Marines Unhappy With Osprey Readiness Rate

The head of Marine aviation, Lt. Gen. George Trautman, told my colleague Colin Clark that after seven months of flying in Afghanistan that the MV-22 Osprey readiness rate has stalled out at about 70 percent. While recognizing that Afghanistan is a harsh operating environment, Trautman said he expects more out of the Osprey. Check out Colin’s story over at DoD Buzz.

Greg Grant

  • Davis

    Gasp! I only spend 20% doing my job too! We should hang out sometime, Osprey. Wanna grab a beer?

  • slntax

    waahh congress give us more money for fancy weapons that cant operate

  • XRs

    In all fairness, there’s no way they could have known this would happen.


  • Stephen Russell

    Give it more testing in So NV, AZ, NM, CO, UT for like conditions pre combat, find the bugs Here vs Over there. Or change purchasing regs & or refit for OFF THE SHELF parts to keep flying.
    DO something.

  • Dfens

    The biggest problem with the V-22 is its inherit design flaw. Bell had stopped doing twin wingtip rotor VTOL aircraft very early on with ducted fans. The big open rotors of the V-22 make this a death machine. If you look at this picture of the V-22 over water, you can use the way the air from the rotors stirs up the surface as a kind of flow visualization to see what happens. Notice the huge aft going plume (between the green lines). It is so strong in sucks air in from the normal radial rotor wash. This is due to the way they counter-rotated the rotors and the rotation those rotors put into the downwash (red arrows). Under the pictured circumstances the aft flowing plume of air stays stuck to the water’s surface and continues aft for a long ways. If something gets in the way of that aft plume and causes it to break free of the surface, it can get sucked back into one of the 2 rotors as shown by the cyan arrow in the referenced picture. When this happens, it’s death for the crew as all lift on that side is lost and there’s no time to recover.

  • phrogdriver

    Sure thing. Seems a bit esoteric, but definitely doable.