Cyber Hackers Target UK

By Kevin Coleman

Defense Tech Chief Cyber War Correspondent

Massive electronic attacks by foreign intelligence services have targeted the security of many of Britain’s largest companies, according to UK’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC). The ISC went on to say that in many cases, the attacks have been successful. The objective was to steal government, defense and technology information.

The ISC went on to warn the threat posed was a matter demanding the highest priority and attention. The ISC blamed the attacks on government-backed hackers from China and Russia and even said that Islamist terrorists were also behind some of the attacks.

ISC is not the only one expressing concern. Foreign states and terrorist groups are regularly launching cyber attacks on the UK’s computer systems with the potential to cause widespread damage, according to the British government’s security czar. Lord West, parliamentary under-secretary for security and counter-terrorism, said the UK was under daily cyber attack.

West went on to say, “There is no doubt some state actors have sucked out huge amounts of intellectual copyright, designs to whole aero engines, things that have taken years and years of development.”

These comments came on the heels of FBI Director Robert Mueller’s warning that militant groups, foreign states and criminal organizations posed a growing threat to US security as they targeted government and private computer networks.

FACT: The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) was established by the Intelligence Services Act 1994 to examine the policy, administration and expenditure of the Security Service, Secret Intelligence Service, and the Government Communications Headquarters.

FACT: The Intelligence and Security Committee 2010 annual report can be found at - .

FACT: Many believe that the UK is leading the way in cyber security within the European Union.

  • John Moore

    Time to take the fight to the chinese, if hey can deny doing it so can everyone else.

    Take em out cyber war has begun!

    Do the chinese ever make there own or is it all stolen tech?

  • Zhijv

    Where do you get those cheesy stock photos? The 90s?

    • Steelers43

      Yeah but, would a picture of a guy sitting at a computer be any more exciting?

    • Matt

      Cut him some slack. I myself have struggled trying to find stock photos for things like cybersecurity and virtualization. Usually I’m reduced to either pictures of hard drives, or something totally unrelated, like castles.

  • Ptsfp

    The problem with counter attacks is how interconnected some systems are. When a US army cyber team took out a militant communication server (setup by the CIA by the way) they ended up affecting about 300 servers in Saudi Arabia, Germany and Texas. (…

    There has to be a better way to defend our systems. Our country is doing the research and development and China and Russia are just walking away with the information. Which is nothing new, it’s just that it is easier for them to do it over the internet than infilitrate a spy into each of these different organizations.


  • gsak

    Wow…300… really, what was going on with that server?

    Server Manager -> Roles -> Add Roles -> Active Directory Jihad Services

    • Philo


      AD DS be damned! Windows Server 2010, now with AD JS Active Directory Jihad Services


  • Ptsfp

    Maybe it was also a certificate server of something? Jihad SSL certificates, two for one, buy today and get free camel! Just $19.99…

  • dan

    The chinese get away with it by turning to organized crime and the criminals running botnets, must we sink to their level?

  • Sky Soldier 592

    well, to catch a thief you HIRE one. Round up the best hackers in the US and make ’em a deal. Run circles around the Chi-coms. Do they steal everything they have? China clearly has an agenda, and its really nice that the US Gov allowed our manufacturing base to go bye bye.

    • Dave

      I thought we already do that? Hiring the best hackers that is.

      • gsak


  • Philo

    No worries. BHO has sent BigHil over to the CHICOMS to have a nice talk about their feelings over some mint-leaf tea. The BHO ADMIN is certain that we just need to have better dialogue. They promise that it will succeed this time, not like with the Russians & the missile shield, or with the new hardcore Iranian sanctions, that the news wire just now said our POTUS is folding on.

    The reason this stuff is happening at the accelerated it is is simple. The countries who sponsor this sense weakness. Until they can be shown that the cost of doing business like this is simply not worth it, they do everything they can for as long as they can.

    On a side note, I know for a fact that the CHICOMS and our adversaries are not getting a free pass on this. The big difference in the west is that we have a free press. So when this stuff happens we all hear about it. When the CHICOMS, the Iranians, the NORKS get hit, no one knows but them, and the folks who did it. Me thinks our ‘doers’ need to start pulling some OT…

  • Philo

    P.S> thanks for hooking me up with my pdf. fix LOL

  • JSCS

    Good catch! Had not figured the inside job aspect of the problem. Have there not been some deep cover Chinese moles exposed the past couple of years? Stealing intel from the defense companies they worked for?

  • gsak

    Yes, RHEL 5 is becoming pretty popular. Lots of testing at Intel on this OS.

  • Jim

    Philo, I see you have been programmed by Microsoft and have never used Linux.

    Your Using the same talking points that Microsoft has been using about Linux for years and the world is moving even more to Linux.

    I would suggest you check this site out.…

  • Ptsfp

    Guys, don’t argue. Let’s look to China and see what they use. Kylin is their secure OS of choice. It is 100% chineses made and completely secure! Oh, wait a minute, they just copied FreeBSD.

    That just shows that Russia has more class, they never copied anything of ours. Wait a minute, they did copy our Space shuttle and one of their bombers looks a lot like our B-1. Not like they ever sold pirated versions of American software though…

    Doh, wait a minute….