XM-25 Blast Radius Revealed

The Army just released a new video showing better detail of the XM-25 Counter Defilade Engagement System’s 25mm fragmentation round performance.

We‚Äôve posted video of the system — which Soldiers who are testing them out in Afghanistan call “The Punisher” — before, but it never really showed how the weapon shot (it‚Äôs got a brutal kick), how the targeting system works (laze, add a meter, fire) and how the 25mm round did its work (about the blast of a grenade).

This time there‚Äôs some good detail. And if you watch closely, you can see how heavy it is, how long it takes to acquire and fire and its relative rate of fire. I‚Äôm not sure how much Defense Tech readers have been following our coverage of this program at Kit Up!, but the Army is bullish on this weapon, signing a contract with ATK — the XM-25‚Äôs prime — for about $65 million to build more than the five it has and a bunch more ammo. It‚Äôs an expensive and slow process right now since each of the H&K-made weapons has to be put together by hand and the ammo is all custom as well.

But our sources — both in the field and back at HQ — say this is one gun that delivers what it‚Äôs supposed to: an extremely accurate¬†counterdefilade capability at the squad level.

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  1. It took this long to deploy a half dozen first gen rifle rockets…We should have pushed this weapon system in October 2001 not a decade later. I like the idea of not joining a war unless we intend to Win…this weapon system is finally a squad level Win. Get them deployed! 5,000 weapons and enough ammo for a turkey shoot, maybe the White House's next "Stimulus" package will be one to revamp our boots on the ground and stop pretending like the M4 is still relevant in Afghanistan's long-range engagements.

  2. ~200-300m longer engagement radius wouldn't hurt…

  3. TLAM Strike | April 5, 2011 at 1:26 pm |

    They just need to integrate an MP5’s guts in to the grip so the trooper can have some close quarters potential. That or some kind of buckshot grenade round.

  4. The blast looks like it has more ability to wound than kill. Kit Up posted a story awhile ago where soldiers said the XM25 was not necessarily that lethal, but it decreased firefights from 20 mins to 2 mins. Food for though.

  5. Some dummies made of ballistic gel would be nice for some indication of wounds inflicted.

  6. TLAM Strike | April 5, 2011 at 2:51 pm |

    Wondering how long before the high tech portion of the weapon can be back fitted to the standard issue M203 or Russian Version the GP-Whatever.

  7. That assumes they carry them back, which was a mistake made in RVN and Somalia. And in Somalia, they were on khat and still in the fight despite these wounds.

    The XM-25's promise is injuring multiple people in one fell swoop. Rocket team, machine gun crew, mortar crews, gunmen behind cover…

    What would be better would be something like the old FLASH that fired a barrage. There's precision fire and then there's volume-fire.

  8. technology hey ? imagine what sunglass laser beams w're going to be using in 50 years haha

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  16. The military has always been a major polluter. Even in the United States.

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  19. wondering if they also do an airburst napalm round & set the place on fire will be quite cool……

  20. TLAM Strike | April 6, 2011 at 12:06 am |

    I wonder when they will make HEAT rounds for this thing. Semi-auto Anti light armor gun anyone?

  21. The Israel Military Industries have a similar idea which can be fitted on an existing assault rifle (called the MPRS). The sight is used for both the weapon and grenade launcher. The grenade is a dedicated one. It might not have all the features of the XM-25 but I bet it is only a fraction of the cost and could be deployed much more quickly….it is a shame that the US doesn't fully leverage their allies capabilities…..
    Here is the IMI web page for the product….. http://www.imi-israel.com/home/doc.aspx?mCatID=68…

  22. I'm not convinced. In looking at the burst envelope, what's the fragmentation look like and how is it distributed. Seems like a soldier with helmet and body armor would survive except for maybe a really close hit. And the range ain't much more than a 203. I thought this thing was supposed to hit out to 1km! If its at squad level then I hope we keep on real 40mm grenadier as well.

  23. WELL, At least the wounded enemy will leave a good blood trail to follow after he runs back to his buddies.

  24. Matrix_3692 | April 6, 2011 at 9:45 am |

    Maybe they can think about en-longing the barrel and make it into an ultra light artillery piece, pocket cannons anyone?

  25. Probably, but since these are airburst rounds putting one through a window will probably kill whoever's inside. Sometimes you want HVTs. Alternatively, sometimes you want to fire some stun rounds /over/ people's heads. An airburst flashbang is probably more acceptable than rubber bullets which can kill, pepper rounds which can maim, so on and so forth.

  26. true, but that would increase the size, weight and cost of the ammo and weapon

  27. errol helton | April 7, 2011 at 10:31 am |

    Why didn't we just copy the German MG-42?
    Why didn't we just copy the Russian AK-47?

    The German grenade with its handle could be thrown farther than ours so, why didn't we copy it?

    The Japanese knee mortar was a deadly weapon that was easy to carry and deploy - we ignored it too.

    The Russians installed a rear firing stinger rocket on its fighters - we haven't done that.

    Israel put rear view mirrors in the fighters we sold them to enable spotting someone on their "six" - it was simple and inexpensive…we didn't do that.

    The XM-25 is a great idea and makes hiding behind the wall or rock, and over the crest an idea that no longer works but you can bet, the other side will have the same weapon, in greater numbers in no time at all.

    Now, where can one find protection? Only by using unmanned systems to fight our battles can we avoid losing more and more men and that's our great advantage.

  28. Anthony,
    The XM weapon was under development six years ago but was cancelled
    by the Bush administration. Just sayin'…

  29. the key to the boots on the ground is to have enough of them and
    enough ammo to take out the targets and keep the bag guys
    far away…increase the range of this monster!

  30. Good use at the appropriate range

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