Propaganda Fail: China Pretends Top Gun Footage is Actual Military Excercise

In case you haven’t seen this already, it’s footage that Chinese state TV officials may have tried to pass off as the results of a recent military exercise. Too bad it’s probably stolen from of one of the dog fight scenes in Top Gun.

Happy Friday!

  • Sam

    They can’t create anything on their own. They steal or buy things then try to build them. And we’re worried about their ballistic missile that they can can hit a moving ship in the middle of the ocean? LOL!

  • Justin H

    If wonder if Maverick or Iceman took part in the “exercise”? Besides, you would think that the Chinese civilians would be the first to notice this seeing as China is the pirated dvd capitol of the planet.

  • Jeff Fraser

    Next time on Sino Defense blog: Spongebob footage used as proof for “new regenerative body armor”.

    • Julián Andrés Obaid


  • TXdad

    I wonder whos flying Iceman or Maverick?

  • Cam

    The Chinese should keep manufacturing iphones and ipods and leave the military hardware to the experts in the US.

  • Oblat

    Amateur stuff, The Chinese certainly have a lot to learn from us about fraud.

    Witness the attempts to pass this… off as the JSF.

  • jemc50

    Remember, they are showing this to their population as true.

    It sure looks like “Top Gun” footage.

    Is anybody missing an F-5? (/sarc)

    • Curt

      I thought they were Mig-28s (with exocet missiles)!!

  • Roland

    I do think their J-20 is a compitative stealth fighter jet and could pose a real threat if there is a conflict with them in the future. I think the J-20 is fast fighter/ bomber jet plane and it can fires it ‘s missile in a distance. As it present itself in their past presentations.

    • Ben

      comp-e-t-i-tive… Use the spellchecker

      And the F-4 phantom is a fast fighter/bomber jet aircraft that can fire missiles at a distance… But no one is suggesting that those pose a massive threat.

  • So?

    No, just a lazy turd editor splicing stock footage together. Happens all the time.

  • Ross

    To be fair, i doubt that many people in China have seen Top Gun.

    what they may question though is why theres a bunch of camp white men playing beach volleyball during the military exercises.

  • Grammar Goddess

    Way to spell “exercise”, John. (Grammar Goddess, who occasionally moonlights as Spelling Sorceress)

  • Brian

    If they want to steal clips from a movie no one will ever recognize, there’s always Iron Eagle.

    • Mastro

      I actually just watched 15 minutes of this last week- could be titled “The Goonies meet Top Gun”

      Hey- at least it had the guts to make Arabs the enemy instead of NeoNazis or Rogue CIA (yawn)

  • Justin H

    I honestly wouldnt be surprised if someone was executed for this. They seem to kill you and hravest your organs for just about anything you do thats wrong in China.

    • Justin H


  • Michael

    This is hilarious.

  • Justin H

    Next they will use footage from The Final Countdown with Michael Douglas, or from the new Red Dawn movie that replaces Cuban troops with Chinese ones.

  • John-Michael Davis

    and therefore the world