Gimme Some Skin!

You know the world has totally gone to hell in a handbasket when you see a company developing a weapon out of something as innocuous as a ballpoint pen.

I got a note yesterday from a good friend of mine about a new product from Campco which owns the “Uzi” brand. It’s called the “TacPen” and it looks more like a railroad spike than a ink-streaming quill. The TacPen sports a rugged, weighty body made of high-grade aircraft alluminum and comes with two different crown attachemts designed not only to throw some hurt on an attacker, but also to lock him (or her) behind bars when the doing’s done.

The most unique feature of the pen is that it employs the UZI DNA Catcher on the crown of the pen.  The sharpened crown on the end can be used to jab or poke an attacker, which will not only cause extreme pain, but it will also collect the aggressors’ DNA which can be used for future identification.

Ouch! It looks to me like the perfect defensive tool for a journalist, proving the phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword” true. But it might not be a good idea to take it to your next human resources meeting…

— Christian

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  1. 12 trillion in the hole last time I checked and now we want to buy fighting pens.

    Let me guess a million a pop! + come in for service every year. hahahaha

    Serious aint that what the knife is for, close hand to hand?

    U really someone is going to take the time to grab there pen over a nice knife to fight PLEASE!

  2. There are bullet pens so this is not to much different.

  3. So if i thrust a normal everyday pen deep into someones insides, say the stomach there is no way i'd get any DNA off the pen..?
    This is without a doubt the most idiotic and pointless pen known to man.

  4. I, for one, lie the concept, although I think it is a bit too overt. I carry a Monte Banc for two reasons: 1. Peope that know anything about pens show some resect and 2. It's heavy and can be used very effectively as a Kubotan. I don't have the luxury of carrying aything more than a pen into work. and this comes in very handy in many other ways as well.

  5. defensor fortissimo | January 5, 2010 at 5:41 pm |

    and if you happen to be like me and are constantly loosing stationary… yeah awkward

  6. Dear Christian:

    Spellcheck is your friend, you should use it.

  7. “Tactical pens” have been around for what, 3 years or so now? Kinda neat, kinda for total nerds (DNA SAMPLE COLLECTION??). Someone is going to do something stupid with one at an airport and we’ll all have to take crayons on the plane.

  8. Jamie Mqquire | January 5, 2010 at 6:15 pm |

    Monte Banc I have one, the one with a diamond on top and as for your comment about respect get real you fake pansy.

    Please we laugh at u guys having to carry around a fancy pen to get respect.

    Respect is earned nothing to do with a pen! I guess for u metrosexuals fine!

  9. This is a fine defensive concept that will surely find its niche in the US military inventory, and be the source of endless comments on this site.

    It, the pen, both the Mk I and the Mk B1a, should however be gas operated and have better camouflage for tactical Spec Op applications. This would add many valuable combat advantages, and most likely be the item that wins the war against terrorism.

    The US military will have a super cool pen with which to write its self up for combat decorations, and tales of heroism.

    The pen will also serve as an expedient nose picking device during emergency tactical situations.

    Why go to the grocery store and buy a fist full of BIC pens for $ 2.00 when you can get one of these super combat devices for less than a 150 bucks?

  10. Maybe you should study the process of improvising weapons. Pens amongst other objects are commonly used as the base of many weapons in prisons across the world. Why is this surprising?

    Though I am now filing my patent application on the Tactical Toothbrush® .

  11. Jonathan Mullen | January 5, 2010 at 9:24 pm |

    Well I guess pens are no longer allowed on a plane…

  12. Besides metalic pens (i’ve seen at least three “new” ones in as many months) there is an equipment supplier that offers a fat Sharpie that they claim to be used for defense… at least my coworkers would have a harder time explaining why they have my pens…

  13. Less lerthal than the Bulgarian umbrella version….

  14. stephen russell | January 6, 2010 at 12:58 am |

    Bond used these twice in 007 movies & love the idea esp for airline crews & passengers to carry on flights.
    Deter terrorisim BIG Time.
    IF no sky marshal.'

  15. If you want to deter airline terror, wouldn't it be better to just arm arm all the passengers? I for one would rather fly THAT airline…

  16. For areas you can't bring a pocket knife or a Glock 27. Wanted to make one in high school shop but decided a 5" lockblade was likely more effective. Now I just keep a pen in my wallet.

  17. Why collect the DNA… the rule I have learnt in the UK is that if somebody decides to mug you and you decide to retaliate, it’s best to never report the crime.

    It’s more likely you will get sued for the attack, rather than the criminal. There is no way the attacker will report the fact he tried to mug you, so you always win if you decide to omit the reporting.

  18. hmmm matt, does arming every passenger also includes types like mohammed atta?

  19. Atta was armed anyway; if everyone else had been they could have taken him down.

  20. Not exactly G. K. Chesterton's sword-walking stick, is it?

  21. Re-tired LEO | January 6, 2010 at 4:17 pm |

    Looks like a blatant ripoff of Rick Hinderer's Modular pen.
    I can't take a set of titanium chopsticks on board an airliner, but a grandmother has foot long knitting needles across the aisle from me… go figure…

  22. Me, Myself, and I | January 6, 2010 at 5:16 pm |

    Total ripoff of Rick Hinderers Modular Pen/Kubotan. And his is made in the USA. Design thieves selling lower quality, foriegn made crap.

  23. im not after one of these for a weapon… come on, a pen?!
    but becuase they look so damn cool. where can i get the bottom one? i can only find the top one at the campco site :(

  24. RipoffHater | January 6, 2010 at 5:58 pm |

    Nice design ripoff.

  25. I can't understand how you people have the nerve to blatantly steal Rick Hinderer's pen design and call it your own. Absolutely despicable.

  26. Where can we get info on Rick Hinderer's pen? Sorry this is all new to me…

  27. ripoffhater | January 6, 2010 at 8:41 pm |

    Go to Rick's site, either email him direct or contact one of his dealers. Dont buy this crap! Ricks pens are like no other!

  28. looks like a copy of a rick hinderer modular pen to me.

  29. Yeah, but is it fine point, medium, blue ink, bleck….?

  30. Seen enough pens that shoot a small bullit.I guess carrying all that stuff will get one in trouble even if used for defense.

  31. Complete rip off of hinderers design…compare them and you will see!

    DO NOT BUY THIS PEN! Support your American makers

  32. WOW!

    41 posts about a ball point pen?

  33. Congrats on stealing the design from Rick Hinderer. The man has devoted his life to make great EDC gear, and his stuff will last you a lifetime and isn't that expensive. Buy the real deal.


  34. its about time someone made a tactical pen priced at what there really worth !!!!

  35. stevensonson | May 26, 2012 at 5:45 am |

    I have one and it hurts almost as bad as getting shot point blank with an airsoft gun when it pokes you.

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