Super Tucano Highlight Reel

For your Friday viewing pleasure, here’s some cool B-roll of the Super Tucano in action. Embraer recently gave DT a whirlwind visit it’s headquarters and production lines, hence the plethora of coverage of Brazilian-made military aircraft.

The Super T is a pretty cool airplane for what it’s designed to do; provide close air support and surveillance in counterinsurgency operations with a smattering of training thrown in.

The plane’s got an armored, glass cockpit similar to newer or upgraded fourth-gen fighters and can carry 3,420 pounds of bombs, rockets, bullets and even an electro-optical/infrared sensor ball.  With external fuel tanks the Super T can stay aloft for about eight hours supporting ground troops and then land at remote airfields to refuel and rearm.

  • @Earlydawn

    Great example of off-the-shelf capable.

  • Boborygmy

    The Beechcraft AT-6B is better and will win the competition………You might have mentioned this in your Brazilian advertisement…………

  • Old_Bear

    Whatcraft, I thought they stopped making military aircraft at the end of WW2 and how says the T-6 is a better aircraft? The only reason as I can see that it is therotically better is that it is built in the US in some Senator’s backyard.
    If you want a properly designed COIN aircraft put the OV-10 back into production, not a converted trainer which doesn’t have either in-built guns or a LTD like either the Bronco or the Super Tucano.
    is the US going to repeat the same mistake by buying the T-6 as they did in buying the F-35? Probably, yes. It all comes to pork.

  • IknowIT

    Er, What does the Tucano have over an OV-10X? Also, I consider any on the COIN contenders off the shelf, since none are entirely new designs.

  • Tad

    Just curious about something, maybe you guys can answer. Wouldn’t a high wing design be better for ground support because then the pilot can see what’s actually on the ground instead of looking at the top of the wing?

  • guest

    The Super Tucano is a great, proven plane. To bad America does not have some

  • ADyer

    This could be useful for a country with a severely limited budget and no real external enemies, but we in the US already have a superior platform for the COIN job: the A-10. And the A-10 has the added advantage of actually being useful in conflicts other than low level insurgencies.

  • Ontos


    “Heck yeah, General… We NEED to buy this thing! Did you see that bitchin’ digital clock?!?!?”

    That was funny, otherwise it’s a great design. We need this, or something like it.

  • Daniel

    Cool plane, but maybe a little optimistic on payload? I’m not a math major…but around 150 gallons of internal fuel and 55 gallon per hour cruise…how does that yield 8 hour time on station? With a climb factored in it sounds like 2 hours and some change.

    Even with three external fuel tanks and all the drag they create you’re not getting 8 hours, and you won’t be carrying anything weapons, which kind of defeats the whole point, no?

  • tribulationtime

    Other side on accurate endurance numbers is about a plane fliying 6 h without weapons because 3400 pounds dont give room for much “rounds”. a pair .50 cal a pair of rockets launchers. Is the tactic have a fly of Tucanos near of a convoy or SOF team around the clock for instant response?. Can you explain me?.

  • nraddin

    Cheaper, more survivable, longer range, heavy payload than any attack helo. I have thought for a long time that while transport helicopters have a place on the battlefield, there attack brothers would be better served with fixed wing airframes for the vast majority of missions. While we can debate all day about which of the aircraft on the market would be better suited, I am at least happy they are going to go with something more practical than what we have now and hope we can see more of that in the future.

  • vulpine

    Anybody notice the wings and empennage have a distinct similarity to the P-51? Imagine putting a turboprop on one of those.

    • William C.

      Look up the Piper Enforcer, it was basically just that. No buyers however.

  • GPSMan

    At 1:12 there is a older model Garmin GPS mounted in the cockpit. You’d think they would have something better than that…though maybe it is just a backup. Interesting aircraft…

  • frinklemur

    I’d rather have OV-1 Mohawks or the NAW-(night / all weather) A-10 finally see the light of day. A good idea back then, an even better idea now. I like the Bronco, but I feel it has some short points on handling, damage resistance and a highly loaded wing compared to the Mohawk.

  • Daniel

    Interesting comments, the OV-10X is a Boeing fantasy that never got further than a slick powerpoint briefing. The OV-10 had a pretty cool mission and was unique, but it was really tough to keep flying. The State Department tried real hard and spent millions and still couldn’t keep theirs flying.

    The plane that we should be trying to replicate is the old A-1 Skyraider with 12 hardpoints and an incredible combat load. These trainers just don’t carry enough to be useful.

  • blight

    Key West will force these aircraft into the hands of an air force that doesn’t want them. Sounds like a plan…

    • mike j

      The Army is totally within their rights to ask for that agreement to be amended. I think there’s a good case to be made that advances in armed drones and high speed rotorcraft have made Key West obsolete. The USAF seems to want to focus on “strategic” missions, even though tactical missions can have strategic implications, but whatever. They want to do the big picture stuff, fine. Somebody has to do the small picture stuff, and if USAF won’t, let the Army have it.

  • wallpatrol

    Luvs the comment about the A1E Douglas Skyraider. That was a badassed fighting machine. It carried more weapons load than a B17 and could loiter for hours tossing out ordnance and slugs on anything that moved. Great memories of a great warrior, but it was a monstrous beast and would fly with part of the jugs shot off the engine. So far the best we got is the A10 and it is one scary flying machine which gives the enemy fits. Maybe a upgrade or new wings for the warthog would be wise and keep on flying.

  • Mark.Hart


    Super Tucano: Most
    of the parts are from US, Embraer makes planes to fly all day/Nigth long (E-Jets aircraft), Attack Speed compatible with the mighty A-10, shielded up to .50 Ammo, very reliable, this is the last chance for COIN crewed aircraft, if you go with “alternative” proposals the next aircraft will be driven by desk tops, think about this pilots not trained in combat….
    Today in brazilian airforce all pilots fly at least 2 years over Amazon with those .50, rockets and bombs against FARC´s, all so Colombia does with less ST aircraft and more thousands of combat houers, no combat losses, Farc have money to by Manpads missiles and .50 guns, US Air Force knows that and the impact of ST on the fied. The rest is politics! Others “alternatives” are no match against a aircraft built for the mission.

  • Mark. Hart


    1982 Falklands/Malvinas conflict ,Fast jets like Sea Harriers armed with Sydewinders in the air, argentine PUCARAS (Turbo prop COIN Argentinean Aircraft) were able to shot down 2 British Helis (British accept only one loss) and straffed and bombed british troops, only one PUCARA was shot down by Harrier with 30mm guns, Sidewinder L was not able to lock Up wen argentine pilots throtle back ,and it takes 3X 30 mm passes , the shielded PUCARA got enouth time for pilot safe ejection. Really it was the main target for the British to disable PUCARAS Falklands/Malvinas grass Arfields. Pucara´s from Goose Green were only 5 minutes from it´s straffings runs against british troops, too quick for most Sea Harrier reaction, and too low and manuverable to intercept sucessfully. The second Pucara escaped sucessfully after Harrier 2×2 confrontation, Argentina claims it was a third Harrier that shot down Maj. Tomba´s Pucara, wen he was in action against the second Harrier. Well, if COIN aircraft are usefull in medium conflicts, wy not use agains terrorists??? Super Tucano is the most modern COIN aircraft.

  • Go Mexico Go

    Why would anyone want to fly a super TACO?