AK-47 Self Destructing

Here’s some Thursday morning entertainment. It’s apparently a Libyan rebel fighter showing off his skills with an AK-47 (it might actually be an AK-74U). Too bad the weapon just doesn’t want to cooperate. In fact, it hates firing so much, it self destructs after a few rounds. It looks like the poster of this video is, um, pro-Gadhafi. So not too sure how legit the claims are that this is a rebel soldier. It might just be regime propaganda but it’s still entertaining. Enjoy.

  • Jack

    The video is actually not all that recent. I saw it over a year ago so it couldn’t be a Libyan rebel fighter.

    • milescowan

      Agreed, this video is much older than the current conflict in Libya.

  • Erich Simmers

    Not an AKS-74U, either. Looks like a Hungarian AMD65 with a different fore end and muzzle break: http://www.hungariae.com/AMD65.htm. Small arms ID fail! ;-)

  • Matrix_3692

    an AK-47 malfunction? aren’t they were suppose to be designed and built to be ultra-user-friendly and malfunction-free?

    • Stratege

      That’s not AK-47. Looks like cheap clone which is based on Ak-74u mutant mixed up with AKM.

  • Morty

    Thats what they clam but people will say anything to sell their weapons.

  • stuart

    Old Video, Not Libyan rebel, Funny as hell

  • Max

    He’s fortunate not to have some very serious injuries.

  • jamesb

    Ther are more AK-47’s out there than anything….and they work….

  • TLAM Strike

    The SEALs back in Vietnam would sneak in to VC ammo catches and put in sabotaged rounds in cases of bullets. When the round was fired a little bit of explosives would take out the gun (and its user at times). I wonder if that is what happend here.

    • Joe Schmoe

      All you have to do is switch the rifle powder for pistol powder and watch the gun go boom.

      • Dumb Grunt

        What they used in Viet Nam was supposed to be C-4 not pistol powder.

  • Lance

    They posted this on the Firearm blog last year and its a Taliban fighter and a copy of a Kyber pass copy of a AIMS-90 a 7.62x39mm Romanian carbine.

  • JSCS

    A Khyber copy? I’d go with that…you’d be hard pressed to get a (real) AK to self destruct. Really, might as well try and break an anvil…..

  • yesjb

    He’s pretty lucky he was holding onto the magazine. The explosion looked like occurred in the chamber and blew up and away from his hands.
    Somehow I think that unit missed the quality control check :-o

  • Afo

    The post “AK-47 Self Destructing” is made of 20% of a suspicious video and 80% of AK-47 envy.

  • TreadHead

    I was in charge of processing some captured AK-47s some years back and most looked like they’d been dragged through mud, but they still fired just fine. Wish I could say the same for the M-16 / M-4.

    • crackedlenses

      Indestructability doesn’t help you much when you can’t hit much beyond 100 yards…..

      • Stratege

        You CAN hit beyond 100 (and even more) yards with quality made AK

    • Matt

      If you have well trained troops a rifle doesnt need to be dragged in the mud

      • ZaZa

        your comment is wrong.

        special forces live in the mud.

  • Ryan

    It’s a AK-47 underfolder, probably Romanian or Yugoslavian.

    It is not a 74.

    • Stratege

      It’s not an AK-47. It’s poor and cheap (homemade probably) clone of the unknown origin.

  • Guest

    What a great idea. Leave AK-47 ammo loaded with C4 all over afghanistan and let the Taliban take out themselves.

  • MrBig Sicumine

    It looks like the top cover + gas piston assembly flying away in this picture, not at all a real explosion ;). Most likely this was a semiautomatic AK clone modified for automatic fire. Funny though.