Osprey Used to Pick Up Strike Eagle Pilot (Updated)

In another Odyssey Dawn operational first, a Marine Corps V-22 Osprey was used in the TRAP mission that picked up the downed Strike Eagle pilot in eastern Libya a few hours ago, a defense official who spoke on background told DT.  This is the CSAR debut for the Osprey.

In other details around the story, the official also put a finer point on the fact that the Air Force pilot had been brought aboard the USS Kearsarge in the Gulf of Sidra, but the weapons systems officer had not — assumption being that while he was listed as “safe” he was not in the company of American forcess but rather still with Libyan rebels.

UPDATE: Officials tell Military.com that both aircrew are back in American military custody.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Harding/100000538603835 Chris Harding

    Very cool! I hear the Osprey has had some equipment problems of it’s own. I know a person that flies the Osprey.

  • bern…

    Way to go Marines.

  • Michael Scott

    OutFuckingStanding! Somebody’s buying a round of drinks for his rescue.

  • jprescher

    The Osprey has always had problems. But can’t be beat when the doo-doo hits the fan..

  • http://www.facebook.com/ibdman Jim Prescher

    The Osprey has always had problems. But can’t be beat when the doo-doo hits the fan..

  • Dan

    OOORAHH Awesome Marine VertiBird!

  • Erik Zbikowski

    It’s time to stop saying the osprey has/had problems, it’s obvious anything man made that flies will have problems especially during it’s testing phase. The mission was to pick up two pilots whose aircraft crashed because of mechanical problems. Time to start recognizing it for the outstanding job and the proven replacement it is for the ch-46.

    You used to **** the bed, but no one reminds of you of that everytime you do something good.

    • mutley

      “You used to piss the bed, but no one reminds of you of that everytime you do something good. ” Speak for youself, I bet you picked your nose as well….

      • Guest

        He still does, but he’s right…

      • Erik Zbikowski

        Speak for myself? I think you missed the context of my statement buddy. Engage brain before typing, it’ll help you save face.

    • Kathy

      Ooh Rah! Good on em!
      I’ve been with the program for 10 years! I’ve seen it through the bad times and the good…and like Erik said….”time to stop saying the Osprey has/had problems”…and it’s time the press stopped prefacing every news story about the Osprey with it’s “past problems”…time to take notice and stop dwelling on the past! We just hit 100K Flight Hour!
      Hi Ward!

  • Fred

    Any ideas on the range of the extraction?

    • phrogdriver

      News reports say the Kearsarge was 100nm out to sea. Don’t know how far inland the objective was.

  • Mike

    This is vindication of the V-22 Osprey program and proved the political naysayers of the program wrong as the V-22 performed their program mission as it was envisioned.

    • bean counter

      So, for the sake of two combat pilots, we let the US go bankrupt? Why not design APC’s like tanks, and supply a tank to every infantry squad? Then no one would ever be permanently injured by an IED?

      • phrogdriver


      • Guest

        Why don’t you just stick to counting beans. Everybody on here would be singing a different tune if it was their azz hanging out there waiting to get picked up and saw it coming…


    Semper Fi. Wish I were there !

  • yesjb

    “Back in American “custody'” ??
    Were they arrested by the Marines??
    What a choice of words!
    How about “Back safely”
    Well done, Marines!!

  • Bjorn

    Well done Marines! First the Libyan allies take care of your fellow Americans treating them like heroes and then you shoot at them wounding six. So much for their competency… http://www.channel4.com/news/third-night-of-bombi…

  • rolandb77

    I don’t think F-15S or any F is compatible on Libya low fly because of it’s sand might feed in the jets and may cause some damage. Our existing Helos might do the trick.

  • Elijah

    ZapOmanPick-up Plane. Two things I do know about planes.
    1. They Fly.
    2. I love em.

  • Elijah

    Soar as on eagel’s wings people. My comments come from emotions and are not very helpful to y’ll. I soar on the net and hope I open a door that may be of use to my beloved country and corps. USMC.

  • J Reid

    this was not the first CSAR mission for the Osprey. The first one was significantly a longer trip. still glad to see the Osprey doing its thing. http://live-defensetech.sites.thewpvalet.com/2011/09/23/the-cv-22s-800-…