U.S. Using Armed Predator Drones Over Libya

In light of the increased demand for a return of U.S. air power over Libya, despite the fact that U.S. jets are apparently available, the White House has given the green-light for the use of armed MQ-1 Predator drones in Libya, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. James Cartwright said today.

The drones, armed with Hellfire antitank missiles will apparently make it easier to nail Gadhafi’s forces who have confounded recent air attacks by using civilian vehicles and positioning themselves very close to civilians.

From the AP:

“President Obama has said that where we have some unique capabilities, he is willing to use those,” Gates said. “And in fact he has approved the use of armed Predators.”

“What they will bring that is unique to the conflict is their ability to get down lower, therefore to be able to get better visibility on targets that have started to dig themselves into defensive positions,” Cartwright said. “They are uniquely suited for urban areas.”

Apparently, the very first armed Predator mission happened earlier today but the plane had to abort the sortie due to bad weather.

While there’s been much fretting about the inneffectiveness of NATOs airstrikes in stopping Gadhafi’s onslaught, the drones, with their improved accuracy and ISR capability, could prove to be a serious boost for the rebel cause.  One big question will be; how many Predators will be sent to Libya and where will they come from?

Until now, the Pentagon has been desperately focused on getting as many UAVs as possible sent to Iraq or Afghanistan/Pakistan. How will deploying Pedators to Libya impact operations farther east? Maybe these Predators are being pulled from combat as they are replaced by the more advanced MQ-9 Reaper. Or, maybe these UAVs are being pulled from Special Operations squadrons that operate around the globe. Still, you’ve got to ask how many of  them exist, and again, how will that impact other ops?

This comes the same day as reports that the rebels have taken a strategic border crossing into Tunisia and the same week that France, Italy and the UK announced they will be sending military advisors to train the rag-tag rebel army on non-combat functions such as logistics .

  • spammy

    How does Obama’s statement that we have “Unique Capabilities” dovetail with his globalism doctrine which is counter to “American Exceptionalism”.

    I thought everyone was exceptional!?!

    You mean everybody doesn’t have a MQ-1 Predator Drone?

    Oh, No! We’re exceptional! We can’t have that! We should start handing them out like M&Ms on the street corners of the world so that everyone’s equal!

    • Jacob

      The problem with American exceptionalism is that it encourages Americans to act like little 9 year-old dweebs and to go online to brag about how we’re the most powerful country in the world.

    • IronV

      I’m getting really bored with this loony FOX News “American Exceptionalism” doctrine. “We’re better than everybody else.” What the hell kind of political philosophy is that? It’s a ridiculous pseudo-doctrine that has no place in any real political or military debate.

    • hub

      It never fails to amaze me; I’m as far removed from military geniuses as I can get, but I wonder why it took so long for NATO to figure-out it did NOT have any ground-support ‘crafts……it’s just stupifying to witness this stupidity. Now, John McCain has to be the voice of reason, I reckon.

    • bob


  • Bredman

    I could care less about the politics of it all. This is going to provide more great information for US forces on how to employ these armed drowns in a hostile region where shoulder fired anti-air missles are readily available.

    I see this as a great learning tool for future US conflicts under similar conditions, if I recall correctly drones were used in both Iraq and Afghanistan during the initial invasions, but the widespread use of armed drones was not full steam. It’s a great place to employ and develop some relatively sound tactics with these weapons in a place with minimal danger to US personel.

  • Dave M

    Just how low are the predators getting compared to manned aircraft?

  • camille chamoun


  • jamesb

    Ok….lets look at the BIG picture please…

    The pakistani’s has asked the US to STOP Predator flights over their skys…..
    Comeon where do you think those assets are going for the time being until thety straighten things out?

    Most of the time things are NOT complicated….

  • Zap

    Ok then time to take bets on how long it will be before they bomb the rebels or a wedding

  • Kyle

    Our fearless leader Obama is a worse military leader than even L. Johnson if that is even possible.

    • facts reasons, or just mindless rants?

    • IronV

      Really? Well it would be hard to do worse than the Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney “Triad of Horrific Incompetence,” wouldn’t it? Need I remind of the grotesquely bungled invasion of Iraq? And the resulting criminal neglect of the REAL War no Terrorism? Oh yeah, then there’s little thing about there turning out to be no weapons of mass destruction, and thus no reason to lose 5000 Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis… So how does Obama look as a “military leader” compared to that? PRETTY DAM GOOD!

  • Speak Truthfully

    “Drones” is not accurate. “UAV” is outdated. RPA is current: Remotely Piloted Aircraft.

  • Yeni Bolatimi

    i beleive
    with God all things our possible so people should should support obama, the drones should not be use on civilian they need to be protected from time to time but Gadafi regime must come to an end.

  • steve

    They should have been using them long ago.The hell with what the villagers think ,they all want the extremist gone then let us send them to Allah!

  • JDC

    Anyone heard where they are going to base these things? Have to have boots on the ground there. Italy?

  • jamesb


  • dude

    well jack that aint the anwser
    if you want to clean this whole thing up you need to get your whole state togther and sit in a oatmeal bath and and sing the happy birthday song with dog on are heads and hop on ten arms
    now mac that how you fix this whole thing .

  • Lance

    While they can destroy up to 2 other tanks or BM-21s the hundred of others Qaddafi has may over whelm what few UAVs we have left to send to Libya? and the fact Qaddafi’s men have SA-7s and ZSU-23s to easily shoot down UAVs weapons Iraqi and Afghan terrorist never had. Why keep backing these wackos don’t let one side win. they both hate us for not being Muslim so why support one side have them blow each other into the next life.

    Obama is playing politics with our military again im so tired of this.

    • IronV

      But you had no problem with horrifically bungled invasion of Iraq that cost 5000 American lives, 50000 maimed Americans and untold Iraqi casualties… for no reason at all. But sending Predators to fight a truly evil dictator is “playing politics with our military.”

      Go figure.


    I wonder how the US Government would feel if Libya, Venezuela or Iran started to fly Predator like aircraft and began bombing targets in Washington DC as they could consider members of the US Government as being terrorists and criminals.

    • IronV

      Your ability to think critically is non-existent. There is no analogy for reasons too many to cite…

    • jamesb

      they’d shot the suckers down…period…..

    • Tim

      They would be immediately shot down in international airspace just beyond their country’s airspace. The difference between those countries and the USA is that at least without the USA you wouldn’t have the Internet to express your anti-American view. Try to go to Iran and express your anti-regime view and find out for yourself.

  • IronV

    Your analysis flies in the face of reality. Thus far, the rebellions are fueled overwhelmingly by secular, apolitical, and pluralistic movements. And I’d certainly take the crap from Obama over the previous administration’s crap that ignored the real war on terrorism and cost American lives, money and prestige for NO REASON whatsoever.

  • Darek

    I think that so bunker of argumentation Gadhafi is under building of govermment television.Green Beret is alive yet and Neavy Seals away stil !!!!!

  • Darek

    Neavy Seals away still of course!

  • anthony

    Navy Seals are were you least expect them,green berret are the same way,these men might be in the Npole but they know whats hapenning..

  • anthony

    That kadaffi is wel hidden or is he out of the country and are the rebels fighting the generals troops???

  • Dr. P

    The best thing about the predators is they dont have a wife and children at home,same as cruise missiles.

  • Lee Ann Newton

    While it would be great to turn a blind eye to all these little dictators and their treachery, we are in bed with the oil states and it is in our national interest to make sure they don’t forget us. It isn’t how I would like it but world politics is complicated and if the oil stopped flowing most Americans would begin hollaring loudly and be ready to do whatever it took to get it flowing again. I support sustainable energer in ever way but we just aren’t there yet folks. So unfortunately we have unsavory bedfellows and our politics turn on a dime depending on regional sentiment – sad but true.

  • Darek

    It was one should check what satellite signals it emits this government television Gadhafi at bank is the bunker of argumentation there

  • axman

    screw them all

  • Big red

    How come nobody remembers a little history, Gadafiy has not slept in the same tent any where with all the military outposts with his highly paid so called military regime. They even dress like him and put make up on to look like him; lots of his men are used for diversion to move on every day or night. He never stays 2 days in the same place, and he enjoys it. plus using different vehicles. what ever looks the same without standing out to really identify him. It’s the kind of life he has had all his life. Even under ground he don’t stay 2 days, sometimes he moves and spends part of the day & moves on again. Pretty good security for himself and enjoys it. We’re going to have one hell of a time to actually know his exact where abouts to hit , destroy, & get an absolute verification of the results. He blends in where ever he goes. What we see are tapes or vidieos of the past tense or his predictions, whatever He wants or whatever malarky .he comes up with, talks with a forked tongue. Let them hash out what they have been fighting for and pay their own expenses to do it…… The rest of the countries that were helping is a no win catergory.

  • Black Ops Orr Whaa ?

    Fuck Those Peeople Up Dawg !

  • jeffrey

    well if you knew the facts about libya you would also agree that dictator regime are quickly becoming a thing of the past and if a man or a women decided to want freedom like us then we should help them but just because they need us like the rest of the devoping world doesnt mean that POTUS has a muslim agenda (is there any thing in that skull of yours beside meat)

  • bob

    they were armed in the video games before they were armed in life. did they get this ideay from modern warefare.