Sticky Bomb Kills Iranian Nuke Scientist

Well, the crazy spy vs Iranian nuke scientist saga continues. This weekend saw the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist by what sounds like some sort of sticky bomb, (remember Saving Private Ryan?).

One scientist was killed and his wife wounded when their car was approached by attackers on motorcycles who somehow attached a bomb to his car before speeding away to detonate it. Another Iranian nuclear scientist and his wife were wounded in a similar, simultaneous attack. It turns out this isn’t the first time this has happened.

From the New York Times:

The attacks were similar to a bombing last January in which a remote-controlled bomb killed another physics professor, Masoud Ali Mohammadi, outside his home.


The Iranian authorities also blamed that attack on the United States and Israel, a charge the State Department dismissed as absurd.

Who knows who was behind it. Nevertheless, all this seems to be the latest in the game to keep Iran from getting nukes. Remember this very bizarre incident? One can only ask, do assassinations have an effect in persuading Iran to cut its nuclear ambitions or do they simply encourage Tehran to keep plugging away at building a nuke by making the government feel under siege?

Here’s the rest of the Times article.

  • Wildcard

    I don’t think these are aimed at persuading Iran to cut its nuclear ambitions. These are active measures to delay their progress.

    The Stuxnet ‘virus’ works to disrupt the enrichment phase.
    These targeted assassinations, eliminate the knowledge base.

  • Musson

    I have to wonder if this type of attack, in coordination with the computer virus, is as effective as a military strike? It is certainly less risky.

  • blight

    Probably the Iranians. On the one hand they preach about how they are so awesome at keeping “the Great Satan” at bay, and when it suits them, the country is full of heretics working for the Great and Little Satans.

  • Armoureddinnerjacket

    There are no gays in Iran

    • kim

      Sure you spelled your name right?

  • John moore

    I think we all know the two possible countires behind this: Saudi Arabia or Israel or maybe even both!

  • Anthony

    civilians working on weapons that will kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians? You lose your “civilian” status once you get your hands dirty like that. Sorry

  • eu__

    i only hope that the usa will pressure israel to get rid of its NW, when the whole iran problem is over.

  • eu__

    forgot to add:
    start behaving nicely in the region/ get rid of the NW

  • STemplar

    In the context of this recent wikileaks case it could just as likely be us that did it. It’s clear everyone else in the region would like us to bomb Iran, it’s the US and probably Europeans that don’t want to. I’m sure because of the associated political fallout. The virus attack and this are no doubt to buy time and put that go/no go decision point off. I would say the ABM talks at NATO give an idea of the US and European position, which is Iran eventually gets nukes and we put a containment policy in place.

    Israel will never disarm if Iran is arming, it simply won’t happen. We can’t even get them to not build apartments, we certainly aren’t going to persuade them to give up their nuclear deterrent while Iran is building one. For that to happen there would have to be regime change in Iran.

  • joe

    Your all way off base here…it’s quite obvious that it was Hugo Chavez the Venezuela el Presidente’.

    All part of his evil plan to take over the world…just follow the clues….

    Iranian Nulear Scientist assassinated
    Sticky bomb
    Nobody stepping up to take credit
    Blame the United States
    Blame Israel
    Cracked cashew nut shells on the ground behind the bushes
    And a empty bottle of Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva rum upturned in the dirt.
    Plus a half eaten plate of Pabellon Criollo flipped as if left by a person in a great hurry…
    And the eye witness account of the mysterious man with a bad skin complexion running and laughing and screaming into the night

  • Indymaru

    Israel dumping their nukes won’t deter Muslim Iran from its task: destruction of Israel and implementation of, initially, some sort of regional Islamic republic or group fo them. Persians have an Aryan view. They imagine themselves to be the Aryan stock, which is one reason why Arabs historically abhor them.

  • Kevin Pillow

    With the new information from the Embassy Cables from wikileaks It would not be surprising if other arab league nations which have the capacity to carry out these missions indeed acted in there best interest. While one party may have the financing, hint hint, and the other has access to the best minds in the western hemisphere, hint hint, it could well be a collaboration with a win win solution for both and/or all parties involved. Cut the head of the snake off.

  • Philo

    I’m finding info that this guy was Iranistan’s point man for eradicating W32.Stuxnet…..

    StuxNet Lives! lol

  • Engineer

    I absolutely hope that the CIA/DIA was involved in this - if not someone @ the CIA should be fired for letting someone else beat us to the punch! It’s about time we go on the offense with these Islamic Nuts and put a little terror in their lives!

  • Infidel4LIFE

    Ditto Wildcard. Similar to Iraq’s Osirak reactor program. We all know how that ended up. Its coming, before the summer of 2011 is over. You can delay only so long.

  • jaythehistorian

    It was the Mossad with assistance from one or more of the Persian Gulf Arab states.

  • David

    Cool, cloak and dagger stuff…

  • Keenen Altic

    My fellow Americans are so blatently ignorantly arrogant to think that war or covert action solves any problems. People with vendetta’s are always left over after the “victory”. The inflamatory attitude towards Iran only proves Ahmedinejhads point that America is out to get it though it hasn’t done anything to deserve it. After all, nukes “don’t kill people; people kill people”. Or does a double standard apply to that ideology as well. SHAZAM

  • blight

    The alternative possibility is that some of the nuke scientists are trying to get out of dodge (or have been in contact with foreign intelligence agencies), and are being killed as a message to toe to the party line; while publicly the blame is put on the Zionists and the Crusaders for launching the attack. I mean, why risk the humiliation of telling the world that Iranian scientists are spying on your own energy programs? Just kill them publicly and bury the truth.