Video of ATK GPS-Guided Mortar Round

Happy Friday, everyone! To start the weekend with a bang (sorry, couldn’t resist), check out this video of ATK’s GPS guidance kit for mortars. The kit, developed under a program called the Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative, is designed to give each round a 10 meter CEP accuracy at a ranges of up to 11 miles.

  • Guest

    Sorry, per the presentation, the range is 6-7km is more like 3.75 -4.5 miles, not 11.

  • Musson

    I was reading a review of the new X-25 smartgun in Afghanistan. (It kills Taliban at greater ranges than conventional rifles.) Troops call it the Judge Dredd. I think they should call this mortar round RAID because it kills bugs dead.

  • OrionStyles

    So much reliance on Satellite. I remember reading an article in Armed Force Journal in the late 80s that Russian naval ships all have backup guidance for their weapon systems that do not rely on satellite. Pretty obvious they expect satellites to be the 1st casualties in a high-tech war, even 20+ years ago.

    Can you imagine being in a war with a high-tech nation where all the satellites are knocked out in the 1st few hours of the conflict? Seems like the majority of modern weapon systems would be useless.

    They also had an article on BATS mortars, which use built in laser targeting to find and home in on targets once fired.

    Just saying that so much reliance on satellite will be bad if we ever go to war with China.

  • Guest2

    Your spot on. 7.2K is max range of the 120MM system ( is 4.47 miles, not 11. Then you add the weight of the new guidance system and you’d probably get 6 -6.5K which is less than 4 miles.

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