Russia Planning 10 Year, $640 Billion Military Modernization

Well, it looks like the Ruskies are going to persevere with their plans to modernize their military. Remember, a little while ago there was some doubt as to whether Russia would really be able to pursue an aggressive modernization effort.

According to AFP, Russian defense officials just unveiled a ten year, $640 billion spending plan. Yup, in ten years, they’ll spend a little more than we do in one. So there’s no huge cause for concern about the Russian military rising up to take on the U.S. one-on-one.

The real issue here is whether this investment cash will fund advanced weapons that get sold to a number of other nations that aren’t so friendly to the U.S. ┬áStill, only about $64 billion will be dedicated to developing new weapons in the period. So, don’t worry too much.

Apparently, the Russian military will be getting 600 new airplanes, 1000 new choppers (100 choppers this year, alone).

The Russian navy, in particular, is set to get a ton of new goodies including eight new nuclear ballistic missile boats:

The Navy should receive about 100 new vessels, including 35 corvettes, 15 frigates and 20 submarines. Of the submarines, eight should be of the nuclear Borei class, carrying Bulava multiwarhead naval intercontinental ballistic missiles that the ministry plans to commission later this year after additional tests.

The ministry will fund the development of a new liquid-fuel heavy intercontinental ballistic missile, to replace aging RS-18 Stilleto (SS-19 NATO codename) and RS-20 Satan (SS-18 NATO codename), Popovkin said. Such missiles can carry up to 10 warheads, he said, while solid fuel missiles, such as Topol, can carry maximum three warheads.

In addition to this, Russia’s going to put 10 S-500 surface-to-air missile systems in service by 2014 and will buy another 56 S-400 SAMs. Let’s hope these missile remain too expensive for most nations to buy them.

The Russians will also buy “small batches of drones, sniper guns and French-made Felin infantry combat suits.”

  • icedrake

    “So there’s no huge cause for concern about the Russian military rising up to take on the U.S. one-on-one.”

    Living in the 60s much? Next up: DT tips on how to spot cryptocommunists at your workplace!

    • blight

      They’re a twelve time zone country with legitimate border security issues. They are bounded in the southeast by the People’s Liberation Army; overmatched in the Pacific Ocean by the USN, PLAN, JSDFN, ROKN, etc with similar problems in the west, and seperatists in the south. And Iran. In many ways, their border security issues are worse than America’s. A strong military for them is in the cards.

      Then again, Russia can probably get its deterrent power on the cheap because they’re not in a hundred different countries…just get overflight rights, air to air refuelling and you can fly out of a base somewhere along the border to vacation spots like Kosovo, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, the ‘stans…

      • Jacob

        Honestly I doubt anyone’s going to threaten Russia even if they only maintain a modest military force. If America is stuck in a Cold War mentality, then Russia is stuck in a WWII mentality. There’s never going to be another German invasion.

        • Vitor

          Honestly I doubt anyone’s going to threaten the USA even if they only maintain a modest military force. I

        • asdf

          their fears are probably directed towards the chinese

  • brian

    Its interesting to see Russia’s security “strategy” is to antagonize the only nations that can help it, and sell weapons to those that would threaten her.

    In upside down world of what qualifies as leadership in Russia, they are losing the greater war to win some self defeating battles. Russia needs a revolution again.

  • Justin H

    $64 Billion a year. What are they currently spending, $40 Billion?

  • Russians do business differently. For one single billion they spend is probably the equivilent of 5 in USA.

    Russians don’t have a bleeding heart union mentality when it comes to business.

  • Alex


    “Budget for 2010

    For the 2010 fiscal year, the president’s base budget of the Department of Defense rose to $533.8 billion. Adding spending on “overseas contingency operations” brings the sum to $663.8 billion.[1][2]
    When the budget was signed into law on October 28, 2009, the final size of the Department of Defense’s budget was $680 billion, $16 billion more than President Obama had requested.[3] An additional $37 billion supplemental bill to support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was expected to pass in the spring of 2010, but has been delayed by the House of Representatives after passing the Senate.[4][5] Defense-related expenditures outside of the Department of Defense constitute between $319 billion and $654 billion in additional spending, bringing the total for defense spending to between $1.01 and $1.35 trillion in fiscal year 2010.[6]”

  • Stephen Russell

    How can Russia modernize & how???
    Whose paying the bills aside some weapons IE French combat suits,
    Or doing so since 1989 (covertly)?

    • Alex

      Russian is the world largest oil producer

      • Hale

        Holy crap, I didn’t know they were the world’s largest oil producer. I knew they were the largest natural gas producer, but I thought they lagged in terms of oil. Wow. That’s mildly alarming.

        Guess they don’t have much of a money problem like we do.

        • asdf

          bah, just be lucky, it’s them and not iran

    • Stratege

      “How can Russia modernize & how???”

      Strange question,
      Russia has knowledge, industry, resources, money and political leadership

  • Rik

    Hehe, i’m sure this is just like the fleet of 12 carriers they said they were most definatly ordering a few years back, only for them to be cancelled after they quietly admitted they can’t afford them. Or this is like the Russian airforce who can only afford a handfull of new fighter jets a year (Su-34) or the Russia that develops a 5th gen fighter buit only places an order for 60.

    In short we’ve heard this all before from them many times over and there’s nothing to worry about as they’re full of crap and will purchase a tiny tiny fraction of what they claim to be buying.

  • asdf

    they don’t need carriers, they are overmatched in the pacific as it is, the bering sea is too far from any hotspots (pacific) and they don’t have the moneys. they need a lot of nuc subs, as advanced as possible imo.

  • STemplar

    Russia’s biggest threat isn’t someone invading, it’s their entire population walking away from their country. Their population is on the decline, which means their population is going to age at a lop sided rate. The Cold War morons running that country should be pouring the 640 billion into infrastructure and commercial viability as opposed to the military. More people are going to simply walk away from Russia over the next 30 years than the Germans killed.

    • Chimp

      I agree. On the other hand, they know that money spent on infrastructure and money stolen are more or less the same thing. Perhaps they’re into Reagan type trickle down theories on military spending… for sure, nothing else seems to work there.

  • tribulationtime

    For me is the right direction to take by Russia. They need a modern armed forces for elude other countries think the huge natural resources russians have are for free. They haven´t money but very valuables goodies easy exchange for money (All you know Gas, Oil, Gold, Wood, Uranium, and “High Tech” for sale all around the world except West).

  • Stan

    They fantasize big

  • Stratege

    “In short we’ve heard this all before from them many times over and there’s nothing to worry about as they’re full of crap and will purchase a tiny tiny fraction of what they claim to be buying.”

    Now let’s look at the some facts about todays Russian forces and their modernization:

    – New Borei class of SSBNs are under construction.
    – New Yasen class of SSNs are under construction.
    – Construction of new classes of diesel subs(SSK), frigates and corvettes for navy.
    – RS-24(multiwarhead) and Topol-M solid-fueled road-mobile ICBMs.
    – SS-18 heavy ICBM force was upgraded for prolong its service life.
    – Sineva SLBM (intended to equip active “Delta IV” SSBNs fleet) is on production line.
    – Bulava SLBM (intended to equip future “Borei” SSBNs fleet) at the pre-production stage
    – S-400 long-range SAMs is in production. S-500 is in final stage of development.
    – Mi-28N and Ka-52 attack helicopters are on production line
    – Conventional forces getting new tanks, uniforms, short/middle range SAMs, Iskander” family of theater ballistic missiles, UAVs/ etc.,
    – Resumed works on Russia’s anti-ballistic missile systems.
    – Comleted Su-34, Su-35S, Yak-130 programs for airforce now.. PAK-FA(T-50) 5th generation fighter jet program for future airforce buildup.
    – Modern Russia’s army structure is going to be drastically reorganized since Soviet era. From divisions-type to brigades-type structure.

    Rearmament and modernization of Russia’s military is the most ambitious in the world. Even China does not come close to Russia in term of ambitious military buildup.

  • Justin H

    I love how Defense Tech wont report the best Russian military news story of the last couple months. Russia’s defense minister wants to replace the AK family of rifles.

    • Stratege

      “Defense Tech wont report the best Russian military news story of the last couple months”


      “Russia’s defense minister wants to replace the AK family of rifles.”

      This one was internet newspaper hoax…

    • Lance

      I read that fox new article Justin the fact is that he said that it coused a mild riot in parlament so I dont see the Military and Political backing to replace AKs. He was just suggesting idea’s so no its not changing after Army cheifs and politcal leaders said NO!

      AK-74 is here to stay.

  • Lance

    At Justin H I doubt the AK-74 will go away anytime soon. The Minister didnt even state that tats a goal he is modernizing heavy weapons More Mi-28s and KA-50s MiG-29Ks for the Navy and possibly some more crappy T-90s for the army.

    The Russians say one thing but there pocket book says another. They plan to build up but they said so before. I don’t think Russians ready to redo the whole military in 5 years.

    • Justin H

      Really? I didnt hear that it was a hoax. Are you sure they werent just embarraced about the defense ministers comments and tried to play it off like it was a hoax? You know how god-like they think the AK rifles are…

      • Stratege

        Defense minister of Russia didn’t said that Ak-74 should be replaced .
        The rumors are coming from ‘unknown source’ without any proofs.

        AK-74m is decent assault rifle for its role. Reliable, accurate, relatively cheap. Great weapon for regular soldier in conscription(for the most part) Russian army. Professional / special forces units usually like “tuned” AKs. It could do the job fine.

      • blight

        The Abakan was supposed to replace the -74 but it’s unlikely to happen. AK-74s were newish during the Afghan War, and with the demobilization of large amounts of Soviet troops those guns probably sat in storage. It’ll take decades to “burn off” piles of guns in reserve, a situation similar to the United States sitting on its stashes of M-16s, and unwilling to transition away from them.

        Why fixate on the infantry rifle?

  • Lance

    I just read the news from other site including the Russian Defense Ministry. Most of the money is also to modernize existing weapons too. While Su-34s and some more Su-35s are being bought. The measure also improves existing SU-24s and Su-27s. The Russian navy gets to replace te aging SU-33 with newer MiG-29K fighters and the biggest change is get more KA-50/52s and Mi-28 helos to replace most older Mi-24s in Air Force service. There is some Army and Navy units who use Hinds so not all Hinds are going away. And no there is no money to dump AK-74s it will remain the main Russian service rifle for the next decade. The biggest new weapons purchases are for the Navy’s sub and surface fleets which desperately need some new ships. There more on modernizing in all services except Navy which need new boats and ships.

  • Araya

    But the most people forget that Russians can buy with 680 Billions $ more those 4X so much that the US can buy for the same Money. For example a Su34 cost about 40 million dollar and this plan is really better them the similar F15E but the F15E cost more them 100 Millions. Another example the Russians build in this moment 3 modern SSBNs with 16-20 lunch tubes and a new SLBM missile and such a Russian SSBN cost only 0,8 Billion Dollar ! The SSBN-X will cost more them 7.-11 Billions and the will carry only 12 to 16 Tubes with the old Trident Missiles. And another example a US LCS was have no firepower cost about 0,46 Billions a Russian Steregushchy class corvette cost less them 0,2 Billions and carry more surface Firepower (P-800 Oniks) them a DDG51. With other Words the Russians get extremely more for their Money that the USA.

    • jhm

      but less capable, also the maintanence costs adn employment paychecks every month would lower it a bit. When you talk of subs, the more sophisticated and silent( cough cough more expensive) are teh ones of any value. Plus, we dont buy f15es anymore but f35s now. Russia is also pushing towards stealth fighters like tthe suk pak fa and that costs around 100 million. and, the current Russian arensals are dinky with most weapons in storage, newer weapon systems such as teh t90 only are in the hundreds, and dont get to the warship deal with russia!!!! those rusting hulk!!!! teh new funds could be used to revamp their navy adn air force which are equiped with aging craft, making the numbers ordeal not significant

      • Araya

        But one the other Hand you most consider that the Russians spend only 50-60 Billions and the maintain a Army with more them 1,2 Million Soldier, the biggest and most powerful Nuclear Arsenal in the World and a big Space Program with toys like the Glonas GPS and the world second strong War Navy. And they also developed High End Weapons like the Topol M, S400, the Su34, SU35 and the PAK FA and all this by a Budget was is 10-12 smaller them the DOD. I’m not saying that they are as powerful as the U.S Military but they are really more effective them the DOD the get many more for the Mooney, and many things what they build are comparable with the best US Products. For the example the S400 is the best Air defence System of the World and the Yasen class SSNs is comparable with the Seawolf class and many more examples are possible.

  • Lance

    @ JHM

    the T-90 is a T-72 with some more modern fire controls. The T-72 is a failure of a tank inferiour to Both M-60 and M-1A1 tanks and the Ukrainians are far ahead with T-80 moderization and T-84 production giving the Ukrain an 1 to 1 advantage over Russian who do use some T-80s but reluy on inferior T-72 and its regerataed hulk the T-90.

  • Lance

    And yes after finding the new article out the AK-74 article was a hoax probably.

  • Krewetki

    the difference is Russian buys weapons for their own money (they have no debts!) and USA buys weapons for money borrowed from China…

  • Peter

    Russia spends far more than the budget shows. Russia builds a PAK-FA fighter equal to the F-22 for $6 billion dollars. The US spends $366 BILLION! Russia can buy 5 times the weapons the US can for the same money.

  • Nik

    Sukhoi PAK FA —–>Program cost: US$8–10 billion
    Unit Cost: US$47.5-57 million (nowhere near $100 million as stated by jhm.)

    F-22 Raptor ——-> Program cost: US$66.7 billion
    Unit cost: US$150 million

  • Freddie

    IMO, Russia’s doctrine is focused on defense not offence. Why? The Soviet Union blew their chance to ‘invade’ the west. Russia is no where near invading Europe or the USA etc. The only future conflicts that Russia will have are border conflicts with eg. China and other regional conflicts for example Georgia. Russia has no interest in posing a threat to the west. The Primary focus of the Russian Federation is modernizing its army not having a military build up to invade anyone. The Russians only care about modernization now and protecting what they have. Any one who thinks that Russia is going to ‘invade’ anyone are delusional. The evil empire is gone and you should rather focus your attention on the USA who are invading more countries now then they did in the cold war. (More or less)

    Also conflict with Russia and the USA is insane as why would Russia want to start a fight that will only end in a stalemate as the Americans are still going on like the Cold War never ended (with regards to their military build up) The west still needs enemies as if they realize that Russia no longer poses a thereat then there would be no reason to pour billions of dollars into military modernization. My point being that Russia only wants to focus on defense and not offence. Look at the FACTS. It is not increasing its army/navy/air force but slimming it down to a more professional defense force who can defend the Russian Federation.

    My predication is to stop being nostalgic of the Cold War era between Russia and the USA and rather look towards the fact that China and the middle east are your greatest areas of concern. Its childish to still want Russia and NATO or USA to fight a war. That’s old history and in the past. Look to the future. :)