Aimpoint Soldier-Proofs its CQC Sight

We spoke with reps at rifle sight maker Aimpoint at the media day shoots on Monday, and learned a little about their recently-released Comp M4S, which takes the current M4H and tweaks it a bit to make it more rugged, easier to use and help the battery life.

It’s a popular sight (over 500K fielded primarily to Army units) and the new unit can stand up to the concussion of a flash bang…

— Christian

  • Zach

    This is one of those simple things the military should buy for each solider. But looking at history… it won’t happen.

  • jason

    yes, but does it have a bible verse on it?

  • chris


    • Guest

      I think all optics should start putting bible verses on them.

  • Wes

    Wonder if the Tan color is now standard….and if it is anodized, or painted.

    • Christian

      That sight was painted by one of the Aimpoint reps.


    oops busted! this from the NYT’s at SHOT…

    Twenty-two executives and employees of companies that supply the military and law enforcement agencies were arrested on the eve of their industry’s annual trade show in Las Vegas after a two-and-a-half-year sting operation focusing on schemes to bribe a foreign official. The Justice Department called the case the largest single investigation and prosecution of individuals in the history of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Twenty-one of the arrests took place in Las Vegas on the first day of the 2010 Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trade Show, a convention with more than 55,000 attendees. The Justice Department said those charged had agreed to pay a 20 percent commission to a federal agent who was pretending to be a representative of the defense minister for an African country.

    • Christian

      Ouch! Didn’t see any of that ruckus…but the place is so huge, it’s not surprising.

  • Mike Wulff

    How bout the 3x magnifier, pretty cool. Does anybody know if any other manufacturers have a similar magnifier option?

    • Nathan

      Ya, several companies make them including EOtech but the quick attach mount is kind of cool. Kind of useless though IMO as if you want 3x mag you are better off with an ACOG even if it comes with bible verses.

  • JHughes

    Uhhh its a red-dot sight…. Why would you pay $400?!