New Russian Uniforms Making Ivan Sick

Usually it’s the look of designer-made duds that make people sick. Watch 10 minutes of Project Runway if you don’t believe me.

But AFP reports that aparently the fancy new fashion designer made Russian military uniforms are sending troops standing guard on Red Square (and other places) to the sick bay.

Russia’s sharp new military uniforms, created by a top fashion designer, have landed hundreds in hospital after proving too thin to withstand the ferocious winter cold, a state daily said Wednesday.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported that between 60 and 250 servicemen have been laid up with everything from flu to pneumonia as Arctic chills sweep through the country’s northern reaches.

“They literally felt naked outside,” the paper quoted the mother of one soldier as saying. “Many of them ended up in hospital. Ours developed pneumonia,” she said of her son.

The designs by Russian fashion maven Valentin Yudashakin harken back to the Czarist era and are “more shapely and chic,” the story says.

Apparently, Russian army officers didn’t like the first post-Soviet uniform redesign because the story says it made them look like a third-world military.

I say, if the shoe fits…?

(Image from ImageShack)

— Christian

  • Mastro

    Reminds me- I need to buy a nut cracker for my aunt…

  • Greg

    Our new Britain. They seem down for Adventism too.

  • Han Solo

    Have they not heard of long underwear and overcoats?

  • crackedlenses

    Looks like they suffer from the same curse of idiot-designed uniforms that we do over here……

  • blight

    I’d say ceremonial gear is more wasted money than going through nine jillion iterations of camouflage.

    Would it kill them to just issue old Czariest era stuff? I mean, ceremonial units the world over don’t design new duds, they just reissue new stuff to the old blueprint. I guess if you can’t field new carriers you spend the money on uniforms.

  • praetorian

    I say, if the shoe fits…?

    Low blow Christian, but i like it

  • prometheusgonewild

    Reminds me of a documentary I saw q while back on the eastern front during WW2.
    The ex-German solder stating that their uniforms looked great, but they froze in them.
    Where the Soviets uniforms were bulky, ugly and kept them warm.
    Seems their military has lost their way in more than one way…..
    Maybe they should go back to the old way and send the designer to a Gulag for a couple months to inspire him to get them right….

    • blight

      It seems like the Russians designed summer uniforms even though half the year it’s probably bitterly cold.

    • So?

      The side with the prettiest uniforms loses.

      • kim

        True; Hugo Boss designed the smart SS uniforms, but it didn’t help them any.

  • Stephen Russell

    Must be some virus in the fabric etc causing illness??? Poor QA systems?? Poor Mgmt,. Payoffs, bribes???? Typical

  • ron pond

    I don’t blame the Russians for hating the uniform. I would not wear some thing like that to a dog fight,It might be worn to a horse and pony show, are if there are any limp wristed soldiers in the Russian army they might vote to wear it , that way people can tell the straights ones from the bent ones. That’s a case you don’t know the difference between the two.

  • Riceball

    Now that is a dress uniform, sort of reminds me of Marine Corps Dress Blues but flashier. All they need to complete that uniform is either a nice bear skin cape or a heavily laced coat to be worn over the shoulder or through one arm Hussar style. A nice heavily embellished cavalry sabre would complete that uniform very nicely.

    • Mastro

      Its the Marine Corp dress blues with enough scrambled eggs to feed a platoon.

      It really looks like a soldier’s uniform from an Italian opera.

  • M167A1

    Oh the Irony!

    Russians not having warm enough uniforms…. “Snicker”

  • b bert

    Snicker all you want about the Russians, people tend to forget about Nixon’s brief change to the White House military detail uniform …

  • b bert

    ooops, it was the Secret Service uniformed division

  • Blight

    General Winter doesn’t care how you look. Maybe if it had goretex and thinsulate…

  • Iain

    governments the world over cant get the basics right, which what the boys all want
    basic uniforms
    basic weapons

    get that right first , do the Israelis suffer from this sort of problem ??

  • august

    The dress uniforms look like those of the 1820’s. They should make the combat uniforms look traditionally Russian.Now they just look like everybody else. The upper part of the officer’s cap has been too big for a while now. Good to see the old trappings and flags. Its like they’re getting ready for the coronation of a new Tsar.

  • Nickolas
  • the acne killer