Cyber? We got it covered – Yeah Right

By Kevin Coleman – Defense Tech Cyber Warfare Correspondent

In October of 2010 cyber attacks were assessed to be one of the most serious threats to Britain’s national security by the British government. In stark contrast, the vast majority of private British firms are confident they are protected. There have been harsh comments about the British firms’ position on this rapidly changing threat. Most cyber intelligence insiders and information security professionals believe traditional security measures are rapidly becoming inadequate to address the advanced cyber threats we are seeing in attacks today.

Multiple intelligence organizations have warned that cyber threats are evolving faster than our cyber defenses. In addition, cyber security experts say that cyber security awareness of the real commercial threat to private industry appears to remain low. So, why the big disconnect? You don’t have to look far for the answer. Private sector businesses are often outside those who are read into to cyber threat intelligence generated by government agencies.

Britain and the U.S. share the same problem – balancing sensitive communications! Both countries have active cyber intelligence collection activities underway. The problem is when a threat is identified, the information is often classified and restricted from open dissemination; and for good reason. The sources and methods used to obtain this threat intelligence often times can be discovered through advanced intelligence analysis techniques supported by a plethora of tools that have recently emerged to support these activities.

  • Musson

    In light of the Stuxnet virus, maybe we should revisit why Boeng is unable to produce 787 jetliners?

  • Philo

    Привет Comrades!

    Do not believe the propaganda! Comrade Coleman has been misled by the lies of the west. There is no danger here. This is just an attempt to sell subscriptions to DefenseTech.
    Да здравствует Сталин!

    Commandant Oblastki
    начальник разведки КГБ

    (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. It’s just so predictable anymore…)

  • Philo

    On a more serious note, I wonder what, (if anything) is being done to monitor data theft and USB abuse internally. So far (that I know of) we’ve had UK Intel burned from infected ZueS USB’s, our own data center in the mid-east burned by infected USB’s, and Iranistan’s StuxNet nightmare, allegedly from infected USB’s.

    Apparently no matter how well you train people, you can’t get something simple to stick, i.e. DON”T PLUG SOME USB YOU FOUND AT A COFFEE SHOP INTO YOUR PC.

    So, when will we start “people proofing” these sensitive systems and lock-out/remove USB’s?

    And what’s up with this wikileaks BS? How in the h e ll can anyone, (security clearance be
    d a mned) download a bunch of info from the database without network monitors going crazy?

    Sometimes it feels like we’re living in the stoneage of the Internet. So many obvious things, so little being done…

  • Dude

    I would not worry too much about it.

    Our omnipotent computer security gurus have our stuff locked down and secure.

    It’s not like some dumb young kid Private could get anything valuable out. We’re way too far ahead of the game for anything like that to happen.