India’s Soldier of the Future

So, happy Saturday. NATO planes and warships are finally striking Libya. In the meantime, we thought we’d show you India’s notion for a 21st Century battle uniform. Dubbed the Futuristic Infantry Soldier As a System, or F-ISAS, the kit consists of body armor and WMD protection integrated to the uniform, a hand held computer, helmet with a visor displaying critical battlefield information and 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and purportedly 6.8mm “modular weapon system” that can also be equipped with a bolt-on grenade launcher.

The weapons will start to be fielded next year, and the whole system will be in place by 2020, according to Soldier Systems.

The whole point being to turn the next generation of Indian infantryman into a fully networked “a self-contained fighting machine.” Oh, and the system’s developers, India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation, also want to reduce the weight carried by each soldier by 50 percent.

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  1. looks pretty poxy to me

  2. That looks almost like a parody of a weapons display. I mean, did they have to paint a mustache on the mannequin with a magic marker? Really?
    I did like the idea or reducing the combat load, but 50% is a bridge too far.

  3. I like the mustache.

  4. When I was watching the video I thought he was speaking hindi. Until he started saying numbers…

  5. I have my doubts India can make this happen. Most of their military doesn't even have standard assault rifle and their own INSAS is of poor quality. At best only a handful of units will get access to such equipment.

  6. William C,
    The Indian Army hasoccupied and defended positions in Siachen at insane altitudes for 25 yaers now.Tha Pakis took some empty positions from India in Kargil and ran down in a few months.India has kept at bay the most vicious islamic insurgency in Kashmir.Not an inch of Kashmir stood'liberated ' by these islamists.All they do now is mount a few ambushes here and there and attack civilans.Stop worrying about the Insas,it not glamorous geardo,all it requieres is care and discipline.Am yet to meet someone who took a insas bullet and brushed it off.LOL We do not have standard assualt rifle!!!WOW we do it all by slingshots.And whether we can supply all our chaps.Wel lwe are getting a 10 C-17s, a dozen Phalcon Awacs,planning for 150 Typhoon or Rafeale class Aircraft, a nuclear submarine,artillery ,tanks etc etc just over the last two years.This programme is no big deal compared to them

  7. No one can cut 50% from the infantry soldiers load. A weight reduction on one thing is the opportunity to load something else onto his aching back.

  8. You can laugh as much you like but remember, India has one thing in common with USA and NATO.

    the enemy!

    Islam and China

    oh yeah, also the democracy


  9. They might want to use E ink on the arm PC since I could barely see it in a low light situation. We can all imagine how bad it would look in direct sun light.

  10. Is it just me, or does the rifle look like a mock up of an F2000 or F2000 clone?

  11. Well the presentation video is a let down, for sure. But I seriously disagree with william C's comment. What people are forgetting is that Indians are most adept at creative improvisation termed as "jugaD" in Hindi. When they can successfully use 1950s era hardware (such as Mig-21s & INS Viraat) well beyond their life and yet be able intimidate the best of hostile armed forces with them, just imagine what will it be able to do with new era hardware. People around the world are just not ready to see India as a credible military power. But the armed forces of the world do. Just read the news about so many international war games in which India participated.

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