Arab League Asks For No-Fly Zone Over Libya

Well, the 22-nation Arab League just asked the UN to impose a no-fly zone on Libya. As The New York Times points out, this open call for western military intervention by Middle Eastern governments is very rare.

So, what’s the next step? We’ll see. Yes, NATO E-3 AWACS jets have been snooping around Libya for days now and ground troops have been in and out of the country. Still Gadhafi’s forces are quickly regaining momentum from the rebels. If NATO or the UN is to authorize a no-fly zone, it needs to happen soon.

Here’s interesting post at The DEW Line on the notion of an Arab run no-fly zone.

  • John B

    Wow. The arabs rip us off every penny we had with high oil price and now they want us to die for them so they can continue to rob us. Thank you.

  • brian

    Can’t we just bomb Quadaffi’s army. Its a bunch of tanks in battle formation? Should be easy pickings.

  • david

    They condemn the West every chance they get and now they want our help! Let them help their own “brothers.” Saudi and Egypt can put together a no fly zone themselves. The West should keep out of civil wars.

    • Sev

      I agree. These people are not our friends. They welcomed home the lockerbie bomber with thunderous applause. Let em kill each other. The rebels are driven by a Jihadist movement anyway. They’re the enemy too. More dangerous than Qweefdafi in power.

  • Nicholas Mcdonald

    Not sure if I’m missing something but if the Arab League asked the UN to impose a no fly zone how does that mean they are asking for western intervention? Could that not mean they are will to do it themselves they just want the UN to authorise it?

    Frankly as a ‘westerner’ I’d rather we sit this one out and if the Arab League wants to do something… well knock yourselves out.

  • @Earlydawn

    The them do it. We don’t sell Egypt and Saudi Arabia relatively high-tech equipment so it can sit in the hanger.

  • Sam

    “Not sure if I’m missing something but if the Arab League asked the UN to impose a no fly zone how does that mean they are asking for western intervention? Could that not mean they are will to do it themselves they just want the UN to authorise it?”

    That’s exactly what it means. We have the capability to do it. We just want it to be legal.

  • MadMike

    The Arab League has plenty of its own (American-supplied) warplanes to support a no-fly zone. Let the Arabs handle their own business.

  • Roland

    A no fly zone could lead into a war between Ghadafo forces and those who imposed the no fly zone beause it means taking out their surface to air missiles, anti aircraft guns and war planes out. It could mean another brewng 3rd war for us next to Afghanistan and Iraq war.

  • vic

    since when does the Arab League get to call the shots? they have the oil and rip us off with it and now theyre “suggesting” we should establish a no-fly zone…AHAHAHAHHA arent they rich out of our money for their oil? they have their own damn planes…pathetic. this is gonna wind up like Iraq all over again…sighs

  • theman

    i think one of the things the administration is worried about is a pilot getting shot down. Then, perhaps the SAR helo gets shot down. Then they get taken prisoner. It is a volatile situation that could explode unpredictably.

  • jamesb101

    good one theman….

    but in the end the US will join if they lay a NO-Fly on….
    but NATO should be the lede….

    remember there are a lot of F-16’s availble from Arab countries in the Middle East….

    If they don’t hurry with this though…there won’t be any rebel’s to help

  • William C.

    The countries of the Arab League have more than enough combat aircraft to do this themselves. Why do they need the USAF and USN to solve this?

  • Roland

    Well I been looking at the news and I dont see a lot of casualties or people getting shot in Libya. I did’nt see any real combat. Could this be a setup for us to get into another war? I think its worth investigating.

  • STemplar

    People need to understand these Arab militaries do not maintain the expeditionary capacity to operate beyond their own countries. The Saudis rely on foreign contractors for their maintenance needs. As has already been pointed out they would be loathe to commit with the worry Iran might take advantage of it. To say nothing of the fact the issues in their own nations are far from settled. There are protests in Saudi, Oman, the UAE, Bahrain and Jordan. Egypt is far from settled which essentially leaves no one able to contribute anything.

    The Arab stamp of approval is about all they could contribute. You might be able to talk the OPEC nations involved into underwriting the cost of an operation but no one else has the logistical capacity to carry out the operation except the US. Our NATO allies have some aircraft but it’s always US logistics carrying it out.

    I think a no fly zone regardless of who carries it out is a dumb idea. The one over Iraq accomplished nothing except putting useless hours on our air frames. In the end Hussein never did comply with UN resolutions. The no fly zone is pure showmanship so everyone can absolve themselves by being able to say they didn’t just stand by and do nothing while Ghaddaffi crushed dissent. Even if what they did is very expensive and completely useless.

    The Arab governments know it won’t work which is why they are calling for it. It puts on a nice show and that’s about it. They certainly aren’t goign to greenlight what would actually work while their own dictatorships hang in the balance. A rolling series of air strikes against Ghaddaffi’s compounds, airfields, and army bases in and around Tripoli would pull the rug out from under his feet. It wouldn’t be a difficult operation at all but for a couple problems.

    Arab governments that are afraid the same tactic will be repeated on them if their own people continue to rise up. A US President that loves to shoot his mouth off abotu freedom, human rights, international justice while simultaneously taking zero effort to actually move forces into theater that could carry off the big talk he is talking.

  • Anthony

    They have about 50 SA6’s which i presume can be offline and not running (cold) which can turn on and catch a patrolling pilot in a pretty nasty situation…It can easily take down an F-18 or any NATO fighter. America will be leading the way and this is a perfect time for the US to make the combat debut of the Raptor. Its supercruise and stealth are invaluable in evading all the modern AAA defense systems Russia decided to export in the past decade or 2. Unlike Iraq or Afghanistan Libya is dangerous to modern fighter aircraft. This is going to be a very detailed and skilled operation.
    Who knows maybe the Obama Administration will come through for once and reestablish America’s dominance over the sky. Lets build a strong ally in North Africa, a whole new culture and economy to trade with. Those lucky Libyan people will have dunkin doughnuts and iphones soon enough! Just think of the possibilities America

  • Linda

    KEEP OUT of Libya! That’s all we need is another war. Haven’t we had enough the past 10 years??????

    • IKnowIT

      Crazy cackling woman

  • Mike

    If the Arab League wants a no fly zone over Libya, maybe they should do it themselves as no one can point the finger at them as wanting Libya’s oil. Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman all have F-15 and F-16 fighter jets as the three of them are in the region as they can use Kuwait as a base of operation for the sorties over Libya. They don’t need to ask the UN as they can take of this themselves.

  • jamesb101

    Anthony…. you looking for a mission for the legacy F-22?

  • FtD

    Saudi has 5 E3 Sentry so there’s no need for NATO AWACS & 8 air refuellers + all other F15, F16 blk 60, Typhoons so they’ve got all the capability & fire power they need to take care of Libyan ancient Migs & Sukhois. I hope US will not be their mercenary again & get another bad name to themselves among arabs….

  • Oblat

    There is a nice synchrony between provincial xenophobic Americans, a casualty shy military and our diplomats have been busy shuttling between the Arab dictatorships them that we will let Gadaffi crush the rebels and assuring them that freedom and democracy poses no threat to their regimes.

    It’s fun to watch China pick up contract after contract in the middle east as our empire collapses.

  • Roland

    We should be carefull on then o fly zone because it could lead into conflict and war as a result. Any military action in libya if there will be any in the future should be done and acted by Arab League countryies. Arabs are sensitive and sentimental on when thier fellow arabs when they are killed by americans or westerners. If there’s going to be a military action, it should be done by the Arab league countries and not by us.

  • oldsalt

    Zero chance the US installs a no-fly zone with the inevitable bombing missions to protect the pilots. Obama campaigned on “regaining” respect for America. He has repudiated American intrusions in the affairs of other nations. We aren’t exceptional in any way, our way of government is no different that any other. It would be bad PR for him to send an American military force to Libya, a proud third world country. After all that is what George Bush used to do.

    Besides the tide has turned on the ground and Ghadafi looks to retake the country in the next week or so. No-fly zone is pointless for military reasons.

  • Lance

    How about the Egyptian Air Force do a no-fly zone and leave the US Out of this. The EAF’s F-16s can take on what few obsolete MiG-23s and Su-22s Libya has left in flying condition.

  • blight

    If the United States provides the tankers and our Arab clients provide the airplanes…we’ll think about it. Otherwise it’s just making America play bad cop, which previous presidents only tolerated in the name of ensuring Middle Eastern oil.

    We’ve been arming Middle Eastern nations for decades now, so I don’t see why we should be doing their dirty work when they have our hardware sitting pretty somewhere. Realistically though, unless they all based aircraft out of Egypt very few Arab League nations could contribute to No Fly Zone. Egypt at a minimum could…

  • PrometheusGoneWild

    There is an easy way to get rid of Ghadafi.
    Just do what we did in Afghanistan at the beginning.
    Insert special forces, and have the B-52’s take every target out. Have a carrier wing escort them in.
    Unlike Afghanistan, after the ruling elite are taken care of, we do not send in troops.
    So long brutal dictator!

  • guest

    Folks, plane don’t hold ground. Guys on the ground do. The so called rebels have lost the time that air cover would help. The Saudi’s appear to be ready crush things in Bahrain before the native get too freedom happy. Obama’s turning into Bogart in the Caine Munity, playing with those damn balls while shit happens. His Staff for national security & economics is MIA. LIke North Korea, He is hopping things blow over rather than act. His agenda is butter, not guns…