Odierno to Command JFCOM

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has nominated Iraq commander Gen. Ray Odierno to be the next commander, U.S. Joint Forces Command. An interesting choice; a very coalition building position. So, now where does Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis go? Commandant of the Marine Corps?

Here you can find further speculation on generals and admirals, and one really important civilian appointee, moving about. This Politico story suggesting Hilary Clinton is in the running to replace Gates I find a bit hard to believe.

— Greg Grant

  • weber155he

    Being a former lcpl. in the late 80’s i know this to be true. We also did all the work that needed to be done dirty or otherwise. Snco’s and nco’s get all the glory and credit, and a lot of it is deserved but if you didn’t have a solid group of salty lcpls not much would get done..

    • thomas

      just thanks remember that snco were junior ncos iwas a private before i retired as e9 so i appreciate your service and thanks for a mission well excuated

      • MadMike

        A good senior NCO would be right there with you, not hanging out with the Company Commander at the CP. He works for YOU, not for anybody else. Fortunately, I had some of the best Topkicks and CSMs in the business, and I’d walk on hot coals for ’em too. Thank YOU for your service.