China Calls For End to Pentagon’s Annual PLA Military Assessment

Yesterday, the newly appointed spokesman for China’s Defense Ministry, Geng Yansheng, said the Pentagon’s annual report on Chinese military modernization “ignored objective facts,” exaggerated the Chinese threat to Taiwan and was not beneficial to improved Sino-U.S. ties.

“China’s military development is reasonable and appropriate, and is aimed to protect its national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, as well as keep apace with the rapid military development in the world.

“We ask the U.S. side to view China’s national defense and military build-up from an objective and just perspective, put an end to comments and conduct that might compromise mutual trust between Chinese and U.S. military forces, and stop issuing the so-called Chinese military and security development report, so to create a favorable environment for the improvement and development of Sino-U.S. military relations,” Geng said.

The spokesman said China’s modernization is normal for a country of its size and that it pursues a purely defensive security policy and will neither enter into an arms race nor threaten militarily another country.

— Greg Grant

  • dh

    Isn’t it an advantage to know what your enemy thinks of your intentions, goals, and capabilities? Then you would know 1) where they might have internal intelligence assets, and 2) whether your enemy has assessed you correctly or incorrectly? (i.e. “They don’t know that we’re building 20 subs a year). I assume that all of the juiciest details are classified and not reported in this public assessment.

  • JEFF

    This is funny… I’m sure they assess us.

    The problem is that when China says: “China’s military development is reasonable and appropriate, and is aimed to protect its national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, as well as keep apace with the rapid military development in the world.”
    They believe they have “sovereign” claim on Taiwan and that “security and territorial integrity” apply to certain territorial waters of Japan and the international waters in between. They aren’t lying they’re just spinning by generalizing their statement of intent.

    • David

      your foolish guy!
      to learn more the history please!
      Taiwan was a part of China from some thousands years ago.
      when your guy was crying as a monkey in Europe.

      • Adam

        so, what you’re saying, chinese troll, is that he is correct?

      • JZHY

        What you are saying is retarded. By that same logic Poland should still be part of Germany. All the African nations should still belong to Europe. Just because Taiwan was once apart of imperial China, while emperors still ruled doesn’t mean that it should still be part of China. Also you ******* retarded monkey, if anything else China BELONGS to Taiwan since the KMT party which once ruled a united China now governs over Taiwan. From 1911 until the outbreak of WWII the KMT ruled China. So China is the rebel province you ******* stupid ********.

      • 31Bravo

        Silly, Commie. Trolling is for kids.

        • David

          you are a fool with IQ even lower than kids.

          • saberhagen

            yeah, the only problem is that ‘China” and “People Republic of China” are 2 DIFFERENT things, genius!

  • Dave M.

    Does china really expect us to stop assessing them? At best, the assessment would simply be made top secret and go on behind the scenes…

    • David

      The statement was made made for the consumption of a dimwitted american public. They are fighting for hearts and minds. Turn the american people further against their government and the idea of going to war to protect taiwan.

    • shik

      China - “Stop assessing our military, I mean it!”

      USA - “Anybody want a peanut?”

  • Jacob

    They make their entire military budget a state secret and then expect us not to assess their capabilities?

  • Maxtrue

    Somehow I smell an Israeli plot……lol

    Of course the request is absurd. Maybe we should ask China to stop stealing Russian patents.

    • David

      Nope, keep steeling the russian junk.

      Stop stealing the USA stuff.

      • William C.


  • Chops

    It’s amazing-before w/ a medium sized military they were able to maintain their borders-now with all the money from the trade surplus they are arming to the teeth with whatever tech. they can steal.Screw them and their constant complaining.

    • Jeff M

      Screw you and your bad grammar, go back to grade school and quit texting.

  • BobSacamano

    China owns soooo much of our debt there has got to be a notion of justifiable entitlement to make such a request. Next-up, PLA occupying pentagon offices, another of Obama’s successes of “Recovery Summer.”

  • STemplar

    Uhhhhhhhh….No. Ok, moving right along…..

  • Tom

    take it easy guys the reaction from china over that report just shows how accurate the report actually was.

  • Galrahn

    The Onion called, they would like their transparency back.

  • Saun

    News flash China. You’re not Israel. The US doesn’t have to obey you.

  • blight

    I’m sure the procurement and development of guided IRBMs and satellite surveillance to find USN carrier groups in the ocean is just “reasonable and appropriate” military development…everyone’s doing it.

    Not even nations like South Korea, which have bigger problems just over the fence have this kind of military investment.

  • Mastro

    If the Chinese think we are not going to moniter their ballistic missiles aimed at Tawain- and their growing navy- they are crazy.

    • David

      I think you are stupid more than Chinese.even a fool knows the fact any thing is under monited by US.

  • @Earlydawn

    “Pentagon Calls for End to PLA.”

  • Dean

    If you look back at the history of such publications, particularly ones published in the mid1980s regarding Soviet Military Power, you can plainly see the consistent exagerations of the Soviet Threat, minimization of US military capabilites, and general ‘the sky is falling’ rhetoric that render them as little more than complete propoganda meant to generate support for expanding the US military-industrial complex and hide the military weakness nature of our erstwhile enemies. This one is no different.
    The fact is, China does not need to contest the US militarily. Their own publicly stated global strategy says so. They can crush us economically at a whim and the spokesman for the Defense Ministry is quite correct in pointing out the collossal waste of effort reports like this represent.

    • @Earlydawn

      Our economic relationship with China is symbiotic, not parasitic. They can’t stop selling to us any more then we can stop buying.

      • Chops

        I have continually said that it would be economic suicide for China to ever start a war with the US or its Allies.The continual military posturing on their part and the fact that they will not help reign in the NKs is what is worrying everyone and the fact that they claim the entire South China Sea as theirs.

    • Tim

      Let’s stick to the facts:

      - It’s true that China owns nearly $ 900 billions in US treasury bonds. But that is about less than 2% of our total debt obligations, which amounted to $65 TRILLIONS at the end of 2009. Therefore, the myth about China owning us is a load of fear-mongering for the misinformed.

      - Despite all the efforts the US and Western countries made in starting up China’s economy from the late 70s through technology transfer, manufacturing relocation, opening up our markets, WTO and BTA, etc., China had been and continued to play hardball with our international policy ever since. China not only encountered but often acted against our efforts. And of course, we should not forget about the intentional downing of the recon plane, harassing US oceanographic surveying ships, etc.

      - I could go on to the Southeast Asian Sea, but the top two painted a picture of a China that is only pretend to be nice to get what it wants. It is inevitable that a showdown with China will occur before 2020. We better get ready because it is just the law of economics, when must lose in order for the other to gain.

  • STemplar

    Russia and Germany were also led by madmen at the time.

  • blight

    If anything, we should be comparing China’s military activity to its local neighbor, India.

    India is not investing the kinds of funds China is, even with a nuclear armed opponent next door with which it has fought four or five wars. China hasn’t been embroiled in conflict since the ’80s…so the armament indicates a grave amount of paranoia. Granted the best defense is one that keeps the enemy off your turf, but using IRBMs (which conceivably could be used as surface-to-surface against multiple American allies in the Pacific Rim) puts their motives under suspicion. There’s a reason why specific treaties targeted IRBMs, it’s that they have sufficient speed in their range envelopes to cause serious damage in a short timeframe.

  • Tim Adkison

    HAHAHAH now that was funny!

  • Tim Adkison

    Sure China! Would you like a carrier and an F-22 while were at it? Hell lets just not do our jobs because it makes you angwy :(