DoD Rapidly Moving Ahead to Create a Relationship With the Private Sector

By Kevin Coleman — Defense Tech Cyberwarfare Correspondent

Most experts have expressed the need for a partnership between the DoD and the private sector when it comes to cyber defense. Equally as important many experts and security firms have openly supported the efforts to create a cooperative network that has been talked about for a few years. What has become crystal clear is that DoD is wasting no time building these relationships.

Last week you saw William J. Lynn, the 30th Deputy Secretary of Defense, address attendees of the 2011 RSA conference held last week. In his address he clearly articulated the critical need for the private sector’s help in defending the cyber domain. He went on to talk about the partnership between the government and the private sector and the information sharing that is already taking place. Deputy SecDef Lynn is not resting on the current successes he has championed. He wants an even closer relationship with the tech sector and other private sector executives.

In his speech and comments he also talked about Cyber 3.0 which is DoD’s new strategy for the 5th Domain – Cyber Space. Cyber 3.0 further refines the role of U.S. Cyber Command Initiative that was created back in 2009. This new strategy is expected to be completed shortly and you can bet it will further leverage the U.S. tech sector and other members of the private sector as strategic assets in the battle to secure our critical infrastructure and defend the nation from cyber aggression.

With all of Lynn’s activities and comments it is clear he as a passion for getting this done. As he pushes forward with the role of the private sector added to the momentum he has already achieved, this will be a highly dynamic area to watch as DoD and the private sector work together to address one of the most important national security issues of modern times.

  • brian

    This is not only smart, but a necessity. The idea you can recruit kids off the streets for a role like this is a fantasy. Even more absurd, if we did so, by the time they became marginally proficient doing these tasks, their enlistment would be up. The DOD needs to be able to recruit private firms that can draw from the general workforce’s advanced IT skills work pool which means not having to waste a couple of million training them how to shine shoes or recite cadence. A win-win scenario for everyone involved.

  • Jawaralal Schwartz

    The headline is a hoot. The relationships are there. There are so many revolving doors that the “community” is already incestuous. Few believe a properly insulated, fair competition can occur. And people on both sides care little, as long as the right troughs are filled. Why print a press release like this “article.”

  • Stephen Russell

    More jobs, more to invest, DoD getting Finally creative for Defense.

  • guest

    “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini.
    Good to see America is following the ideals of such a great man and his regime…