Merchant of Death Tried to Sell UAVs to Hit U.S.Targets


Douglas Farah over at the Counterterrorism Blog points out an interesting little aspect in the case of Viktor “Merchant of Death” Bout, the world’s most notorious illegal arms dealer who was shipped to the U.S. to face charges today.

Among the routine arms smuggling charges Bout is facing are accusations that he was trying to sell UAVs to the Colombian FARC guerilla movement for the purpose of attacking U.S.-built radar facilities in Latin America, according to Farah.

Among the things he offered the undercover operatives in the final meeting in Bangkok, believing them to be FARC commanders, were drones to attack U.S.-build (sic) radar stations, surface-to-air missiles, and the usual assortment of assault rifles and ammunition.

The radar sites Farah refers to may be those operated under the CIA’s Air Bridge Denial Program, aimed at tracking narcotics flights in the region.

Here’s Farah’s whole post on the matter.

— John Reed

  • nraddin

    You know the best way to put guys like this out of business is deny them costumers. Most of the costumers we are talking about are drug lords, the drug lords get their money from selling drugs to the US, the money for drugs is good because drugs are illegal. If the drugs where legal then no money to buy weapons, and no war on drugs means no US assets in places where these kids of people would like to attack them. We save money, save lives, have fewer bad guys and a new taxable market. TaDaaaa!!

    Seriously though, arms dealers are no bueno!

  • Marine1968

    So who sells weapons to the Taliban ? And why cant we stop them?

  • bob

    I am curious as to what our (the US) authority is to have him extradited and charged in the US? He has not, as far as I am aware, violated an US laws for military arms distribution and sales. He has not directly, or even indirectly, attacked or inflicted harm upon any US property or persons (war zones and zones of conflicting not applying).

    So, what gives us the right? Remember, this can go both ways. Anyone who thinks we don’t have people acting as the same type of middle-man has their head in the sand. The best know period is the Afghan/Russian war, but believe me this still goes on today. Its called ‘plausible deniability.’

  • What

    USA is a Merchant of Death too.

    • William C.

      If your a brainless hippie maybe. Please continue to blame the USA for everything while the world goes about killing each other without our aid.

      • What

        I’m not blaming the USA. Just stating the facts, you idiot.

  • Intersted

    Free Viktor Boout! Or stop your “death sells”

  • Jonathan

    This guy was obviously a fall guy for Russia.

    And I think this was more politics rather then crime.

    The US is the largest arms dealer in the world. This guy was basically on the opposing team so he got targeted and demonized In other words the competition was eliminated.

    Alot more m16’s are going to be appearing in Africa now..