the ODA?

  • matt

    Its hard to tell air force or not, I havnt came across any air force that were allowed multicam.
    Its either a JTAC or an 18E

    • sgg1033

      yupp my unit just got multi cams issued…Af TACP

  • gruntdoc91

    anyone seen my strobe.. anybody….oh wait its still velcroed to the back of my head isnt it?

  • Slab

    Since the guy in multicam is sporting a radio with a UHF antenna, my guess is that he’s an AF JTAC. Not much reason for anyone else to have UHF capability.

  • skcolson

    The only reason that General took away the Black beret from the Rangers, let them pick the Khaki beret, was to give it to “big army” because his son couldn’t hack it to become a Ranger or Green Beret.

  • Matt

    Just got word all of SF is authrorized to use multicam in afghanistan. Theres your answer. Its that good in the bush, brotha. I will try to hook you up with some pictures when I get there, with the faces blacked out of course. Only downside is we have to buy it ourselves…I think its worth it.

  • Caleb

    hey took away the Khaki Beret from the Rangers?

  • Caleb

    they took away the Khaki Beret from the Rangers?

  • Caleb

    There is a multi-cam back pack on the operator in the middle with the 3 color dcu.

  • Caleb

    Check out this link. It’s from Airforce Special Operations Command. This Airman is wearing multicam.

  • Conrad

    Leave the Spec-Ops guys alone….they’ve got way more freedom than the conventional military b/c they’re SPEC-OPS!!!!!!! They go through way more S**T than 99% of the military does so they have more liberties!!! Oh, the guy in the pic w/ the multicam: he’s a USAF CCT by the way…..ahem

  • Drew

    Radio guy = JTAC
    No ACUs cause ACUs of course are worthless in Afghan.
    The Gen that gave us the black berret(junk) now sec of VA.

  • Conrad

    Just for everyone’s information: ALL SPEC-OPS/SOCOM-attached operators are authorized to wear whatever they want, hence the term UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE! All of you in the CONVENTIONAL military quit worrying about what they’re wearing & worry about your own damn jobs!!!

  • Debra Ray-Livelsberger doesn’t know what she’s talking about

    The two operator per ODA in relaxed grooming standards (no beards) is total BS. Whoever posted that must be a telephone operator.

  • john

    anyone know what kind of knee pads the guy in the far left is wearing

  • Pat Griffith

    The New Zealand SAS wear multicam in Afghanistan, their pictures have just appeared on the front page of the national newspaper.

  • Luke Bradshaw

    The ol’boy in multicam could be an Air Force CCT. Not likely since there is no “CCT”badge on his arm but they wear multicam daily.

  • Richter

    you are not seeing any ACU’s because they blend in so well!


  • JOE

    I just dont understand why the Army always does things half ass. Lets go back to sew on!
    Just issue the uniform to all Soldier already it works and the ACUs do not. I forgot the Army said they field tested the ACUs with a platoon of monkeys on the moon and said it was good for combat.