If You Happen to Find One of Our Undersea Robots, Please Call Us: Navy

The Navy lost four submersible unmanned drones over the weekend in the Chesapeake Bay near Norfolk, Va., and is asking the public for help in finding the errant torpedo shaped drones. Communication was lost with four of the 13 undersea drones on Sunday as they were scanning the sea floor for mines as part of a training exercise.

The Navy said the search continued today and they are thinking of using dolphins and sea lions trained to hunt for mines to aid in the search. The Navy said the undersea drones are not a danger to civilians or the environment and asked boaters if they happen to spot one floating on the water to call the U.S. Second Fleet commander.

— Greg Grant

  • blight

    They’re on their way to Moscow now. >=P

    • Interested Party

      It’s President Bush’s fault, just ask Obama!

  • Jeff M

    That’d make a nice centerpiece in my backyard…

  • JZizka

    I guess no one foresaw that possibility and built in a position location system of some kind……

    UAVs have built in logic that when they lose link with the Ground Station they orbit and try to re-acquire link…..

    • UUV tech

      They have acoustic modems, GPS, WiFi, and an emergency beacon installed. None of that is any good if they are under a pier where acoustic comms are shadowed or buried in mud where everything is shadowed.

    • Rob Robinson

      So much fdor redundant systems on military equipment. The likelyhood of FOUR of them failing, at the same time, WITH redundant systems is so astronomically impossible that it now becomes obvious that one of several possibilities exist…
      1. Ineptness/incompentance of government officials reviewing contracts to ensure that money is well spent for military grade equipment,
      2. Ineptness/incompentance of contractors (not to mention lack of integrity) in providing the very best they can for the fortunes they make off of selling military grade equipment to the military,
      3. Thievery/sabotage or preemptive positioning of unknown forces within our borders…oh, wait…we already have that…who’s responsibility was that again? OH, that’s right, US Coast Guard/INS…

      I guess SOMEone stepped on their dick bigger than crap this time, huh? (as usual)

  • How could the US Navy lose four submersible unmanned drones in one day? Do the drones have a defect or have they been rendered incapacitated in some way? We need answers quick as this could be a National Security Problem.

    • JakeBill

      you mean no-one told you?? must not be any of your business then!!

    • poopypants

      like your face

    • Jonny


      The reason why this isn’t a National Security(and why you shouldn’t panic) is because the Navy was TESTING these drones…it was just an excercise.

  • john moore

    Proably some underwater oil things casue we know more has come out than there saying and is probably already up the coast.

    Obama is such a joke, glad you voted for him now I didn’t.

    • Adam

      Yeah, that’s it, the spill is all Obama’s fault, he blew the oil rig up, he deregulated offshore oil drilling for the last 10 years, he’s killing all the baby turtles too.. didn’t you hear? some of the people here really need to think a little (i know it hurts but try) before they open their mouths.

      • Johh Moore

        No he just waited 30 days b4 alowing the states to do anything build and protection etc. Thats his fault no?

        • Patrick

          You all missed the biggest mistake of all… Forget Obama, Oil is in the Gulf… not in VA!

          • Adam Kelnhofer

            Stop pointing fingers and just get the leak fixed and the spill cleaned up as fast as possible. There is no use in crying over spilled oil.

          • Adam Kelnhofer

            stop ******* pointing fingers and get the leak fixed. There is no use in crying over spilled oil.

        • Ernest

          Hey well when it comes to changing our enviroment shoudnt they take their time and see if the things that the states have just came up will work I live in Alabama and the water and the beach are a big part of my life but to go and point your fingers at the pres about not allowing something that no one could understand what else that could do you guys are seriously either stupid or racist just cause the man has a little black in him. He is just as white as he is blck. I know that racism is something thats strong because i have friends that dont like the pres just cause hes black. And the main part of this artical is some navy drnes gone missing so why are we on the oil spill

    • Importgod

      Obama did not lose them….the Navy did.

      You must be a Republican. Try reading the article again….. all the way through…… before saying it is Obama’s fault!

      That’s a good boy. Now go back to beleiving everything Rush Limbaugh says

    • Ms.757

      you are soooooo stupid! What does Obama have to do with it? People kill me trying to find someone to blame! What are you doing for your country????

    • LugerLuke

      First of all Obama is not the reason this drone has been lost at sea. Nor is he the reason a British oil company has leaked millions and billions of gallons of oil into the Gulf. Also Obama is definitely not at fault for you lack of spelling and grammar.

      I must say for 8 years I bit my nails waiting for your Bush to get us into another scrape that he couldn’t get out of and yet I still refered to him as my president because he was my president. I personally would like to support whatever president we have and see our country succeed and prosper than to sh*t on the guy and cause more problems than necessary just because I have a beef with him.

      Republicans are such whiners. Sack up and accept the fact that we have a black democrat in office. I know us Democrats did it for 8 years and we lost a lot of hair doing it. Who knows accepting others that disagree with you might even cause you to grow as a person! …just a thought

      • GrammarPolice

        “… Also Obama is definitely not at fault for you lack of spelling and grammar…. ”

        I Lol’d at “you lack of spelling and grammar.”

        Remember kids, when correcting someone on their spelling/grammar, yours needs to be perfect. If you fail you will look like a tool.

    • Elliott

      I’m not sure what Obama has do with this. You’re smart!!

  • Dave

    How big are these things? If we can’t find our own drones then what does it say about spotting small enemy subs/drones during a conflict?

    • Obi Won Kenobi

      These are not the drones you are looking for

    • Jonny


      You do have a point, however our Navy use highly sofisticated(spelling) technology to track down enemy drones, regardless their size.

  • AUVs aren’t actually terribly smart, and they’re lost all the time, and when used in industry (for survey purposes) they are generally under wireless control continuously for this reason. Looking for mines, they are probabaly required to operate autonomously, which means there is a lot higher likelihood of them getting lost or getting hung up on something underwater.

    Regarding size, I don’t know the Navy’s model, but they are roughly the size of a small modern torpedo. Approx 18-24″ in diameter, 20′-30′ in length. In industry they are painted orange, the one in the picture above appears to only have a couple panels painted. After their mission (or a set period of time) they will attempt to surface, their nose should detach, and there should be a strobe light. They should have some sort of locator (radio or other transmitter) but that may have been omitted due to mission needs–this is not the sort of technology you want the ‘bad guys’ getting access to easily, as it is an excellent platform for Bad Ideas.

    Appealing to boaters is probably a good call, if they are painted dark colors, a recreational boater is more likely to run over one then spot it, and if you call the Navy with the location in exchange for paying for the damage to your boat, they’d probably be happy. I can’t remember the cost per unit offhand, but it was more then Id want taken out of my paycheck.

    For reference, I know just enough to be dangerous about these, having worked around them quite a bit. I am not one of the Tech/Operators though, so if one of those (or an engineer) wants to correct me, please do.

    • UUV tech

      As one of those engineers that helped desine these things, I can say that most of what you say is reletively correct. However the diameter of this particular AUVs is only 9″ and the nose is not designed to come off for an emergency ascent. These are designed to be used off from enemy shores and are not supposed to be found if lost. If not recovered within a preset period, they are supposed to scuttle. That makes the job of finding them that much more difficult.

  • barack obozo

    It obviously was Bush’s fault.

    • Jake

      You are so full of bull, it was Obama, not Bush…he responded quite late on the oil spill…late like the typical president of his nature, and so full of lies and false promises…

      • Dan

        Let’s stop with the blame game on both Presidents.
        They are both human, and they have both made errors in judgement.

    • Da Haole Dude

      Do that’s so freakin’ funny!

  • rarian rakista

    Deregulation of oil drilling and refining started the second Carter left office and the EPA was defanged. Who was that guy again?

    • US Citizen

      And Clinton did what to change that? Blame, Blame, and Blame. Why don’t people just look for a solution forward, using the best minds available. No paybacks or preconceived notions. How exactly do the states blaming Obama, and Obama ignoring the states, help?

      I can’t fix this with you, you are the enemy, and must be ignored…

  • Bob

    Nothing to worry about. Those little rascals wander off the reservation and get lost all the time. The High Command is working on the problem. Your federal government is doing its job, in its normal fashion.

    • fence-rider

      so… to paraphrase burt gummer,
      ‘you government guys go do what you do best. Find something simple and complicate it!’

  • Ryan8182

    I was standing on the flight deck the other day and me and a couple other Sailors spotted two dolphins. They were in the James River by the shipyard. We thought it was a very strange place to see dolphins. Maybe they are the trained dolphins they speak of in this articles as I guess we do a lot of training exercises in the James River. I dont know, probbably not but, it is a cool thought.

  • patron of humor

    maybe China wants their parts back when they found McDonald’s was using Cadmium glasses!

  • RJD

    well it’s only another 120,000 dollars out of the taxpayers pocket. Small change.

    • swissdude

      that’s about .04 pennies per person lost, oh no!

  • Day

    does anyone know what kind of data link is being used to pilot these things? it just apears to be a fairly flawed one.

    • EOD

      Yes, I do know what the DL was for these things, and the flaw is not there. The flaw is the limitations of acoustic comms, especially in an area with heavy shipping.

  • roland

    What’s the reward and telephone number to call if found?

    • EOD

      757-443-9821. I am not going to tell you the reward, but if you look up salvage rights under maritime law, you will see it’s worth your while to find those things

  • JCee

    shawn1999 yes you did miss something
    Sure BP is to blame BUT Obama has made a bad situation worse.
    1) BP’s first choice and recommendation was cut the pipe and a put a oil containment cap on the leak (would have reduced the amount of oil leaked by ~10 fold) cap looks to be containing 90-95% of leaking oil and probably will go hire and will totally stop once the relief wells are finished.
    2)Miles of oil containment booms sitting unused in warehouses. http://gatewaypundit.firstthings.com/2010/06/brea
    3) Not using more surface burns to destroy oil.

    • origin778

      It’s very hard to take you as a legitimately competent individual when you mix up higher and hire.
      You’re also using a pundit website to support a fact that is totally irrellevant. Oil Containment Boons would do nothing sub surface.
      Please go home and kill yourself,
      we thank you in advance
      – the society.

  • Alistair47

    It’s BP fault, there getting blamed for everything else.

  • Upde

    WOW!! This is about drones people not oil spills!! At least it wasn’t a nuke!! Nobody’s perfect…

    • robin

      a nuke would have been much less damaging then this oil spill, i live in Fort McMurray Alberta Canada, and its then end of the world when syncrude kills 1600 ducks, and you stupid Americans destroy the ocean, we could have nuked several places and it would not be half as devastating to the planet

      • David in Canada

        Interesting comment, but sadly wrong. Maybe a couple tac nukes, but modern nukes.. you’re smoking crack.

  • praetorian

    Why Yes, you did miss something. How long did it take for Obama to respond to the catastrophe ?

    • EMFN Jones

      It took too long, a Navy man like myself can tell you our “Commander and Chief” needs to get out!

      • Anonymous Warrior

        So you want more BUSH!

  • A sea monster got them!

    • srthom

      it was the cloverfield monster

    • rick

      One killed my cat !

  • Lem G*

    With all the garbage on the sea floor of that area of Virginia’s waters, its not a big surprise those USVs are MIA. Why do I get the feeling some old trawler nets are involved ?

  • bill

    Call the who? Yeah, there’s a number I have handy. Listen fool, tell the people to call 911, and give the 911 people the number. Simple. What other convoluted decisions are these people making?

  • Matt Musson

    How about a $5 fine for whining and finger pointing. That would pay for hosting this website.

  • DKetch

    Stuie Griffen now has it and is using the technology for his ultimate plan to conquer and rule the world

    • david

      who the hell spells it stuie? its stewie

      • Rich

        Let’s try that one more time, David. 1) “Its” is a possessive pronoun. I think the word you’re fumbling around for “it’s,” the contraction of “it” and “is.” 2) A proper noun, such as “Stewie,” is usually distinguished by a capitalized first letter. 3) The first letter of the first word in a new sentence also receives capitalization. 4) You’re missing punctuation at the end of your second sentence. Might I be so bold as to make a recommendation? I believe that an exclamation mark would best convey your sense of moral outrage. 5) Finally, I would advise either breaking down the misspelling into its individual letters or adding a [SIC]; this ensures that the reader does not mistakenly credit you, the author, with such an egregious mistake.

        Applying these simple rules, your statement would resemble something like this:
        Who the hell spells it S-T-U-I-E? It’s Stewie!

  • bodybagger

    Finders Keepers, I will be tying mine onto my boat it will make an excellent fish finder

  • Bandit

    All I can say if this is the new modern Navy, WE (USA) are in serious trouble.
    In the Cold war we took our submarines inside soviet harbors and gathered intel. No drones. Didn’t loose any of them!

    ussvi, either your qualified, or your not.

  • Chris

    Wow, so that is what happened with the oil rig in the Gulf.

  • Dusted Eagle

    Did anybody look under the camel at the pier at NAVSTA Norfolk? Maybe these subs have a “come back home” mode that the brass forgot about? Now, where did I put my “glasses!” HeHe!

  • Dusted Eagle

    Is there a reward?

  • Charley

    Del! Del! did you lose something?

  • dan

    wtf over four of them, who the hell was manning the joy stick ?

  • Alex

    Its not an drone its an AUV ( Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). Do a little research before you post an article.

  • exVark

    At least the Navy only lost unarmed unmanned drones, unlike the Air Force who flew from North Dakota to Louisiana with “White Ones” they thought were “Blue Ones” and it had to noticed by someone out of the loop.

  • WTFO?

    What in hell does that have to do with the topic? Cute girls with big boobs? Sounds like a bunch of whores to me!

    • Noslutsplease

      It sounds like you are trying to run an online cathouse to me. Take it somewhere else!

  • EOD

    They have found a couple of them right in the same area they were lost. Looks like a large ship collided with them and sent them to the bottom burying them in the mud just enough, so they were not detectable using normal survey equipment.

  • Doc Red

    I wonder if they found my shoues and my backpack i lost overboard in 2007?

  • EM vet

    WOW! the most advance Navy in the world and we lose four of these unmanned drones! More than that, we can’t even find it! WOW!

  • EOD

    They will get them all back. The dolphins can detect objects buried in the mud, and for an extra fish or two, they’ll find anything you are looking for once they know what it is.

  • wayne

    All four of them were probably run over by a merchant ship when they came up to link with home base.

  • Lo

    Can not blame Obama cuz the man never does anything. He’s all words and no action. I’m glad I left the Navy.

  • Wacko

    Maybe they broke off from the rest of the pack on a Special Mission and
    headed south, around the tip of Florida, and into the Gulf of Mexico…to observe
    BP and map out the underwater plumes of oil.
    That’s why no one has found them… ;-)

  • PV2

    aquaman showed up and got sick of the trash in the water and burried them in an under water trence.

  • Vernon Wegener

    i wonder if the laws of salvage would apply in this case. Could you recover US Navy property and tell them to pay you for your time and effort or sell it? Traditionally, when a vessel is lost at sea, the laws of salvage apply.

    Those things are probably worth a pretty penny


    • buck rogers

      they are split in half and flooded, theyd be as useful as your laptop if you threw it off your boat



  • Nitram

    I’m playing with in my backyard pool! It sure beats the toy submarine I had as a kid!

  • Mccann the MAN

    i am stuie…bryan is pissing on my leg right now. The navy is smart…these things are not too important if they are letting outsiders know they are lost in the drink. Don’t worry be happy.

  • River Rat-SBUXI

    Sounding similar to the BuOrd cover-up of contractor negligence regarding faulty torpedoes during the first year of WWII in the Pacific when our brave sub crews went in harm’s way with weapons that at best failed to explode upon SOLID contact with an enemy ship. At worst they circled back and blew up our boats. But BuOrd said our skippers weren’t waiting for proper firing solutions and were shooting them too deep. Then Uncle Dan( SUBPAC) got involved and carried out some conclusive tests, attempting to sink a couple of Hawaiian cliffs only to have the emplaced microphones hear the lovely sounds of torpedoes going CLUNK against the rocks almost exactly where aimed.

    Someone somewhere left a wire loose or forgot to write a few lines of code.

  • River Rat-SUBXi

    This country is, unfortunately becoming a joke ruled less and less by sanity and the principles our Founding Fathers worked with and more and more by big money, oil and big law firms.

  • roland

    The should check the location where they lost track of it and they last track it. Without someone controlling it, it may have stop and rested on the sea floor on the same location where they lost track of it.

  • g

    Do these fish really have positive buoyancy? Is there a reward? Shoould have had an ELT that would turn on automatically if a watchdog handshake command was not received within 24 hrs.

  • Bat

    How about there are no excuses for this embarrassment. Streamlined checks, procedures and manufacturing savings too profits cause these failures. There are no pirates, bad guys, seismic anomalies, or hidden underwater obstacles in Great Lakes to gobble up drones. If Navy needs public help offer a reward, if failed parts are made in other countries get them out of loop, if training procedures are at fault revise them. But we need to stop making Joke Food for late night TV.

    • Roger

      1. The Chesapeak Bay is not in the great lakes.
      2. There are hidden obstacles in the great lakes.
      3. The cause for the loss can not be determined until they are retrieved and inspected. Posting blame when you don’t know the cause makes you look foolish.
      4. If you are frustrated with how things are then make change happen!

  • Macky

    This is not about Bush, or Obama. It is about lost drones. Have a respect for our Presidents people. No matter how bad or good they do, they represent us Americans not Republicans or Democrats

  • sharon

    Maybe they have followed some poor cruise ships out towards the atlantic!

  • Gary Smith

    Not an unusual occurrence. Sea water screws up even the best stuff. Anyone who goes out to sea knows that once you get out in the water anything can happen. Going underwater just makes it more likely that something can go wrong. That’s why the sea beds are littered with sunken ships and boats and lost items and more people die boating and fishing than get killed in wars.

  • S. K. Hall

    For Pete’s sake people..sh*t happens …they are equipment run by humans,both of which are fallible. Sometimes minor sh*t has to happen to prevent major sh*t.

  • Jimim

    They were using them to look for unexploded ordnance, maybe they found some.

  • Michael

    Finders Keepers

  • john finn

    Could one of these torpedo shaped drones be used to plug up the oil pipe that is leaking??????

  • anthony

    they should put teeth and a shark fin that way we could bite the men in iraq in the as* with them lol and put mini nuclear devices in them hehe

  • Joe D

    The government can’t find 11 million illegal immigrants walking our streets, how can you expect them to find these?

  • Glen

    How about installing a gps tracking device on anything that costs over 2,000 they can find a lawnmower along the highway believe me I know!!! Elementary isn’t it, Duh

  • Citizen Lawyer

    Hey, all you “Finders, Keepers” fans: the old ‘common law of bailments’ covers this – you find it, you return it, and the owner pays you your reasonable costs. If you want to charge an exorbitant (“unreasonable”) amount, that’s called “extortion,” and all you get is a fair and public trial. “Finders, keepers” is kid stuff, from the mouths of naughty kids.

  • Bob

    Does the second fleet commander take collect calls if I find one?

  • jack meoff

    drones that cost millions of dollars and they ******** lost 4 of them, wat does that say for out navy

  • gt350

    I understand testing, but at #2 I might have waited to know more what happened—#3 no more launches–# 4 well what the @#$$ already lost 3

  • J.C.K.

    A fine day in U.S. Navy history.

    Maybe if they put mines out their the UAV’s will go after them?

    Wait whats a mine?
    !WOOT! ,,/< (^-^)>,,/ !WOOT!

  • Jameson

    Three cheers for the navy!!! OH, wait they lost four? Four cheers for the Navy!!! LOL!!!

  • cody

    i think i found my new jet ski lol



  • buck rogers

    the AUVs got run over by ships, they were working in the shipping channel and thought they had the head room as an 8m draft ship went through. The channel is about 14 meters.
    they are Hydroid Remus 100 vehicles. They are very smart and reliable as long as you are well trained to run then.
    UAVs had the same issues in their infancy, poorly trained personnel with a ton of turnover.
    I heard the dolfins couldnt find them, they sent in another AUV to target them and send divers in.

  • Al W

    Didn’t happen on my watch!

  • A Who from Whoville

    I think I might have found a small lead to one of your missing “seabots”. Want a link to a clue that can provide you the people that might just have parts(fins) and a location where they found them? Well first of all get in touch with me through e-mail and we can arrange to communicate through more private means. And second, to clarify, I only came across a link and message of someone asking if anyone knew what these(4 pictures were attached to the message) were. That’s all.

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