Iran Claims it’s Got its Own S-300, Really Guys?

Well, only a few months after Russia decided not to sell the advanced S-300 surface to air missile system to Iran, spinsters in Tehran are touting a homegrown version of that very missile.

From the AP:

Iran has successfully tested a newly developed air defense missile system during the country’s biggest ever air defense drill, the country’s military announced Thursday.

Iran’s state television said the test was Tehran’s response to Moscow’s refusal to deliver the advanced Russian S-300 air defense system amid U.N. and international sanctions on the country.

Gen. Hamid Arjangi, a spokesman for the five-day exercise, said the system - known as Mersad, or Ambush in Farsi - and Shahin, or Hawk, were developed by Iranian scientists and is capable of identifying and hitting targets at low and medium altitudes.

The article goes on to say:

The locally developed missiles were similar to the anti-aircraft missile system that Russia has refused to deliver, citing the latest round of U.N. sanctions imposed in response to Tehran’s nuclear program.

“The Iranian-made missile system is an upgraded version of the anti-aircraft Russian S-200 missile system and has the same capability as that of the Russian S-300 missile,” the television reported.

So this means Tehran is already “mass producing” a SAM comparable to the ones it was desperate to buy from Russia until the Kremlin nixed the deal last summer (much to the relief of certain Western air force planners). Right.

Russia’s missile, the S-300, is “capable of shooting down aircraft and missiles at ranges of over 90 miles (144 kilometers) and at altitudes of about 90,000 feet (27,430 meters).” It’s long been used to justify planes like the F-22 Raptor.

You’ve got to doubt whether Iran really could field such technology this quickly. Remember when it doctored the pics of a missile test in 2008? And don’t forget this display of military might.

Just sayin’, Iranian officials have a way of exaggerating.

Here’s the whole AP article.

— John Reed

  • Pirouz

    Call the Iranian claim a near equivalent to “MIssion Accomplished!” The main difference being it doesn’t include 30,000 friendly troop casualties, 100,000+ civilian casualties and millions of disposed refugees.

    • DB2010

      Looks like a bunch of new drone targets to me.

    • guest

      How about we call it shovel ready, shoot a few innocent protesters or gay people and let them distribute this wealth of missiles? You pick a strange forum to toss political (and inaccurate at that) commentary onto.

      The SA-300 is a bad system for pilots opposing it, so I’m just satisfied they didn’t receive it. Your nonsense comments however made me chuckle, thanks!

  • @Earlydawn


  • jack

    The plastic s300 mattel model doesn’t count Iran.

  • blight

    So if anything it’s a S-200 upgrade purported to be equivalent to S-300.

    Someone is going to find out in the near future…

  • Mononoke

    Long range drones the answer?

  • Joe Schmoe

    The S-200 cannot be converted into the S-300… Dear god man, all they share is the ‘S’ in the name. Goes double with Iran’s level of technology.

    Just another boring piece of lying propaganda from the Iranians. Which if the Israeli’s attack will be doubly as humorous since they now cannot blame Russia for defective weapons.

  • @Earlydawn

    I wonder if this one will launch the barrel stacks, or just explode on the launcher.

  • Locarno

    I’d be more interested to see if anyone has any output/pictures/etcetera from this ‘biggest ever air defence drill’….. sounds like the sort of thing that would provide an interesting insight.

  • NickM

    Kinda reminds me of Iran’s “stealth fighter” - can’t recall the name - looks a lot like a warmed over F-5

    • Joe Schmoe

      It was.

      Just a natively produced F-5 with some minor modifications, wouldn’t stand a chance to anything more than a Skyhawk.

  • Tim

    The only way they have a chance of the above is if the insidious Chinese give them the tech . But to be honest I doubt the Iranians have the tech to manufacture these systems .

    We do need to remember that a new cold war is upon us and this time we have both the Chinese and Russians to contend with , although the Russians to be fair could barely mount a piss up in a brewery at the moment .

    • elgatoso

      Care to develop your argument??I dont see any Cold War in the near future.

  • Greg

    I would suspect Isreal is planning to deal with the potential Iranian nuclear threat. This story jibes well with Iran’s efforts to bide their time to produce a usable weapon. I can only hope that intel is accurate enough to allow those in command to make the right decisions.

  • Anonymous

    A senior official with the Revolutionary Guards said the system was developed locally, “by updating the S-200”, but would give no further details. It remains unclear whether the system was tested during s recent wide-scale defense drill held in Iran, to be completed Saturday,7340,L-3986514…

  • jsallison

    Geez, someone needs to send six aircraft over Tehran and stage an airshow. Don’t shoot a thing, mebbe send the blue angels or t-birds on their very first operational deployment. Embarrass the living Pelosi out of Ahmadi-nejad.

  • Jon

    Hey you predicted the future! (almost) The NK bombed the South yesterday with new artillary.

    • blight

      What makes you think it was new?