J-20: The Threat We Think it Is?

I just read an interesting piece from our friends at Aviation Week postulating that China’s J-20 stealth fighter might not be worth all the worry. Here are a some key reasons why:

A: The jet is being developed at a time when Western-made Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars designed to track stealth jets are beginning to proliferate. The U.S. is upgrading its F-15s and most likely a bunch of its F-16s with these powerful radars that have more than twice the range/power of conventional radars and are also good at jamming enemy air defenses. The article also points out that the F-35 may be equipped with radars and sensors aimed at nixing stealth fighters.

B: Both Aviation Week and we here at DT have pointed out that key to a modern stealth jet’s effectiveness are its weapons and sensor loads. The J-20 is a big airplane and may have the ability to carry some serious sensors along with the computers and datalinks to process and covertly share the information they collect. The jet’s size also means it could carry some plenty of weaponry in an internal weapons bay. But, fifth-generation avionics and weapon systems integration can take a long time to master. We don’t know how far along China is in this department. i

C: It may just be a one-off technology demonstrator, we just don’t know. Aviation Week points out that, in some ways, the design resembles Russia’s old MiG 1.42 tech demonstrator. That program began in the 1980s in response to the F-22 and was cancelled in 1997 due to rising costs.

(It looks like Russia used the lessons it learned from the MiG 1.42 to build the PAK FA which it plans to field in the next decade. That jet is rumored to sacrifice stealth for increased maneuverability against the United States’ F-22 Raptor.)

This comes as House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon said recently that the J-20 was designed with Russian help. Some also speculate that the J-20 was designed using information stolen from the F-35 program during a cyber attack a few years ago. Never underestimate the ability of blatant theft to make up for a lack of experience. Maybe this data wasn’t used to design the airframe but it could be used to tweak the electronic warfare systems of a future Chinese fighter.

If the J-20 is just a tech demonstrator, the PLAAF might not have an operational stealth jet by 2020 as some are worrying, especially if it needs to figure out how to master the sensor issues. By this time, the U.S. will hopefully have more than mastered fifth-generation aircraft technology (in light of all of the F-35’s teething problems) and will be applying that knowledge toward quickly fielding its sixth-gen jets.

Still, China’s ability to rapidly develop this technology shows that the U.S. can’t ignore high-end threats and must keep its R&D shops humming. If the J-20 isn’t designed to defeat the F-22 and F-35, it’s follow-on will be.

Here’s the AvWeek piece.

  • Dude

    Will be a likely threat to high-value targets (AWACS, tankers, etc), but probably not so to frontline fighters….

  • good_reader

    Before becoming a threat, J-20 should get:

    - functional AESA radar(s)
    - 5th generation avionics (at least they should develop 4+ gen first)
    - reliable domestic made engine with decent service life, thrust and TWR. Don’t forget, it’s huge and heavy aircraft.
    - advanced composite materials. Looks like J-20 does not use large portion of composites in its construction. it should be heavy machine.

    Today J-20 is more likely concept demonstrator. It’s still years away from preproduction model.

    Also, here some remarks about PAK-FA

    Quote “It looks like Russia used the lessons it learned from the MiG 1.42 to build the PAK FA which it plans to field in the next decade.”

    Actually, Russia has plans to field PAK-FA after 2015.

    Quote “That jet is rumored to sacrifice stealth for increased maneuverability against the United States’ F-22 Raptor.”

    What is the reason to think that stealth on the T-50 was sacrifice for increased maneuverability ?

    • Justin H

      Did you read the last article on stealth jets?

      • good_reader

        Yes i read it. So what is your point, Justin H?

        • Justin H

          “What is the reason to think that stealth on the T-50 was sacrifice for increased maneuverability ?”

          Read “Stealth Around The World”

          • good_reader

            I guess you are refering to that claim:

            “but the undersides of the Raptor and J-20 look a heck of a lot cleaner than the Russian jet. This fits reports that the jet’s design trades stealth for increased maneuverability compared to the F-22.”

            There’s no arguments why stealth on the T-50 was “sacrificed”. “A lot cleaner look” is not argument here. We should known characteristics of composite materials, radar absorbent coating and paint on the T-50 (it is obvious that first prototype T-50-1 lacks coating and paint). Jet’s desing is not final. The prototype has engine of intermediate stage. The final engine would be much “stealthier”.
            But even with current engine design, how that affects frontal aspect stealth?

    • crackedlenses

      Enthusiast, is that you?…..

  • Tom

    one of the more realistic articles…

    Anyway. I don’t understand all the hate against the F-35. It is the direct successor of the F-16 which is the most sold military airplane in the world produced by the west and that means a lot. As the Falcon the F-35 will be a highly effective multi-role combat plane.

    • dirtylodown

      The F22 is a far better fight and need to replace the aging F15 fleet. This fighter although I think its fake and will do nothing, is just another reason idiots in washington just need to sit down and let someone who really knows what they are talking about direct these programs. The F35 can not replace the A10.

    • Jay

      You are correct…. however the F-22 is a highly capable successor the the F15, while the F35 is not much more capable than the F16, especially considering the price. The F22 brings supercruise, all aspect stealth and a weapons load twice the size of the F35 (8AAM vs 4). The F35 has some-aspect stealth and very good radars and computers, but carries less munitions than a F16 for 7x the price. huh.

      Even if the F35 was a cost effective successor to the F16, should we limit our F15 equivalent fighters to 200 so we can buy more F16 type fighters?

      The real problem that gets informed people riled up is Gates/Obama decided to cancel the very capable F15 replacement and only buy the marginally capable F16 replacement, which keeps getting more and more expensive. And the news that our potential enemies are developing advanced aircraft highlights the stupidity of the F22 cancellation.

      • dirtylodown

        Right On

      • Neil

        USAF classify the F-35 as having all aspect stealth (quite rightly).
        Google the subject for offfical USAF links.

    • Justin H

      Too expensive for an F-16/F-18 replacement. Too do-all be-all. Too many delays.

  • Donnell

    I think that there is to much hype over this Chinese plane. Remember during the 80’s and 90’s when we were told about all these new Russian planes that were better than all the American teen fighters (F-14, F-15, F-16 and F-18) and when they were all in combat against the Migs, the Mig come up short. The score reads like: Teen fighters 120 kills, Migs zero. Real combat is prove enought for me. I’m not saying to dismiss this new Chinese plane, but lets not over-estimate it eighter.

    • crackedlenses

      The Russian apologists will argue that the pilots were undertrained and that the Russian fighters never had a fair fight against their Western opponents, so that your comparison is invalid…..

      • Donnell

        Well if the pilots where undertrained then the Russians should have trained them better. The countries that use the U.S. teen fighters where trained by Americans. So my point is still valid and the U.S has a better training program obviously. If you still don’t think so what about the Korean war where Russian pilots flew North Korean plane’s and they were shot down in high ratios and the Yom Kippur war where Russian pilots flew Egytian marked migs and the Israelis shot them down too, in high kill ratios.

        • good_reader

          “Russian pilots flew North Korean plane’s and they were shot down in high ratios and the Yom Kippur war where Russian pilots flew Egytian marked migs and the Israelis shot them down too, in high kill ratios. ”

          No, they were not.
          As for Yom Kippur war incident. 8 (4+4) MiG-21 were ambushed and outnumbered by 12 (4 x 3) Israeli Phantom and Mirage fighter jets. Russians lost 4 aircraft, one was damaged. Then another Israeli group (4 fighters) quickly joined in combat so MiGs were outnumbered 3 to 16. Israeli pilots left the combat because large Russian group (12 migs) were on way to the combat zone. Thats the real story.

          • Joe Schmoe

            How about you recount the story about how one Kfir held off several dozen MiG-21s.

          • good_reader

            “One Kfir held off Several dozens MiG-21”? Sounds like ridiculous B.S. Any source of story available?
            One rare air combat (Soviet pilots vs Israeli) happened in 1970. The best Israeli pilots (aces) ambushed and outnumbered regular Soviet pilots. But that incident can’t be used to dismiss the quality of Russian(Soviet) fighter jets and their pilots.

          • Mastro

            So- one sortie makes a war?

            Pretty sure the Israelis had air superiority at the end of the day-

        • Joe Schmoe

          The Israeli Air Force had a kill ratio of 47-1 in the Yom Kippur War!

          • Jay

            Yeah, flying mostly French built jets and a handful of F4s.
            Tells you more about the Israelis than their planes!

          • Nadnerbus

            Training training training. I’d put money down that the outcome would have been nearly as lopsided even if the Israeli pilots had been flying the same Soviet block stuff as their adversaries.

            It’s the pilot that makes the plane. A great plane can make a great pilot better, but it does no good to go top of the line and then skimp on the training. Which is what most dictatorial hell-holes do.

          • good_reader

            Israel Air Force lost 109 aicraft in the Yom Kippur War.
            While arabs nations were never known as good pilots.

          • Joe Schmoe

            One of the major reasons for that is the fact that the Air Force was ready to take out all the Egyptian SAM’s on the first days and then were shifted hurriedly to the north to help with the fight on the Golan. However they were not outfitted with the ECM (it was left in the South) and had no up-to-date info on the locations of the SAM sites.

            Many a scholar still wonder if the Air Force hadn’t been shifted north and did take out the Egyptian SAM’s and then properly focus on the Syrian SAM’s maybe the story would’ve ended differently.

        • crackedlenses

          Don’t worry about good_reader. It was about time the Russian arms salesman returned……

      • chaos0xomega

        All I’m going to say is that the German MiG-29 aggressor squadron was known to give our teen series pilots a run for their money more than once.

        • Donnell

          Well they are Germans, Duh!

    • good_reader

      American teen fighter had faced with a obsolete and downgraded Soviet fighter jets. Four-generation F-15, F-15, F-16, F-18 fought against second generation (MiG-21, MiG-25 interceptor) and third generation(MiG-23) Soviet aircraft.
      Don’t fool yourselft: MiGs has more combat record than zero.

      • Saberhagen

        yeah, that’s why MIG went bankrupt. Great. No one wants their planes anymore

  • crackedlenses

    The F-35, and we develop a dedicated replacement for the A-10 when we need it……

  • IknowIT

    Everything is a cyber attack now… “stolen F-35 plans during a cyber attack”. No, more likely someone dropping files on the a thumb drive. It’s more simple than you think, Christian.

  • Maxtrue

    What was wrong with my last comment? A bit rude to censor it given that I posted the aviation news article above last night on a different thread.

  • matjaz

    Real funny no worries as if AESA radars are only proliferating in the west ,the other thing if J20 is a dud because of AESA so are JSF and F22 as virtualy every modern air force is fielding them no to mention every modern AAM.
    In the article someone forgot to mention that stealth plane can only operate passive sensors (IR) if it wants to stealthy(active radar is like a beacon,sort of like driving a car with lights on in the night you might no see the car but you see the lights from far away))

    • crackedlenses

      One of the pitches of the F22 was that its APG-77 radar could operate below the range of RWR sets, thus allowing it to get the first shot in a fight…..

  • BAJ

    Just a silly thought, but could the J20 be the modern day version of what the MIG25 was back in the day? I seem to recall quite a stir (read panic) in the defense world that the Soviets had lept years ahead of the west’s technology.
    Just a thought…

  • http://student-view-world.blogspot.com/ hqi777

    The above points mentioned are definitely important. Not all J-20 “experts” recognize this.

    However, in a theoretical air war, neither the F-22 or J-20 will be fielded alone. They will have AWACS aircraft, mid-flight refueling tankers, and ground crews loading them with the best weapons in each side’s arsenal. When all of these factors are calculated, even if the J-20 is super stealth, the F-22 has a better air force to back it up.

    An article that takes a look at these other factors: http://student-view-world.blogspot.com/2011/01/ch…

  • jessmo

    1. The F-16 will reach mach 2 clean. The addition of wing tanks, pods and bombs
    Will slow it to the F-35s speed.

    2. The F-35 will carry a strike load internally and still have the F-16s manuvering. Also the F-35 carriers more fuel internally than the F-16 with external tanks.
    3. The F-35 has a larger total weapons load.

    • http://twitter.com/Earlydawn @Earlydawn

      Citation please. The only description I’ve seen about the F-35 is “not a dogfighter.”

      • Tom

        He’s right - exactly what i was talking about.

        • http://twitter.com/Earlydawn @Earlydawn

          Who are you agreeing with?

  • Byron Skinner

    Good Evening Folks,

    Can’t disagree with anything posted here in regard to the J-20. I would like like to add two other issues Aviation Week didn’t mention.

    First and I’ve brought this up before, where would the J-20 and the US F-22 meet. Both are short range aircraft, 1,500 Km. range or there abouts, the Chinese are not going to deploy this asset anywhere near the coast, and the US isn’t going to put the F-22 on Taiwan or in SKorea.

    Secondly and I guess this comes under the heading of unexpected consequences. China’s regional neighbors are getting just a little antcy about China’s intentions (Japan, Taiwan, SKorea, Singapore, Malaysia) and are starting to inquire about buying the F-35. China may have dug itself a pit it can’t climb out of.

    Also don’t forget the emerging “Sixth Generation” of fighters the X-47B and the X-45. The X-47B I’ve been told had already done 14 g turns and stayed together.

    Sometime a country cant be to clever.

    Byron Skinner

    • http://twitter.com/Earlydawn @Earlydawn

      Citation on 14-gee turn? Google turns up nothing.

    • shawn1999

      Ah, its really one big conspiracy.
      -Boeing is currently begging the Chinese as we speak here in Chicago to buy more of their product.
      -Meanwhile, China buys more stock in Boeing & other US Aerospace companies.
      -China then starts “leaking” J-20 photos, making its regional neighbors nervous.
      -The neighbors then buy more JSFs from the US Aerospace companies which, China has just bought more stock in- increasing China’s profit margin
      -China, effectively being funded by their regional adversaries, now has even more finances to buy still more stock and beef up their own military even further, making their regional neighbors even more nervous, and buy more US made/Chinese invested equipment…….

      • FtD

        if China owns Boeing by default…. then why not get Boeing to manufacture J20?

        • crackedlenses

          Because that would be too obvious……

    • MrC

      Please Byron. While I also dislike the alarmist attitude with which many people view military advancements from Russia and China, you do take it too far in your criticism of all things relating to airpower. The X-47 and X-45 prototype UCAVs are not “sixth generation” fighters. 6th gen fighters exist only as concepts now, with an intention to design them by the 2020s. I’ve read nothing about the X-47 being a serious air-to-air platform.

  • Anthony

    By the time China is ready to use them, in combination with a full size 21st century army ready to conventionally win a war against the US…we will have deployed directed energy weapons combined with swarms of drones. Everyone is playing an imaginary game. China is a thermonuclear armed nation and so is the United States…whoever loses will obviously use the weapons before surrender.

    Point being that a conventional war between the US and China will turn into a nuclear slugfest All this arm flexing is just for show, there will either NEVER be a war, or if there is were all F’ed.

    The obvious answer would be to build 800 F22’s. 80 Billion dollars? Big deal Bank of America got more free money. China would basically have to go all guns and no butter Or give up air superiority … winning.

    Everyone honestly forgets, we have things underground at Groom Lake or Nellis that would turn the J20 into beef teriyaki from 100 miles away!

    • JoeChin

      The Woodpecker was operational in the late 1963 and then could generate a 4Hz wave with a waveform 3500 miles in length. If Yala is as good as thought, the US is finished. Look at those new monitor boards from the Chinese. A new device will soon be released which generates over 1Mw energy from a very small form factor. So kiss your SUPERMAX goodbye. The economics will rule in China’s favor while the Lindsey Lohan’s, Beiber’s and Hollyweird dictate US life. While the Fed creates the new lords of finance with more 2Big2Fail, the Chinese make progress and soon will convert those treasuries to usable resources. The F35 is a trillion dollar error and let us not forget who makes the critical components for the US military. Simple Query: Perform an Alan Greenspan’s briefcase analysis of all US military components to determine how much is outsourced and you will see why China will win. TCM is superior to American Pharmadope. As for things underground and Beef terriyaki, they have dog teriyaki and China’s dragons are over millions of years old. I worry more about 1 old chinese woman practicing taichi than I would about a bunch of gungho mareenz or grunts or ……

  • Subutai

    All of this talk about which aircraft will prevail is pointless. The only way it matters is if we are talking sales to other countries. Any kind of shooting war between the US and China has the potential to escalate, and if there are substantial casualties, both economies will cease to function. Who’s plane is cooler doesn’t matter when all our factories shut down and no one has a job. The system will cease to work. EVERYTHING WE HAVE, all of our goods, from paper to shoes, from clothes to electronics, all of our computers, anything we use, it’s made in China. They are our store, and we their customers, and vice versa; for them, they will go bankrupt when all the dollars they hold are suddenly worthless, and they have no one to sell to. So what good is combat if both societies collapse?

    “Defeating the enemy without firing a shot, that is the ultimate victory.”
    Sun-Tsu, The Art of War

  • Jacob

    If AESA can detect stealth planes and China is definitely going to develop one someday….does that mean that 50 years from now military aircraft won’t bother with stealth anymore?

    • matjaz

      Every radar detects stealth plenes but just at reduced range ,aesa radars have a longer range and beter definition. Example unsophisticated 50-60’s grund based radars detect a fighter sized target at lets say at 100miles and stealth plane head on at 15-20miles side on at 50 rear aspect at 80 miles that is how things work ,aesa is just better with longer reach so if it has a 200mile detection for a fighter sized target it will detect a stealth plane now at twice the range of the old radar nothing magical about it

  • David

    Good question, It bothers me too.
    Stealth has high demands in terms of plane shape and used materials, while better radar seems to be easier goal.
    Future of air combat may be unstealthly drones pulling 50G turns.

  • Tom

    The F-22A has a Infrared sensor in fact the Raptor has six of them. They are just not yet able to Search and Track (IRST) that will be supported in the future. The Raptors IR sensor is called AN/AAR-56 abe to track incoming missiles that use a passive detection (http://www.lockheedmartin.com/data/assets/mfc/MLD-Product-Card.pdf)

    • William C.

      Thanks for the information Tom. I was not aware the Raptor had such a system. In many ways that is the predecessor to EODAS on the F-35.

    • http://twitter.com/Earlydawn @Earlydawn

      That brochure lists the system as a defensive IRST. It can’t be used as a normal “offensive” IRST. The F-22 was originally designed with a normal IRST, but it was cut early in the development process.

  • Carl

    J-20 and PAK-FA have nothing like the F-22’s AN/ALR-94 or the F-35’s AN/ASQ-239 Barracuda suite, which is a huge loss for them and a huge plus for the US jets.

  • crackedlenses

    In some ways I am grateful for the defense contractors; without them, all our weapons would be made in state arsenals like the Soviets and Chinese have done. Nobody wants the government in charge of producing anything you would have to bet your life on…..

    • Dfens

      Oh yeah, we’re way better off than those communist countries when it comes to defense. After all, instead of communist socialism, we use fascist socialism as our approach to defense spending. Isn’t that great?

      With communist socialism, there’s the bureacracy to deal with, but no rich elite class to whom we have to pay millions of dollars just to ensure they maintain their high standard of living. With our fascist socialist system we have elite people like Bob Stevens to whom we can pay that $34 million/year salary in addition to the bureacracy. I’m sure he’s worth every penny of that salary to you idiot taxpayers, though I don’t understand what criteria you use as justification for his elite status. Maybe his crap doesn’t smell. If he could run a company, you’d think Lockheed would have just one program that was on schedule and on budget.

  • Forefronts

    I have no doubts that the cyber breech on the F-35 netted the Chinese critical stealth data, I would also bet that they extracted stealth data from the Russians in a like manner.

  • TribulationTime

    Right. What know China about Raptor? A and important point is weapons and sensors ( no aesa radar, no irst, 6 AIM120c-12 (late 90s)) B all us SU30, J-11 and J10 can be AESA updated Right Now!!( have the money and will… russians tech or stolen israeli or EU) C F-35 is only a tech demostrator no operational past 2020. So Raptor not must be a panic primer for Beijing. Moreover S-300 is fairly the better AD system and we have flying steel “chunks” to target GI one by one.

    • guest

      Wow, your keypad English is shit, Where are you from?

    • praetorian

      F-35 is not a tech demostrator, its actually in low rate production. The J-20 and PAK / T-50
      are further behind then the F-35. In fact the J-20 is most likely a tech demostrator.

  • TribulationTime

    A few 187 and production line closed 2 years ago.

    • praetorian

      If you mean F-22 production, that line might still be open at least for final assembly. As far as I know, and I might be wrong, production on the F-22 was going to end in Dec. 2010
      but they might have some units still in final assembly. Also after the 2 crashes, that leaves
      us with 185.

  • Maxtrue


    A calm view of the J-20

  • guest

    No engine, no J-22

  • guest


  • TribulationTime

    My last one.. What is that yellow thing brighting in the tail, between jet engines? If they are jets (smile) the question is real, I don´t guess what is that.

    • Justin H

      I believe that is the parachute. The J-20 is about to land in this picture. In another picture it was deployed.

  • Tad

    “If the J-20 is just a tech demonstrator, the PLAAF might not have an operational stealth jet by 2020 as some are worrying”…
    One trend that we see over and over is the ability of China to suprise to the upside. I see no reason why that trend would not continue.

    • FtD

      back then people think how can China hosts an Olympic? Fast train around country? History showed they hosted the best olympic & is building the world’s largest fast train network….. so what’s NOT possible in China nowadays??

      • Maxtrue

        Democracy? Love by their neighbors? a guarantee of a GDP that is required to keep a lid on Tunisian style revolt? synergy of a spectrum of defense contractors, bad foreign policy moves, future certainty of oil from Sudan and even the Gulf in war?

      • Justin H

        Every Olympics is the best Olympics, so whats your point? China flat out stole high speed trains designs from German and Japan.

        • Justin H

          Meant to say copied, not stole.

      • Tad

        That is exactly my point. The Chinese continually surprise the rest of the world and I, for one, expect them to continue to do so.

        • crackedlenses

          How they will surprise us though is still up for debate…..

  • S O

    “The U.S. is upgrading its F-15s and most likely a bunch of its F-16s with these powerful radars that have more than twice the range/power of conventional radars and are also good at jamming enemy air defenses.”

    The F-16’s nose cone is tiny and does simply not allow for a powerful radar, no matter how fine the tech is - it’s quite easy for a new heavy fighter from anywhere to outperform the F-16 in radar power.

    Twice the range/power is physically a joke. Twice the power yields much less than twice the range - the statement is therefore so much inaccurate that it borders on worthlessness.

    The jamming thing is a technical possibility, but it ran afaik into practical problems and is afaik not a significant capability so far. The active scanned arrays have only about 10° coverage and cannot jam outside of their own radar band(s) anyway.

    • Maxtrue

      e-bombs baby and X-47s packing the Dew module

    • http://twitter.com/Earlydawn @Earlydawn

      I don’t necessarily think that a 10° x 10° beam is a problem when you consider the cycle times of electronically scanned arrays. In absolute terms, the radar is searching a much smaller volume of space than mechanically scanned arrays, but it can cycle so fast that it actually ends up being an advantage; you get better resolution within the volume (more precise application of energy) and a faster cycle time. Talk about amazing supersearch.

      You’re also right about the range/power relationship, but remember that AESAs have a greater capability to scan a volume and then sharpen at longer ranges. If I’m not mistaken, the F-22’s radar maxes out at around 200nm at the most narrow beam dimensions.. and the F-22’s actual array size is quite small. I would imagine that a chunky AESA in an F-15 or F-16 could further exploit this concept.

  • crackedlenses

    There is no way the F-35 can ever replace a system like the A-10. For that, you would need dedicated CAS craft…..

  • Nadnerbus

    I think you’re mostly right, but maybe a bit too harsh. The F-16 as a close air support platform leaves a lot to be desired. It’s too fast, lightly armored, not a long loiter time, etc. But as a general bomb truck from mid to higher altitudes it works quite well. Though that’s a job that will no doubt be taken over by UAVs in the near future. And as you said, as a fighter it is quite exceptional for it’s generation.

    There’s a reason why so many have been sold to so many nations. It is the best compromise of capability over the widest range, and in cost. If the F-35 could come anywhere near that same value I would be delighted, but I have my doubts. F-35 has a lot to prove.

  • Michael Ross

    It’s a white elephant. What good is one knocked-off stealth aircraft going to do for them? The MiG 35 was far more of a threat to American dominance as Russia had large numbers of modern aircraft, a long history of advanced defence engineering and a least a smidgen of integrated electronic systems. The Chinese armed forces on the other hand are still in the ice age and will be for very many years to come. Despite their budget increases it is utterly inconceivable that China could afford to build these birds in large numbers before the technology itself becomes redundant, let alone upgrade their entire infrastructure and raise training to western levels. Pointing out the obvious about this stealth aeroplane hardly qualifying as a fighter yet seems secondary.

  • Roland

    Let a number of modified YF-23 fly again. Say 3000 of modified YF-23 and meke it fly vertical like F-35.
    http://connect.in.com/chinese-stealth-fighter/pho… http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&sugexp=ldy…

    • Justin H

      You mean take a plane that hasnt flown or be made since 1990 and is more expensive than and less mission flexible than the F-22 and produce 3,000 of them?

      • numberocho

        Yes, and give it photon torpedoes.

        • crackedlenses

          I’d make sure it had the photo torpedo shield first; wouldn’t want the Chinese copying your torpedoes then using them on you…..

  • Mutantone

    All that has changed now that Obamaommunist are giving away access to our resources that make our aircraft the best. Now they have access to the GE engines to replace the old Russian versions. They have already signed deals for surveillance aircraft, and contracted for Jet Liners, which can also be used to transport troops, but what the hell, they want to make an exclusion zone to all territorial waters, Taiwan and Formosa are just way ward states that they will handle, just like the human rights issue that Obamaommunist got the major promises of concessions on all the major issues that he said he would..oh wait We got nothing you say? And China got all that they wanted!
    “The truth is more important than the facts.” - Frank Lloyd Wright
    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” — Ronald Reagan
    ID 10 T error in the administration http://www.pjtv.com/v/3353
    Pravda, Правда, “Truth”

  • Maxtrue

    “BRUSSELS (AP) — Experts say an American F-117 Nighthawk that was shot down over Serbia in 1999 may have helped China develop its own, recently announced stealth fighter. Balkan military officials say Chinese agents were buying up pieces of the plane from local farmers. Some of the technology may have been reverse-engineered.” AP

    And we hit the Chinese embassy……

    • praetorian

      Just read that artilcle as well, China & Russia sent agents to the crash site area.