The Pentagon’s FY-12 Modernization Request: A Snapshot

Well, here you go, here’s a summary of the funding requests for weapons modernization in the Pentagon’s FY-12 budget.

Let’s start of the with F-35 program. It’s getting a total of $9.4 billion under the request with more cash put into R&D funding for the jet while reducing the total buy of F-35s in 2012 to 32 jets and locking the troubled F-35B Short Take Off and Vertical Landing version into a two year probationary program.

Next, let’s talk long range nuclear strike. The Pentagon is asking for $2 billion to fund the Air Force’s new long range bomber and sustaining its Minuteman III ICBMs along with modernizing the Navy’s Trident III submarine launched ballistic missiles.

Another $1 billion is being requested to fund research into the SSBN(X) ballistic missile submarine replacement program.

The request also extends Navy F/A-18E/F Super Hornet buys through 2014 with $2.4 billion to buy 28 Super Hornets in FY-12. (These are being bought to offset delays in the F-35 program.) Another $1.1 billion is being requested to buy 12 EA-18G Growler electronic attack jets in FY-12.

The Navy is also asking to buy 11 ships: Two Virginia class attack subs, one DDG-51 class destroyer, four Littoral Combat Ships, One San Antonio class amphibious transport ship, two Joint High Speed Vessels and one Mobile Landing Platform.

$10 billion would go toward ballistic missile defense. $8.6 of this would go to the Missile Defense Agency while the rest will go to programs like Aegis radars and the Patriot missile program.

$.8 billion is being asked for to develop a new family of armored vehicles while $.2 billion is going to Joint Light Tactical Vehicle development.

$2 billion is also being requested for additional F-15 radar improvements.

All in all, basic science and technology funding requested sits at $12 billion.

  • Christopher Bloom

    When did we build the last Ohio any way wont building a new Ohio be as expensive as designing a totally new class of Boomer’s.

  • Justin H

    Boeing unveils most advanced Super Hornet yet