U.S. Aerospace is Back and Wants to Offer Chinese Chopper as New Marine One

In case you didn’t see this earlier, U.S. Aerospace is back. You know, the shady company that was disqualified from bidding in the Air Force’s $35 billion KC-X contest with Antonov-based designs. Now they’re apparently teaming with China’s state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation to bid on the Marines’ VXX presidential helicopter replacement effort.

Apparently, they’re going to offer China’s knock-off of the half century-old Super Frelon (pictured above) as a replacement for the half century-old Sea Kings that are currently flown as Marine One.

Yup, this one will go far.

Let’s see how they get disqualified from bidding this time.

  • Fullspec

    If there are doubts about US Aerospace and their ability to pull off a successful bid, then maybe your views are justified given their track record. But if your doubts are centered around the fact that they may be working with the Chinese, I suggest you take caution. Please let me know when you last traveled to China. If it has been recent, then you will know that their expansion of defense capabilities has been phenomenal in both technology and delivery. Let’s not underestimate the China of the 21st century. We need to discard our preconceptions if we are to truly accept factual representations of our giant neighbor across the pacific. And by the way, do you seriously think the prototype will be the half century old Chinese “knock off”?

  • Oblat

    Chinese globalization vs American provincialism – an easy win. The Chinese are racking up points in the WTO these days as America increasingly curls up into a fetal position in defeat.

    China just rescued the US economy but most Americans don’t seem to understand what that means. Perhaps they should bring back the kowtow – seeing Hilary kowtowing in front of the Chinese emperor every 6 months as she begs for more money would make the point.

  • Steve

    Heyy, Ive got a good idea, since the US is going down the toilet, why not move the Chinese and the Muslims right into the once American White House. What with the Secretary of State, Clinton selling us out to the United Nations and President apologizing for our existance, the Chinese and Muslims could become a part of his cabinet. How sick to have China build or even considered to build something American.

    • Patriot1

      Hey Steve, why don’t you tone down your semi-racist retoric? Last I checked this nation has already fought and won a hater named Adolph Hitler. America has been build and governed by the collective of immigrants that settled here. If you want to have a conversation about why the chinese shouldn’t be considered, do it without xenophobia.

      • USMCVet

        Hey Patriot1, why dont you tone down your hyper sensitive looking for trouble where there is none rhetoric? Steve is clearly outlining two groups of people (Chinese and Muslims) that are typically considered by most Americans to not like us very much. For all you know, Steve is a Chinese American, and who better to know what the Chinese Govt. are all about, than a Chinese person. Steve is also voicing his concern that our current Federal Administration may not have America’s best interests in mind, as the Clintons are famous for backroom political and private deals with China, as well as the Administration having an apologetic, weak stance on foreign policy. I think he has plenty of reason to think that way. Now Hitler doesnt have much to do with world politics nowdays or current threats or dangers against this Great Nation. So what is your point about Hitler? YOUR reverse xenophobia seems to be the issue at hand.

      • Skeptical

        “Patriot1”, for one-worlders like you, national patriotism would seem xenophobic. Someone else eating your lunch, or helping himself to your wife may seem okay to you. Maybe just you, huh?

  • Steve

    Rob, If you were dealing with someone who had common sense, your idea would have logic. Your question “if Obama were smart”, draws question, since his mentor is Saul Alinski, the very move if it were to be true would create the chaos heralded by Alinski. And Obamas’ inclination to keep this country in the throws of constant change by Executive Order, (screw the constitution attitude,) by bypassing the congress, shows his Marxist attitude. His revamping of the country towards socialism is not wanted nor cared for……..Impeachment, may be in the offing.

  • Charles

    patriot 1
    I don’t care what country you come from but at least build the stupid thing in the US and with an American Company
    Why not let the Chinese just take over all together
    I’m not against Muslems at all . I firmly beleive in freedom of religion . But this country was founded on God and I don’t see any since in taking God out of it . If we do we are done for .
    Viet Nam Vet

  • Navy7398

    Hey Patriot, Steve is right! That group of collective immigrants you are referring to didn’t come to this country with the intention of burying us like the Chinese, Islamic extremists, and probably Putin’s boys would like to do. As far as Clinton as SoS, she couldn’t hold a candle to her predecessor Condy Rice. I also don’t recall GW Bush apologizing to any foreign dictators for our actions. And I can’t even imagine all the bugs that would be planted within the framework of that POS copy-copter.

  • Who wants to go to Andrews?

  • Russians did it to the US Embassy Building.

  • Look up a Prime Minister of England named Chamberlain. Declaring an non-aggression pact is the first step toward aggression. SOMEBODY always gets it in the rear end.

  • Doc

    Well, as much as the new messiah loves socialism, maybe a red Chinese helicopter would suit him…….

  • Yeah right, made in China. Not going to happen. Who even thought of something so stupid.

  • Wow alot of sensitive folks out there. No I am in no way a Racist, just a proud American like you. Who served his country proudly after 9/11. Who want our President touring around in a Non-American made Helo, not me.

  • NYCJarhead

    I’m the grandchild of immigrants, on both sides, my family has been here just over 100 years. I don’t care where it’s made, as far as I’m concerned, NOTHING that has anything to with the defense or security of our country should be made anywhere other than the USA. Especially not in China.

  • mat

    I think you guys don’t understand the bidding system. Several companies make the product and then we pick what would work best. And if the jointly Chinese made chopper is the best, why would we not want it? If it’s **** then we probably won’t pick it. That’s capitalism, something our country was actually founded on, unlike religious beliefs.

  • jeftex

    You have got to be kidding. Hey lets by our weapons and uniforms from them. Just because PBO is a socialist and loves Commies he can not have their toys.

  • howler

    the idea of the red chinese even submitting the paperwork to bid is dinky dau.

    hey,patriot1,…..you’re number ten.

  • Chris

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but if our president is going to be flying around in it I think it should be Made in America by an American company no a communist Chinese corporation because they build the cheapest unit. They should preferably use sinfully that we have inour inventory like the the MV-22 it’s quick and can land anywhere the Current one can.
    Marine vet

  • FiveFinger DeathPunch

    first of all why would you let some ****** chinese company make OUR helo this is bull America may not be all what its supposed to be like it WAS supposed to be but were comprimising our national security and all weve worked for (even if its stolen) >.> china can burn for all i care (not racist i just dont like alot of other countries on the fact that ther RETARDED) this worlds screwed up as it is and even if old boy up there was being racist who cares were all racist on the inside . like i was saying were comprimising our national security why would we let china build our stuff its cheap and not safe at all . burn.

  • Ralph Olesen

    This will just be one more step in Chinas controle of America.
    When we go out shopping look at the tages and see how much iis made in America.
    Then look at the unemployment rate,

  • Earl

    I think a Bell 47 would be preferable to a Chinese design!

  • Steve

    The Great Wall of America, please build one asap and let the rest of the living world pass you by as it did the Chinese empire for a millenium. The Chinese have and are still learning their lessons of what it means to seclude a country to the point of strangulation. If you are all so paranoid about the “Y…. peril”, surely the old addage “keep your friends close and enemies even closer” applies. So, buying one of these things would allow you to keep one beady eye on them, before they have their evil way with everything you so proudly stand for ???
    (distant sound of banjo playing the theme from Deliverance)