Russia’s Second Stealth Fighter is Airborne

Check this out. Sukhoi’s second T-50 PAK FA prototype stealth fighter took to the skies over Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia, this morning for a 57-minute test flight (or 44-minutes, depending on who you ask), according to Flight Global’s Steve Trimble. The first T-50 is used as the aerodynamic test bed and the second jet is likely being used to test out the mission systems, notes Trimble. This flight comes a little more than a year after the maiden flight of the first T-50.

Here are more pics of the flight.

  • Stratege

    That’s nonsense.
    T-50 is not Flanker based aircraft. While the airframe is based on same basic design ideas, the actual differences of both design are enormous.

  • FtD

    fulcrum & flanker are 2 totally different class of fighters….. where flanker is like eagle (hi) & fulcrum is like falcon/hornet (lo) so mixing the 2 types together is totally inappropriate as you’re talking apple to orange.

  • JohnS

    My apologies for posting my last here. I should be in the sound off section.

  • rluscomb

    My grandfather always said, the day you start trusting the Russians is the day we are all dead!!! That coming from a man who barely lived thru the 53′ Hungarian Revolution, when the Soviets slaughtered hundreds of innocent men, woman, & children.

  • Robert

    Never underestimate, or sell short, the mighty Red Army or its Air Force. They are a serious threat to be recokened with. Putin is not the wimp that our leader is.

  • JohnS

    The Cold War may be over but I’m hoping my fellow shipmates and all of our armed services remain dilligent and proffesional at their posts. There is a reason and means behind us being the worlds elite Navy. Fair winds and following seas. Armybrat sailor

  • Stephen Russell

    Does China have this type to??

    • francis

      ssss slince….

  • Doz

    “Trimble’s note is wrong.”

    I don’t think so. Compare the first and second prototypes, you can clearly see that T-50-2 has a functioning IRST and MAWS (behind the cockpit) not placeholders.

  • roland

    How about this: buy 1 J-20 and 1 T-50 PAK FA, study them and develop our own 1- 6 or 7th generation stealth- intersolar figther/ bomber jet figter model for defense and for future use if the need arises.

  • Nadnerbus

    perhaps they should be renamed male rooster pits.

  • Tim

    A pile of Ruskie junk . They haven’t made a jet in the last forty years that wasn’t 10/15 years behind the latest US design so why is everyone running around like a bunch of headless chickens ??

    The Typhoon will be beating these and the Chinese winged heaps for years to come , the F22 and F35 will tear em apart.

  • Old Dude

    General McArthur said at one time “The only way to deal with the communist is, you sit with them at a table and with a 45 pistol pointed at their chest, make sure you have it cocked and finger on the triger, while talking to them”.

  • Zon

    China is developing a new stealth fighter.they said it has zero radar cross section its because the outer skin is made of egg yolk.

  • Infidel4LIFE

    Looks like Sukoi really has the edge now. The MiG-29 isn’t in the class of the Sukoi products./ Don’t F/A-18’s slave their missles to the pilots eye? That is a nice feature, but most kills are BVR but in a merge and dogfight it comes in handy.

  • dan

    Time to drop the big one. Randy Newman was right. We gotta get ’em before they get us. Like Saddam and the WMDs.

  • praetorian

    Interesting read about F-15’s / F-22’s v Su-30MKI’s at red flag…

  • Tim

    Typhoon , better pilots , avionics , ECM, radar , missiles , operational ,

    AWACS support, logistical support , tactics etc etc etc

    Go ask any current US / UK pilot about Ruskie radar/ ECM and missiles . They are

    at least 15 years behind .

    Remember the day of the UCAV is dawning and by the tone the Russian / Chinese have these flying we will have Taranis and the like working in groups centred around an f22/F35 Or Typhoon .

    The Russians dropped the ball in the 90’s and it would take twenty years of outspending the US on fighter design and inventory to catch up.

    As for the Chinese the US /Japan / South Korean / Taiwan forces would

    take out there air bases well before any mass dogfight is allowed to happen.

  • Justin H

    All you dirty commies who troll this site should read this from your own Holy Grail of news agencies.…