U.S.-South Korea Announce Invincible Spirit Exercises

Next week’s series of large-scale, joint U.S. South Korean military exercises intended to send a message to North Korea to quit sinking South Korean navy ships will go by the name “Invincible Spirit,” officials announced today in Seoul.

The exercises will involve some 8,000 military personnel from both countries, some 18 ships, including the USS George Washington carrier strike group, and over 100 aircraft. The Air Force is also getting in on the act, sending the F-22 Raptor for its first in-theater exercises.

Adm. Robert Willard, commander Pacific Command, said the exercises will take place on the east side of the Korean peninsula, in the Sea of Japan. Future exercises may be in the Yellow Sea, on the west side of the Korean peninsula, adjacent to China, but Willard wouldn’t say whether those exercises would include the George Washington.

It looks like there will be a lot of sonars banging away in the Sea of Japan, along with sub-hunting P-3s overhead, as Willard said anti-submarine warfare exercises will feature prominently. Investigators say a North Korean midget sub sank the South Korean frigate Cheonan in March, killing 46 South Korean sailors.

— Greg Grant

  • Marvel

    I wonder if “future exercises” in the Yellow Sea mean sooner rather than later…

  • John Moore

    So they caved in to CA and moved it all to the other side?

  • zap

    It’s the smart thing to do , besides if its primarily a anti-sub exercises it makes sense to do it in the east , in a harder environment .

  • noquarter

    China tells us to “put the lotion in the basket.”

  • ZRH537

    I bet the North Korea tries fire at one of our subs or ships, or maybe even sink a Flat Top.

  • Mr_GoodKat

    Ha! The USN and USAF “caving in”… You’re funny!!!

    @ZRH537 – For the well being of humanity, please don’t ever post anything again.

    • John Moore

      What would you call it one day its in the yellow sea and the next it on the other coast?

      Right after CH complains? Not saying its the USN of USAF but the politicians up top!

  • jsallison

    How about calling the next exercise: Operation KJI can kiss our @$$e$, and his loser son. Too long?

  • Oblat

    Is a sadder showing of American impotence even possible ?