Tues — Fire for Effect

Frankly, to be blunt about it, the notion that not buying 60 more F-22s imperils the national security of the United States, I find completely nonsense”
China’s being a bit generous with the term “territorial waters”
Every time North Korea shoots a missile, Japan turns a little more samurai
…and maybe the Norks actually want to be bombed anyway.
The folks who make Purell Hand Sanitizer likely surprised to find product makes for great rocket fuel.

Video: PLA Navy starting to make blogger a little nervous (with obvious ChiCom propaganda tag)
—John Noonan

  • Roy Smith

    While I was among the crowd who felt we needed to get out of the Philippines & close Subic Bay(& Clark Air Base),I now realize what a horrible mistake it was.I don’t give a damn about the damage that Pinatubo(or however you spell it) caused & the dollar amount to repair the damage to Clark Air Base. If we had not of left,China would not have made a grab for the Spratley Islands & there most likely would not be pirates running around that region either.
    As far as North Korea goes,I believe that they do have the capability to fire a missile over Hawaii. Let me rephrase that,I believe that CHINA has the capability to fire a missile over Hawaii & if “North Korea” launches(actually,China launches IN North Korea) this missile,we’ll all be needing Immodium to control our sudden diarrhea & fear.We’ll realize that our government & all the “experts” lied to us about North Korea’s true capability. But I’ll say it again,it was a damn Chinese missile,made in China,”reflagged” as a North Korean missile(false flag event),launched from North Korea,that ‘flew(when it happens)” over Hawaii. Screw all the people who say that China needs us as trade parters for its economy,that’s total BS.

  • Marcase

    Hey, what was that Lynx doing there? (1:28) ;)

  • Jeff M

    If they ever get the 100kw laser integrated with the JSF, it’ll be a better future-proof weapon than the F-22. It would be nice to keep the assembly lines open though for better days, I wonder what it’d cost to mothball the assembly lines.

  • Ross

    got to ask the same question as Marc - there were at least 2 clips of lynx helicopter(s) in that video. Dont think any have been sold to them..”oops” ? lol…

  • James

    Willing to bet that is just stock footage thrown in there from some other Lynx-operating navy to make the PLANAF look bigger.

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