OIF to Become OND

Here is the memo from SecDef Robert Gates to CENTCOM commander Gen. David Petraeus agreeing to a requested name change from “Operation Iraqi Freedom” to “Operation New Dawn” on 1 September 2010 to reflect the change in mission there.

— Greg

  • Solomon

    I wonder if this isn’t a disguised financing measure. By changing the ‘mission’ it will be easier to declare that Iraq is no longer a combat zone and will mean that almost 100,000 Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen will no longer be tax exempt and will no longer (potentially) receive combat pay. I’d imagine they’d still qualify for hazardous duty but the difference over that many service members can be huge.

  • AMMO

    ^^I thought that was already happening…Oh yeah, I forgot. Go team america.

  • @E_L_P

    Operation: USELESS DIRT 2 will always be Operations USELESS DIRT 2.

  • Pete

    Its amazing. There really was no ‘Iraqi war’ . When the US stopped ‘fighting’, the war also ended. Its like ‘what was that all about’? The US invaded the country illegally, stayed with the ‘permission’ of the Iraqi Government (if only to stabilize what they un-stabilized), and then quietly left hoping that things more or less as they were before they invaded..

    So with 360,000 dead Iraqis, 4000-5000 dead Americans, just on a $$$TRILLION spent using their Chinese Credit card and taking the whole world to the brink of a huge depression, WHAT was it all about and what was achieved. What is different in Iraqi today from that before 9/11 (which it had nothing to do with).

  • eric

    well pete, saddam is dead. that is nice. oh and al quaida got its ass kicked.

    • Pete

      So it was just an assasination mission, and Al Quaida was never even in Iraqi at the time of the illegal invasion. Saddam hated Bin Laden. I think that the facts clearly show that the US “got its ass kicked”, in fact the so called “insurgents” that resisted the invasion (they certainly were not all Al Quadia) more than bitch slapped the US Army. They never stopped fighting until the US withdrew from the cities into thier protected bases, Why fight an enemy that is retreating?

      The US can beleive what it wants, but the rest of the world holds a different view.

  • River Rat

    Iraq was done when we rolled into Baghdad. We just mopped up Iraqi version of the Cryps and Bloods..Back into your liberal bottle and join the 290 million head-in-the-sand Americans. Electing a Chicago gangster Socialist was our darkest hour. Serving the USA for 20+ years and I am repaid by a Socialist regime of the Clintons and Now Obama. At least Bush cared about the troops. Obama is just looking for the right time to betray us. He already has the country in hock because of his socialist plans… Oh, yeah, Saddam=Dead, Al Queda=Bitch slapped, Taliban=on extinction list.

    • brandon

      i so agree with this post


    • joedoe

      Don’t agree. US Airmen deployed right now.

    • Ryu

      We went into Iraq because the U.S. was told Saddam had WMD’s. He didn’t, I was there. I was part of the illegal invasion of a country. Something I am not proud of. I did it because I sign the contract. We had no right to be in Iraq, Saddam was not bothering anyone outside of Iraq. The real fight was up north.

  • River Brat

    “Serving the USA for 20+ years and I am repaid by a Socialist regime of the Clintons and Now Obama.”

    With this attitude, why did you serve? You clearly have no interest in preserving democracy/the constitution. Maybe it was because you were a backwaters hick with no other options. That sounds about right.

    Lets here it now how much of a liberal moonbat I am.

  • Scott

    Oh to extend on ‘River Brat”s point, FDR, TEDDY Roosevelt a REPUBLICAN, and many other presidents were socialist. Socialism is the alternative to conservatism with liberalism in the center. The largest political organisation in the world is Socialist International. And just to scare the bajeezes out of you, the govt of Britain is *gasp* socialist and has been since 1997!

  • CavRider

    Hey, it just means I get another service star added to my campaign ribbon the next time I deploy, Hooah!

  • Sarge

    Ginsu - you call people a retard when actually its not the OIF ribbon its the Iraqi Campaign Medal and this all still falls under the Iraqi Campaign no matter what the name is. If i had to take an educated guess this new operation would just be another campaign star on the Iraqi Campaign Medal. But what the hell do I know im just an NCO serving in the 1 Brigade Combat Team that is still in Iraq after the 1 Sep deadline.

  • JOE

    Pete, Istead of spewing useless jabber on here why dont you deploy in the U.S. armed forces to Iraq and ask the locals who are now able to live there lives with out fear of being kiddnapped or murdered. Maybe if you took the time and found the courage to come over and have a word with a few of them you might see what we did here. I think the US troops that died with honor here would be proud to know that we HAVE made a better life for the inocent locals here and changed the ways of thier corrupt military. If you would rather just talk a big game from your desk thats fine…not everyone can make a change in the world.

    • psyoper37F

      ummm im in the army too, and glad to be serving. however, iraqi’s are getting kidnapped and murdered more than ever right now. there are so many revenge killings going on because of sunni and shi’a differences. what sucks is we have to sit by and watch it happen because of ROEs. but it is what it is

  • 1172

    First off as a soldier id have to say im disappointed in all these ‘americans’ that do not support their troops. I don’t give a **** if you don’t support the war. But if you don’t have the balls to fight for your **** country you better support the ones that do. Otherwise I say get out of america and go live in the middle east and try using your freedom of speech.

  • cager21

    Can we end Desert Storm while we’re at it? I served through that war and there’s never been an end declared there. Way overdue.

  • Mikko

    Don’t forget the Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq were the nail in the coffin to create AFRICOM and thus the illegal invasions of Lybia, and currently Syria. But way before this was the Latin invasions of Panama, Hondura, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia that put in practice what we all are aware today. In the horizant, Uganda is on the agenda (KONY 2012 propaganda). If you believe all this wars are about FREEDOM, you have been sadly misseducated in the U.S.A.
    I am an Army Veteran of Yogoslavia, Serbia, Kosovar, Iraq.


  • richard c

    i should have been a pog